Oct. 12, 2022

604: How Does this Libertarian Candidate Plan to Take back Our Rights, Liberties, & Freedoms!?

Tonya is running for U.S. Congress and she talks with me today about the Libertarian Party's beliefs on healthcare, taxes, the federal government, and more!

On today's episode, I'm joined by Libertarian candidate for Congress, Tonya Millis!

We're talking about what it's like to run as a third-party candidate in the United States and how she plans to take back our rights, liberties, and freedoms.

Tonya is running for U.S. Congress and she talks with me today about the Libertarian Party's beliefs on healthcare, taxes, the federal government, and more!

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Brian Nichols  0:03  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how you can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Wednesday there, you're not The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on our course. Another fun, dope episode. I am as always your humble host. And thank you for joining us yes, here at the lovely Stratus ip studios in eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or old technology slow your company down. Learn more at Stratus ip.net. Org your free Business consultation scheduled over at Brian Nichols show.com forward slash Stratus ip Alright folks, go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor and that is right strategies. And that actually is quite pertinent for today's episode because yeah, we're talking to a candidate who's actually running for office and this is for all you folks out there who are also candidates looking for help as you're running for office or you're a small business owner looking for help as well. Well here I have a great great opportunity for you right strategies are going to help specialize in the unique challenges of both running your political campaign but also helping you if you're a small business owner in the digital landscape with a proven track record of helping clients win their elections, but also grow their businesses using smart strategic digital marketing right strategies is going to be the perfect partner to help you reach your goals they have an awesome team of experts are gonna help you save time and money while helping amplify your message to win your elections. And of course, when in the marketplace with an SMS texting feature from right right strategies, you're going to receive an efficient, affordable and smart way for you to focus your marketing budget and also help you reach 1000s of voters and customers making a powerful impact on the outcome of your election and business growth. from social media management to expert graphic design work marketing your product or campaign to help building your brand awareness right strategies can put together a plan to make sense for your goals and do so within your budget. So you want to learn more about how right strategies can help you win in your elections and help you win in the marketplace had the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash R S. And you can get your free political campaign or your free marketing plan report card. And of course, be sure to let Morgan and the awesome team over at right strategies know that I sent you one more time at Brian Nichols show.com forward slash RS amplifying your message where voters and customers spend their time. All right, folks. So yes, I'm looking forward to today's conversation with a candidate. It's a very lively candidate this candy trying to roll it back and heck the last time I saw her she was doing some actual cartwheels Tanya Millis, welcome here to The Brian Nichols Show. Hello, thank you for joining us. You were literally we're doing cartwheels last time I saw you Tanya, talk to us about that. You're trying to roll it back. And literally doing cartwheels. What got you to run for office also, as a big L libertarian, and you're making people race raise some eyebrows say?

Tonya Millis  3:10  
Yes, I am. Well, actually, I was a lifelong Republican before I became a libertarian. So I set myself free. And there's a lot of other people following suit. Realizing that our founding fathers absolutely did not did not want a two party system that we call a well they didn't want a two party monopoly that we call the duopoly so and I actually have a quote here. So if your listeners want to bear with me, have you ever heard of John Adams, okay, one of our founders, okay, this is what he said, quote, There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the Republic, into two great parties, each arranged under its leader and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution. And that's what we have today. People are going to vote and they even say this, like voting for the lesser of the two evils. Well, we don't need to have the two evils. We're not supposed to have that so people need to do the research and vote libertarian or maybe there's some other independent candidate who is a constitutionalist that can help break up the two party system that is ruining this country.

Brian Nichols  4:32  
Well, and your claim to fame here is to be bold, vote gold, to effectively roll it back and yeah, I'm not gonna let you get away with it. But you you literally were doing cartwheels. We're literally

Tonya Millis  4:44  
well, how that came about that day was we were doing a rally in a gym. It was a gymnasium and and I'm an ex cheerleader from a long time ago. So I used to be a gymnast as well. And we We're talking about my role at bat campaign, which is about rolling back the pesky rules and regulations and laws that are taking away our freedoms and liberties. And I give many examples. If you go to my website, Tanya, for congress.com. There's all the issues I care about. I actually have a role at that page, on my website, where I do weekly opinion pieces and talk about whatever's being discussed that week, or what's in the news and solutions and how we can roll things back. And at that particular rally in Jeffersonville in the gym, I thought, Well, why don't I just roll into a car? Well, if I can get people to chat rolling back, roll it back, because we do have the roll of backsides. And they did. And so I did a cartwheel, and I was told that it was in perfect form, even in high heeled shoes.

Brian Nichols  5:48  
Yes, it was in high heeled shoes. In fact, no, Tonya was it was a really great time to hang out with you and as well as our other libertarian candidates recently, we have the show James Seanie. AK, he's running for US Senate here in Indiana, still working on Jeff Moore. I know he's been busy debating both Republicans and Democrats. They're all he's trying to debate the Republican but requires him to actually show up. And actually that's something that you just experienced, as well. And let's talk about this because I'm I'm new here right? I'm so I'm getting acclimated to the great state of Indiana. I moved out here in January of this past year. So I'm still kind of getting used to what it's like not living in an area dominated by leftist Democrats. So that's been nice. But also I didn't realize how established the establishment Republican Party is in many of these states. And you know, more than them, I say, smallish federal offices. I mean, Congress in the US Senate, for example, here in Indiana, but like it is mind boggling when you realize how little they feel. It seems that they have to earn the vote of their voters. And that's something you're seeing as you're going out and meeting with voters one on one is that your Republican candidate that you're facing, they're nowhere to be found. Talk to us about that.

Tonya Millis  7:01  
Okay. Well, first of all, for your viewers, I'm hoping some of them live in district nine, we're going to hold up a map here. And district nine is in the southeast corner of Indiana, this quadrant here, there are 17 counties actually 17 in the third. So if you live in these counties, or in district nine, and you could vote for me, I ran actually two years ago was the first time I ever ran for office. I'm a real estate broker. And I ran against Trey Hollingsworth and he was the incumbent. And he didn't do debates either. He didn't do any town halls, but he's loaded one of the wealthiest guys in Congress. And so he just paid for a whole bunch of TV ads and radio ads and got his name out there. Then the election, election day and 2020 in Indiana, which leans red, heavily read it was a very contentious presidential race. So the majority of the people just walked in, press the lever for Donald Trump Republican and then walked out and that was an automatic vote for my opponent.

Brian Nichols  8:19  
Tonya Booker, could you explain how that works with the one single ticket voting here in Indiana?

Tonya Millis  8:24  
Yes. If you are a Republican or Democrat, you could just go and press your party button. And that's an automatic vote for every Republican on down ballot to township Council Commissioner. And in order if you vote Democrat, it's an automatic vote for all the down ballot Democrats. So and that's what happened in 2020. People wanted Trump to win and they didn't even bother split and ticket they just walked in and just hit the Republican lever for for Trump. But that was an automatic vote for my opponent as well as the other Republicans and in most of the counties. My opponent, the Republican opponent got almost the exact same percentage as Donald Trump did. Well, it was real clear what happened. But even still, as a libertarian, I had one of the best campaigns in the country for a three way race as a libertarian. So I was encouraged to run again. And now the incumbent, he's not running again this time. So it's an open seat. But people just assumed in the Republican Party that whoever won the primary would automatically win the general election. So my Republican opponent, just think she's won already. So she's not attending town halls. The political forums will not do a debate, because she thinks she's already won and she don't have to answer questions from the people in district nine. So I think that's a disservice to the voters. It's also disrespectful not only to them, but to the media's Well, I attended a forum last night in her home Hey, Al Salem, Indiana, and she didn't even show up in her own hometown for the political forum. And the room was packed. And my Democratic opponent was there. He shows and we're cordial we get along just fine. I mean, we can have political differences and still be civil to each other. So, you know, yeah, we don't have any problems there. But there was an empty seat between us and it was noticeable.

Brian Nichols  10:24  
Well, and I think I've had to get re familiarize, I guess, with the different political labels out in the Midwest, because if you come from where I've lived for the past seven and a half years, Philadelphia, a Democrat, you have your moderate Democrats, and you have your like, hyper leftist, progressive Democrats, and there is no kind of I would say, like, true independent, right leaning Democrat, which seems to be your average Democrat out here. I would say even your average Democrat out here, in many cases is a Republican in the Northeast. So I originally grew up in New York State, George Pataki, he was my last Republican governor I can think of and he's by no stretch, a rock ribbed conservative by, you know, by what we would consider today for right wing standards. So you see, even in that case, right, the Republican Party of the Northeast is very indicative of what you have here is a Democratic Party in the Midwest. So even on that standpoint, I think it's even more important for the Libertarian Party, because not only do you have a responsibility now to serve as that not only the third choice, but now you're helping hold the feet to the fire to in this case, the Republican Party, we have a responsibility. I think when we're running as libertarians to hold Republicans to what they claim to be their number one issue, which is talking about the limiting of our government, your adherence to the Constitution. Heck, this is stuff that I know you experienced, and you used to believe as a Republican I same exact way growing up in New York, I believe that so you look today. And you see that's not really the case. A lot of these folks, when they're running with the are next to their name, they don't carry that into like that office. So let's talk about the difference between you, Tanya and the Republican in this case, it is a foil. I know it's easy to pick on the Democrats, because it's just easier to pick on Democrats. But let's focus specifically here on your Republican counterpart. Where are you out Republican in the Republican in this case?

Tonya Millis  12:18  
I guess I one of our libertarian colleagues, I was at a booth at a festival and it was a few weeks ago. And he said something that struck me he said because he used to be a Republican. And he said, I'm doing now as a libertarian, what Republicans say they want to do, but they don't do. What the Republicans used to be, like, forever ago is what libertarians are now which is to adhere to the Constitution. Republicans used to be like that. Now, unlike Republicans, though, libertarians are more open, we have more diversity in our party. And we have people from all walks of life in our pot in our party. And we think that big government needs to stay out of your business. And the common thread is the Constitution. And but we are so open with, with with the diversity and all different types of walks of life. And people should be able to live the life that they want to live with who they want to live and be able to eat and drink what they want to drink. As long as you're not hurting other people. Then you mind your business I my my business. And that's one thing that's different with the Libertarians versus the Republicans, as far as me and my opponent specifically. I really can't tell you what the difference between me and her is because I don't know what she is. She's not out there. She does. She does toeing the party line. You know, she says the exact same mantra as the incumbent did when he got elected word for word. It's just the same old recycled stuff. But personally, I really don't know what she's for.

Brian Nichols  14:12  
Well, and that's why folks are looking for alternatives. Right? And, I mean, what perfect opportunity do we have here and let's look at specifically the Libertarian Party here to serve as not just the third choice my audience has heard me rant and rave about this many times, is that it's not enough to simply be the alternative. It's that we stand for things that the other two parties aren't standing for, based on what we're hearing. The voters tell us they're not having a dress. So how about this? Tanya, let's spend the next back half of the conversation focusing specifically on that What are you hearing from the constituents that you're seeking to represent are their top of mind issues. They're saying, Tanya, please bring this to Washington as one of our top concerns and can you do us a favor? Help roll it back?

Tonya Millis  14:59  
Yeah. As, of course, the freedoms and liberties that have been stripped away, and also inflation and gas prices, our national debt is $31 trillion. Now, and I want to show you something my rat car, which is a nice one, that I'm here I talk about the $30 trillion in debt. And this rack card, which is probably a few months old is already outdated, because now our debt is 31 trillion. So you, your brother, your kids, your grandkids, even the babies each owe $93,000 of that debt, your maybes own, as well as me and our grandparents, everybody does. 93,000 is what you owe of that debt. How are you gonna pay that back. So when I talk to people about how our country is broke, and I get into the weeds a little bit with them, their eyes are open, because they because they used to think this $31 trillion, just some number out there in outer space. No, that's your debt that you incur, that your representatives placed upon you on your behalf. So we need representatives that really represent the people and I want to be the people's voice in my district. One of the things that I talk about, and you were talking about libertarian ism, more broadly, but each candidate has something they want to do, they have their own platform. And me as a congressional candidate, I have a list of things that I would like to accomplish and pursue as a representative. And one of the things is to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service, the Internal Revenue Service is a behemoth that came about in 1913. When we don't need it anymore, in modern society, with our modern technology, there's no reason for the people to be filling out paperwork every year filing your taxes, the complicated forms, the exemptions, the loopholes, and all of that we can be gone and all the money that's spent just to have the IRS and all the hundreds of 1000s people that work there, you know, we could do a transition and they can get a job elsewhere. But my plan, the transition would be easy, wouldn't take that long. And it would be a consumption tax. And how that would work is here in the state of Indiana, for example, is we have a 7% sales tax, if you buy shoes, close a car, you pay 7% sales tax, well, if we added a percentage to that, then the state would send money to the US Treasury. And the money would be there to pay for national defense or US roads and the other things we're required to pay for. So you would then know in real time what you're paying in taxes, you would have more money on your paycheck because there wouldn't be any federal income taxes taken out of your paycheck. So your take home pay would be higher. And then you decide what you're going to spend your money on. And people talk about, well, the wealthy need to pay their fair share well, okay, here's an example. If I wanted to go to Walmart, or Kohl's and buy a $40 purse, or if I could afford it, go to the coach leather store, buy a $400 purse, well, of course, I'm going to pay more in taxes on the 400 than the 40. And the wealthy who spend more and buy more high end items would therefore be paying more in taxes. And that's fair. And so my plan is modeled after the FAI our tax, the fair tax but with some modifications. So it would be an easy transition, it would take, you know, several months to transition over. And like I said, I'd be willing to give a year to transition over and that way the employees within the IRS would have a year to transfer to another government position or preferably in the private sector. But we would save so much money taxpayers money by not having the IRS and with a consumption tax, they still would get the money into the US Treasury. And yeah, it can be done that way. When I talk to people like that there. Yeah, yeah, I like that. So um, that's just one of my plans. politicians in Washington, DC have been talking about abolishing the IRS for years and decades, actually. But it's all lip service. So if I get elected, the politicians on Capitol Hill are going to hear me coming a mile away. And you can ask my friends, I have a big mouth.

Brian Nichols  19:30  
It's true. I heard you at the knees and you had us fill the entire gymnasium. And we Yeah, okay. We had a microphone. But still. Tanya, thank you for outlining that. And I think the voters appreciate that. And across the United States for the audience, The Brian Nichols Show, they appreciate that because we're trying to figure out what works what can we do to implement Liberty based solutions and get them actually into action? It's one thing to feel like we're right. And to you know, pat ourselves on the back. It's another thing to act usually get our ideas into action to make a real, legitimate difference. And actually, it's funny enough, we had a conversation yesterday with Connor boy AK from the Libertas Institute, also the author of The Amazing book series, the Tuttle twins. And that was a great conversation. And we talked about this how we have to be effective in our strategy versus just trying to feel like we're the kings and queens of being right, that doesn't accomplish anything besides getting the self satisfaction of seeing the likes go up on our our Facebook groups, but in terms of actually getting substantive Liberty based change into action, no, it doesn't really accomplish anything when we take that approach. So I thank you for helping you show that it is possible for us to lead with Liberty based solutions. And with that you actually get folks to get on board with our liberty based solutions. So long as you want, we always say meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. So that's my final thoughts. Tanya, what final thoughts? You all leave the audience with here today as we wrap up the episode?

Tonya Millis  20:59  
Okay. Yes. There's, there's a lot more plans and a lot more on my platform. So you need to go to my website, Tanya, for congress.com, but also to your listeners who are on the fence. I asked this question a lot at the forums. What is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result? People used to think voting third party was a wasted vote, but now they're realizing voting the same old politicians, the same old duopoly over and over and over again, that's the wasted vote. So if you really want to change, and you live in district nine, I would love to be your voice in Washington, DC. So consider voting for me on November 8, Tanya, for Congress.

Brian Nichols  21:53  
All right. And Tanya, where can folks go ahead if they want to continue the conversation, but also you want to give you some dollars? Where can they go do that?

Tonya Millis  22:00  
Tonya for congress.com, there's a contribution tab right there on my website. And also there's an email address and a phone number. So you can give me a shout out we return emails and return phone calls.

Brian Nichols  22:13  
Perfect. All righty. Well, Tanya, thank you for joining us. And folks, thank you for joining us. If you got value from today's episode, I have some homework for you. I know homework, can you believe it? Sorry, but it's not difficult homework. Here's what it is. Number one, go ahead. If you're in the great state of Indiana, my fellow Hoosier then you're specifically living in district nine. Well, I'm going to challenge you to share this episode with at least five of your friends. They need to hear the message and frankly, that there is not just a different way they can vote but a better way that they can vote. So that's number one. Number two, if you got value from today's episode, and you want to support Tanya's campaign, well, please, if you go to The Brian Nichols Show show notes here, you will see we have a link there. All you got to do is click the artwork in your podcast catcher, it'll bring you to today's episode over at Brian Nichols show.com, where you can find all of Tanya's information, including the link to go ahead and get a donate button. And also, if you number three, got value from today's episode here at The Brian Nichols Show. Well, I'm going to ask you to do me a favor, head to Brian Nichols show.com forward slash support and support the program you can do so one of two ways. Number one, you can become a $5 supporting listener and that's over on Patreon. The link is there over on our website or number two, you can get a one time Pay Pal donation $5 $20 anything it all goes right back here into The Brian Nichols Show, so we can do what keep having amazing guests on the program that will keep you educated, enlightened, and of course informed. So with that being said, thank you for joining us on today's episode. With that being said Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Tanya Millis. We'll see you tomorrow,

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