Nov. 7, 2022

619: A Look at NY & PA (Election 2022)

On today's episode, I'm joined once again by Mahgdalen Rose to talk about the upcoming 2022 midterm elections and what to expect in NY and PA.

On today's episode, I'm joined once again by Mahgdalen Rose to talk about the upcoming 2022 midterm elections and what to expect in NY and PA. 

We'll be talking about the candidates, issues, and everything you need to know before the big day.

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Brian Nichols  0:02  
Are we going to see a red wave tomorrow? Yeah, let's talk about that. Focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, happy Monday. They're both right here on The Brian Nichols Show, and AC for joining us on of course on our phone bill episode, IBM, as always, your humble host joining us live our Stratus ip Studios here in lovely eastern India and don't let cyber attacks are outfitted with this technology, your company at risk. Go get your one on one free Business Business Technology consultation that is today over at Brian Nichols forward slash Stratus ip Stratus ip Business Technology simplified, folks, thank you for joining us today and looking forward to digging into Yes, the midterm elections. We're seeing state elections. We're seeing federal elections across the United States right now. Right, it's seemingly going to be a red wave. And we're excited to dig into that we have a returning guests. Joining us to discuss all that and more. But first, before we talk about a red wave. Well, what about the idea of maybe a gold wave? Is that possible? Okay. Well, maybe if it's not necessarily possible, it is still something that is being discussed up in Illinois. And that is where we have one of our sponsors joining us today and that is Scott Schluter. For for Governor up in Illinois. Now folks, if you are up in Illinois, please go ahead on your ballot and check out Scott Schluter. He is an Air Force veteran diesel mechanic and longtime libertarian activist running with his running mate John Phillips, who are two mechanics running to fix the broken state of Illinois. Scott wants to bring the principles of individual liberty and responsibility to Illinois governance with the message of compassion and cooperation. If you're Illinois in Illinois, that is vote for Scott Schluter. November 8 2022. Tomorrow, my goodness, right around the corner. All right, folks. So yeah, I mentioned we have a returning guests onto the show today helping me break down what's going to be happening here in these elections. Returning to the program. Magdalene rose, thanks for joining us.

Mahgdalen Rose  2:19  
Thank you so much for having me.

Brian Nichols  2:22  
Absolutely. Great to have you back. I know we've been having a couple of technical issues here with some connectivity. So fair warning to the audience. We're gonna make it work though Magdalen, you've been busy. What's been going on in your world since you were last in the program?

Mahgdalen Rose  2:36  
Well, since I was last in the program, I've been doing debate prep services for candidates across the country. So this election cycle, I've been really plugged in on what voters want to know in town halls and forums and interviews. And one thing I've seen is that there's really a focus on local issues. So it's in candidates that I'm working with in Oregon people, voters really holding politicians or potential politicians accountable, and asking them, how are you going to solve our local issues? Because they have no faith that they're going to be solved at the federal level?

Brian Nichols  3:04  
Hmm, yeah. Well, when we've been hearing this with all of our different candidates we've had in the program from local state, and heck, even some federal candidates as well. But there has been a resurgence too. You mentioned that the local that were returned to vote, people wanting to see politics, responding to them actually listening to them, and their politicians actually having to go and earn their votes. And this seems like the first election I've seen in recent memory. It seems like a lot of politicians are out there actually getting a lot of folks excited to go to the polls. And that hasn't really seem to be the case in recent years. And it seems like right now, a lot of that momentum Magdalene is on the GOP side. And in particular, there's two races. I know you want to focus on being your NPA right now. But also, there's an interesting microcosm of a red wave possibly taking place in a very, very blue state, like New York. So let's start with PA and talk about the US Senate race. We have John Fetterman current lieutenant governor, and then on that oz celebrity TV show talk host now politician hoping to be the next US senator from Pennsylvania. So talk to us magazine. What is about the Pennsylvania race it has you so interested?

Mahgdalen Rose  4:17  
Well, it's the fact that John Fetterman if he had not had a stroke and was fuzzy level he has been in the past. If that was the case, it would be the person ready to win, there would be no question about him winning. And instead, we've gotten to the situation where Dr. Oz somebody who has no political experience outside of being involved on a fundraiser level and being active with Trump. He's beginning to eclipse John Fetterman and Bill turnpoint in this race was the debate. And as someone in Pennsylvania I can tell you, the day after that debate, you saw more AWS signs and more talk about the positives of AWS on local television then you had seen for the month prior the Republican primary to get the Republican nominee The for Senate in Pennsylvania was bloody. It was nasty. It was contentious and there was a real question of whether or not AWS was even going to win it after he won it and deal with everyone was going didn't really happen in stage

it fascinates me about whether or not AWS will be able to pull out the end of this race and Eclipse Fetterman because Fetterman has such a hometown advantage.

Brian Nichols  5:35  
We lost you for a little bit there Morgan. But we are not going to we got the most of the the message there. That was good. But hey, no, I definitely hear you. There is the hometown advantage that I think people have been kind of waiting to see. Is it going to come out? There was a new ad that was just done with a Fetterman? I don't if you saw this pretending to be mean, Joe Greene from back into the Steelers. And it was just so cringy I understand. He's trying to play to that hometown feel. But the guy I mean, he is a shell of his former self. And that's truly from a human standpoint. That's awful. It's sad. I'd like to see somebody who is quite obviously still dealing with the aftermath effects of a stroke. Yeah, it makes one on the empathetic level feel for the guy, but that's like, well, you have the opportunity to not do this. And actually, he still ran despite being in a primary back in May. I don't know Magdalen. I think Pennsylvania is gonna be a very interesting state to watch, especially with some enlightenment oz. Who, I mean, goodness, he's not even a great Republican by any stretch of the imagination. No, he can still win, though. And I guess I look at the GOP. What Why didn't we go with a more, I guess, libertarian conservative candidate over Mehmet Oz?

Mahgdalen Rose  6:48  
Well, because Trump endorsed Mehmet Oz. And really, that's what it came down to. And while Trump doesn't win over all voters and Sylvania he definitely has a foothold here. And one of the things a lot of people have been questioning and I've been questioning this as well is, if John Fetterman were to win this seat, there is not going to be the effort there has been so hard to make John Fetterman comfortable, and to help him along with the closed captioning and the assistance and the slowing down of conversations. That's not going to happen on the Senate floor. Mitch McConnell is not going to pull punches and he shouldn't because if you're running for US Senate, and the voters find you fit to serve in office, you have to be able to keep up. So there is a question of amongst Democrats in Pennsylvania whether or not it's worth it, to send John Fetterman to the Senate when they know that Mitch McConnell and even a fellow Democrats are not going to hold his hand in the way that Pennsylvania Democrats in the political spectrum have held his hand during this entire race.

Brian Nichols  7:40  
All right, Magdalene, well, let's turn things up to a little bit north of the border. And that is up in New York. Now. Anybody who is familiar with New York politics, I'll start things off. It's gross, New York politics is one of the most corrupt backwards political systems in the entire United States in the success of the state or lack thereof speaks to that. And you saw Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hawke will take over the reins of one Governor Andrew Cuomo who took the reins of his father Mario Cuomo. So now we've had you know, decades and decades of cromoz and more or less democratic Politico's who have been pushed into positions of power. Now Kathy vocal, much like her predecessor was having no issues whatsoever in masking your children asking you to send your kids to school with masks over their face while she and other adults could go ahead and not have masks on despite the fact that all the science before the pandemic about masking said that masks really were ineffective and trying to stop a respiratory virus. Am I allowed to say that now I'm gonna get cancelled for speaking what folks are now acknowledging is common sense. Epidemiology, epidemiology go fact. And yet here we are. We spent two and a half years promoting this nonsense with folks like Kathy Hogle leading the charge up in New York. Well, surprise, surprise. Now we have a situation where the GOP candidate in deep blue and I say deep, deep blue, New York State, the GOP candidate and Lee Zeldin is actually fighting towards winning this seat in the recent polls, not just showing him within the margin of error but I think in a nose recent poll, Magdalene Griffin, I'm wrong. He's actually leading Is that correct?

Mahgdalen Rose  9:27  
He has been leading and what's interesting about Lee Zeldin is that he's running against a woman who's never been elected to the office she's holding, and that's always so dangerous. In my opinion, when you are a governor or senator, anyone and you've been appointed or you you're the person who's resigned, like in the case of Cuomo, you should really be a quiet politician because the voters have not interested in you. Just because we're there. And Kathy is out front. She does not have IP rankings, and that is something she's not either even tried to fix. So Lee Zeldin has come in as this sort of quiet candidate, and really started to eclipse her campaign and make Republicans, Independents and Democrats within New York, remember that New York has problems outside of just the federal issues everyone likes to talk about to get lots of clicks. Andrew Cuomo had kept the focus so much on federal issues and his fights with Trump, that so many New Yorkers have not had the time or even the ability to think about the fact that New York is in real danger of becoming a city that's unlivable, especially of crimes. These elegant strategy of making New York politics locally is paying off for him.

Brian Nichols  10:38  
And New York. So for folks who are unfamiliar with New York politics, I think it's important to give them a little context, right. So New York State, imagine New York, it looks like a giant boot, right? So pretty much where like the heel of the boot would be. That's New York City, right in Long Island, New York City and beyond that area, outside of that area, New York, you go to the entire rest of the boot everywhere else, excluding a few cities here and there is is actually very red, but because the population density in the greater New York City and surrounding suburbs is so intense and so deep blue, it always swings the state that direction. So all it really took and all it really we needed New York was kind of this and you mentioned Lee Zeldin being squishy but like it is this kind of George Pataki like state right the Republicans in New York, they're not your your libertarian conservative, you know, rah rah folks like we're used to. However, there was such an energy right now because of the response to not just what Kathy hoch has been doing but also just across the board the Democrats locally in New York State who reacted so insanely with the COVID policies across the board. I think that that's going to be the the the also that sweeping reason why so many folks are motivated to go out and not just vote in this election, but actively vote out those people who brought on this harm. We have folks like Kathy Hoke. Well, we have Governor Gretchen Whitmer, up in Michigan, we have goodness, we have senators across the United States who are facing reelection in the Democratic camp who are or now facing uphill battles like Mark Kelly down in Arizona or you go up or in Arizona, Arizona, or you go up to New Hampshire, Mackay Hassan, who many thought was gonna be a really safe seat now, in the swing, read to Don Bullock. So you're seeing consistently a lot. I mean, heck, Doug Mastriano in PA that one blew me away that he's even, you know, putting up a really big fight against Josh Shapiro. So Magdalen, I mean, the local politics approach, and this is something we've been focusing on here at The Brian Nichols Show. It wins because then you can meet people where they're at on the issues they care about and show that you there's a tangible way to address those issues versus what folks are so used to the politician coming in shaking hands, kissing a few babies telling you that they're going to save the world and rural poverty and hunger, and then you never hear from them again, oh, wait until it is the next election. Now, folks are seeing there might actually be a path forward.

Mahgdalen Rose  13:14  
They are and I think that comes down to Americans becoming quite cynical. They know that no one is going to change the world. They know that we're in deep problems when it comes to Ukraine, specifically, because of our now economic ties to Ukraine, how much support we've given them, they know that their states are struggling with there's a supply chain crisis that there was a gas crisis. I don't believe that Joe Biden to solve that crisis but it's related to the American vote they're kind of they're angry but they have to say that is going on and there's something Democrats have not been able to deal with because Democrats are these big picture hope people you know, it's the Vote for Change mentality of Barack Obama is the Jimmy Carter everything will be fine idea and American voters are going to the party that embraces them and really embraces the cynicism that they've had which is that Joe Biden is not delivering and even the local leaders in the Democrat level and even some Republican levels they are so entrenched in DC politics they're unable to fix local problems you can run a hard run against crime because

and that's something that really has to be fixed nation type of a Kratz. know they maybe they

Brian Nichols  15:00  
Oh there we go. We lost we lost internet first. Okay, there we go back. No, no worries. No. So and we actually didn't hear much of what your response there at the end. Could you repeat the last bit there? Yeah.

Mahgdalen Rose  15:27  
So the one of the problems Democrats have had is that on a local level or statewide level, they can't solve problems because the federal level is going to come down on them, even just in the media war. So a Democrat, you know, mayor or governor in New York cannot attack the issue of crime and fix it, because the Joe Biden administration is going to hit them through their proprietary and in the media, around what they're doing is racist or not in the job. So it could go back to keep both has prohibited Democrats from making their own states better. And now you're seeing Republicans, Independents and moderate voters run to the Republican side, because they have a belief that at least Republicans do not have to be adherent to the Joe Biden philosophy of governance right now.

Brian Nichols  16:14  
There we go. We caught at that time. All right, man. Well, hey, that's the context we wanted to get. And frankly, we're seeing right now a lot of other folks, they are having the conversation. Hey, you know what, I think I've never voted Republican before. But I think we're going to do it. I'm hearing this conversation across the board from friends. I mean, frankly, they were like, I always thought rah, rah and Democrats, and now also they're like, Yeah, I'm probably gonna vote for Lee Zeldin. I'm like, that's really, okay. Great. thing, right? Like, I'm all about it. But um, I guess at the end of the day, too, it requires us to actually see this turn into something right. And this is, I guess, the message to Republicans now. You can't you can't mess this up, like domestic stuff. Right? Like it requires to actually go through follow through on what your say you're going to do. And if you don't understand what's going to happen, like, what's the consequence to you not following through. It's the Democrats taking back control. It's four to two to four more years of this insanity. And frankly, I don't know if Americans can stick it up for that. Now, I don't want to go into the whole, you know, this is the most important election of our lifetime rhetoric. But again, it does feel pretty darn important right now, especially with what we just watched happen for two and a half years, I think, if you had told me in 2010, just like let's go back 12 years, 12 long years ago, that in under 2030 years or so, I wouldn't be able to see a time when the government would be able to arbitrarily determined who was and was not determined to be an essential and non essential employee, or who is determined to have employment status based on the vaccination vaccination status. For a virus that we knew nothing about in the vaccine. It was a brand new experimental vaccine technology, they've never been tested in humans. If you had told me that, I want to say, where are you submitting this script for a movie to Hollywood? Because that's a really good script. And we all just live through it, Magdalene. So I say that because yeah, you know what? I used to think that the most important election of our lifetime rhetoric was getting old and kind of boring and didn't feel real. But now it kind of feels real. Now. It's like, yeah, no, I lived it. That's why I moved from Philadelphia, because I saw the ramifications, how bad things were. So where do you think things are going to end up? Do you think Republicans are actually going to take this if they do end up winning on Tuesday, and carry the torch forward and actually have some success electorally, but also turn that into political and policy success from a state, local, and fingers crossed federal level as well? Well, I

Mahgdalen Rose  18:44  
think if they win the Senate, I think it's pretty much a foregone conclusion about them winning the house, they're going to win the house. But if they win the Senate, they will be in charge of the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court. Right. So that's a massive amount of power. The reality is, they're probably not going to get any bills. They're not going to get legislation signed into law. That's not what they need to do. What they need to do is stop check on Joe Biden's power. They need to be out front of them. And most of the things he does that do not align with party platform are really with common sense. So the American people are not expecting Republicans to get legislation through there were they're expecting Republicans to be the policing of the Joe Biden administration. That's a good position to be in because Republicans are very good at opposition and keeping Democrats sort of down in terms of getting their policies. So Mitch McConnell is very good at that. He was able to make sure that Democrats don't have a piece of voting blocks that they're not able to get through massive PAC. There's a solution isn't read. So when Mitch McConnell fired

aside from that, I would get the Republican governors that win those are going to be the seats that have major power or them being able to sign in legislation or pardon people or stop massive federal laws from being enacted within their states when they have the purview to do. So that's what voters are voting for. They're voting to stop Democratic governors that had been restrictive in their state controlling in their state and use COVID to have over the last few years,

Brian Nichols  20:23  
all right, Magdalene, I think the voters here The Brian Nichols Show, at least they're, they're on board, they hear it and they see it every single day they go out, things are more expensive things don't get into the grocery cart as much as they used to gas tank, it's costing a lot more than it used to back in the old days. So yeah, a lot of folks are looking to get some change. And it's funny, because I remember back when I was younger, that was the rhetoric of the Democrats hope change all that fun stuff. So with that being said, thank you for joining us. And I see, you might be having some technical issues here. You never know, technology is fun, I sell it, but I can't seem to get it to work well. Um, so hopefully, that's still here with us. But otherwise, with that being said, my final thoughts for today, folks? Yeah, you are a magnet when you're glitching. In and out. So we're glad you're still there. So my final thoughts for today, voters, you can't complain, if you don't go out and vote. I know it sounds really like, okay, old man yells at cloud but like, truly stop the whole, like, you know, silence is violence and voting is impeding on people, like go out and actually vote like you. Because otherwise people are gonna use the government against you. So it's on you to play defense, at the very least, but look at your vote is a vote for defense. Otherwise, go out and vote for something that you want to see change, vote for politicians you can actually believe in from a local level. And if you don't see that, well, hey, maybe it's time for you to maybe look at maybe getting involved. And if you want to get involved, there are folks out there like Morgan or him saying more than something and right strategies, which our past sponsor who's actually doing a lot of stuff that you're doing with the campaign. We're helping candidates get their messages, so help reach out to Morgan, our past sponsor, or reach out to Magdalena, who is doing a lot of this work as well. Magnotta, what are your final thoughts for today as we go into the election, midterms? 2022. Oh, 2022 here November 8?

Mahgdalen Rose  22:07  
Well, I think Republicans will take the house, if they take the Senate, it will probably come down to Ohio and Pennsylvania. I think Georgia is this have for a sweep. But that may not happen. Raphael Warnock has so much on the ground support, I would just also advise people to vote for the ballot measures they want, because a lot of times people forget about those. And those can really make or break a state and the way that the state runs and really empower voters to decide on major issues within their state that the governor's own have a role. And something that I don't think enough Republicans or Democrats talk about is the importance about measures, as well as the fact that Republicans really do need a majority here. So make sure that it's not a slim majority. If you're going to vote for a Republican, just vote Republican down ballot, don't split your vote, it doesn't really help anybody. And you're not this idea of having both sides of the aisle govern one side of the aisle has governed for two years, and we're kind of in a disaster on every measurable scale.

Brian Nichols  23:04  
There you go, folks. Well, Magdalene, thank you for joining us. And thank you for you being able to fight through the technical issues we made it through. And you know what I think the reason we were able to silicate through was because my studio is all decked out for Christmas. Yeah, I know. I'm in the serum. What can I say? Got the Yeah, and you know what, I got some stuff hiding behind there. You can't even see it's I'm in the way. But no, I'm excited. No, thank you for joining me, Magdalene. It was really a great time to just speak to you and obviously get your insights. And folks, you got some value. Please do me a favor. Go ahead and give today's episode a share. And when you do, go ahead and tag yours truly at be Nichols. Liberty Magno and where can folks go ahead and follow you to continue the conversation?

Mahgdalen Rose  23:48  
You can follow me on Twitter at mA H TTA. Le N rose and go the link in my Twitter bio for all the links to my social media. And make sure to send me any messages or questions you have after the show.

Brian Nichols  23:58  
Awesome. All right, folks, I'll make it easy for you as well. I'll include all those links in the show notes at the Brian Nichols where you can find today's episode on 619 other episodes of the program plus you can find the entire transcript if you want to go ahead and read along because some of y'all do that. I know I read the emails also number two, if you did not go ahead yet and subscribe to our video version of the program. Well, there are three different spots you can do. So number one, you head to YouTube number two head to rumble or number three head to Odyssey either way, just do me a favor hit that subscribe button in that little notification bell so you're not missing a single time a new video goes live and Yes, tomorrow. It's going to be you and me folks, I might have some special guests here and there to be determined. We're working on some schedules, but we're gonna be talking about the elections, some of the expectations, some big surprises that we are expecting. Is it a surprise if you're expecting a surprise? Maybe it's like big guesses or big, you know, surprises that we might not expect about that. So other than that please make sure you've done us a favor hit that magical subscribe button again. So you're not missing a single time we join you but with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Magdalene rose. We'll see you tomorrow listening

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