Nov. 18, 2022

627: What's Next For MAGA & Donald Trump!?

On today's episode, I'm joined once again by IFBB pro Marc Lobliner, this time discussing the culture of the GOP and what's next for MAGA and Donald Trump.

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On today's episode, I'm joined once again by IFBB pro Marc Lobliner, this time discussing the culture of the GOP and what's next for MAGA and Donald Trump.

Marc has been a close friend of mine for years and has always been one of my favorite people to talk politics with. He has a unique insight into the Republican party, which he brings to the table in this episode. We discuss whether or not Trump is still relevant, and what his future may hold. We also discuss the GOP, who they are and what they stand for, as well as the current state of the party and what's next for the GOP.

It's definitely one of my favorite episodes yet!

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Today's episode contains adult language and themes viewer and listener discretion is advised.

Brian Nichols  0:06  
Is Maga over? Yeah, let's talk about that. Let's sing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Happy playing there, folks. Brian, if you're on The Brian Nichols Show, thank you for joining us on a fourth of our fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host joining us live from our Stratus ip. Your lovely history, Indiana, don't let cyber attacks or outdated Business Technology. Put your company at risk. Learn more at the Brian Nichols forward slash Stratus ip Stratus ip Business Technology simplified. Well, folks, it's official Donald Trump is running for election once again. It's not technically reelection, I guess because he's not in office anymore. But he's a former president so technically is reelection but regardless, yes, he's trying to make America great again once again. And I guess that's the question is Maga over because you look at the results of him announcing and then some polls that went immediately thereafter. And Trump's not leaving those polls. It's actually a different folk down from the great state of Florida. That is one Governor Ron DeSantis to discuss that today. Returning to the program, you know him from Tiger fitness. IFBB pro Mark Loeb liner Welcome back to the program, my friend. Oh,

Marc Lobliner  1:27  
got a pet pup for that. What's up, brother? How you doing? Good, my man. Sometimes Sometimes just got to get the heart beating. Yeah, a little bit of myocarditis action going on.

Brian Nichols  1:37  
Hey, no, no, no, no, we didn't we didn't go that route here.

Marc Lobliner  1:40  
Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Find myocarditis. It'd be the right I just I don't think it'll work at all.

Brian Nichols  1:46  
We I'll tell you what, man, I got so much so much trouble from from friends from family. Because from the beginning, I was like, This just doesn't add up. I'm having folks in the show like you like you're a health and wellness expert. This is what you do. Every single day.

Marc Lobliner  2:02  
After 20 years. I became I call myself an expert. Here's the deal. salutely you surround yourself with bad people. So not one person gave me any problems not at all because my my own brother, he's one of us. You know, my wife. She agrees with me. My kids basis hell, people I surround myself with even if they got it, they're like, I feel you bro. You do you? This has changed a lot. And people are like people like bro, like, like, didn't ever give you crap? Like no, because I don't talk to stupid people. Like the problem is everybody's like, Well, my family Fuck him. They're your family. Like let them go. Just because you have some some family lineage doesn't mean you have to surround yourself with negative toxic stupid people. And anybody who wanted to force anybody to take that stupid, unapproved now deadly thing, and insane hopefully I don't get you banned. Now the people who took it like they're the ones like, you know, they're the ones who are like, Pana i wish i had i posted on Twitter that I'm like, dude, like how many people kind of like regret it to there was like hundreds of replies like, I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't. I wish I didn't. And there are so many stories that were just sad. Like, I was healthy. I was training five days a week. Now I can't get out of bed. It was like, Oh my goodness. And there's still like,

Brian Nichols  3:20  
the Euro cancer, the cancer screenings in Europe. I haven't dude. Okay, this just blew me away. This is out in the guardian. I tweeted this today. It was 100 million missed cancer screenings. And over a million undiagnosed types of cancer in just Europe alone. That's a report that's coming out right now. And they said it was it's like leading the doctors to like not know what to do.

Marc Lobliner  3:45  
Well, you talk about overcrowding the hospitals I think they've accomplished that. Yep. Because and also look at RSV cases because we locked down didn't get any germs and put masks on. So obviously we're gonna have problems like there's a reason why we don't like God didn't give us the special cover for our face naturally. You're not supposed to cover your face, bro. Like you're just not supposed to cover your face. There's a reason you exhale is get rid of the bullshit. Okay? If you keep the bullshit on a mask, like you're full of shit, like masks, and I still see people like there were a couple idiots at our gym this morning. I call them idiots and very affectionate, non offensive way wearing masks. I'm like, first of all, you're in Tennessee move. Second of all, you look stupid. Like you just look stupid. Like you're the only two people in here. And it's at the point where I'm like, I I'm not even gonna make fun of them. Because like, it's everybody's like internally making fun of them. So it's at least in Tennessee, when you

Brian Nichols  4:41  
see the article, it was like, I wear a mask at the gym. It's the smart thing to do. But why do I feel so stupid?

Marc Lobliner  4:49  
Because you're an idiot. And I just kind of say like, honestly, like I saw the article. I didn't I didn't read it because because I have more self respect to read that And I'm looking at him like, if you're the only one in it, you're probably the idiot. Now I can say the same thing for me being the only one without a mask during the lockdowns, but then again, you know, history kind of showed that I was not only correct, but they were so wrong, but they're still doubling down. And I don't even think a lot of these people like I see conservatives doing it, too. I think that the groupthink on both sides, some people are just so weird. They're still they were so whipped into a scared frenzy during the pandemic that they've yet to let it go. They're still scared to take this thing off their faces like their Binky their security blanket. And honestly, I have no I have I have absolutely no. I have no respect for these people. I just don't because I don't respect idiots.

Brian Nichols  5:49  
I I'm just nodding in agreement, because you don't

Marc Lobliner  5:51  
have to agree it's gonna get you in trouble. Well, no, no. But well, this is this is

Brian Nichols  5:55  
frankly, like something and I, I've been talking about this in the show for a number of years now. And it really came to a head over the past year, where my immediate circle has drastically changed. And because namely, the response to a lot of the folks that I originally looked at as like rational, logical human beings, and then realize that no, all it took was propaganda from the government just in like, just constant bombardment, to just flip them in. That's all it took. And then we talked about this in sales, and I'm teaching my sales team. Once you see something, you can't unsee it right. So we help the prospect make it see it. So in this world, I saw it, and I can't unsee it. So I mean with that. I mean, we were talking about that before we hit record, like that's partly why I jettisoned from Philadelphia, out to Indiana because, frankly, I was tired of surrounding myself with by and large, a number of folks who don't like me, right, like, actively hate me vote not just vote against me, but would vote to use government to actively cause harm on me. And that's the difference, I think is that like, my move because I realized my like, my circumstances require change. And I moved it as me voting with my feet. I like physically and surrounded myself with not just like different people. I think I hate that people like, Oh, you're gonna go surround yourself and get into an echo chamber. It's like, no, no, no, yes.

Marc Lobliner  7:16  
I like my echo chamber, but no, like it's a good okay, let's

Brian Nichols  7:21  
just say it's an echo chamber. It's based on values and morals and like shared goals, common themes and interests. Like that's important. And people who pretend it's not I don't know what they're playing like, what game they're playing, but it's a losing game.

Marc Lobliner  7:34  
Member, the member the same when in Rome do as the Romans do. I'm just talking to go to Rome. Fuck the Romans. It's a Fallen Empire. I don't want to be there. Look at the end of the day. You want to know why the results of the election now the Republicans won? Beagley? Yep, they want they won an entire house. Like that's a huge, one of the biggest ones. Which is weird because Democrats are celebrating and Republicans are mad. And I'm like, is everybody stupid? Or am I stupid? Because it seems like this is an epic win for Republicans. And you know me I'm more of an independent I but I don't vote Democrats. I guess i i Right now, I am a Republican, so Libertarian Party can step it up. But I'm looking at this. Okay. We won. But the reason the reason it wasn't a red wave is because there's no more red left, all the red if you take the people who that there was a number, I think it was like 10 that if some crazy number left New York and then Zeldin lost by half the votes of the people. So if he was like, let's say 10,000 left, and he lost by 5000 votes. I know that's not accurate, but that's like the ratio. Yep. So if those people would have stayed those were mostly conservatives. And I say that because they probably live in my neighborhood. We have more New Yorkers, Californians and Illinoisans, than then we do Tennessee and like there's no fucking people in Tennessee, because everybody left. So Michigan's the same way. Everybody was like, I'm out peace. I mean, look at you. Right, like you're out. Me. I moved in 2019. But I would have moved. I'd be out from Illinois, where you beforehand, I was in Illinois. Okay. A horrible horrible place, man. I imagine that people say go to hell and I'm like, number one, just don't believe in hell. Number two, it can't be as bad as Illinois. It's a can't I mean, at least Hell's warm.

Brian Nichols  9:30  
Is it 97 Wherever the one goes right up there next to Chicago it oh my god. Just No, thank you.

Marc Lobliner  9:39  
No, I mean, if people are mad because they're cold, they probably want to be in their car because their seat belt. Yeah, I'm okay with that. But you're talking about mega hertz talking about Maga.

Brian Nichols  9:48  
Yeah. And that might so this kind of goes into you hinted at it, right. Like it wasn't necessarily a loss and I think we have to recalibrate a little bit too because You have seen this and I think now we can refrain from where we were at the end of election night. A lot of folks were just like absolutely gutted because I think you're expecting when the first poll started to close like Kentucky Rand Paul just sweeps his opponent but

Marc Lobliner  10:13  
Rand Paul gangster though

Brian Nichols  10:15  
100% But then Florida right and 100% gangster and DeSantis sweeps Florida and just absolutely crushes

Marc Lobliner  10:21  
it don't forget camp. Setting up don't forget camp destroying Stacey Abrams, not even a contest this time she officially lost. Yeah, and then and then you have Texas go Abbott by a landslide. So why? So again? What happened during the lockdowns people move to Georgia, Florida and Texas and rip Democrats weren't fleeing. Because Democrats are like sotto masochists man. They like the boot across the throat they like to be told what to do. Like they have a ball gag in their mouth at all times. Like Give it to me harder daddy, like lock me down. I don't want to leave my house. Oh yes deliver the Uber and then they get fatter and fatter and fatter. You ever remember what Democrats were the hot people? Like I remember it's like do Democrat chicks are hot. Now. It's like you got like, yeah, like dude, conservatives. I gotta I gotta look Tulsi and they're not I love Tulsi. She likes all my Instagram posts. And I'm gonna say this respectful about her because I love her as but I've always liked you when she was a Democrat. I liked her. Because I thought she I thought she spoke based on her what she thought was best for the country. I don't give a crap if your left right middle libertarian don't care if you are actually legit and giving your opinion and living by the sword. I'm a fan. But Tulsi just immensely attractive. You got the pundits like Tommy Lauren like she's hot as hell. Like since we did conservatives become the party of the hot chicks. And that's why I am officially a conservative now. Because we got all the hot chicks man. Like I'm with it. Like these women are dude, I was at Blaze headquarters a couple of months ago. And everybody's hot. Everybody's hot. I'm like this is great. Like am I had a night Cooper Amaya Conservative News Network.

Brian Nichols  12:07  
It's like watching Fox News.

Marc Lobliner  12:08  
Dude, foxes Fox. Like they're literally foxes. Like that was an old word back in my day for hot chicks. And hot chicks will always mean hot chicks. Hot chicks. Just like we just

Brian Nichols  12:21  
took a Joe Rogan turn here at the show. This doesn't happen that often. Which I like,

Marc Lobliner  12:24  
ADHD, bro. It's gonna be all over the place.

Brian Nichols  12:26  
Oh, God, no, no. Well, let's go back to back the magnet, right. And it goes to the result of the election night where I think people were upset. And now you look to what now you have to look for it. You want the house? So I guess the question goes to what is the future for Magga? Because Trump's he's officially announced he's running again. Yeah. And he's, he doesn't seem to have that. It I can't I don't know what how to like, get me to work. You know, I

Marc Lobliner  12:56  
mean, he's boring, or people don't like him anymore? Because yeah, I know. Exactly. So he's boring. Both. So I think that I think that his advisers told him to tone it down. I think he wants to present himself as less of a loose cannon. And I think that's actually good. For a lot of people not like me, I mean, I'm a loose cannon. So I appreciate that. And I never really liked Trump anyway. Um, but I'll vote for him against a Democrat. Nine times out of nine. You know what I mean? Like, there's no chance, but I actually think it doesn't matter if we run Trump or you run a sweet potato, because all it comes down to is who can harvest the most ballots. And the Republicans? Hopefully they got the memo, that it doesn't matter how many votes you get, it's how many votes are counted. So we just need to go out as a and I say we as non Democrats. I don't care which party does I'll give a fuck if the Green Party does and I'll vote on that line. Just somebody has to go out and do what they did to get Fetterman in and do what they get did to get Hobbs. Well, that might be a runoff, but you know what I mean? Like, it's all about the mail, and it's all about the harvesting. It's all about all that stuff. But it has nothing to do with the candidate. They literally put a potato in office in Pennsylvania. I don't know how that like, I mean, what the fuck that thing on his neck, like, there's a lot of things going on there. I can't unpackage it. So I'm looking at this. Like, it doesn't matter if it's Trump DeSantis it doesn't matter if it's Pee Wee Herman it doesn't matter. You just need to be able to get more votes. And that has nothing to do with because people hate Democrats are gonna vote for Republicans. Democrats will vote Democrat, independents, whatever. It's all about collecting votes. It's all about harvesting the votes. That's it. That's all it matters. It doesn't matter anymore. Who's the right candidate? We showed that across the damn country. Look at his winning, it's not the best candidates. It's who the Democrats harvest votes for. They figured they literally created the game during 2020 and they executed it's going to take The whole election cycle for these fossil dumbass Republicans figured out? How do we fix it? Harvest ballots? I mean, all we could do so on a state level, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, all states with very clear voter ID laws very clear anti ballot harvesting laws and guess what? Those states all went Republican right? Ah, Florida fair voting, they fix the system. The states that have like Arizona like Oregon, like California that have the mail in voting and the opportunity to commit, I'm not gonna say fraud have the opportunity to gather votes for votes that would have not been gathered and curing ballots and all this stuff. Dude, we're not going to fix the blue states because it would take them literally killing the system that got them elected. And literally in Arizona, you had Katie Hobbs in charge of counting votes in the most corrupt county house in the country for county votes. That's a conflict of interest. So so the only thing you could do, if you can't beat them, join them. It's not cheating. If everybody does it, like everybody's like, Oh, in the 90s, the homerun records don't count because they were on steroids. Everybody was on steroids in the 90s. It was illegal. So it's the same thing. Like it's legal. It's within the realm of legality. So if the Republicans ever want to win again, they have to play that game period. They need to put drop boxes at churches, at gun stores, at at anywhere that there's a large concentration of Republicans.

Brian Nichols  16:37  
We talked about so yesterday I had maj tour in the show. You're talking about great guy. Yeah. And talked about building a cultural liberty. Right. And I know that there's a big movement to reach folks who just haven't been involved in the political process in the past, yet, I guess we look at the Republican Party. What is the GOP culture? It doesn't have a culture or is it just standing against the left?

Marc Lobliner  17:06  
There's two. So there's the establishment GOP, which does not care about majority or minority. They just want their power and their piece of the pie. They want some of that laundered money from Ukraine. I said it. I mean, that's McConnell.

Brian Nichols  17:22  
You know, we didn't really talk about the FTX thing really quick. He is explain how that all took place.

Marc Lobliner  17:28  
Well, FTX, from what from my understanding was a crypto kind of holding kind of fund. And they literally just lost $11 billion. Like, it's such a weird situation where a lot of people will go belly up. But the guy who runs it donated literally hundreds of millions of dollars to the Democrat party. So FTX became a funding arm of the Democrat Party plus FTX was also involved with Ukraine. We have sent literally more money this year to the Ukraine than Russia's entire military budget.

Brian Nichols  18:09  
Now, wait, isn't the rumor also true that the Ukraine was also investing in FTX? Yes,

Marc Lobliner  18:17  
that's what I read. And I'm not an expert on this. I read up on it this morning. At the end of the day, man it's so you're you're obviously liberties in your your you're obviously a constitutionalist, constructionist, like I am. The government was not meant to have career politicians. It was meant to have people come in, serve their time and then go back to making shit happen. It was meant to have the best of the best in the private sector. And unfortunately, instead, we got the worst of the worst career politicians who go into politics because how do you explain Joe Biden being worth hundreds of millions of dollars after making 200 grand a year for his entire life and Senate? 200 grand a year is good money. But it's not fuck you money? No, Mike, you know, I make good money. But I make more than much more than Joe Biden made and he has much more shit than I do. So I know, he's like, two times my age, which is sad, because I'm 42 Next week, but the fact the President is almost double my age, and I'm not by any means young. That's scary. But yeah, I mean, dude, these guys are on the take. They're all on the take. And you have some fighters. You got Marjorie Taylor Greene, you got Rand Paul, you got Thomas Massie. And they're, they're the only hope we have are candidates like that. Now you got I believe that JD Vance guy in Ohio is promising to hear and unfortunately, or fortunately, a lot of them are America first. Now you asked about which candidate which which what is the GOP? There's two factions. There's the one I just described the establishment who just wants their piece of the pie. And then there's America first. Now I don't know where Trump stands on it. I don't care. But it seems like the America First People are the one Throw the flag. Marjorie Taylor Greene was screaming all day about getting some accountability for Ukraine. Rand Paul put a bill that was, by the way, squashed by both Republicans and Democrat to audit the money that's gone to the Ukraine. Here's my question. Why is everybody there all for hiring 87,000 IRS agents to audit individuals, yet nobody wants to audit elections. And nobody wants to audit the Ukraine. How come they're auditing a guy who makes 70 grand a year just scraping by to put his family put food on their table? yet? I want to audit $91 billion. Go into a country I don't give a fuck about I care about people. I care that people are healthy and safe. But honestly, like, why don't we worry about our fentanyl overdoses over here? Why don't we worry about the dozens of young black children senselessly murdered in Chicago every fucking week? No. Instead, we're sending it some fucking white people in Ukraine. It's racist as fuck. Why don't we care about black and brown people who die in the streets? Hmm. It's just like the old adage, man, you get a white kid kidnapped back in the 90s that was on every news channel. You never saw hunt for a play. You said black kids don't get kidnapped. No better optics they're helping these oh, these poor beautiful fucking only fans girl in the Ukraine. Now they are hot. And I just want to make this offer publicly. Any in need hot only fans, girls in Ukraine, I will let you have. You know, I'll let you have a house. I'll give you amnesty. Come live at my house I've just played. But I mean, these chicks are ridiculously hot by Ukrainian chicks and Russian chicks. They're hot. And that's why I think that's why I'm conflicted. Like I think we need to figure out if Russia or Ukraine has hotter chicks. Once you figure that out, we figure out who we're gonna back.

Brian Nichols  21:50  
This feels dangerously close to Robert California at the end of the office. Going out and teaching the illiterate was illiterate Eastern European gymnastic women, who they are just they are in need of such coaching.

Marc Lobliner  22:09  
about altruism. It's what I do,

Brian Nichols  22:13  
Mark, we could go on and on man. But unfortunately, we're already hard pressed for time. So here's what I want to do. I want first and foremost to give folks a chance to continue the conversation with you. You're a great follow over on Twitter as I see you have your Twitter handle there at Mark Loeb liner, but you also have a lot of stuff you're doing over at Tiger fitness. I know you also have a new workout program. I think I saw that you just launched as well a new new ebook.

Marc Lobliner  22:34  
So I don't charge for books I charge for tangible goods. So it's powerlifting for bodybuilders. It's a bit of an advanced program. I've less advanced programs. I've I've written so many free books. It's I love doing it. It's how I kind of decompress and put my thoughts on paper. I like writing things. So that's that tiger We also I think now's a good time. We have a huge Black Friday sale coming up obviously. Black Friday, which can be really dope. It's our biggest sale of the year. Obviously it's everybody's biggest sale of the year. And yeah, Tiger We got the outright bar we get a lot of cool stuff. And what do I have here and this is a great if you have trouble losing weight, there's a great appetite suppressant called no morbidity. So we have that that's my other brand ambrosia so we got it going on if I offended anybody, I'm not apologizing.

Brian Nichols  23:22  
Mark That's why we love to have you in the show you'll your mind. And folks if you enjoy today's episode you enjoyed hearing Mark speak his mind will do me a favor. First of all, please go ahead and give today's episode a share. When you do please tell yours truly at the Nichols Liberty give mark a tag at Mark Loeb liner and also, we'll make sure I know 90% of you are joining us here on the audio version of the show. Hello. But if you are joining us there and you're driving, working out whatever it may be, no worries, just go to your show notes. Click the artwork, it'll bring you over to the Brian Nichols where you can find today's episode the entire transcript from today's episode plus all of the affirmation Show Notes plus the link to Tiger fitness and their black friday specials which I am definitely taking part in getting my protein powder and creatine is low. Absolutely. And then beyond that, folks, if you did not get the chance I know I mentioned the episode earlier we had mark or we had Marsh Tory rather on the program yesterday.

Marc Lobliner  24:16  
He's an ambrosia guy to say guys Yeah,

Brian Nichols  24:19  
there you go. Yeah.

Marc Lobliner  24:21  
We we sponsor and send bars and everything to black guns matter.

Brian Nichols  24:25  
Awesome. Yeah. So so we talked about building a culture of liberty black guns matter. And by the way, I'll make sure I even make it easy for you to find if you're looking for that video. You're like where they can find it right here below. And by the way, we're on YouTube rumble Odyssey so wherever it is, you're watching the show. Do me a favor, hit that subscribe button and little notification bell. Alright, Mark, final thoughts for the audience. What do you got for us?

Marc Lobliner  24:47  
Oh, man, be optimistic. You know, it's I think we're in a very good spot. Whether you're Republican or Democrat. I don't think anybody can make the argument that it's better to have complete control. All by one party so I like the fact that at least it's somewhat balanced to control some of the stupid ideas coming forth by either party. But unfortunately both of them like dumping money into Ukraine so we're kind of screwed there guys.

Brian Nichols  25:12  
My final thoughts folks shows like this unfortunately they are mostly a labor of love so if you enjoy stuff like this every single weekend in here at the show we're doing five episodes a week module that Monday through Friday, so you guys get some value. That's right. Please do us a favor support the program. There's couple of ways you can do that. Number one, head the Brian Nichols forward slash shop we have a lot of new merch including our magic money tree shirt, and that's right the magic money tree their magical unicorn and leprechauns grab that plus are what happened in 1971 shirt. Now that's what I call tyranny, Klaus Schwab shirt and more over at Brian Nichols forward slash shop and use code TBS at checkout for a discount applied to your order. As one way number two hit the Brian Nichols forward slash support, make a one time donation or become a returning and recurring as a supporter of the show. $5 a month, whatever you can do. Everything goes right back here into the program, folks, thank you for joining us. We had a great week of guests. And with that being said, if Brian Nichols signing off, you're on The Brian Nichols Show for Mark Loeb liner. We'll see you next week.

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