Sept. 26, 2022

592: The Expat Money Summit PREVIEW with Mikkel Thorup!

Today, Mikkel returns to the program to reintroduce expatriation, why so many folks are looking to live elsewhere, and how the Expat Money Summit and it's 30+ speakers will leave you with a wealth of knowledge at this FREE event!

Today I sit down with the Founder and Host of the Expat Money Show and of the Expat Money Summit - Mikkel Thorup!

Today, Mikkel returns to the program to reintroduce expatriation, why so many folks are looking to live elsewhere, and how the Expat Money Summit and it's 30+ speakers will leave you with a wealth of knowledge at this FREE event!

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Brian Nichols  0:00  
Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. And with that, thank you for joining us on today's episode, though, it's a little bit different of an episode. It's gonna be instead of a conversation where we're talking about topical news or events or politics, instead, we're talking about an event. It's an event we've had here sponsored on the show November 7, through November 11. The expat money Summit. We're only McHale thorup from the expat money show is joining us here on today's very special episode of The Brian Nichols Show McHale Welcome back to the program. How have you been my friend?

Mikkel Thorup  0:44  
Very well, I'm glad to be here. You know, it's been a couple of months since you and I have talked and so much has happened in the world. And there's so many things going on. So excited to be back. And yeah, man, just happy to have a chat.

Brian Nichols  0:55  
excited to have you here and really excited to talk about this awesome event that's taking place in November because we talk about folks across the country who they've seen over the past two years, things have gotten weird yours truly amongst them. I moved myself from Philadelphia to Indiana. So I definitely took a step and moving away from the more I would say not so hot areas here in the country. But you're taking it a step further, you're talking about expatriation. So do us a favor here. There's a lot of folks in The Brian Nichols Show audience who are new to the program. And maybe they didn't hear hear your last episode when you joined us talk to us first about expatriation what is it? And why does it get talked about so much here in the COVID 2020 Post COVID world?

Mikkel Thorup  1:39  
Sure. So we can break it into two fronts. So we have the legal definition of expatriation which means to give up your citizenship and to get another citizenship. But there's another word that we use on a much more regular basis, which is being an expat, which really just means that you live in a country, which is not your country of birth. And now you might ask okay, well, what's the difference between an immigrant and an expat? Well, an expat will traditionally want to go to a country for a certain amount of time. But at some point, they're either going to go back to their home country, or they're going to go to another country. So this is the very, very, very small niche that I work in, is I help Americans and Canadians to move overseas. Now, as we had said, the legal definition, some of those people are renouncing their citizenships, which means that they never have a tax obligation to their home country. Again, they never have filing requirements. Again, there's there's a whole host of things. But that's a really personal decision, and one that should not be taken lightly, what whatsoever, but just being an expat an opportunity to live in another country to see a new culture, to learn the language and figure out what's going on there, I think is a really attractive thing. Now, over the last two and a half years, as you had says, the world has gone pretty wonky, some really weird stuff is going on. And a lot of people do not agree with that. I don't agree with what is happening in the world right now. So what we're specifically trying to do is help relocate people to countries that have a lot more freedom in them. So not such a nanny state not such a police state a surveillance state, somewhere where you just treat it as an adult and just able to live your life. So that's really what this summit is all about from November 7 to 11. And you guys can actually grab a ticket for it at expat money. Tickets are completely free. But that's what the topic is about. It's about securing your new life abroad, and everything that comes with that. So your tax obligations or lack of obligations, really, the immigration that goes into it, finding a new home, the real estate, moving your business, your accounts, your finances, all of these things, so all the legal side, and then helping you to pick out a destination that makes a lot more sense that has more freedom and respects your privacy a lot more. So I'm very much in favor of these types of things. So I'm really excited to to host this and put this event together. And yeah, happy to take the conversation in whichever direction you want. But that's kind of a breakdown of of the differences and what the summit is about.

Brian Nichols  4:09  
Well, I just wrote down my nice blue pen here treating you like an adult. And I think right there. Let's start there, McHale because that I think is something it sounds so basic. And so like what but you look at the nanny state that we have here in America and you look go especially to those more hyper progressive blue states. I just left from Philadelphia, I saw it firsthand. It was bad. And you saw especially over the past two years, a lot of those those more, I would say progressive leaning governors and not necessarily exclusive to those in the left but also some folks on the right really saw an opportunity to take some of this power and to use that to force their governmental will down on to your individual and taken away about the autonomy being told whether or not you're you're considered to be a you know, an essential or non essential employee. That was a little dystopian for it. members sitting and watching my Governor tell me that so talk to us about the idea of just being treated like a grown up what's what does that actually mean when you're talking about expatriation? Hey guys really quick want to take a moment and tell you about an awesome opportunity to jump headfirst into the liberty movement and make a real impact Young Americans for Liberty. They're currently recruiting campaign field staff to help elect pro Liberty candidates across the country as part of Operation win at the door. These principled candidates are dedicated to fighting for gun rights, keeping our troops home with parental rights and education, criminal justice reform, ending our sense of spending and many other winning Liberty policies. And when I say winning, I mean it their work speaks for itself. These are the guys that pass constitutional carry in Indiana, Texas, and Alabama, fought the lock downs every step of the way, all while helping make Liberty win. So you want to help make a difference and get Liberty candidates elected across the country. If you want to be part of the fight and actually make an impact in our insane political climate here in 2022, you can join one of these campaigns now through November 8 gasps covered housing fully provided and you'll be compensated a total of 20 $100 a month for your work on the campaign trail interested and the Brian Nichols forward slash y al to apply and make real change in this country today. That's Brian Nichols., forward slash y al let's make liberty when one more time Brian Nichols, forward slash y al and now back to the show.

Mikkel Thorup  6:25  
Sure. So I mean, I can give you a couple of examples. But I live down here in Latin America and, and I really liked Latin America, you know, I've had a chance to live in nine different countries over the last 22 years of being an expat. Many different cultures, many different types of governance and things like this. I really like Latin America, because they just allow you to live your life in your own way. So you can take really silly examples. If you go hiking here in Latin America, or out in the forest or in the jungle or something like that. There's not going to be signs every two feet showing you that you have to be doing you have to be careful of this, this is dangerous, that there has to be guardrails, this, everything has to be wheelchair accessible. This one here has to have an elevator and like it's just it's so over the top, like if people want to go there, then just go there, which just allows you to enjoy it for what it is without trying to control every single thing. We don't have another example. We don't have CCTV on every single street corner, surveilling you at watching every single thing you do. We don't have this type of stuff in Latin America, you know, you can just live your life. And yes, there's police around, yes, there's still order, this is not anarchy, by any stretch of the imagination, actually, where I live in Panama City is a very, very safe place. We've been here for almost four years now. And I'm not worried about my family whatsoever. Okay, there's bad areas here, just like there's bad areas, and the states are in Toronto, you know, I grew up outside of Toronto. So you still have to keep your head about you. I'm not saying that this is, you know, perfect by any means. But if you treat it if you treat yourself like an adult and take personal responsibility, then chances are you will never have a problem down here whatsoever. So I just think that letting people make their own decisions in regards to COVID, wearing a mask, which personally I think is completely ridiculous and stupid. But if that's what you want to do, then go for gold, but then not having it forced down everyone's throat. Same things with these vaccine mandates. Panama, we have no vaccine mandates to get in the country, no tests are required. A lot of countries in Latin Latin America have completely gotten rid of this, the US for tourists to come into the country, you still need to be vaccinated. So that's just unbelievable at this point. And we've seen piles mountains of medical doctors coming forward and, and even CDC and other organizations saying that it's not what they thought it was. And this is not working. How it had been advertised at the beginning. You know, I don't want to get into all of the specifics about this. I'm certainly not a doctor myself, you can go out there and do the research. But my specific point is just let people live their lives. Just live and let live. My friend. That's how I feel about it,

Brian Nichols  9:17  
please. Yes. And trust me, the audience. They're very familiar. They've heard it many a time here in the program, our thoughts llsa Our thoughts, my thoughts in particular, but also I've had many a guest on talking about and they are doctors that specific areas where we've had issues and frankly, where public policy dropped the ball really, really badly. So talking about being able to not only allow adults to make yes, those adult decisions but also to live with the consequences. Macau like you mentioned, not having the guardrails, right I just heard a story a guy who fell into a volcano and you know what happens when you fall into a volcano not too good things and he was trying to take a nice nice picture there now I'm not one to say well, natural selection kind of, you know, sorts itself out happy Darwin and awards day but like If some point in time you have to be just a common sense, and like almost just take your response that you talked about, like take the responsibility and put it on your shoulders stop making excuses. And we've seen this right, so many folks have abdicated personal responsibility, personal autonomy to these different governing bodies or entities. And they always are looking to ask for permission to live your life. And I think right there, you're hitting on something we see not just in terms of folks looking for expatriation, but also this kind of split we've seen here in the States in particular over the past few years. And this is the folks who want to be left alone, the folks who they're tired of being told what to do, and then also the folks who say, please tell me what to do, I need to be told what to do. And not only that, I need to ask permission, in order to do anything to feel like I'm maybe being safe or or you know, trying to help slow the spread 15 days is that what we were told another story, but McHale talk to us about the difference there you're seeing culturally as it pertains to a lot of folks who are now looking for an expatriation route.

Mikkel Thorup  11:06  
Sure, so what most people or at least my clients are looking for is somewhere that they can live their life in peace, a lot of people really want to have a lot more responsibility over their lives, they really understand that they can't rely on government for anything, certainly not for protecting them or, or taking care of their every need. So you know, down here in Latin America, and I'm talking about Latin America, because that's where I am today. But I mean, in general, this is what people I'm seeing that people want. A lot of people want to get out of the big cities, they want to have a piece of land, they want to produce a little bit of their own food, have some Well, water, you know, produce some energy themselves. So there's, you know, gated communities that are out in the highlands, that, you know, projects that are going up, which are have a libertarian feel through them. And they're more on the say, self sustaining, that is definitely the trend that we're seeing, you know, people are fleeing the cities in, in large numbers. And what we've seen is really doesn't matter what type of career you have, you can really live your life or do your work, I should say, remotely. So it's opened up this amazing amount of opportunities, where you don't have to live in downtown New York or downtown Los Angeles, to have your job, you can actually live in the countryside, you can live in a more rural area. And you know, if you can do it from the beach, or from the mountains or somewhere that really speaks to you and what you want to see, you know, it reduces a lot more stress, you know, you have you feel a lot more calm, you're around like minded people, you know, you can just have, I don't know, a very, very nice life. So these are a lot of the topics and the trends that we'll be discussing at this year's expat money Summit. You know, this is the direction that a lot of people are going, you know, I've been working in this space for a very long time, you know, we used to work a lot with retirees and just people, you know, looking for a cheaper way of life, or someone who has a Social Security or a pension, and they just want to see it go a lot further. Okay, we still have that it's still a lot more affordable down here, in Latin America, or in somewhere like Portugal, or, you know, Turkey, things like this. But what we're seeing now more of are people who want to really escape the tyranny that we've seen in Western governments, and specifically in North America, and then large portions of western Europe.

Brian Nichols  13:38  
Yeah, well, I mean, I escaped, right, I got out of Philadelphia, I saw it firsthand, it was bad. And I needed to get away. And I mean, I couldn't get my wife on board with getting out of the United States. Right. That was a be a very big hill to get over. But I could get her to a different state got over it, Indiana, right, we got it out there. So I saw the value. And I think a lot of other folks are also seeing the value, especially folks who maybe are in the kind of don't hurt people don't take their stuff live and let live leave me alone mentality who have been in these very progressive blue states. And to your point earlier, some of those really progressive blue cities and looking to get out and find an alternative. And I guess, you know, right now, it is a great chance for folks because my day job right, I do cybersecurity and unified communications, which is part of this, this advent of what we're doing, being able to communicate halfway across the world, you know, using the internet. And yes, there are issues with big tech, and we talk about those issues with big tech. But to the flip side, there is a lot of positives that big tech has helped create for us. And also it's opening the doors for us to help solve those problems that big tech created, namely, by looking at the advent of technology like web three, which are frankly being more and more focused upon by folks who are out there building communities that are focusing on solving these problems, and they're able to do so when they're getting out of areas where they have burdensome regulations and really get stifled by the the restrictive act of government when it's trying to do some name, do good policy ends up causing so much more restrictions. So, I guess how about this, Miguel, I want to maybe give you a chance here to talk about some of the exciting things that you're gonna be bringing up here at the X PAC money Summit. I know you're going to have amazing speakers across the board, including the one and only Dr. Ron Paul, who will be keynoting very exciting stuff. But talk to us about what else folks can go ahead and come to expect they join us November 7 through November 11. Year 2022. Hey, folks, if you're looking for someone to amplify your message, where both voters and customers spend their time, look no further right strategies specializes in the unique challenges of both running political campaigns and small businesses in the digital landscape. With a proven track record of helping clients win elections and grow their businesses through smart strategic digital marketing, right strategies is the perfect partner to help you reach your goals. Their team of experts will help you save time and money while amplifying your message to help you win your elections and win in the marketplace. With SMS texting from right strategies. You'll receive an efficient, affordable and smart way to focus your marketing budget by helping you reach 1000s of voters and customers right strategies will help you make a more powerful impact on the outcome of your elections and business growth. from social media management to expert graphic design work to marketing your product or campaign or to building your brand right strategies can put together a plan that makes sense for your goals and within your budget. Want to learn more about how right strategies can help you win your elections and grow your business had the Brian Nichols forward slash Rs to get your free campaign or marketing plan report card? And of course, be sure to let Morgan and the team at REI strategies know that I sent you again. That's Brian Nichols, forward slash AR s amplifying your message where voters and your customers spend their time. Brian Nichols, forward slash AR s. And now let's get back to the show.

Mikkel Thorup  16:58  
Yeah, so we're really excited about the speaker lineup we have. So as you mentioned, Dr. Ron Paul, amazing, amazing human being, I've had a chance to spend a bit of time with him myself. And he will be speaking at the event, speaking really about what we can expect in the future, for freedom and the direction that it's heading. And it's really some insightful things I expect from him. We also have my friend Doug Casey, who will be speaking at the event. And then we actually have a lot of speakers, Brian, that you would never know their names. And this is because there are a lot of the lawyers and CPAs and brokers and property developers and and community developers that I work with, in around the world, you know, my company X PAC money, or x PAC, we really focus on helping people move overseas. And we work probably in about 20 to 2220 to 22 different countries around the world, we really focus on the countries which are, quote unquote, tax havens or, you know, tax advantage type of countries, countries that have really strong asset protection laws, I really believe in these types of things so that it's always in your favor to to protect what's yours. Personal property rights are rarely really important to me. So we will be working with the different lawyers, CPAs developers, property developers and things from Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, Turkey, many, many countries around the world, let's say so it doesn't really matter if you know exactly where you want to go. Yet, you know, you come and get a ticket, come in, watch some of the presentations, learn about what's happening, what the opportunities are, and just get educated about what is out there. Because really, you know, trying to make a decision, you know, is this for me? Is this not for me? Where do I go? How do I go about it? It's kind of impossible, if if you don't have the information, you know, and so it's really different than just going out there and trying to Google search these types of things, you know, these are the this is the boots on the ground research. These are the lawyers who are actually doing the immigration every single day. So we're really fortunate to have all of these people on the presentation to be sharing their knowledge with us. I've worked with many of them for years and years so really vetted really trustworthy people. And and the best part is you can attend the summit for free. I mean, there's no cost so I mean, you don't get much better than free. So it's at expat money. It's a five day conference. I think we have 37 speakers, so they're pretty bold days. A lot to organize. We're expecting slash hoping for roughly 30,000 attendees, so it's going to be a massive event. Lots of extra other things going on and night sessions and stuff, we do have a VIP ticket option available, it's a paid ticket. You know, if you want to support if you want to get a bunch of bonuses, then that's great. You can upgrade your ticket but it's certainly not mandatory. You know, those are for the people who want something a little bit special are really want to so support and the work that we do my company does. But it's kind of has everything in there. I'm gonna I'm really excited about and there's gonna be a lot of fun. Yeah, as

Brian Nichols  20:30  
you shouldn't be. Because I mean, to your point also, this is collectively, you know, well, hundreds of years of knowledge all together in this one conference, and it's going to be a virtual summit available in TierPoint. Free that's huge, like, like, I mean barrier to entry absolutely removed. Folks, this is a great opportunity for you not only to go ahead and learn more about the process that it takes to become an expatriate, but also to ask those questions to be able to learn from the folks around they're doing this every single day including one and only McHale Thorpe so with that being said, McHale it's it's exciting stuff. I know. I'm excited. My audience is excited. I've heard from tons of folks who are looking forward to joining you and your team. They're over at the expat money show for the expat money summit November 7, through November 11. How about this as we go towards the tail end of the episode, obviously, this is going to be in the next couple of months here. As we're getting towards the summit. We taking your time, energy and effort. But final thoughts you won't leave the audience here before they go ahead and hear you next time. They're at the expat money Summit.

Mikkel Thorup  21:35  
Yeah, so I mean, if people want to get a hold of me, if you want to find out more about my work, or you need a one on one assistance going through this, you guys can go to expat. You know, we work one on one with private clients every single day. There's a ton of resources there as well, we put out daily blog articles about immigration, about taxation, the different countries and what you can expect, and really how all of the pieces fit together. On top of that, we have my podcast, the expat money show. We've been going for well over six years now 200, and some odd episodes, and some really amazing speakers on their new episodes every Wednesday. So wherever you are listening to Brian and I talk today, you should be able to find the expat money show there. And yeah, Brian, really happy to be back on the program and give me the opportunity to talk about the summit. You know, I'm really excited about it. It's kind of a passion project of mine. I mean, it's just a ton of work to put together. And I hope people appreciate it. I hope that it helps so many people. I'm really all about community and trying to get the information out there. I want people to connect and make friends and get to know each other. I think that with all this kookiness that's going on in the world, we really need to look at one another and try to help each other as much as possible. There's so many things going on in the world that I just don't agree with. And the best defense that I have seen over the last 20 some odd years of doing this is being an expat and being offshore you know, building a community of like binding people and just finding freedom everywhere you can you know, it's just so so important. And this is just such a viable option for people like it really works. So happy to put it together happy to offer your listeners or your viewers a free ticket at expat money

Brian Nichols  23:28  
Perfect. How about this folks, too, if you're a Brian Nichols show audience listener you know, the traditional Brian Nichols was hit forward slash expat it'll bring you right there as well. Easy, easy enough. And also one thing you mentioned there, McHale I do want to focus on as we do go towards the tail end of the episode here and that is the importance not just and we talked about this folks how many times in the show it's funny how familiar it sounds, not just shared experiences and you know, those that you've grown up with, but shared values, shared goals, shared shared common interests, right that's that's so important. Because at the end of the day, you need to surround yourself with good like minded goal oriented people because we know good people bring out the good in people so it requires you to first put yourself in a spot where you're surrounding yourself with good people and I find that when you're focusing on those who share those shared values, those shared goals and looking for those shared outcomes, then yes, you're going to have a much better opportunity to find that goal so with that being said McHale thank you for joining us really really appreciate your time and folks if you got some value from today's episode well two things number one go ahead give today's episode a share when you go ahead and do that please go ahead and tag your surely at be Nichols liberty and give McHale a tag as well social media will be included in the show notes number two folks if you want to go ahead and get your free ticket to the expat money summit head the Brian Nichols forward slash expat and grab your free ticket today November 7 through November 11. Five days 30 Plus expert speakers and it's gonna be information that you can keep and use for a lifetime, McHale Thora thank you for joining us on today's episode and with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols Enjoying the audio version of the show, then you'll love our YouTube channel. Be sure to head over there and subscribe. If you're new to The Brian Nichols Show, be sure to head to your favorite podcast catcher and click download all unplayed episodes so you don't miss one of our nearly 500 episodes that will be sure to leave you educated, enlightened and informed if you got value from today's episode can do me a favor and Edie the Brian Nichols forward slash support and leave us a $5 donation and by the way, have you given the show a five star review yet? If not, head to Apple podcasts and tell folks why you listen to the program and don't forget to tell your friends to subscribe to follow me on social media at be Nichols liberty, and again, if you'd be so kind please consider making a donation to The Brian Nichols Show at the Brian Nichols forward slash support. The Brian Nichols Show is supported by viewers like you. Thank you to our patrons Darryl Schmitz, Michael Lima, Michel Mankiewicz, Cody John's Trent, the caster and the we're libertarians network

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