Nov. 4, 2022

618: CONFIRMED!? - Donald Trump 2024!?

How will Donald Trump’s re-election campaign affect the Republican Party? What does it mean for Libertarians? And what does the return of Trump mean for Republicans who have been desperate to move on from his presidency?

This is not a drill: Donald Trump is running for president again.

On today's episode, I'm riding solo discussing the breaking news that Donald Trump appears poised to launch his return bid to the White House in 2024.

How will Donald Trump’s re-election campaign affect the Republican Party? What does it mean for Libertarians? And what does the return of Trump mean for Republicans who have been desperate to move on from his presidency?

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump’s third run for the White House? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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Brian Nichols  0:03  
Donald Trump 2024. Yeah, let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, happy Friday there, folks, Brian was here on The Brian Nichols Show and joining us on for another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host joining me live our lovely Stratus ip studios, here in eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or outdated Business Technology put your company at risk. Hit the Brian Nichols forward slash Stratus ip get your free one on one business technology consultation today. Stratus ip, Business Technology simplified folks, he's back. He's back. Yes, Donald Trump 2024. The rumors are in fact true. Well, it seems to be the case. And we're going to talk about that today. And by the way, for you folks who are in the GOP, we're going to talk about why that might not be a really good idea for your 2024 prospects. But first we're gonna go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor and that is Scott Schluter. For Illinois, Governor Now folks, I had the great chance headed up to Illinois back a couple of weekends ago for their state Gala. And I had the chance to meet Scott as well as me his running mate John Phillips, who are both running for the role of Illinois Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Scott is a an Air Force veteran diesel mechanic and a longtime libertarian activist running with again running mate John Phillips, who are two mechanics running to fix the broken state of Illinois. Scott wants to bring the principles of individual liberty and responsibility to Illinois governance with a message of compassion and cooperate cooperation. Vote for Scott Schluter on November 8. Yeah, November 8 2022. I want Skatey on timeframe there. No, we're not talking about voter fraud here one day, November 8 2022. Next Tuesday, make sure if you're up in Illinois, you cast your ballot for Scott Schluter and John Phillips. All right, folks. So yes, going on to today's episode. I want to go ahead and do number one. You have walked through an article that kind of outlines what's going on with the potential Donald Trump running for 2024. Again, for president, it's I thought he was done. I think we all thought we were done. But yes, he's back. So let's go ahead. We're gonna dig into this article really quick as I share my screen here. Maybe. There we go. Trump 2024. And this is over on CBS News. Former President Donald Trump is considering announcing another bid for the White House that could come as soon as Thursday or Tuesday after the midterms. According to three Trump advisors and Republican Party operative familiar with the former president's deliberations, the former president has been calling his donor base to inform loyalists of his thinking and solicit feedback. The precise timing and nature of the announcement is unclear. Three Trump advisors told CBS News on November 4, that November 14 rather, is one possible date on the radar. One adviser said the date is still fluid. Another source close to Trump said they could come in two weeks after the November 8 elections. Another adviser said his announcement was more likely to be happening after Thanksgiving and perhaps not until early 2023. All right, so really quick, we're gonna just kind of address right there. It sounds though, like he's back. I mean, regardless of when the announcement takes place, it will likely be taking place. Trump 2024 Yeah, the reelection bid. It's happening. Trump advisors continuing say that the former president wants to be part of the midterm election conversation next Tuesday, and during a lame duck session, even if some congressional Republicans wish he'd wait Axos first reporting Axios first report the possible date and number 14, Trump says I will very very probably do it again. Get ready Trump said at a rally on Thursday night in Iowa which is why this is breaking as well. Taylor Buddha which a spokesperson for Trump said he's not commenting on the never ending media speculation and rumors, quote, as President Trump has said Americans should go vote up and down the ballot for Republicans and he'll continue that message tomorrow night in Pennsylvania. In an interview with a conservative Spanish language media outlet americano

media last Saturday, the former president said he was already made the decision on whether or not to launch a third run at the White House saying quote I have made up my mind. I've already made in my mind. I have already in my mind made it Geez. Speaking like Trump is hard, but very shortly I will be announcing it very shortly Trump said I will be letting people know very quickly. Multiple sources told CBS News Trump is expected to announce Tuesday night watching election returns at the MAR a Lago residence alongside a small group of donors club members and would be campaign advisors. Trump backers summarize surmise rather that the former president could box out some potential GOP challengers by being among the first to announce a 2020 2024 run that strategy may keep out some of the top 10 needs to align themselves closely with Trump but unlikely to keep Trump's former Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and other 2024 aspirants from mounting their own campaigns. We're going to talk about that there. Mike Pompeo, who served as Trump's Secretary of State told CBS News earlier this year, his decision to run would not depend on Trump. Well, we hope not Mike, because Jeez, you're such a great candidate. Trump continues to deny the outcome of the 2020 election which he lost. That's what CDs as as recently as last night, he told supporters in Iowa quote, he should never have left the White House. And now he appears poised to try and win it back. Alright, folks, so Trump 2024 What's it mean? For the GOP? Is it a good thing? Um, well, if you're a big Trump fan in the Maga camp, I got some tough news for you. I don't think it's a good thing. And here's why. And I talked about this over on Tim Poole, back when I joined his show, end of March, people disliked Trump and not the GOP, right. And we're not talking about the GOP here, we're talking about the fact you had to get elected on a national basis. And when you look at the way people reacted towards Trump, they did not like him on a human level on a personal level. So with that being said, because of the fact they did not like him on a personal level, you saw a going out and voting against Donald Trump. And that's something I think that we need to acknowledge is that folks went out of their way to vote against Trump. And if we say we in the liberty movement, you know, across the board, put candidates out the people vehemently do not like. And we are surprised that they do not like those candidates. I mean, what do we expect to happen in return? So I say that despite the infatuation with a lot of the base for Trump, I don't see this being a winning strategy. Rather, you have somebody like Ron DeSantis, who can take what he did in Florida and bring it to a national campaign and have success. Yeah, I think the GOP be much better off putting their their faith and trust behind somebody like Ron DeSantis. Now, is that to say that Ron DeSantis, his policies are great, absolutely not. I think there's a lot of areas that libertarians and anybody in the liberty movement should try to push the Santas to get better. But when we're looking specifically, specifically at what the future for the GOP looks like, it's going to look more like a campaign or a party rather, run by the likes of the Ron DeSantis of the world. Not the campaign's of the Donald Trump's now, the style, the rhetoric from the Donald Trump campaigns of yesteryear, those will likely carry through. But I don't know if the success will carry through with the persona of Donald Trump, the tactics, the strategy, perhaps. So I say all that because if the GOP goes the route of embracing Trump as their nominee in 2024, the progress that they're going to make next Tuesday, I feel will be undone. And this is important for long term, like, what are we doing here? This is a conversation we're having in the liberty movement in the greater Libertarian Party. What's the goal? If the goal is to objectively make our lives better, more free, more pro liberty, then it's going to require us to look at things a little differently. GOP you might have the infatuation with Trump, because yeah, he was the big middle finger in 2016. But that's not enough anymore. Now it's a matter of putting people in positions that they can be successful and effective. Trump was a bull in a china shop. And he really was a great opportunity to get more sunlight on a lot of the folks out there who were not so so ethical and honest in our political infrastructure. He did that really, really well. expose a lot of people's true colors in media, and really made it so folks couldn't pretend they were objective, objective, non biased sources, looking to use CNN, and rip, it's all the reliable sources like the Brian Stelter is of the world and the Chris Cuomo is, but it is was it was entirely because of what Trump was able to bring to the table. But now, moving forward, we're playing a different game that was that was checkers. Now we're playing chess, right? Or I guess back in the day was Trump Trump playing 4d Chess.

But if we want to have the success, then it requires us to do different things, libertarians, it requires us to run more strategically go back and listen to some of our episodes. Over the past few weeks, you'll hear exactly what we're talking about in terms of strategy, GOP, same thing. And the Democrats are learning this the hard way. Democrats are learning right now, what happens when you just run on whatever it is that you think people should be caring about? Versus the out the alternative, the opposite of running on the issues they care about? And what's happening, they're starting to have to look in the mirror and say, maybe we need to change some of our tactics. Well, if we want the GOP or the Libertarian Party to continue to have success, it requires us to change our own tactics to do things more effectively to be more smart. That's something I think We talked about over the past few episodes here. Actually, if you go back to our episode with Kenny Cody and Jeremy Todd with a great breakdown, they're using the the Blake masters. Mark Victor race out in Arizona now with the Blake masters facing Mark Kelly, one on one with Mark Victor dropping out. Yeah, that's a great microcosm of exactly what we're talking about with being strategic going forward. And, yeah, there's people who have very heated opinions on either side of the aisle, but it does, I think require us to do things differently, guys. And if you're looking at what's going to be the long term play it is to get more liberty in our lifetimes. So I say all that should rather short episode today, Trump 2024. Yeah, it looks like he's back. So what's going to happen the GOP, they're gonna run, Trump will see or will they go the route of what worked with a COVID. And that was embracing the likes of folks like Ron DeSantis. So I guess we will definitely see over the next two years, strapping yes to yours and election, prepare yourself. So beyond that, libertarians, now we have a chance of Trump runs again, we know what he's done. And we can run against that. So I think that would be a great chance for us to be a foil. So let's pay attention. And let's also prepare ourselves for what the future political landscapes gonna look like. But other than that, that's all I really had for you guys today. If you did not get the chance, like I mentioned, I will make sure I include the video by the way, for our conversation there with Jeremy Todd and Kenny Cody, great, great breakdown of what's happening out in Arizona. I'll include that right here below for you guys to check that out. Otherwise, if you have not had the chance yet, well, you can go ahead and support The Brian Nichols Show in a couple of different ways, by also going ahead and getting something in return. And I think I mentioned this episode earlier in the week and that is yes, if you go ahead and do some of these different things you will be entered into a free drawing from The Brian Nichols Show shop so stay tuned for that in a second. But first Yeah, Brian Nichols forward slash shop you can go ahead and check out some of our amazing swag over at The Brian Nichols Show store at proud libertarian. I've been busy working on some different designs, we have our magic money tree shirt, our liberty legend shirt, no farmer's no food are now that's what I call tyranny, Klaus Schwab shirt and more. So you might go ahead and check those out. Use code TBS at checkout though regardless and you'll make sure you get a discount applied when you go ahead and check out there and I promise there are so many great things there for gifts this year. It is the season guys by the way, time to go ahead and get ready for Christmas time. 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And then for five entries, you do that and then you give us a one time donation or you sign up become a subscribing concurrent donor. Or you also get five entries and then everything else below as well will continue to give you entry. So the more entries you get, the more chances you have to win. And in that case, hey, one time Pay Pal donation, five bucks turn into like a $60 Sweater hoodie. Why not which we do have by the way, our good ideas don't require a forced hoodie. Those are really really nice. A lot better too, by the way than the ones you see on AOCs website those not not good. But anyways guys, that's all I really have for you today. Thank you for joining us. Thank you for sharing the show. We've had a lot of folks reaching out here over the past week, sharing the show reaching out and giving comments in terms of what their feedback was. So I thank you for that. If you have some comments on today's show for Trump 2024 Do me a favor, leave them below but otherwise, thank you for joining us. With that being said Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. Have a Happy Friday, and we'll see you next week for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols

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