Jan. 2, 2023

650: 3 Tips for Effectively Communicating Libertarian Ideas to Mainstream Audiences

Connecting with Mainstream Audiences: Strategies for Sharing Libertarian Ideas

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As libertarians, we often face challenges when it comes to communicating our ideas to traditional or mainstream audiences. 

It can be difficult to convince others to consider our positions, especially when they seem to go against the status quo. 

But it doesn't have to be this way! With a little help, we can effectively connect with others and reach a wider audience. 

In this video, we'll be sharing some tips on how to effectively communicate libertarian ideas to mainstream audiences. Tune in to learn more!

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Brian Nichols  0:00  
Do libertarians have trouble reaching out to more traditional audiences? As if I even need to ask that question. But yeah, let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Wow, happy Monday. And happy new year there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us. I am as always your humble host. Joining you live from our Stratus ip Studios here in lovely, lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or outdated Business Technology put your company at risk. Learn more at the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash Stratus ip Oh, and before we get started, by the way, if you are interested, folks in becoming a studio sponsor here at The Brian Nichols Show, well email me we are accepting new applications here for our studio sponsorships starting off in 2023. If you want to hear your name right at the beginning of every episode of The Brian Nichols Show to reach Yes, the 10s of 1000s of folks who listen to our program each and every month, email me Brian at Brian Nichols show.com with the subject line studio sponsorship. And with that, I will go ahead and get back to you. But let's go ahead and talk. Well, actually, before we talk to the question at hand. First of all, I'm sorry, apologies to all of you in the audience, my bad, and also the bad of mother nature because I had intended entirely on doing a bunch of episodes for you guys over the holiday break. I even joked that I was not going to be like the other shows not doing a holiday break episode or doing a best of. So here's what happened. Yeah, I'm sure you all got hit with a deep freeze. But I also with my travels got hit with crazy crazy snow storms amongst them. I had to leave early for my original leaving of Indiana to go visit family and then also got hit with lake effect snow and also visiting my family in Northern New York. So schedules all got out of whack but how that impacted me in the delivery of the show. Well, originally, I had intended to record a bunch of shows beforehand and then bring the recording equipment to do some other recording afterwards was on the road. But alas, did not have the time to do the original recordings here in studio was on the road early. And then Oh, whoops Yeah, in the chaos of trying to pack early entirely forgot my mobile studio equipment. So Alas, no ability to do some recording. So I sincerely apologize. But it will admit, got a lot of things done behind the scenes got to hang out with family and friends, which was amazing. Got to recharge some batteries. Also, a new ebook done, which I'm so excited about. Because that was on my goals for 2023. Or at least heading into 2023 was to get my new ebook done. And I did, it's all ready to roll. And I'm so excited to talk about that. We're gonna talk about that at the end of the show today. But yes, with that being said, we're starting off here 2023 with a bang, and we're discussing how we libertarians have problems talking to you normies out there and I say normies truly with some love in my heart because I too, was a Normie at one point. As a matter of fact, I think all of us were normies at one point. So if you find yourself in the Normie camp Well, this episode today is particularly for you and to start things off. Yes, happy new year. With each new year comes new challenges. And one of those challenges that we libertarians face when trying to communicate our ideas is the difficulty in connecting with yes, those more traditional, dare I say Normie folks out there now, Libertarians we are easy targets for criticism, especially because we often advocate positions that seem at odds with the status quo, which when we talk about here on The Brian Nichols Show sales as a means to help get libertarian ideas into action, we always talk about one of our biggest competitors. And that is not changing the status quo not embracing the idea of doing something different. And this can make it very difficult for we libertarians to convince people that our ideas are in fact worth considering. But here's the thing, it doesn't need to be this way. We just need a little help in connecting with individuals on their playing field. Some may even say to meet them where they're at on the issues they care about. So in order to reach a wider audience and to communicate our ideas more effectively. Here are three very helpful tips number one reframe narratives regarding common misconceptions about libertarianism. So we talked about this all the time you're in the show, stay with me instead of responding to narratives start setting narrative so instead of responding To narratives, we need to start setting the narrative by reframing the common misconceptions that folks have about libertarianism. So for example, instead of responding to narratives that portray libertarians as heartless corporate shills who want to cut Social Security and Medicare, we should instead focus on our efforts and telling stories about government intervention actually causing suffering in the first place and how it prevents us from addressing the real problems at hand. Number two, emphasize on shared values and shared interests. Many people out there who may not consider themselves quote unquote, libertarian actually hold values like individual freedom, personal responsibility and self determination. Communicating these shared interests can help build bridges between our libertarian community and yes, these more mainstream Normie audiences, and ultimately, it will help us win allies for liberty. And don't underestimate the importance of building authentic relationships. In our hyper connected world, we often forget that it's still important to make real genuine connections with people because we are all human beings. And when you take your time to genuinely connect with people on a personal level, they'll be more likely to listen to you and share your ideas in the future. And now a word from our sponsors in the world of wine there are so many choices and that's why blood of tyrants wine has tyrants losing their heads whether you're looking for a new go to that home, or watching the press your friends at a party, a lot of times wine has you covered and if you're trying to get rid of some pesky parents in your life, well, we've got that covered too, and the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash wine and get $5 off your order. One more time, Brian Nichols show.com forward slash wine freemen don't ask permission. So take a sip, you'll be glad you did. Number three, leverage the power of storytelling, people often find stories to be more effective than less and facts when trying to figure out brand new ideas or concepts. So instead of ranting and raving about your beliefs and your ideas, find a way to use storytelling to make your ideas as accessible and relatable as possible. And even if you're not a natural storyteller, there are many creative ways to share stories that help people understand your important concepts. Consider sharing personal anecdotes or stories about how libertarian ideas have helped you or people you know, in your own life. And use humor and satire to make your points more accessible since these tend to help engage people's emotions in a way that just simple facts, logic and reason alone do not effectively communicating libertarian ideas to mainstream audiences. Yeah, it can be challenging, but it is entirely worth the effort. If you can find a way to make our ideas more accessible, then people are going to be more likely to embrace and understand them, and then share them with others. And by resetting these narratives that address common misconceptions, emphasizing our shared shared values and interests and leveraging the power of effective storytelling, we can communicate our ideas to reach a wider audience, Libertarians guys, we have a unique opportunity to reshape the political conversation in this country. Today. While many Americans are frustrated with politics as usual, they're not necessarily drawn to one or two of the major political parties, meaning that as we begin this new year, and look ahead to 2023 and beyond, there is no better time than now for yes, the third party libertarians to get involved specifically in local politics and share their vision of freedom. And with everyone they meet. Now, I conclude that quick overview with where we can do better. And I emphasize the importance of local politics, which leads me to drumroll. I know Clark Griswold there. Yes, we have a brand new free eBook I'm so excited to bring to you guys it is how to win your local election.

It is I think, 16 pages of actionable, very useful steps that you can take whether you are running for local office, you're considering running for local office, or you already are in local office, and you're running for reelection, and you want to up your campaign, because maybe you have a new competitor that has entered the race. Maybe you need to go ahead and better communicate with your voters. This book is going to this ebook is going to go through and map out exactly what you need to do from beginning to Election Day and actually winning Yes, that's the focus winning your election. Now usually, these types of resources would costs 10s of 1000s of dollars by picking the brains of particular consultants and I said, You can't do that for a local candidate. It's local candidates just don't have the means. So I say you know what we're gonna do, we're gonna go ahead and compile all this into this ebook to start things off as a free Yes, free fr e that means free and spells free ebook and a free resource for you, it's gonna go on the free credit report.com theme song, by the way, for those of you who are playing long in the home game, but anyways, yes, this free resource for local candidates, it's there from start to finish to help you guys get your campaigns in action. How do you effectively communicate a message with your voters? How do you do fundraising? How do you build a campaign team, all of that is focused and addressed in this free ebook. And it'll be launching here at the end of the week, January 6. So if you are interested, the ebook goes live on Friday, and this is going to be available for anyone is a free resource. Please go ahead. If you know of anybody who could get some value from this, please share the word. But between now and then yeah, we're going to be getting all the anticipation and the buzz built up. And also you can this is gonna be the required text, if you will. Yeah, my very much expensive required text for what we're going to be using as a quote unquote, course material, if you will, for our candidate school 101, taking place over on our Patreon Candidate School 101, you can head over there 995 a month for you local candidates. Again, we're taking everything we're doing in the eBook times like 100. We're having candidates on the show who have won their elections, talk about what they've done that was successful. We're having candidates who have lost their elections, what would they have done better? We're having campaign consultants, we're having strategist you name it across the board. Join us for roundtable conversations. We're also going to be doing conversations a roundtable with yours truly strategy sessions and more. But we Yes, we're going to be using this ebook as a reference point for all the candidates who join us over on our candidate school as well. So this is interesting to you, and you want to go ahead and get early access to the ebook. Well, here's what you're gonna go go ahead and do, you can sign up for candidate school right now, over on our Patreon, which you can do for 995 a month, I will send you the ebook immediately after you sign up. But also you will go ahead and you will get yours truly reaching out to you. We're gonna start going through finding what are the main things you're having trouble with or things you want help with things you're maybe curious about things you've been wanting to bounce some ideas off of. And then I'm going to go through when we do our roundtable conversations have those mapped out. So please, classes open, we are starting things off your first roundtable conversation is January 14. So if you want to be a part of that conversation, for January 14, gotta sign up here, quick. And again, we're gonna be sending over that ebook between now and Friday for you new subscribers, but then for everybody else you're gonna get there on Friday, but we will be discussing some of the chapters there over on January 14. So again, Brian Nichols show.com. Forward slash Candidate School is where you can go ahead and sign up for candidates go right now and get the free ebook between now and Friday. Otherwise, folks, that's all I really had for you. If you know where to find me by now, I hope. If not, it's at B Nichols. Liberty, Twitter, Facebook, wherever you is, wherever you is. Wow, did I just really embrace going up to Northern New York there? I guess. We got to get back to speaking English. Anyways, yes, no, I'm very, very excited to have this new ebook here going out. So if you do end up signing up, please let me know at BU Nichols liberty. They're over on social media. And also email me Brian at Brian Nichols. show.com. And by the way, yeah, we had a lot of folks who were interested in our swag over at The Brian Nichols Show. I know a lot of folks missed the the deadline there for the Christmas delivery. But no worries. No, a lot of folks are still getting orders delivered here. For the belated Christmas present. That's the New Year's present. Why not? But if you missed the holiday festivities, you didn't maybe get what you wanted in your stocking? Well, no worries, head over to the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash shop and you can get all sorts of liberty goodies, whether it's T shirts, backpacks, you can get yard signs, snap backs like I have here I have our good ideas don't require force snap back. So whatever it is that you are looking for, in terms of being able to embrace your liberty identity, it's over at Brian Nichols show.com forward slash shop and by the way, have you considered supporting the show? If not, we'll please head to the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash support where you can sign up to become an audience insider it's $1.99 a month I mean goodness come on guy that's that's like less than a cup of coffee not even a cup of coffee right? Yeah, coffee is like four bucks a coffee now because inflation I'm my prices are stagnant. They're not going to go anywhere because I'm not going to do that to you guys. I appreciate your support. And I'm not going to hit you with the inflation tax because yeah, just tax in general. Taxation is theft. We know that but I'll also go ahead and include if you do sign up to become an audience insider, I will send you a choice of your favorite bumper sticker available over at The Brian Nichols Show, shop. You know, we have our question everything. Our good ideas don't require a force. There's so many other bumper stickers there over on the website. I'll make sure if you do sign up as an audience insider, I'll send you a list of the ones you can pick. So just go ahead if you are interested in supporting the show and getting a free bumper sticker, please head over to the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash support or check us to give us a one time Pay Pal donation, you can do that as well. But otherwise, that's all I had for you. Thank you for joining us here on today's episode. And yes, again, happy New Year. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Have a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, a fantastic holiday season. Just toss in whatever holiday you were celebrating, and of course, a happy and safe New Year. I hope none of you were drunk drunk driving, drink driving was I drink driving now I don't drink anymore. Thank God because I probably would have been drink driving. So with that being said, thank you for joining us and yeah, no drunk driving that stuff kills way too many good people, so Be smart. Be safe. Thank you for joining us on today's episode. That being said, Brian Nichols signing

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Brian Nichols  16:33  
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