Sept. 8, 2022

580: Enough is Enough - It's Time to End the WARS, Fix Our MONEY, & Restore Our CIVIL RIGHTS

We'll be discussing how the United States is currently involved in an endless war on terror funded by The Fed's endless printing of money that has cost us trillions of dollars while also infringing on our civil rights through mass surveillance, indefinite detention without trial, torture, and assassination by drone strikes.

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On today's episode, I'm joined by Chris Russomanno, Libertarian candidate for Congress in New Jersey. He's going to tell us why it's time to end the wars, fix our money, and restore our civil rights.

We'll be discussing how the United States is currently involved in an endless war on terror funded by The Fed's endless printing of money that has cost us trillions of dollars while also infringing on our civil rights through mass surveillance, indefinite detention without trial, torture, and assassination by drone strikes.

Chris is a passionate advocate for ending the wars that have become a core part of our political system. He wants to fix our money system so we can finally get rid of the debt that has been strangling us for decades. And he believes that restoring civil rights will help us restore our country to its former glory.

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Brian Nichols  0:05  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Wow, happening. Oh, signing up. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. Kevin Kennedy, after Kennedy. But yes, I am. As always, you're humble. But today, before we get to our another Kennedy, we had you on the show, want to go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor, and that is the one and only Young Americans for Liberty operation when at the door, folks, I cannot I truly cannot tell you enough about how amazing Young Americans for Liberty is. They are out there helping get real, real life liberty folks into office. And folks, if you want to go ahead and be a part of this amazing team over Young Americans for Liberty, well right now, through November 8, they are in the process of operation when at the door and you can go ahead and get paid to help get Liberty folks elected to office whether it's helping get concealed carry into action, like in states here in Indiana, for example, or helping fight the lock downs every step of the way. Young Americans for Liberty has been instrumental in getting state reps across the United States into office so won't get paid along the way. Hey, why not? $20 a month plus housing and gas completely covered head over the Brian Nichols forward slash ya LL and you'll be brought over to Young Americans for Liberty you can learn more about Operation when at the door and of course, go ahead and apply. So one more time that is Brian Nichols forward slash why a L All right onto today's episode. Yes, I teased it another candidate this time we're going back right next door to where I used to hail up in New Jersey crew, Chris Russa mono, welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Chris Russamanno  1:56  
Thank you, Brian, thank you for having me. Absolutely. Thank

Brian Nichols  1:59  
you for joining us and looking forward to this conversation because Chris, yes, you are in fact running there with the big L next to your name up in New Jersey, which is a state right next door I lived over in Philadelphia, I worked over in New Jersey for a number of years. I know my goodness, New Jersey, Philadelphia or Pennsylvania that is were filled where I live in New York, all those states up in the northeast, I need some liberty. So talk to us you're running for office. Why on earth did you decide to go ahead and run for office with a big L mix uranium of all things?

Chris Russamanno  2:26  
We need we need. I was almost quoting somebody else but we we need changes. The I don't think that the duopoly that we have the two party system is working. We've had I think they've had their day in the sun. They've had those parties have been around for over 100 years. years ago, I used to be I guess what you would consider a neocon and I had my epiphany, I guess you would call it with Ron Paul during the Ron Paul revolution, the Ron Paul moment. I realized I liked what Ron Paul had to say he's actually what drew me to becoming a libertarian and libertarian thoughts and ideas. And once I saw what they did to him as far as giving him media blackout. Making fun of one of the moments I've heard other libertarians say too, was that Rudy Giuliani moment, where Ron Paul was essentially saying that we need to end the wars. And all we're doing is creating people that that don't like us. And I remember Giuliani laughing at him. I remember even the moderator, I forget who it was, maybe it was Megan Kelly, back on Fox laughing at him. And I thought, Wow, this isn't fair or balanced at all, which I think is something that they Oh, fair and balanced Fox. And from that, from that moment on. I started really getting into libertarianism finding other about out about the philosophy and realizing that it's a truly beautiful philosophy. Would you like to hear by recently? A few of us were at the Burlington County Fair. And I spoke to a lot of people in my district at the fair, and I had to give them my elevator pitch because when people see you libertarian are our mascot is a porcupine. You know, we don't hurt anybody else. But if you try to hurt us, then we'll act we're we believe in non aggression. So I came down with what I consider my elevator pitch I had to give give it to him. Would you like to hear it? Of course, yes. All right. So libertarians were known as the party of principle and the principle we follow is the non Aggression Principle which stipulates that you can do whatever you want as long as you do not use force or aggression against somebody else. So do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt or affect me, we're good. We believe you shouldn't lie, cheat or steal. And you should keep your promises. We apply these same standards to the government as well. And in a nutshell, to me that is libertarian ism.

Brian Nichols  5:14  
Yep. Well, if I, if I could even challenge a little bit more, I'd make it even shorter, don't hurt, people don't take their stuff. Honestly, it comes down to, like, our ideas are so basic and like common sense that you can really just give it to person just like that, and they'll get it. And I think that's one of the beautiful things about our ideas is that sometimes we don't have to spend our time going through trying to explain are good ideas or ideas to people, and good idea them to death that is, but rather just talk about the issues they care about, and bring our libertarian ideas and principles to those problems with our solutions. So let's talk about that you have three main issues on your website, money, war and civil rights that are leading the charge? Yes. Why are those? Why are those the main issues you're focusing on when you're running for office?

Chris Russamanno  5:57  
All right, war, any of the wars that we've had in the last? Probably forever, really, but at least at least this century in the last century? We we didn't need to have them. It seems like I hearken back to President Eisenhower, when he warned us about the military industrial complex, and what it was doing to the country. Any of those wars, were unnecessary wars. We just got out of a 20 year war in Afghanistan, which really has gotten us nothing. Even when I talked to people, I was speaking to people. What did that war get us? The only thing it got us was a bunch of young men and women who got affected negatively, either physically or mentally. That's all. That's all. It got us after 20 years of war. And now, it seems like the politicians want the wars to continue. Now we're getting involved in a war in Ukraine. I feel bad for the Ukrainian people. I don't think Putin should have attacked Ukraine. But I also don't think that we should be running a proxy war and financing it. When we have issues here at home, that need to be taken care of also, and again, this war, they're starting it with a nuclear power. Russia, at least in Afghanistan, the Afghanis I don't think had nuclear weapons. And I think they were using rifles and things of that nature. They didn't even have nuclear weapons. But now they want to, they want to get us into another war, this time with a nuclear power that could have some profound effects on the country. tying into that, of course, back in the day, my dad used to tell me that we can have guns or butter, the the butter being so generous social programs here at home, and any other port projects that politicians want to have, or or guns, guns being war, foreign policy, so on and so forth. So kind of ties into my other one, ending the fed with the Federal Reserve in place that allows politicians to have both, they don't need to decide, oh, do I want to pander to my base, and just give away things so that they'll vote for me. Or being the butter or the guns would I like to go and start for far off wars and keep the the weapons manufacturers happy. With the Federal Reserve, you can have both. And it's all at our expense, us being your average taxpayer, we feel the pain of it, when we have to go to the gas station and fill up our cars and it costs $100, we have to go buy food eggs, I think have increased, I want to say three times their price a few as a few months ago. So if you look at it, to me, those two, they're separate, but they're intertwined. The one allows for the other, and the other. If we keep paying for all these foreign wars, again, it's going to cause inflation, it's going to be a drain on our economy. The money that we are investing for weapons of war could be used for many other things. Frankly, it should just be left in people's pockets to determine what they would like to do with it. If it was kept at home, however, and we weren't financing wars in other countries, that money could have stayed stayed here at the very least, and helped us with the problems we have here at home. Yep. Well, and it

Brian Nichols  9:37  
leads to the erosion of our civil rights when you see those wars come home. Right. And that goes right to the next part, because this has been you know, it's it's funny, I'm seeing this across the board, Chris law, my conservative friends, even they are starting to wake up to what we were saying back when the Patriot Act was passed back in 2004 timeframe. And granted I was, you know, I was a wee lad at the time I wasn't really focused too much on that kind of stuff. But I know around me that that was pretty much the sentiment of that your mainstream Republican was Yeah. Pro pro Patriot Act. What are you not a patriot? Do you do not support our military and support America and that was the sentiment across the board. And then all sudden, fast forward to where we are today. And your average Republican is not only questioning that they're questioning the FBI. And some of them are even saying, Hey, we should go ahead and abolish the FBI. That's music to my ears. But it all goes back to the fact that now they're seeing the war on terror, in this case, turn inward. It's impacting directly our civil rights as American citizens.

Chris Russamanno  10:36  
I agree with you. I couldn't have said it better myself. Yeah. Any anytime it seems like any war, I was reading something. And they were talking about how when foreign wars or Empire comes home, the book, I remember them talking about the war and the Philippines, which really, the I wrote a little article for the newsletter. I wish I had it with me, in any event, a lot of the I'm a retired police officer, and this was going back to all people like Auguste Volmer, who was in the forefront of like modernizing and professionalizing. The police back in I think the early 1900s, when I never knew about him, and I never even learned in college was that he had served in the field, the war in the Philippines, which was glossed over by any of my history or social studies, teachers, it was a blip in the book. They were saying that a lot of a lot of the ideas that he had, and were were he came up with them when he was over there at serving in the Philippines. And then when he brought them home to the United States, he applied them to policing a lot of the things that they that they did to the Filipinos were really just horrible. I don't know if you know anything about Call it what you will the Philippine insurrection the Philippine rebellion, or whatever. But after we kick Spain out of the Philippines, instead of just giving the Filipinos their freedom. We, we did what empires do, and we started to kill them, and put them in concentration camps and do water torture on them. All things I never knew. So when August Volmer, came back, and he was applying tactics to policing, policing got very, how should I say got more physical I don't want to use the word brutal. I'm trying to find. I'm trying to find another word. You basically when you got a bunch of guys who were overseas as soldiers or Marines, and they're doing, they're used to using violence, and they're killing people all the time using violence, when they bring that type of thing home. Oftentimes, their policies and their tactics reflect that, I guess, is what I'm trying to say. So yeah, when when the Fed civil rights, again, civil rights and all that you were talking, we were talking about that that type of thing comes back ties into the FBI, violating people's rights, the Patriot Act. So the Patriot Act again, I still I started to read about it. You're right. A lot of Republicans and people were for it back when George Bush was president. I'm reading about it. I was reading a book by Glenn Greenwald. It was I forget the title, but he was basically talking about how Edward Snowden had come to him. giving him his information. And I started to read about the the FBI violating our rights, these this FBI are the same people that wrote a letter to Martin Luther King, a man of peace, a man who the civil rights for him was all about peaceful means. And they wrote a letter to him that he should kill himself. I had never known this. And when I found out about it, again, the more digging you start to do, the more research you start to do on these entities. federal entities, you find out that they're there, they're violating our civil rights. And again, the Patriot Act, I'm sorry, that doesn't trump the Constitution. I believe we have the Fourth Amendment. Nothing is supposed to Trump that as a police officer. I couldn't do any of the things that the FBI are doing. I needed probable cause to lock people up. If I was to do a wiretap or get into somebody's personal effects. I needed a warrant. Apparently, they don't even need that, though, that I can't. That makes me upset and angry. That shouldn't be allowed. You're not supposed to be able to trump the Constitution with any of that stuff. They are

Brian Nichols  14:55  
the law. They're like the Fauci he is the science. It's how our x superclass is crests unfortunately. And you know, why does it emboldens a lot of these more petty tyrants you see in our bureaucratic organizations across the country, it emboldened them to then go ahead and impose their ridiculous IIDX on on the plebes, the working class. And what ends up doing is it impacts the the average person out there directly in a negative way. And talk to us you're seeing that right now take place in New Jersey as it pertains to a breweries. How's that looking?

Chris Russamanno  15:30  
That's right. That's right. We were just talking about that. So New Jersey is craft breweries are small businesses. The one that I'm talking about let me look here at the gentleman's name was Marvin Bo. He came to one of our libertarian meetings. He owns swedesboro Brewing Company. And he was just telling us again, I had no idea I love beer. I love beer, but I had no idea what the state is doing to these small businesses. So the state is coming up with really crazy regulations that only a pot only applied to craft breweries, some of the things that they're forcing him to do. For instance, every craft brewery or microbrewery has to have a guided tour of the facilities. This is a bad idea on so many levels. These, these are places where you have kegs which weigh 50 pounds, maybe heavier, could fall on somebody, you have a little kid take going through the tour. De you get hurt, you have other machinery around there. This is really no place for people to be walking through for a tour, yet they're mandated to do it. Some of the other things they can't have, they can't sell food. I remember when I was stationed in Quantico and Virginia, Virginia actually mandated right or wrong mandated that any place that sold alcohol had to have food there because the idea they didn't want people just go solely there to drink and get drunk. They also had to have food there. I'm guessing part of the idea was if you ate something, the alcohol wouldn't be able you wouldn't be able to get drunk as quickly. So it blew my mind when he told me they couldn't serve food. They're, they're not allowed to even offer soda for free. If you have a designated driver, they can't even offer soda for free for a designated driver. They they can't have food trucks there, they can't have other people bring their their food into the business at all. The problem with this is that you just had COVID Part of the problem is that you just had COVID lockdowns which destroyed lots of small businesses. The big box stores were allowed to stay open. But the small businesses, the mom and pop stores had to shut down. So this destroyed people's livelihoods. Then you have when it applies to craft breweries, then you have these crazy regulations. So for them, you have a one two punch you have you had to COVID lock downs quite recently, which really destroyed their business. And then you have these crazy regulations. I don't I don't know how these guys are going to survive. To boot. It has kind of a ripple effect. Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. And you'd really never know it. By the way politicians are treating them. If these food trucks were allowed to come there, if live entertainment was allowed to come there, other people who had their small businesses would be able to make a living and prosper. It could have a ripple effect for the economy, the local economy as well. And taking into account other people with small businesses, it could really help. You'd never again, you never know it, by the way that lawmakers are putting these crazy regulations on craft breweries. And these regulations are only for craft breweries, wineries don't have it other bars and restaurants don't have it. Any of these people, these larger entities, these large, larger businesses or corporations, breweries, bars, all these entities if they're big enough, they have money to that they can donate to politicians campaigns and sway their opinion. The largest ones can send lobbyists to Trenton here in the state and have lawmakers pass laws that really are for them and nobody else they help the people that can send the lobbyists to send the largest donations and really small business owners mom and pop shops like the craft breweries are left out in the cold to fend for themselves. So people that say that jerseys like more of a blue state. And supposedly, I have heard people say that Democrats are supposed to be for the little guy there for the working man. I choose not to believe it anymore. I really do. If it was ever true, and I don't really think it was ever true. It's certainly not true today, and it's certainly not true for these craft breweries.

Brian Nichols  19:58  
Now there's a reason I moved on of the northeast to the Midwest. And I'll tell you why. It's not only because there is a and this is the reality, folks, there is a staunch difference between the your traditional Democrat and Republican nowadays, you have to acknowledge the elephant in the room and living out in a red state. Yeah, objectively better. Sorry. That's just the truth. So also, with that being said, you know, hey, if people are looking to even make a difference in the predominant blue areas, and maybe vote gold, hey, why not give that a shot? We're at the point. Now we're gonna go ahead and give final thoughts here, Chris. So let's first and foremost, make sure we are focusing on where folks can go ahead and support you if they want to go ahead and do that. But number two, final thoughts you have here for the audience, any takeaways that you want folks to walk away from today?

Chris Russamanno  20:44  
If you are like I was 15 years ago, you you were told that there were only two parties you were said. There's either Democrat or Republican. If I walked into a restaurant and somebody told me, all we have are Coke and Pepsi, I would have to say there's not coffee, there's not tea, there's not sprayed for goodness sake there. No, the only thing out there is Coke or Pepsi. I don't like Coke or Pepsi. I don't want to vote for the duopoly. Again, if you want real change, if you want something different and something better, vote gold vote for me. I'm not accountable to anybody but you. So I would say vote libertarian, especially if you're in New Jersey's Third Congressional District. Vote for me.

Brian Nichols  21:29  
All right, well, my final thoughts, folks, were number one. If you enjoyed today's episode, please go ahead and give it a share. Number two, please go ahead and support our sponsor, today's Young Americans for Liberty also want to go ahead and say if you are enjoying we're doing here at The Brian Nichols Show. Well go ahead and support us if you want to give us a one time donation you can do that over at PayPal, or if you want go ahead and become a supporting listener. $5 a month Hey, that's that's not too bad. Five bucks a month for five episodes a week times, usually four weeks in a month. You're Yeah, you're getting lots and lots of content here at The Brian Nichols Show. So if you guys get value from that, I would appreciate it helps us keep the lights on having awesome guests like Chris here in the program to leave you educated, enlightened and informed. But with that being said, Folks, that's really all I had for you, Chris, with that being said, social media, where can folks go ahead and find you and continue the conversation?

Chris Russamanno  22:19  
Okay, so my website, www dot Chris Russa mono for all one, one word there. My email Russa mono for Let me see. Bear with me I got to uh, okay, so mono for Congress, Twitter, at Russa mono Are you SS O Ma nn O C D three. And Instagram is ru SS O M A N N O FLR c o n gr e s s Russa mono for Congress.

Brian Nichols  22:57  
All right, just to be safe, folks, if you're an audio listener, and you're like I helped me folks here I gotcha. What we're gonna do, we'll include all those links right there in the show notes, all you got to do, go ahead and click the artwork on your podcast catcher, it'll bring you right over to the Brian Nichols, where you can find today's episode plus all 579 other episodes of the program, including on Chris's social media links. And by the way, we're over on Odyssey as well as on YouTube. So please make sure you go ahead and give us a subscribe there. And when you're over on today's episode, make sure you hit that little notification bell. So you're not missing a single time we go live but that's all we have for you folks. That being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off here on The Brian Nichols Show for Christmas tomato. We'll see you tomorrow

Unknown Speaker  23:39  
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Chris Russomanno

Chris Russomanno

My name is Chris Russomanno and I am running for Congress in New Jersey’s 3rd district. My planks are: End The Wars, End The Fed, Reclaim Your Rights. I am a retired police officer. I live in Bordentown New Jersey with my wife Trish. I want to make changes and need your help to do it. Vote Gold in November!