Sept. 30, 2022

596: Winning Libertarian Solutions For Indiana (And Beyond!)

On today's episode, I'm joined once again by James Sceniak, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Indiana!

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On today's episode, I'm joined once again by James Sceniak, Libertarian candidate for US Senate in Indiana!

We're going to talk about James' platform and how it aligns with the Libertarian party's values. We'll also discuss how he plans to be a voice for the people of Indiana—and how that can translate across the country.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

Show Outline

-What’s going on in Indiana?

-How do we get more Libertarians into positions of power to make a difference?

-James talks about his new fix to the broken healthcare system for our veterans.

-The Federal Reserve directly affects inflation, and we have to explain how.

-What’s the libertarian approach to medical freedom and why does it matter?

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Brian Nichols  0:06  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Now happiness Friday, you're on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us on a for another fun filled episode. I am your humble host. Thank you for joining us here at Stratus ip Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or old technology slow your company down. Learn more at Stratus or schedule a consultation at Brian Nichols forward slash Stratus Stratus forward slash I'm sorry, Brian Nichols, forward slash Stratus ip Business Technology simplified. There we go, folks, thank you for joining us on today's episode really looking forward to our conversation with a candidate running out here in now my new home state the great state of Indiana, but also a guy I'd say he's become a really good friend. But first, we're gonna go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor, one of our sponsors. And that is the awesome group of folks over at Young Americans for Liberty. And by the way, this is the last day they are our sponsor today. So I want to give a special thank you to Young Americans for Liberty for being this past month sponsor. And also to all of you folks out there this is your last chance here on the program to to get involved with Young Americans for liberties, amazing opportunity that's going to let you jump headfirst into liberty movement and make a real impact and that is helping elect pro Liberty candidates across the country as part of Operation with the door. Why is that important? Well, how about this, they're helping elect principled candidates who are dedicated to fighting for gun rights, keeping our troops home, parental rights and education talking about school choice. That's right CJR ending our central spending, and many other winning Liberty policies. And we talked about this all the time in the program, winning Liberty policies is important because when we talk about winning, we need a minute. And we look at our candidates here they their work speaks for itself. These are the the candidates who will pass constitutional carry and in this state here of Indiana, but also states like Texas, and Alabama, they help fight the lock downs every step of the way, which is also a reason I moved out of a state like Pennsylvania, and they did so all while helping make Liberty win. So if you want to help make a difference, and get Liberty candidates elected across the country and be a part of the fight to help actually make some impact in this insane political climate here in 2022. Well, here you go. You can join one of these campaigns now through November 8 was just around the corner, guys. And guess what gas covered housing fully provided for and you'll be compensated a total of $2,800 a month for your work on the campaign trail. If this sounds interesting, go to Brian Nichols forward slash y al to apply and make a real change in this country today. That's Brian Nichols. forward slash why al let's make liberty when Brian Nichols forward slash ya. l All right, folks. So I teased it. Yes, he's running for US Senate out here in Indiana. James CDIAC. Libertarian, welcome back to the program.

James Sceniak  3:15  
Hey, thanks for having me on. Always appreciate our conversations both in interviews and in person. So it's been great to get to know you, Brian, glad you moved out to Indiana, the best state in in the continental US,

Brian Nichols  3:28  
you know what I'm starting. I'm starting to agree with that pretty pretty much so yeah, it's not about the area itself in particular. I mean, I will confess, I did not so much enjoy the 90 plus degree temperatures that carry through, up until like, what, two weeks ago, but I will say the one thing that has really really kept me just like so excited about the future living here is the people the people here are just so contagiously nice. And it was weird at first moving from the northeast and coming out here to the Midwest and realizing that wait, people are just nice. That's a thing and that was not only like witnessed firsthand, but almost, you know, resounding ly reaffirms we have a mutual friend here in the the we are libertarians network, Jeremiah Morell, and his parents, bless their hearts, they got hit with a tornado back a few months ago. And there was a day of cleanup where what was it like 40 people or so or at the house and there's like, trucks and there was like excavators and just it was a group of us with what seven or eight chainsaws out taking down the trees that were ripped up and helping you clean up around the area. It was so great to see just that sense of community James and you know, I missed that Philadelphia. Good luck. I would be more you know, Lucky. Lucky to hear folks out in my back alleyway, you know, engaged in, you know, a screaming match or you know, shooting honestly, I hear he was always gun gun. He's like gunshots or fireworks. What is it? Yeah, that was always a fun game to play. So yes, I'm so happy to live here, James, and frankly, I'm so excited to see Not only do we have great candidates who are out there running across the board, but specifically great candidates with a big L next to their name, and they actually have a shot. Let's talk about that libertarians here in this, this great state of India are actually having quite an impact in the electoral scene. So let's start off your James, introduce yourself to the audience again, because it's been a while since you're on the show, but also number two. Let's talk about that. Let's talk about the Libertarians role here in Indiana.

James Sceniak  5:29  
Well, we have a lot of exciting things happening in Indiana. But before we get to that, I wanted to acknowledge that tornado and I know Hoosiers come together and always help their neighbors. But it's incredible to see firsthand everybody that came out. And that was an incredible moment where I realized the Hoosier generosity, so it's real life. It's the philosophy that we have to volunteer and better our communities through volunteerism and make sure that we take care of our neighbors. So acknowledge Thank you, Brian, for helping with that. And it was a great event. We had fun while doing work and making sure that we took care of our neighbors. So I am Jameson Yak. I'm the Libertarian candidate for the US Senate here in Indiana. And we have a lot of exciting things happening in this race and as libertarians as a whole in the state. We definitely have a large impact here. And we are running great candidates. We got Tanya Millis, we got Andrew Horning, we got statewide candidate, Jeff Moore for Secretary of State, which is our ballot access race. Incredible to be running beside him. We actually travel a lot together. So we've gotten to know each other really well. And these are just a couple of the candidates. We got local candidates like Kristen Alexander, who absolutely incredible, and I actually think she's going to win her race. So there's a couple of local races. I'm looking forward to a little bit about my race. It is a statewide race, obviously US Senate. And the last statewide race that we had was the governor of Indiana. And that was Donald rainwater who pulled out ended up getting 11% of the votes. So that was absolutely thrilling to see. And we have that impact in Indiana and I hope to continue to hold that torch of liberty and show that libertarians Do you have a platform here in Indiana and across the US?

Brian Nichols  7:09  
Well, let's talk about that platform, right? Because honestly, James, at the end of the day, I think there's a big misconception that folks have and I say folks, let's just talk about your average person out there there are in our our political sphere or libertarian sphere, because even in the political sphere, there's mischaracterizations all the time. And even in our libertarian sphere, I don't think we can all agree who's the one true libertarian out there, James. But with that being said, let's talk about, you know, we're bringing these ideas to your average person, we have to not just be the third choice, right, we have to start bringing solutions people. People don't want to just vote for an alternative. And I think this is something we've had to get better at I actually it was at the the LP, Libertarian Party of Indiana convention here back in March, I think it was when I first and and one of the things I talked about was, you know, we have to be different. And there's a little bit of pushback, you know, because some folks just want to be the alternative isn't that, you know, that's good enough. And our principles, then, when folks over? I'm like, no, no, no, we have to actually focus on, dare I say the issues that people care about, because at the end of the day, if they don't see the value in what we're bringing to the table addressing those problems, and they're gonna write us off, they're gonna ignore us. Doesn't matter if we're the third party. And that's the part that drives me crazy to Sure. 60 I think it was 70% of Americans think there needs to be a third party to compete with the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, it's there. And yet we haven't done a good job being able to take the torsion carry it over the finish line, more than we really should have. Now granted, there was a lot of barriers we had to face whether it's looking at Indiana, I know there's still single party ticket voting where you can go ahead just check and you hit Republican that goes down the the ballot now that might actually help us libertarians here. I heard so let's talk about that in a second too. But um, let you see that there's that ballot access issues. That you know, folks like Larry Sharpe in New York, he's having trouble even getting on the ballot, because the the Board of Elections up there in the state have been fighting him. So we have an uphill battle. But if we start leading with more solutions, we change the conversation, we get more people on our side, it gets a lot easier to face those battles, because now we have a movement versus just a few more radicalized folks who you know, the folks that are in the controlling entities of power, they'll deal with us, right? They'll they'll let us have our phone and our stand there with our blow horn and our our boots on our head. But they won't let us actually get into positions of power, we can make real substantive change. How do we do that? Get people into positions of power beyond that, but also help build libertarian solutions. So that's my obvious rant and rave there. James, what are you seeing for some of these top issues here that you want to address as you're running for office? Because I'm sure people are asking you for some help here. What are the issues you're seeing and what are you doing to help bring those up? I know you brought up three. And he maybe I'll lead the conversation here. I know you mentioned veteran cares, but I think you've been talking about lead lead us here. Write down that conversation. What are you seeing as that bigger issue? And where can we libertarians help.

James Sceniak  10:04  
So you're absolutely correct. If we're going to run any serious race, we have to come to the table with solutions. And, and that is coming to the table. So it's meeting for me. It's meeting Hoosiers, where they're at. And I've been called a very moderate libertarian. But that's because I care about the issues that are relevant to Hoosiers. And I'm not forming the same rhetoric of these principles without a heart. So I have to meet people where they're at before I can look at some of these other issues within the libertarian platform. So with that, one of the first things with what I decided to run on is veterans. And the reason for this is while I was still very early on, and just announced I was going to run, I was bartending, and a veteran came in and he said, I heard that you announced, what are you going to do for me? Where are you going to do for veterans? And so I had this conversation. And then I pointed to some policies that I thought a veteran would appreciate, and just the idea of in principles, and he goes, No, no, no. What are you going to do for me? What are you going to do for veterans? And there's a real moment where I had to learn. It was a learning moment in my campaign, and I said, I'm not going to have the solutions for everything. But let me hear your concerns. What's going on? How can we do better for you? And so he goes, Look, veterans often gravitate towards rural areas, they don't like metropolitan areas, the VA offices are always in metropolitan areas. He said, they're often inconvenient, the red tape is still there. And veterans health is just gone by and Democrats and Republicans have refused to do actually look at this issue and fix anything. So as a libertarian, I want to come to the table with solutions. And my whole campaign is a solution based campaign. So if I don't have solutions for Hoosiers, there's no reason they should vote for me. But I do. And I have a solution for veterans. And it's it's my back care program. This is an actual program that I wrote with my team. And we didn't take it from any other. When I do take policy from other individuals, I very much credit that organization, whatever that might be. But this is something my team we really wanted to have a heart for. So we looked at this and I looked at a health savings account and how much that helps a lot of Hoosiers with general medical needs. And I said why don't we do something very similar for our veterans, and I call it a veterans personal care account, where we unilaterally move funds from the VA office to a health savings account, which is that veterans personal care account. And that what this does is it really opens up their health needs. So whatever physician is best meeting their needs at that time. And even with mental health, it can be counselors, and that kind of help as well. And then it also allows them to go whatever location is most convenient for them. There has been some, I believe, 2018, the bill passed, where there has been some movement towards this idea. But this really opens it up entirely. And it's not a half half bill where the VA is still not serving you. And you have to go through all this red tape to even be able to go to this other location. This is an all out program where it just better serves veterans, and it is a libertarian solution. Because what it does is it moves that unilateral funding from the VA, to private industry and to the Health Savings Account to give the veterans their choice. I'm absolutely thrilled about this program. And I'm really excited that my team can present this and that I will be able to talk about it and push this narrative. When I was talking to a very large and actually the largest newspaper in Indiana about this shoot, the reporter looked at me she's like, wait, you wrote this program? I said yes. Because it's something I care about. And I believe that we can really change the narrative on taking care of our veterans.

Brian Nichols  13:39  
And what do you talk about earlier about that what that veteran said was the first thing he said to you,

James Sceniak  13:43  
as far as when he came in, he said what are what are you going to do for me?

Brian Nichols  13:47  
And right there, right. Okay, folks. So my say that everything is sales. We did a whole episode on this right? One of the foundational things when we're talking to a buyer buyer, they're always asking what's in it for me, and that is just so perfectly exemplified by what that that veteran was looking forward to speaking to you, James, he was looking to see, what are you going to do for me, and we have to tune in to that radio station, right? What is in it for me station for our customers. And in this case, you have to meet them where they're at on that issue. And that's exactly what you did there. And talking about issues here today, I had to go pick up some groceries and I walked into the grocery store and I walked through, and I started looking at some of the prices and I haven't actually been like into the grocery store in a little bit usually do like a pickup or you know, Instacart or something like that. So walking into the grocery store, and like looking at some of the prices. I kind of forgot like, oh my god, this stuff is expensive. It's gotten really, really expensive. And I'm seeing this across the board more and more folks James are getting scared because like, you can't keep this up. You can't keep increasing the cost of your bills every single month if you're on a fixed income, and especially for families who already are on a tight shoestring budget. So talk to us about like the fiscal security In the economic uncertainty that we have right now, and what's the libertarian James CDIAC approach to offering a libertarian solution there.

James Sceniak  15:08  
So this covers numerous topics, but fiscal sanity has been general policy. And again, it's meeting Hoosiers where, where it matters most. It's constantly the highest polling topic, despite jobs coming out, despite other issues being brought forth. Pulling at number one is inflation and what how it's hurting my wallet, how it's hurting money across the table. And, Brian, you're right, we go to the grocery store just to feed our family, whether whether it's going out to eat or whether it's buying it in the grocery store, it has gone ash up astronomically. And we're not talking about just the 8% inflation rate that we keep hearing about, I believe that those numbers are actually higher when we look at the grocery store when we look at even gas prices. And so going, going, yep. Okay. So really, this is an issue that everybody knows, because they're having to redo their budgets, maybe they didn't even have a budget. And now they're realizing that they're racking up credit cards faster, I just read a report where credit cards are going up a lot. So very important issue, we have to come to the table with solutions. The first one is the Federal Reserve. And we know this as libertarians how the Federal Reserve directly affects inflation, and that part, but we also have to present that message to the general who's your public and allow them to understand where how printing money actually does that. And so Jeff burning statewide with him, he actually has a really good analogy about how $1 Bill is just a borrow promise from the government. And he talks about if you go to promise 10 neighbors on your street, that you're going to all help them on Saturday to move to their next location, they're going to soon realize that that promise is meaningless. And so that's what's happening with our dollar bill. We're inflating it too much with the Federal Reserve in the printing, we have to explain that. But we also have to explain other policies. I'm a big advocate for the Rand Paul's Penny plan. I think there's some things that I can adjust within that plan. But the reality is, is each agency, it decreases the budget by 1%. And looking at these plans that are already laid out foundationally but will help Hoosiers and help America as a whole create an economics stability for the future generations. And not just stability at this point. But opportunity. If we keep going down the path we're going down. My nieces will not have that opportunity for innovation and economic security. So it's critical that we take these steps now. And then the other one is balanced budget, right? We have, as Holmes, we know we have to balance our budget. We are not doing this on the federal level. And it's a scary place to be. Again, it's kicking the can down the road, we have to do something about it now. So these are all parts I want to implement with fiscal sanity. And Hoosiers are really taking to this there's they say yes, we need to do something so that not just us currently in this situation have have relief, but that we can see relief for future generations. And that actually creates a better environment.

Brian Nichols  18:10  
So two things one, just makes me think of, are you familiar with the office, the TV show The Office?

James Sceniak  18:17  
I've watched it through once. And I kind of rushed through it because I knew Netflix was taking it off. But I do love it. And I hope to definitely rewatch it after the election. A second time.

Brian Nichols  18:28  
Perfect. Okay, good. Because there's that one part where Michael He's in the warehouse and he knocks over everything. And he goes to Darrell who's the head of the warehouse? He goes, Don't worry, we're gonna find somebody to clean to clean that up. And Darrell goes, We're the ones who got clean that up. Feels like when you're looking at what's happening right now, especially with the money. But you went back to the analogy you did was perfect about the guy who says he's going to help do the moving every single, you know, Saturday for everybody in the neighborhood on that same Saturday. And it's like, yeah, we all have that one friend, you know, I can think of one particular friend and, you know, for my own circle that I had some issues with every time I had to move Oh yeah, I'll be there. And then you know, there's always a wedding with that friend that he was doing. I just can't be there. I'm so sorry. But no, anyways, I see your point, you know, 100% There is an absolutely you know, this this understanding, I think across the board now that our money is broken, like something's wrong, and especially when you're seeing how how easily it can be manipulated by the Fed, just raising the interest rates and it's sending the stock market tanking. And this is just the tip of the iceberg folks. Back in the 80s they had to put the interest rate was 20% and that was when we had just tiny tiny little debt and now you know it's gonna be astronomical and where we are right now. Oh my gosh, good strap in. So yeah, now before we get to number three, by the way, and I do want to go ahead and give a shout out to one of our new sponsors. We have here the program James and that is right strategies Now folks, right strategies if you're either a candidate like James, and you're looking to amplify your message with your voters. Or if you have your own small business, and you're trying to reach your customers where they spend their time. Well, hey, look no further, we got right strategies here who's helped specialize in unique challenges of both those folks who are running for political campaigns, but also the challenges that small business owners face in the digital landscape with a proven track record of helping her clients win elections and grow their businesses using smart strategic digital marketing. Right strategies. Here's the perfect partner to help you reach your goals. Morgan and her team of experts will help save you time and money while you are able to amplify your message to help you win that election. But also help win in the marketplace. Hey, by the way, they have an also an awesome SMS texting feature from right strategies that helps you receive an efficient, affordable and smart way to focus your marketing budget by helping you reach 1000s of voters and customers to help you make a powerful impact on the outcome of your election and your business growth. from social media management to expert graphic design work to marketing your product or campaign, right strategies can put together a plan that makes sense for your goals and do so within your budget. While learn more about how right strategies can help you win your elections and grow your businesses head the Brian Nichols forward slash Rs to get your free campaign or marketing plan report card. Yeah, that's right free. And of course, be sure to let Morgan in the right strategies team know that I send you again at the Brian Nichols forward slash RS amplifying your message where voters and your customers spend their time the Brian Nichols forward slash R S. Alright, James, we're getting to the tail end here. And number three, you have here on your list is medical freedom now that could wait, you know, go across a range of areas. Talk to us, what's the libertarian approach to medical freedom? And And why does that matter here in 2022?

James Sceniak  21:49  
It absolutely matters and COVID really brought this policy out for me. And it was something that I was concerned during COVID era of seeing what the government could force and not force and one of the things I saw was the vaccination push as far as we have federal mandate. And it actually got to the point where Todd Young My the incompetent Republican who's running in Indiana, voted for federal mandated vaccinations for federal employees. And so it's very scary what the government if you know, they start there, where can I expand this to and the reason I believe that this is such an important issue is that I don't believe politicians should act as our physicians. And when we look at any sort of pill bottle from any of our candidates, we can look at the side effects on the back of that. And that is a real risk to taking any medication. Often, the pros outweigh the cons. And that's why we ended up taking that medication. And we can decide if that's a proactive strategy that we want with our doctors advice. But when politicians start intertwining into this mess, it it creates a very scary environment of what it does for the individual freedom and for medical freedom. There's also a lot of parts of this. There's the idea that you know, cannabis is an alternative. And I believe that cannabis is an answer to opiate addictions, as well as helping with some depression and anxiety, contraceptive options, making them over the counter so that we can baptize into the even jobs where we can reduce abortions before abortions even happened. So a lot ties into medical freedom, and there's so so many factors. But this is a really important issue to fight for. And I believe that Hoosiers want to fight for their freedoms. And this is one of them.

Brian Nichols  23:34  
And by the way, folks, I mean, we just went like what two and a half years of being asked like, do you have your mask on? Are you vaccinated? You can't eat here. Okay. Right. And this is what I experienced, right? Not not here so much in Indiana now. But back in Philly, this was real life like you can't eat here unless you show us your Vax passport like that wasn't that long ago, we saw people being threatened by the federal government to be fired from their job for refusing to either take a jab against their personal medical decisions or to reveal that information to employers. What's happening, and this was just again, over the past two years. So it's it's not like this is something that is not a contemporary or topical conversation piece. As a matter of fact, it's I would say that one of the most important things, James, thank you for having that be a part of your campaign as well. And yes, thank you for running here in Indiana to bring some real libertarian values to Washington. Now, James, you're at the part of the show, unfortunately, where we are going to say goodbye. However I want before we say goodbye to make sure that we give you a chance to leave the audience with final thoughts before I give you that chance. I will give my final thoughts and that is we need more folks like you James, frankly, and that is across the board in the Libertarian Party. We need good people who are going to run for office and show that we can do good things. It's not a matter of trying to be the most edgy, it's not a matter of trying to be the most libertarian, it's not a matter of trying to be the most pragmatic. It's not a matter of trying to be the most, you know, building of bridges and building of coalitions. It's a matter of trying to be the best good people we can be. We need more good people across the board, James, you exemplify that you live your values, not just as a libertarian, but also when you're out there just being a good person here on this earth. So thank you for that. And I challenge you folks out there in the audience, please, if you're interested in making a change in your community, go ahead, run for office run for local school board or city council run for town council run for City legislator, city, county legislator, run for assembly run for state senate RUN FOR US Senate, run for president do something get involved, so long as you're willing to help promote the idea that good people bring out the good and people, James, that's my final thought for today. What do you got for us?

James Sceniak  25:56  
Well, first, I appreciate those compliments. And I appreciate you having me on the show, we absolutely can make a change. And we need to stop looking at the stale policies of Washington and really fight us with fresh approaches. So if you like what you hear today that a fresh modern approach to Washington, DC with libertarian values and principles that promote freedom and protect our first and second amendment rights on my opponents on both sides, then I encourage you to look for ways to get active. You can get active in my campaign by donating spreading the word on social media. And if you're here in Indiana, come volunteer, we need more bodies. So those are all important ways. As Brian said, run for election in your area. You know, start now start looking for two years down the road even next year, if your city is up for me, Greenwood has a mayor election next year. So there's already elections that you can look forward to, to start putting in the work now because you have to start early. But yeah, a fresh modern approach. Definitely. Thank you for listening in today. And I appreciate you again, Brian. Thanks for having me on.

Brian Nichols  27:03  
Absolutely, buddy. Well, hey, folks, I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor here as we're wrapping up two things. Number one, I'm gonna give a special shout out to our sponsors here for today's show. The past month, we've had Young Americans for Liberty and their operation with the door. So shout out to Young Americans for Liberty. And it was a great time hanging out with them back in August at their revolution. 2022 just 1000 Plus, like Liberty activists all ready to rock and roll and make a change in their communities. Get you jacked up, man. It's so exciting. But then also shout out to right strategies, our new sponsor here in the program. So if you're interested in helping either your campaign yes, if you're running for office, or if you're just a small business owner, looking for a little extra help here, as you're moving things forward in the digital landscape, the Brian Nichols, forward slash Rs. And then also folks, I'm going to ask you to do me a favor. And that is if you get value from what we're doing here, The Brian Nichols Show having folks like James on the program who are running for office or having folks on the program who talk to you about solutions they're bringing to the table or a different way of doing things on the Ask you do me a favor, go ahead to Brian Nichols forward slash support. And you can do either one, give us a one time Pay Pal donation, 520 $100, whatever it is, every little bit goes right back here into the program. And then number two, you can become a super fan $5 A month over on our Patreon become a supporting listener. It's only $5 A month that's less than what a couple of trips to the old cafe. And that's not too shabby at all. And it's less than a cup of coffee. So hey, if you're interested in helping support the show as we grow, but also because you get some value. Well, please go ahead and consider supporting us here at The Brian Nichols Show the Brian Nichols forward slash donate and then by the way, folks, again, if you got value from today's episode, in particular, and you're in this great state of Indiana, give me a favor, share today's episode with your family, your friends, and also like let me know about it. Let me know that you enjoyed today's episode. Go ahead and tag us on social media. You can find me at BT Nichols. Liberty James, where can folks go ahead and find you there? I'll continue the conversation.

James Sceniak  28:55  
Yeah, so my website www SIAC for That's SCENI a k. And then the FLR spelled out so SIAC for I'm also very active on Facebook so you can find me James Uniacke for us today on Facebook, and then Twitter, celiac number four, Senate on Twitter. So all three of those are great ways to follow my campaign.

Brian Nichols  29:18  
Perfect and folks you know the drill, I will include this all for you over on Brian Nichols If you're over in podcast version of the show, like I do, click that little artwork and your podcast catcher it'll bring you right over to today's episode where you can find yes the entire show notes the entire transcript from today's episode by the way you can also find all James's social media as he mentioned here today, and you can find almost all 600 other episodes James Can you believe that 600 episodes

James Sceniak  29:43  
that's awesome congrats on that

Brian Nichols  29:45  
man. No wonder I'm so tired but but other also folks if you enjoy the episode as well, well, don't worry. We also have a video version of the show. If you're missing that head over to the Brian Nichols as well where you can find the YouTube version of the program and by the way, we also have the show over on Odyssey search Brian Nichols show over on Odyssey just either way, hit the subscribe button and that little notification bell. So you're not missing a single time. We go live with some awesome guests here like James Seanie. So with that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us. And oh, by the way, did you hear we had an awesome conversation. Yesterday, I gave you guys four tips to go ahead and help move people away from their political status quo or political apathy. You but go ahead and check that conversation out with myself. Yeah, I guess it was not so much a conversation. It was more so me coaching and teaching you guys so check that out. I'll include that link right here. Otherwise, folks, thank you for joining us this week. It's Brian Nichols signing off here on The Brian Nichols Show for Jane CDIAC. We'll see you next week

Unknown Speaker  30:38  
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James Sceniak

Indiana Candidate for U.S. Senate

The people are not being represented in Washington, D.C. It is time for a change. James Sceniak is passionate about bringing a fresh modern Hoosier approach to Washington DC. As a lifetime Hoosier, James knows the concerns that are present in the state: medical freedom, veterans’ care, fiscal responsibility, and more.

James is a trained behavior therapist that works primarily with children on the autism spectrum. He works with kids to improve their social, academic, behavioral, and gross and fine motor skills. James is already a public servant and wants to use those same skills and attitude of service to represent all of Indiana in the Senate.

Capitol Hill is overflowing with invasive, stale, and incomprehensibly wasteful policies. That’s what inspired James to run. Nothing ever changes in Washington. It doesn’t matter which side has power; nothing ever gets fixed. Promises are made and then tossed aside only to be dusted off at re-election time. James has always had a ‘roll up your sleeves and get it done’ work ethic and thinks it’s time DC stopped talking about fixing things every 6 years and instead got to work on the problems facing Hoosiers.

The first priority will be medical freedom. James recognizes the value of medical choices being decided by individuals and their chosen healthcare professionals. Every individual is different and unique. You cannot apply one-size-fits-all solutions to everyone, and politicians certainly aren’t qualified to make that individual decision for 330 Million people. Congress is not you r personal physician, they need to stop acting like they are and end their intrusive medical policies.

One area where James is really ready to roll up his sleeves and apply his Hoosier work ethic is fulfilling our obligations to our veterans. The V.A. has been and continues to fail our heroes time and time again. As usual, we hear promises every election cycle that it’s going to get fixed, but it never does. James intends to make good on
our promises that were made to our veterans through his VetCare program. By applying free market principles to veteran healthcare, we can reduce the overall cost, nearly eliminate the crushing bureaucracy, and most importantly: give our veterans the medical freedom they fought for.

Washington DC hasn’t been on a budget; it’s been on a spending spree. Hoosiers are paying the price through outrageous inflation rates, higher taxes, and less money to pursue their American Dream. James believes in bringing the Hoosier values of basic fiscal responsibility to Washington. Stop spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need.

Your vote has value and we should ask ourselves: What value have we been getting for our vote? If you believe in a fresh, modern approach and you’ve been voting for the old parties – you aren’t getting what you voted for. Instead you’ve gotten the same invasive, stale, wasteful policies that haven’t really changed much in the last 50 years or more.

Vote your values. Vote for Change. Vote for a fresh, modern approach. Vote James Sceniak for U.S. Senate.

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