Nov. 1, 2022

615: Can this Libertarian Candidate for Governor Help Free Pennsylvania From Tyranny?

On today's episode, I'm joined by Matt Hackenburg, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania. Matt is running on a platform of liberty and freedom. He believes that the state should not be involved in any way in people's lives, except to protect their rights.

On today's episode, I'm joined by Matt Hackenburg, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Matt is running on a platform of liberty and freedom. He believes that the state should not be involved in any way in people's lives, except to protect their rights.

We discuss what he plans to do as governor if he wins and how he hopes to bring about a more free and open society in Pennsylvania.

I had a great time talking with Matt and hope you enjoy our conversation!

Episode Outline: 

Can This Libertarian Help Free Pennsylvania From Tyranny?

Why Matt is running for office as a libertarian.

How do we afford to heat our homes in the winter?

What will Governor Hackenberg do to help the residents of Pennsylvania?

What would Matt do differently going forward if another Covid-19 strain popped up?

What would Matt do differently to help people feel more free to defend themselves in Pennsylvania?

What does Matt consider to be success?

Where can you reach out to Matt?

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Brian Nichols  0:02  
Can this libertarian help free Pennsylvania from tyranny? Let's talk about that. The focusing on winning arguments we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, happy Tuesday there. Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us on of course another phone to build episode I am as always your humble host coming to you live from our Stratus ip Studios here in lovely lovely Eastern Indiana don't let cyber attacks are outdated technology slowed down your business go to the Brian Nichols forward slash Stratus ip learn how Stratus ip can help you solve those old all those cyber attacks. Yeah, they've been happening left and right. Go ahead, get your free Business Technology consultation and Brian Nichols forward slash Stratus ip Stratus ip Business Technology simplified folks looking forward to today's episode. But first we got to pay the bills. And with that, we're gonna go ahead and say hello to our sponsor. And that is right strategies now right strategies folks, if you are a small business owner or if you're like today's guests, a candidate running for office then you know the challenge you face when you're trying to go out to the political landscape and make a difference. Well here right strategies our sponsor for today's episode can not only be your perfect partner in the digital landscape, but can help bring you the resources the team and the tools that help you crush your sales goals, crush your business goals and crush your next election. They have amazing tools like their SMS texting tool, which will help you reach 10s of 1000s of voters and then help you crush your elections. And also folks by the way, we have a great opportunity here for all of our Brian Nichols show listeners if you want to go ahead and either a Get Your FREE campaign snapshot report card or be your business marketing report card had the Brian Nichols forward slash R S and sign up today. But of course you just gotta go ahead and let Morgan and the team they're at right strategies know that we sent you one more time Brian Nichols forward slash Rs, amplifying your message where voters and customers spend their time. Alright folks, so yeah, on to the episode. Thank you for joining us looking forward to this conversation. Because yes, we're talking about hopefully being able to free the state. I just left Pennsylvania from some tyranny and that is with our candidate today. He is running for governor of Pennsylvania, Matt, Hackenberg, welcome to the program.

Matt Hackenburg  2:35  
Thank you for having me. Absolutely.

Brian Nichols  2:37  
Matt, thank you for joining the show. And yes, I always say this to the guests running with the big L next to their name. Thank you for running as a big L libertarian, appreciate you. Yes, going out fighting the good fight. And of course now having to face the obvious question, Matt, why is it that you're running for office number one for Governor of all positions, right? That's a big jump for somebody, but also, as a big L libertarian, the floor is yours?

Matt Hackenburg  3:02  
Well, I mean, it was a role need to be taken. And it's a great opportunity as a libertarian to get out and spread a message. And it could have been passed up. I feel like I'm well, well situated to take that opportunity and spread the message, I have a good grasp on the philosophy and what needs to be said. And so I took what need to be taking.

Brian Nichols  3:21  
There you go. All right. Well, let's talk about some of the things that you specifically maybe look at as you're running for office now as a big L libertarian, bringing it to the voters. What are you talking to the voters about right now? What are some of the issues? I guess they're specifically saying, Matt, why should I vote for a libertarian to help me address XYZ issue that I see today?

Matt Hackenburg  3:41  
So right now, the main thing I've been hammering on, at least as of late was, you know, energy costs. I think a hammer on is a lot of us don't know how we're gonna afford to heat our homes this winter. We just had a press press conference in front of the state capitol building in Harrisburg. And this is a big ornate building, and they're gonna be heating this building just fine all winter. But meanwhile, those of us were based on the suit, we're looking at almost $6 A gallon for heating oil. Like how how is your average person to be able to afford this. So even this one on a two income family, this is becoming prevalent, expensive. And as you know, our wonderful cheerleaders in DC continuing to drive us into this off this cliff in available in the unavailability of cheap energy or the unavailability of energy period, we went into this winter where not only can you not afford fuel, it may not be able to purchase it altogether. And so here we have these these these leaders of the state government, they're heating their homes just fine. They're paying with our tax dollars. And we can't afford to heat arms with our homes. We can't afford to for fuel to get to work. And that's what needs to be done. Now. This is why we can't wait. That's something that we can't just You know, sit around and, and hope this is gonna get fixed or change, this is something that needs to be addressed immediately. And the big, big moral of the story here is that the people in Harrisburg, the people in DC, they do not care about you, they don't care about your family. They care about their own power, they pay on their own wealth, and they have themselves taken care if they suck, take care of themselves off your tax dollars, and leave us restaurants high and dry. It's so

Brian Nichols  5:25  
true. It's so sad too, because I think a lot of folks right now, especially where the country is heading, they don't feel comfortable in that the future looks bright that I think the first time we've seen in very recent memory that a majority of Americans do not have a positive outlook on the future of America. So yeah, things aren't necessarily looking too good. But also I think folks are now specifically looking to say, okay, things haven't been working the way that we've been doing them. Let's try something different. So maybe we should try this, uh, this gold team, this yellow team, the libertarians, and let's talk about some of the other issues. I know you mentioned specifically some of the issues as it pertains to the heating the energy cost, but that also is I guess, attached to the inflation cost of living skyrocketing. So what will Governor Hackenberg do to help the residents of Pennsylvania I mean, heck, man, I just left Philadelphia, I wish I had had you as an option. Tell us what you're gonna do to help us combat inflation, or at the very least make a little easier for fellow former fellow sorry, Pennsylvania residents to live their lives a little bit easier?

Matt Hackenburg  6:29  
Well, I don't think he explains to other libertarians, but we all should know the cause of inflation, inflation is caused by one thing, one thing only as the creation of new money and uncontrolled rates. And so as a government's man, there's a little you can really do a set aside from promote the use of hard currencies, whether it be gold and silver, or Bitcoin. So then other than that is just a matter of defending the state in trying to stand up for the state, the people of the state as best you can against it out of control federal government, we're heading for a bumpy ride. And, you know, it's it's time that people realize that and batten down the hatches. And that's really the best thing you can do. And at the very least, at the very least, we need to state government on the side of the people of Pennsylvania, you know, not unfortunately, silly policies. But Brian is setting up the people in Pennsylvania against out of control federal government, and a increasingly high controlled, you know, international government, if you will.

Brian Nichols  7:28  
For sure, well, let's let me take a little bit of a turn towards how we got here. Right. And I always, when we I always we always hear this talk about politics is always downstream from culture. Well, I think culture is sometimes downstream from education. And we saw over the past two years. Number one, all the kids bringing brought home when all the schools shut down, but number two, I think this maybe is the most important thing. Parents finally getting to see what their kids were being taught in these government schools. I know it opened a lot of parents eyes and we saw mass exodus across the country from parents getting their kids out of these government schools and going in hoping to find alternative means of education. What's the governor Hackenberg approach there for Pennsylvania? Are you pro school choice? Are you pro charter schools? What's that look like?

Matt Hackenburg  8:18  
So I mean, that's when I really pointed out to people, especially right wingers who are more now tuned in to what's going on in terms of the schools beyond control, is that the only solution to CRT or any other madness in the education system? Is school choice. I mean, really, you know, government should be out of school altogether. We shouldn't be forcing people to pay for education. But if baby steps, and the first thing to do is there is a push for school choice, which is growing wildly popular now amongst mainstream politicians and our politics. And it's been easy, pushed hard. And it's one of my major campaign policy is school choice. Because it's the right now and this lesson we have right now, it's the result of a monopoly, you have a school system, which is funded by through coercion, you have to pay for it, you have no other choice, but to pay for it. And you get the quality of service that you expect for such a service versus just system, you know, poor quality and ridiculous prices. So you know, with the very least with the school choice voucher systems, those lines really think parents can take the money out of school and put their kids to a private school, or homeschool or charter school, or whatever else they want would be vastly better than what we have right now.

Brian Nichols  9:35  
Amen. Let's talk about what we all experienced the past two and a half years I teased it earlier. COVID-19 lockdowns, State of Pennsylvania determining who was considered essential and non essential. That was little dystopian. Remember watching Tom Wolfe on TV saying, you know yes, if you're in a non essential employee, you're going to be staying home and I'm like, a non essential employee. What's that? I might non essential. I think I missed So I'm pretty sure I feel essential. But yeah, government determining all of a sudden that I'm not essential. That was a little weird and semi dystopian. But also take a step further, you look at some of the localities like Philadelphia, my god things got it ramped up to 11 over there and, frankly, is one of the main reasons I left the state was because of how things were over the past two and a half years in response to COVID 19. So, Matt, what would you do differently going forward? How would Pennsylvania residents feel going into a Hackenberg administration? If we were to see another? Another COVID strain pop up? Are we going to go into lockdown, and other folks gonna be told? Sorry, you're on essential? Yeah, stay home?

Matt Hackenburg  10:40  
Hmm, definitely not. We will not be determining who is essential and who's not essential. I mean, this is basic economics, right? You know, that, that no one man or men can ever have the amount of knowledge required to determine what is critical, what isn't critical for an economy. So that's the peak hubris of have a status to think that you can determine what's essential. And we were seeing the repercussions to that. Now, a big part of it prices increasing scarcities especially is, you know, the aftermath of that determining what's not not essential and weak Well, you've now handicap chunks of production in the economy, and we're gonna be paying the president for a long time to come. But in general, is, if I was governor, I would not in a million years ever be telling people how to run their lives, I would like to do something more like what Florida has done, and actually push back and use the state government push back against the federal government encroachments of the federal government. I think if a state governors who exist, and I'm an anarchist at heart, I mean, but if a state government exists, I think its purpose should be to defend the people living in that political subdivision against, you know, higher higher levels of government overreach. So like, much like far as done, prevent, you know, the enactment of mandates, and also push or publish better medical information, saying, hey, you know, some of these things you're saying may not be true. You know, these are some alternate ideas that might be alternate treatments that might work better. And things like that, actually use that pulpit to promote greater liberty.

Brian Nichols  12:20  
Talk to us about the Second Amendment because I always thought that, you know, the Bill of Rights that was supposed to codify certain things, it just were off limits, and I assumed that that included the right to bear arms, but in Pennsylvania, and even if you go to cities like pence, our Philadelphia, gun rights are just like non existent. So talk to us about what you would do differently, to help folks feel that they are gonna be able to defend themselves more freely in Pennsylvania.

Matt Hackenburg  12:49  
Well realize versus pencil or Philadelphia is is certainly different than rest of the state Philadelphia has is a unique subdivision in that it has its own set of gun laws. Fortunately, the rest of the state is preemption, and we have really pretty good, you know, limited gun control, but as far as that goes, I think the Second Amendment is a cute codification of what is a natural right God given right or whatever, however you want to call it. I think it doesn't matter whether it's written on a piece of paper or not, this is a basic human right? And it's an eight and that any state, infringing upon that at any level any any amount is uncalled for is unacceptable, is is an act of aggression and as a crime. So as governor, I've said this openly that I would declare the ATF a foreign actor or a, you know, a terrorist organization, if you will, in not in prohibit the state police from in cooperating with ATF or working with ATF and if anything, they will be tasked to work against them and to thwart them from from harassing the residents of Pennsylvania. I would like to make Pennsylvania a second I'm thinking sanctuary state. I think any citizens should be allowed to own whatever firearms they wish I don't. I don't believe in any restrictions on them or shipping machine guns and shortbow rifles suppressors? I don't think felons should be restricting rolling firearms, and that's crazy, but I think if someone is too dangerous to own a firearm, then they're too dangerous to not be in prison. And that's as simple as that. And if you're not dangerous, then you don't belong in prison. And if you're not dangerous, then you should be be allowed to own whatever firearms you want.

Brian Nichols  14:30  
I think I read that in an article that was published I forget where it was. Maybe you were visiting. Was it unity, Pennsylvania, maybe that is that is that a city a village in PMPA. Anyways, I read an article where you had that quote, and it made me chuckle because yeah, that that's the that's the answer you hear, you know, red flag laws and all that kind of stuff is like wait, if somebody is a threat to somebody else, then what are we what are we doing what what why are why are they in a position and where they could harm somebody else. Isn't that the role for government? Right? So yeah, if there is ever going to be a role it is to stop that specific harm. And in this case, ya know, what are we doing? And thank you for raising this up as an issue because a lot of I think a lot of folks end up not really focusing on this, when you're talking about state issues ends up being more localized. And this seems to be more of a national conversation. But there are so many things you can do. from a state perspective, I think folks need to remember that. So it's important when you vote for these elections. And with that being said, Matt, elections right around the corner here, it's next Tuesday, a week from today. So folks who are voting in the great state of Pennsylvania, yes, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Talk to us about what they can do to help support your campaign. But also if they're I'm sure you're looking for some donations and you're trying to get over the the last hurdle here, which is the election, and what are you going to consider? I know there's a final question of the third question. What are you going to consider to be success from a Hackenberg campaign perspective? What do you guys gonna look at election night and say, Yeah, you know, this is where we consider we did a good job.

Matt Hackenburg  16:07  
Well, I mean, as far as helping out, I mean, everyone get your friends family out to vote, preferably vote for for me, but if not, they will at least vote for the down ballot, the Libertarian candidates and we'd like to raise Libertarian Party and when we promote more, the legal the local governance, governance as much as possible, so we get state reps on there and get your local town officials elected, as from the Libertarian Party be fantastic. But for me, I mean, I would love to get over 4% That'd be fantastic. And the more that it's great, I would love to cause an upset, you know, I'd love to get trigger all the Mastriano supporters and you know, causing an election and having blamed me and my name to be hated by many on the right, would be fantastic. Other than that, you know, like, you know, as long as we can get some message out there and spread the idea of liberty. It's that's great.

Brian Nichols  16:59  
All right, Matt. Well, with that being said, Folks, if you enjoyed today's episode, I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor number one, go ahead and give it a share. And when you do, please share yours truly at the nickels liberty, and please go ahead and tag Matt as well. Matt, where can folks go ahead and reach out to you if you want continue the conversation on social media.

Matt Hackenburg  17:16  
So you can check out my website, Matt And also we're on Twitter, at Twitter. All right, Matt, Hackenberg and all the other usual Facebook and so on. So it means that Matt or Matt Hackenberg, Pa but it's just straight up Matt You'll find all my all my links there and you can check us out you can donate you can see you can volunteer whatever else we might need help out with.

Brian Nichols  17:40  
Perfect and we'll make it easy for the audio listener will include all those links over at Brian Nichols All you got to do click the artwork and your podcast catcher will bring you right to today's episode where yes, you can find the entire episode transcript of today's episode plus you can find us over on YouTube on rumble and over on Odyssey All I ask is that when you go over there, please do us a favor hit that magical subscribe button and notification bell so you don't miss a single time. We have a brand new episode go live and oh, by the way, folks, did you check out our conversation? Yesterday was you and me and we are talking one on one about the new article. Did you read this Matt? The article that was written over at The Atlantic that we need to have pandemic amnesty. Did you hear about this?

Matt Hackenburg  18:22  
I did not hear about this? No, it's a it's a gem. So

Brian Nichols  18:25  
we have this Lady Emily poster austere. I'm not sure how to pronounce her last name. She writes this gem of an article over the Atlantic saying okay, well, you know what, even though we were yelling at you to keep your kids mask and social distance from us when we go out on a hike outside, because we didn't know we didn't know we need to face amnesty for all the things we said and did towards you. And she read this whole article over at The Atlantic I went through I even Visser ated it because I think many of us and I'm sure because this is one of the main reasons I was you know, we were talking beforehand that you joined the Libertarian Party, the big L party, and then specifically, you know, put yourself in a position now to take the mantle for Governor going forward. You know, the response to COVID 19 has been absolutely insane. And I think a lot of folks have really started to gravitate towards our camp. Thank God finally folks are waking up. So if you want to go ahead and check that out, folks, I included that link right here below if you're joining us on the video version of the show. Otherwise, again, Brian Nichols. can find today's episode, that episode and all 615 other episodes. Final thoughts, Matt? Hackenberg, what do you got for us?

Matt Hackenburg  19:32  
Says that JSON website. Also check out defend the guard. It's a great movement to try to get as much as we're heading into World War Three here in a minute to help prohibit Pennsylvania or other states prohibit their governors from sending our National Guard troops into federal service at a time of war without a official declaration of war as required by the United States Constitution to defend the and the big help

Brian Nichols  20:00  
There you go, folks. All right, well, there's your call to action otherwise. That being said, Tomorrow our good friend, Kenny Cody, he's returning The Brian Nichols Show for his last segment of Cody's concerns, make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you don't miss that awesome episode. We have airing tomorrow night around 6pm here on YouTube. And of course, we'll be hitting the podcast version shortly thereafter. So with that being said, Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Matt. Hackenberg.

Disembodied Voice of Matt Ultan, Vocal Artist Extraordinaire  20:25  
We'll see you tomorrow for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols

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