Dec. 1, 2022

634: How Can Libertarians can Take on the Duopoly (and Win) using Guerrilla Politics!?

634:  How Can Libertarians can Take on the Duopoly (and Win) using Guerrilla Politics!?

Libertarians are underdogs. The game is rigged against us. The Republican/Democrat duopoly colluded to effectively prevent any 3rd party from winning. So what should we do? Is it hopeless? Should we just give up?

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On today's episode, I'm going back to 2020 with a conversation with Curt (Libertarian) from Checkmate the State to discuss his awesome article over on Substack, "How Libertarians can Take on the Duopoly and Win".

Curt's article breaks down why libertarians need to take advantage of the current political climate and how they can do it. He also talks about how important it is for libertarians to get involved in the political process, even if they don't want to vote or run for office themselves.

I really enjoyed this conversation and I think you will too!

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