Jan. 27, 2023

669: The Power of Questioning the Status Quo - The Liberty Movement's Secret Weapon

Golden Showers Sunday Stream w/@FMUniverse84 & @GoldShowers_hex - The Salesperson's Guide to Selling Freedom"

Are you ready to make a real impact in your community by helping "sell" the liberty movement? Tune in to our latest episode, where Brian Nichols plays the role of guest/salesperson for the Liberty movement, joining Forrest Mommy and Hex on their "Golden Showers Sunday Stream", where Brian went on to discuss the importance of authenticity in selling the idea of freedom and individual rights. 

Discover how building a culture of liberty starts with getting people to question their current status quo and the importance of planting the seeds of this idea for long-term success. Don't miss this thought-provoking conversation and learn how to be a catalyst for change. 

And for those interested in running for local office, Brian offers valuable insights in his ebook "How to Win Your Local Elections" and a one-on-one candidate school program. Listen now and start taking action in your community today!

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Brian Nichols  0:00  
Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Forrest Mommy  1:27  
Hello Hello, everyone. Welcome to a golden shower Sunday stream we are back after our YouTube strike. We had a one week timeout for being very bad little boys and girls. Apparently, I am joined here as always with my co host hex who's an angel. You look like an angel with the light behind you. At least I can see you this time. What is that?

Unknown Speaker  1:55  
I'm unlock now.

Forrest Mommy  1:58  
And our guest today is Brian Nichols. So thanks, Brian, for coming on. We've never I don't think we've ever talked on a podcast before but I know

Brian Nichols  2:06  
you just Twitter chat. Yeah.

Forrest Mommy  2:09  
I feel like you're down with the craziness of forests. Mommy never said anything. Yeah,

Brian Nichols  2:15  
I mean, hey, whatever works, right?

Forrest Mommy  2:18  
We're all just trying to make our way this world. Right? So I don't know brand new. I'm just like, give a little introduction of yourself for everybody.

Brian Nichols  2:26  
Sure. Thanks. So I guess who am I I like to think of myself kind of like the sales guy for the liberty movement. My approach is we got to stop arguing about politics. So how do we effectively communicate our ideas? So I'm a sales guy by trade, I work in the greater cybersecurity telecommunications world and led sales teams, you know, help companies go from zero to a couple of million dollars overnight. And my main goal was to say, how can we do this with the liberty movement. And I think the main thing we can do is meet people where they're at on the issues they care about, and stop arguing and start talking to people like people. So what my show is entirely focused on is meeting people where they're at on those issues they care about. And what we do is have folks on the show who talk about not just specific issues and solutions they're bringing to the table, but also go through what I have found to help build sales teams and I use in my day job for successful sales and marketing techniques that we can use right here in the liberty movement. So yeah, doing that, and then also helping local candidates. That's been my new venture, doing a new ebook, How To Win your local elections. So working a lot with local candidates from city council races to Mayor races in between that a lot of fun.

Forrest Mommy  3:33  
That's exciting. We actually won a mare race here in Colorado.

Brian Nichols  3:37  
I think I heard about that, but I didn't get too many details about it. Phil me.

Forrest Mommy  3:41  
His name's Aaron lamb he is Mises caucus, but it was like, it's kind of I don't know, if you go over this, we can talk about we go over your book. But basically, right now we're just focusing on these little townships because sometimes you only need like 200 votes or whatever. And so that's basically he just talked to a handful of people and he went and so now he's like going to we're going to try and make it a little like liberal it's a little it's like 30 minutes outside of Denver. It's a little small community that's like the towns this than it's like unincorporated around it, you know? Yeah, he's he's kicking butt and having fun with it. And like trade, you know, right before he got on the town manager had like, given herself a raise, because she knew she was gonna get it. You know, all that you find out about like small town cities. Hilarious.

Brian Nichols  4:24  
Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, I'm from a small town, originally myself up in Northern New York, and I moved to Philadelphia back in 2017. And going from like, you know, like big fish small pond to like small fish and ginormous ocean was really a big change for me, but to see how even still, even though it was like the political machine, it was just it was on a scale different. That was the only real difference, the corruption, the gross SNESs the backroom deals, it's all there. It's just in a bigger scale. So when I moved from Philadelphia to Eastern Indiana here At the beginning of last year, it was so refreshing to get out of that big environment. But now getting into an environment again, where I feel we can make some real change. And that's the thing I really did not like about living in a blue city, or just a big city in general, for that matter, you know, blue or red be darn, it's that like, Your vote is so much more watered down in those areas, especially when you know, what's Philadelphia, like 90% Democrat or some nonsense like that. So who am I not only to try and make a change, but beyond the political means going through and trying to impact the culture, like, you want to talk about groupthink Central, I mean, I'm driving down the Ben Franklin Boulevard, and which for those of you who are out there in Philadelphia, that's right before the art museum, right. And I'm in my car, and I look to my left, and I see somebody sitting in their car with a mask on by themselves. I look outside my to my right, I see people walking outside wearing double masks, and I'm just like, what are we doing? Where is this collective bullshit coming from, and I just didn't, I didn't want to be in a situation where not only was I not on board with like this just weird mass propaganda, but also that like people around me didn't actively hate me for not toeing the line. So getting into an area where people share not just similar political ideas, but also similar, like vision of goals and long term values, I think that's important for us as we're moving forward is to like go towards those communities, where we can not only make a real impact, but where people are already open to our message, stop trying to fit the square peg to the round hole, you know, like, we have to stop trying to make people who are not our target market, try to fit them into our target market, because they're just never going to fit. They're never going to align, and we're wasting our time, energy and resources when we're going after him. Yeah,

Forrest Mommy  6:46  
I totally agree. And I like how you touched on a little bit of the culture stuff, too. There is like, there's it's funny because I'm a real estate broker, but I'm not salesy at all. I do know, I'm not like that. I know all this stuff, but I'm just not that kind of person. Right. But like, if you talk to me about liberty, I mean, freedom, obviously, I can sell that like crazy. And it'd be I want to read your ebook. And for sure, just to like, kind of get that little like, because obviously, you know, me just being a little wild. It's funny, because people like kind of get it. Like, you know, like a lot. I can't believe I got to build a following all I was doing was being a little crazy. And just saying what I felt, you know what I mean? Like,

Brian Nichols  7:22  
that's, people want authenticity. Right? So this is actually my second ebook. My first ebook was how to sell liberty. It's called sell liberty, how to sell liberty to friends and family and for easy steps. And in that ebook, we literally like outlined, how do you go to someone in your immediate circle and just start a conversation without it being that weird, like, Hey, you want to talk about politics, and like, nobody wants to talk about politics. But when you can enter into the conversations that people are already having, it just feels natural, especially when you do it in an authentic way. So if you come in with an agenda, people are going to know, but if you come in just having a conversation, and then that political thing comes up in a roundabout way. And this is the value of what we have in the liberty movement is that we're helping people see things for the first time. And once you see something, you can't unsee it right. So I almost feel like we have a responsibility to go out of our way. And to have these conversations with people but not to force feed our issues and our our beliefs down their throat, but rather to help plant those seeds. And I know like a lot of folks are like, Brian, I'm tired of it. Like we need, we can't keep planting seeds, like we gotta get going now. And I hear you. But if our goal is long, like long term success, we have to build a true culture of liberty. And it starts with getting people to at least question their status quo. Much like in sales, right? Our biggest competitor isn't our competition out there in the market. It's not our self in the mirror. It's when we're talking to our prospects. It's them making no decision. It's the indecision it's the paralysis by the analysis. It's the fear of getting hurt, right? The fear the uncertainty, the doubt that they lay around and making a switch. The same thing is true. And we're talking to potential voters or people who are at least interested in switching up the way they've been approaching politics approaching how we as a society function, let's have conversations with those folks who are already open to that conversation and make it more authentic make it more real because they're already ready to have that conversation as it is.

Forrest Mommy  9:24  
I totally agree. Let me get a shout out to everyone in the chat real quick. We got Alice big hands Nina steak. Anna ADA Dubs. My friend Nina, she's out here in Colorado She just said she wants to start busting in the city council school board meetings and shit. That's what has to happen. So that's like even so I like I wasn't involved necessary with the party before COVID and all that I was definitely anti government but like, I started feeling like okay, I got to try and do something. Well, the political process work I've said this many times everyone because I was a Gu you're just trying to be seen You just do and Google it's not. And I'm like, okay, that's fine. But I feel like I have to put energy towards it right? Like, I have this energy to push, or I'm doing other strategies to everyone should be doing multiple fucking things, right? But like, I'm gonna put energy towards this. And it's just so interesting how like, I went to a thing the other night and a lady already wants me to come speak at one of her things and like, you know, just like the way you can sell like, if you're just you'd like you said, Don't come in with an agenda. Like, it's just, it's really attractive to people other online, I would say on my Instagram over the last two years, I definitely got, I definitely pushed a lot of people away, but planted the seeds and other people. And I have people who are like, I watched your life like people who were friends from high school watching my live streams now and let you know, like saying they want to help the help and do this and that. And I'm like, inviting them to all the Liberty, Liberty kind of parties and stuff. And it just, it is like a culture thing for sure. Like, yeah,

Brian Nichols  10:48  
one of the coolest things I get is when I have friends of mine, who they'll text me they'll say Bri check this, and they'll send a screenshot. And it's like one of their friends from their circle completely, like out of my world, sharing something from my Show page. And that right there is the cool thing I get to experience. And I'm sure we get to experience right. But something you also mentioned of the people that you push away, I don't think it's so you're pushing people away, I think what you're doing is you're helping find who your actual target market is and focusing on that. And that's a good thing we, we should not and we frankly, cannot be a one size fits all approach for everybody. It's just not who we are. And frankly, once we go down that road, what are we We're just like mush, where we stand for nothing. If we as soon as you stand for everything, you quite literally stand for nothing. It's from The Incredibles syndrome, the bad guy is like everybody's super, no one is same thing is true for us, we try to be super on every single issue for every single person. And the reality is, is that we just can't. So what I recommend, and what I've found success with when I'm coaching candidates is let's go towards the people who are already in are not necessarily in our target market right now. But they're in what we call a trigger event. They're open to change, they're considering things for the first time, in a different way. And I'm going to say right now, who are those folks? For us? I'm gonna say it's a lot of folks who have been disaffected by the political process, especially over the past 510 years, folks who are looking around and being like, we just let live through hell from the past three years. How did we get here? That's the person I want to talk to. Because they're already asking phenomenal questions versus the person who's like, now we know we need to vote blue no matter who, but maybe we agree on some social stuff, but like, okay, great. They're, they're going down a different rabbit hole, we can maybe have a conversation and build coalitions and focus on that issue. But they're not the person I'm spending my time, energy and effort towards to try to get on my team. I will work with you. But I'm not trying to get you to be on my team, nor am I going to be on your team. But let's like approach it in those kinds of two different ways. And we're going to have a lot more success.

Forrest Mommy  13:00  
Yes, like that. That lady who came up to me you could tell she's definitely been like GOP our life just kind of looking lady and she was like, the first thing she says me, she's like, We're done with, we're done with sides. We're done with left and right. And I was like, kill your ally, you know, and she's just like, that's like the group we really need to breed to like the liberty movement, especially as I've met so many ladies who are like older ladies, like boomers who you'd always think they're GOP. And they like they were some of them were helping out here at the GOP. And they saw the corruption out here and stuff like that. So it's like, oh, yeah, like, there's such a good energy right now. And there's so many people who are so disillusioned because people are here in Colorado, like, they don't understand how our governor won and stuff. And I'm like, Yeah, I mean, it could be absolutely corrupt or whatever. But like, everyone's like, how did he win? No one likes him things like this, you know, and so it's like, we can just start bringing those people over. And all I have to do like, it helps me and just like a blonde like basic bitch. Like, they love that shit, right. So it's like, I'm sneaking in that way, even though I was like, if they knew about my sparkler video, or whatever, but like, I'm like, half the time I pick it. nobody even cares. Even in the Liberty community on Twitter. All the super people were like, early like, like, just super like telling everyone what to do. Like they still follow me. Because all like, you know, people kind of get some people are just different, crazy. And that's how you get across to people.

Brian Nichols  14:22  
And frankly, and this is not trying to be combative, towards LP of yesteryear, because, frankly, I'm moving forward. But I think it is important for us to acknowledge where we have been so we don't accidentally go backwards. And what we had was, in the past, it was specifically a little fish and little pond syndrome. I mentioned that earlier. You know, I had to experience that when I physically move when you're talking about the Libertarian Party that what happened was you have all these little fish in this little pond, this political pond, and they would have these political positions that they would vote on, you know, internally and it would make them feel special. So all of a sudden you have like a little bit bigger fish. In that little pond still, and what threatened that system was when you had a couple of big fish, just jump into the pond, and then start saying like, hey, we can dig a trench over to that river over there, and really expand the size of our pond and actually join up with a lot more fish. And all sudden, all those little fish were like, oh, fuck, like, now we're gonna get like, completely overshadowed by these other fishes? Well, no, and they started to get defensive, right, they started to fight. And that's what we saw happened was, instead of bringing people in, we started having these purity tests. And it turned into much more of like this weird kind of social club mentality. And what I'm hoping we are going to be going forward towards is truly a political party. Right. And there's two different parts to a political party. The first part obviously, is winning the elections. But the second part is being able to get a voter base activated. And that doesn't happen overnight. Right? That's not just like, you snap your fingers, and your voters go out and vote. It's funny, I was actually just mentoring a candidate today. And he was saying, he's like, dude, 50% of our voters lash last election didn't show up? And I'm like, yeah, like, how do we how do we deal with that? Right? And we started talking through different issues in that world, how do we activate voters? Same thing is true in our world, how do we get people mobilize and keep them engaged? Right, what issues can we talk about, that people will carry through today, through the actual time to vote? And in between that? How do we keep them engaged with us, and that's the challenge I think a lot of candidates have to really start to grapple with, is that if, if you're going to be going through the old ways of doing things, right, like the relying on the corporate media to give you some attention, and this is for a lot of local candidates, because that's kind of the mentality, like, oh, we have to go through the local newspaper, we have to go through the local TV station. No, you don't, your social media, your YouTube, your you go through the tools at your disposal, and you can have so much more of an impact, what we're doing right now is reaching more folks than a lot of local news stations do. So just to think of the impact that we can have. I mean, Dave Smith's talking to hundreds of 1000s of people a month, on his show on his podcast, that's filling up like stadiums think about the impact of a stadiums worth of people and having one person standing there and everybody listening, and like actually paying attention to what's being said, and then to be able to take that with people, and then get them to go out and mobilize and make change. That's where we're gonna have a lot of success from the cultural side. He's getting the folks that are listening, that are paying attention, to actually get involved getting engaged. And that's where we come in, right? That's where what we're doing, and trying to get folks tied to the issues and show them the solutions and the pathways, and then get those those folks in positions where they can start feeling like they're making a difference. That's when we started like, it's like the hands on approach. I mean, I'm sure you do this right for us when you're going in showing houses like bring the people into the home like oh, man, isn't this a nice table like you love to the island right? It's made of made of marble or whatever, like get them to feel it and own that the House same thing is true with us when we get them involved and get them passionate about the stuff that we're accomplishing. They're gonna stick around they're gonna become our biggest cheerleaders just like you're trying to make the sale person is gonna be like honey buy the house. I love that the island Come on, same thing is true for us.

Forrest Mommy  18:16  
That's true. And then waking people up to local elections again, because everyone's been sleeping on it. And then everyone's like, holy shit, what happened when it happened here in Colorado, like, just got taken over? I want to go back real quick when you're talking about the old BRT if this should still happening here, even in Colorado, so like, you know, everyone's who comes now. Oh, they're an evil Republican. Like, why are we even talking about this? We have actual fucking enemies right now. Yeah, we have people out here going to our public radio station to talk about infighting stuff in the Libertarian Party. And I'm like, you had this? Boy, you went to talk to the public radio, and you talk about that when we have all this shit going on. And as a salesperson, if someone says something like this to you? Well, I make six figures. What do you hate? Anyone who says

Brian Nichols  19:02  
I hate you? Yeah, I, I'm not gonna listen to you.

Forrest Mommy  19:05  
Those are the people who are saying they should take them. You know, it's always the messaging fight, right? The people who want the machine Well, I make six figures doing messaging so I shouldn't and I'm like, you failed. You literally just failed at messaging. People are so dumb out here. Just we're getting there though. So

Brian Nichols  19:20  
this book can't sell won't sell. Steve Harrison wrote this book. I had him on my show recently. And the book is a goldmine because it talks about the politicization and polarization of the marketing industry. And and he takes the approach of we can't keep going into the culture war approach of marketing, because it's not speaking to our customers. And what you just said about, you know, oh, I make $100,000 a year doing messaging for a marketing agency. It's like, well, yeah, you're being you're being propped up by a left leaning organization that If they're talking to their, their, their shareholders, or I'm sorry, their stakeholders, the stakeholders, yeah stakeholders instead, their shareholders they care about the people that they that they're speaking to. And that mentality carries through a lot of folks here in our movement because on unfortunately, I was like, do I say this? Yes, I do. Unfortunately, a lot of folks in the Liberty, movement leadership of yesteryear were much more in favor, and you know, more buddy, buddy with the political left. And that's just the reality. So you saw a lot of that translate in the way that we approach things. And if we have folks in communications roles, who are like, Oh, I make six figures, because I know XY and Z, and I'm being paid by this fancy company, I'm gonna call bullshit. Because you don't have to do anything that actually makes your customers want to buy your product. You're, you're out there doing some, you know, bullshit story that's like, you know, there was there's two, you know, lesbian moms that had, you know, a transvestite child and like, that's the story they're going to tell in their marketing story, versus trying to show how their product or their service is going to help solve their customers problems. Like, that's what marketing used to be. And that's what works for customers, like customers want to know how your product can help them like, what's your service? What's it going to do for me? Everybody's tuned into that same radio station, wi I fm, what is in it for me? And if we don't acknowledge that, then people just ignore us. We're gonna be white noise and the same thing conveys with our messaging. So I know I went on a rant there but I digress. Oh, I

Forrest Mommy  21:34  
love it. I love the rants because it is like, like you're saying the left stuff with the party like everyone got so terrified being called a Republican or like people are literally more scared about being I'm like, Who gives a shit? Are you that easily peer pressure that you care about? What? Yeah, who gives a shit I've been called the only thing I will take issue with is if you call me ugly, then I'll you can call me like I've been called All right, all this shit. And I'm like, I'm not like, who cares if people call us that? If it's not true. You're worried about the left? We're calling you a Republican. Same thing out here. All these are just new Republicans. Well, and I'm like, No, we're like, it's just so stupid. How they're so stuck. Just it's sad to me. Because we're supposed to be about individuality. And these people are like, proving that they can't be individuals, like they just can't they have no ability to,

Brian Nichols  22:23  
you know, your your harbourside, right. There's my rant,

Forrest Mommy  22:27  
and it's talking about like, you know, we can't have like a big market, like, what's more niche then suck the fucking individual? Right? You know, like, that's, like, that's what's got to be focused on. Yep.

Brian Nichols  22:39  
Well, and that's frankly, why local like, to your point, right? Like the local approach to making change is so much more effective, even though it's not as sexy, right? And this is the same thing for fitness as it is to winning elections. Like I used to weigh 385 pounds, like, I was fat as fuck, and I was miserable to be tall too. I'm six, five, but like, I was, I was like morbidly obese. I mean, I like rolls on rolls. I had Manboobs. My nickname in high school was Brian nipples, like it was awful. And I decided when I was a junior, mainly because I was told by my doctor that like, listen, you're like, you're on your way to your deathbed. If you don't change, like you have to change the way you do things. And I was like, All right, like, it's like I do something. And of course, like the first thing like, how do I lose 180 pounds in two days, and like, you look up every possible shortcut and trick in the book. And of course, like, everything comes down to the reality of like, Stop putting as much food in your mouth daddy and get out and move more like, I had to do that. Right. So I would literally go out. And I would like what my parents had an old abandoned farm and stuff that they had had years ago. And we still had the old barns that were empty. So here I go out middle of February, I'm like, embarrassed to go to the gym. So I go to these barns walk up and down the middle of the barn back and forth, up and down the barn to just try to get some activity and I would like have to, like, you know, I go to a friend's birthday. Personally, Brian, you awesome cake. I'm like, sure I'll take the cake. And I'd be like your dog and look at the dogs and cake. But like, didn't want people to know, I was dieting and stuff. And then fast forward two years, and I dropped 190 pounds. And I realized like, Oh my god. It wasn't an overnight thing. But here I am two years later, looking back to where I was. And to see how much change when I was able to make those little changes in my life. The same thing is true. I know, this is a weird connection. But when you look at local politics, right? We see things in this weird context of like, the, you know, the federal government, the state politics, like all that stuff is more important. But when the reality is the little things that happen in our day to day that are most impacted by local government that we can actually impact that's where the real change is made. So when we go to our city council meetings and we pay attention to where's the money being spent, where's money being wasted right where you Go to your school board and you hear like, what are your kids actually being taught in school? And what what's the conversations that they're being told to have in school, like allowed to have it, they're being told and forced to have these conversations with teachers. So being involved there, and then being able to vote for folks who are going to make a real substantive change your vote there has so much more of an impact. But guess what it requires us to take the step and actually get interested in the thing that's not sexy, the thing that's gonna take some extra work, right, just like when I had to lose the weight, I couldn't do it over and I couldn't do the sexy pill that I saw online that would help me lose all my belly fat. And you know, six months, though, it happens over two years. And the same things can be true for us, when we get involved in local politics. Once we start making some changes, right, we like one person, suddenly, that one libertarian starts to really show folks in city council that, hey, I'm not some weird, crazy, lunatic anarchist person they are, but maybe they're out there making a real change in a difference. And people in the community see that and they really like it, all of a sudden, it's gonna inspire us to have more folks to run it, because people are gonna be looking for that it'd be demanding that they're gonna be craving it. So we start doing the changes. Now, we might not see overnight, but we will see it a year, two years, four years down the road. And we are we already are seeing some of the change, right now that we started when we were in 2020, and 2018, and 2016, those seeds that were planted are now starting to, to really grow. But truly, when we see what we're doing now, it's gonna be like 2024 that we see things really blow up. So I think it's on us now that really started, you know, putting the pedal to the metal.

Forrest Mommy  26:36  
Yes. And like, like you said, like, it's even the anarchist stuff. I think everyone got so focused on the federal stuff. And like, Yeah, that sucks have to get involved. It does suck to have to get involved and do all this work. I was just arguing with someone on Twitter this morning, who's a you want to House District out here in Colorado? Because he started talking about, you know, see, we need to limit to pay, you know, CEO, bad Corporation bad, but I'm a government employee, and I'm amazing and good. And so we're just trying to fucking explain that shit to her. And it's like, how did this person fucking get it out of this person? When she's like, Oh, well, you know, it's only for the you know, if we limit government pay, then the like, working man can't get it. And I'm like, Okay, first of all, I helped on the workingman campaigns around here and then I looked up her her we call it tracer out here, her campaign. She got like, almost $75,000 I'm like, no working in libertarian got anywhere. Got even above like, $5,000 you know what I mean? And she's out here talking that she's for the working class and all that. And it's just like, these are this is the stuff that has and she's paid by a pack. She's saying she's not I'm like, No, the super PACs got every other leftist hired out here. Like, there's these huge Super PACs that are funding them, they didn't even have to campaign, they just put YouTube videos out and TV, you know what I mean? Like it was just, they just are so confused, and so itself as local stuff that people have forgotten, because it's like, it's easy to not like and think about it, because you're like, well, we're not gonna win this the federal thing. So why even worry about it, but it's like, we need to start worrying about it, and people are waking up and people do want to get more involved. And there's a lot of I know that like white suburban woman is kind of a bad person, but they are also waking up to like there are a lot who will do PTO and have the time to do stuff. So it's just that that's hard to get people waking up is everyone just like throws you know, the baby with the bathwater, what everyone call it?

Brian Nichols  28:22  
And now a word from our sponsors. In the world of wine, there are so many choices and that's why blood of tyrants wine has tyrants losing their heads whether you're looking for a new go to at home or watching the press your friends at a party. A lot of times wine has you covered. And if you're trying to get rid of some SP parents in your life, well, we've got the cover to head the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash wine and get $5 off your order. One more time, Brian Nichols show.com. Forward slash wine freemen don't ask permission. So take a sip, you'll be glad you did. Yeah. And I don't know, you know, if it's ever going to be easy, right? I think everybody wants it to be easy, but it's never going to be easy. So I just think, you know, it's it's slow. It's like the tortoise and the hare, right? It's a slow, methodical approach towards the finish line, we will get there. And it just it will take time. But also, like, during that time, just make sure that you're going out and doing good. Like just just show people the path for like, Be the change you want in your community. And again, it starts with you, right, like, make the changes you wants to in your personal life, we can't go out. And I'm sorry, but there's so many folks in the liberty movement who try to promote them themselves in the movement. And they themselves are hot messes. It's like guys, we got it. We gotta like you know, you know, do some stuff in our own personal lives before we think we can go out and tell other people what to do to live their lives better. And people see that right? Like, you're not going to listen to fitness advice from you know, a guy who's 450 pounds and eating Cheetos, like that's just no, I'm sorry, I'm not going to pay attention to you. I don't believe you. I don't think you know what you're talking about. And maybe you're saying the right things, but still the credibility factor I just don't trust you. And the same thing is true for us. We're talking about your personal responsibility and and you know Uh, you know, we have to go out there live that life, you look at people who are saying that, and it's living in mom's basement, it's like, Oh, guys, yeah.

Forrest Mommy  30:09  
Then people know if people can tell if you're just talking to them and like, there are so many people out there who are taught other people how to live and they're they have the messiest lives the ever. And I understand that the psychological thing too, that humans do where they like, they can't control themselves. So you know, they're trying to control other people and stuff. Well, it's like it's a hobbyist what you're doing so yeah, the more people would just be like, freedom and live in it and not faking it. I don't know. We gotta get Hexam next year well, hex, you're not in Penn, he's close to Pennsylvania.

Unknown Speaker  30:42  
What's your in Indiana now? So you're still a neighbor?

Unknown Speaker  30:46  
Right next door.

Forrest Mommy  30:49  
Pennsylvania won a bunch of local stuff the last time didn't.

Brian Nichols  30:53  
Okay, so I think they did.

Forrest Mommy  30:56  
So you because even half these things, some of these so once he when the mayor I started looking at some of these other little towns up and down the front range of Colorado and like, there's even little like Election Commission positions again, and you know, just stuff that like, you don't have to get elected to so it's but you have to live in these little tiny like, little like, I have one house that's right outside of this township. I'm like, Ah, you know, like, we got to find people to like get in, um, but there's only like one house for sale ever. And it's kind of hard, but I think we could do it, hey, when I'm trying to just do more events and stuff and more people like, it's amazing. The power of Twitter and like social media, because there are people like contacting, like, I'll say, I'm doing a event, you know, and there's people I don't know who they are. And they're like, I'm common, because I'm sick of this shit, you know, and it's like libertarian, but it's just like, it's amazing that people will show up and they'll start talking, they're like, holy crap, I can just start talking about this stuff with these people. I'm not like that. This is how browbeating people have been there. Like they'll show up to an event and just start talking about whatever. And they're like, I feel so free.

Brian Nichols  31:57  
Yeah, yeah, well, and that's why it's so important to get involved in your community, too, right? Like, it's one thing to be involved in life. We all are online, and I get it. And like there is a role for that. But it cannot be understated, overstated, regardless of how getting involved in your community, and just getting to meet people locally, so invaluable when it comes to actually going forward and making like real, substantive relationships that will help foster change. Because we can't do this on an island, we need people to believe in us and to buy what we are selling in order to move this forward. So we do that by actually building relationships, networking with people. So if there are things that you're passionate about, or organizations or causes, groups that are out there that you can get involved with, do it, even if they don't necessarily align with your values, be the change, go there, start talking about things differently, get people start asking questions, and then start building relationships with those folks, because it's going to require us to have lots of people in our communities to be on board with this. And it, I mean, it's gonna be a different way of thinking, right, a different way of doing things. And the status quo is the easiest thing always to revert back to. So we have a lot of a lot of work, frankly, that it's ahead of us. And it's never going to be over. That's the other thing I want make sure people never forget is that when you feel like, Oh, we've won some elections. Yep. And you're gonna have to keep holding those elections now and keeping those seats and also, how do you grow the groups of folks that you're electing, so that the battle is never over. As a matter of fact, it will keep going, it's gonna get harder to because as we start winning, we're gonna become targets to the GOP and the Democratic Party, even more than we are now. So just be prepared for that. So there's a lot that's gonna be going into this, but if we stay together as a team, which I know, you know, it's libertarians, good, God, good luck. So we'll see.

Forrest Mommy  33:48  
Though, that's, that's very important about getting a vote. So like, when I became a broker, I was like, I'm not gonna call call people. And so it's like, what are the other things you can do? Right? And it's like volunteering. And so I'm kind of like the cliche, wife with, you know, with a broker's license and volunteers will I, which I love like, that was the life I wanted, right now. And I'm giving that back so much better for the world when I don't have to work back in 60 hours a week, I'm just gonna say like a much better asset. So I was volunteering a lot. And everyone's heard this story too. But like, right at COVID this or like, it was like, when the vaccine had rolled out this organization that I had been I had volunteered with for like six years. At that point. I was on the board of directors now. I don't any money, time, everything right? Well, they discriminated against me, and I wasn't allowed to the first part. Oh, nice, Paul, thank you. I wasn't allowed to the first in person meeting because I wasn't vaccinated. And I'm the youngest one. You know, it's all old people. It's ever and that's another thing. That's the point I come back to remind me to come back to that point. But but now it's funny because now I'm getting more involved in that community in the political way and like business owners who had helped that organization, you know, and now they're like, helping me do events and stuff and I had some people I met through that that know what happened and they're now they're like, they like to come to the Liberty Liberty stuff and that's okay. That's why we go back to the old stuff. I know volunteering is hard. No one's got time. No one's got money but like, people need to get the fucking ball because everybody's in a lot of organizations are old, not the Libertarian Party, Colorado, which is hilarious, because I'm like, the other organizations, we had to try so hard to get anyone young involved to do like next gen stuff, but like the LP Colorado, everyone's like, it's already next gen, but everything else. So the more people who can get involved in any of these kind of organizations, and like you said, Sorry, you just start talking about things differently. Like my thing was the Land Trust, which is its conservation easements, which is sadist and its government, right? But private landowners choose to put it on and if they sell the land, someone can choose to buy it or not, whatever. So it is what it is. But I remember I started talking about it in a more anarchist kind of way. And like they just, they didn't get it, right. Because they're like, though, because I'm like, in the end of the day, a conservation easement. Technically, a cop with a gun could show up and kill someone if they like gets to that point if someone's like doing something wrong, right? So it's like I say in that kind of stuff, but then they they were too far gone is there about the ESG. They're like, maybe it's in like frickin windy Whiteville, Colorado, the country actually, it's just getting more diverse out there. So but they're like, We need to make sure our board is diverse and blah, blah. And I'm like, do you understand forcing diversity is like, race. Like, they're just so bought into that already. So it was like it was kind of a blessing to get off of it. And now it's all coming around. And I got to tell this one business owner, I was like, yeah, man, they discriminate us, like, I knew they were up just crap. Like it was bad to like, get involved. So anyone get involved, if you can, that's the only way I remember getting involved with I started seeing Oh, like, and I could tell they are kind of grooming me a little bit to like, get me on the board and all that. And it's like, you really start getting involved. You started meeting people and like, you don't have to be the whole to rub elbows with everybody. And I know this guy, this guy. Like it's actually just nice to know those people and know who they are and know be able to say things to them, you know, and that's very important in my just like anything local, like go

Brian Nichols  37:02  
help people to like, just don't don't care when you're asking for things. Right? Like go out and, and help like in don't expect anything in return. Just bring value to to your community or to the organization and it will come back in so many unexpected positive ways. Just do good. Yeah,

Forrest Mommy  37:25  
simple. Yes, sign up Hexing and being the Libertarian Party now. Love it was tech good that you think every topic every time would come on? It's libertarian stuff. Everybody's on? It's everyone's little L libertarian at ways. So my opinion? Did you want to talk more about your book at AWS?

Brian Nichols  37:47  
Sure it is out. It's how to win your local elections. So I wrote this book, basically, as I was doing a lot more of just meeting with Liberty organizations across the board, whether they're nonprofits, whether they're, you know, LP organizations across the country. And the thing I was just hearing consistently was like, hey, you know, we know we can win on the ideas. It's just our local candidates are having trouble actually going out and reaching people directly, how do we, how can we help them? And one thing I started to think about was like, Well, you know, I've worked on campaigns in the past, I've seen what works. I've worked in the sales and in marketing industry, so like, I should be able to build something, you know, of sorts to help. And I started to walk through like, you know, one thing I wanted to do was build the ebook. But also, I wanted to build some structure afterwards. So this has kind of two parts. First is the eBook, 17 pages or so in literally from everything from building your campaign? Why are you running for office to fundraising, voter outreach, building your message, all that in between, all the way up until actually winning the election. So that's the ebook. And then we have to help bring all that into action. We have our candidate school. So over on my Patreon 995 a month, I'm working one on one with city council, Mayor races, school board, you name the local election, we have folks on there, and what we're doing is we're going through their campaigns, you're talking about their messaging, talking about what's working, what's not working, we're having candidates on the show who are not the show, but on the Patreon who they've won their elections talk about what did they do that was successful? We're having folks who've lost elections, learning from those campaigns, what do they do wrong? And where could they have done things better? So being able to have a true structured environment there and couple that with the the ebook, we're going to help some folks win some elections. And I think that right there, you know, the biggest barrier to entry for local candidates, when you're trying to get help is the cost usually consultant like 10s of 1000s of dollars for their services. And I'm like, we just can't do that. It's it's not realistic for local candidates. So I want to make sure we start off with a more cost effective option for folks out there especially in liberty movement to a just learned some of the basics. So yeah, that's that's more or less what we we have here and you can find the ebook. It's a special link, Brian Nichols show.com forward slash win local. But if you guys want, I can give you guys a special link as well you can do a forward slash golden showers and I'll bring you right to the ebook as well.

Forrest Mommy  40:17  
There you go. Oh, that's exciting. I'm just saying to like three because that's just that's the Firebird that's been lit under my butt. I'm definitely really good at recruiting right now. Like, that's like my they have like, I will be the face and how people get it. And like, that was so fun the other day too. Like, I'm not a good public speaker, I can do this. But I literally would rather stand naked in front of people and speak to him. Like, I hate speaking. And but I'm like, I know, I need to start doing it more. And then we went to we had this celebration thing out here. So I had to go out and kind of sell the LP a little bit like but and it worked. I got like one lady to get in, you know, invite us to stuff. So it's just is it it's trial and error. It's fun. It's I don't know, I don't know, just trying to inspire people and motivate people.

Brian Nichols  41:06  
Yeah, well, it starts with us just doing what we're doing. Right. Like, I know, one of the things I hear a lot, and I talk to a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs and stuff, and the thing I consistently hear is the fear of coming out politically, if that makes sense. Like they are afraid that that's going to alienate business. And to the contrary, I think, and I've seen this where people are more embracing their authentic self, and they speak their values, they ended up actually getting more people on board, because there's more people out there I think, aren't speaking that truth or their beliefs for the fear of the authorization, right. So just seeing someone be willing to speak what they believe and put their reputation and business behind it. It builds that relationship just instantly, because they're like, oh, this person actually says what I believe and they're willing to say it and I think that leads to a lot more success for the businesses. So that's my two cents. I've seen that at least. But no,

Forrest Mommy  42:14  
it's true. And that's quality. It's like the quality of your customers and everything goes up and the people they bring like the this brewery like they right away during the COVID stuff, you know, they started to do this bureaucracy out here. Well, you have us come if you pay for us to come inspect, expect your business, we'll let you have more people in there. You know, if you fall it was just like a total. It was so bullshit and had collect names. And you know, it was this whole thing. And there's a couple companies that stood up against it. And guess what, I will always give them my business I will always be there. Like it really does say like, even if people are it's just the dumbest thing that people can't see what the government does the businesses and then like how I went to a business before right before our second shutdown out here a restaurant in this lady was like, well, we don't know what the governor what the governor's gonna tell us to do next like and she wasn't like the way she said it was like, oh, all hail the governor, you know, any mean? And it was just like it should be. I don't understand how people were like, you know, and again, like not to go back to the old LP, but like, we had such an opportunity with religious people and businesses. We could have just fucking nailed it. Like, I'm not even religious and seeing my parents like, well, their church was pretty okay. But some of the people lost their community through their church community. These are like that's like the only people they see like it was so vile and the GOP didn't say shit about it. And then of course LP national than like do anything about it either. And it was just like we had such a big opportunity right there but

Brian Nichols  43:43  
that pissed you off X to sorry what? You said that that made you mad too that they dropped the ball?

Unknown Speaker  43:49  
Yeah, they LP 2020 election they dropped the ball and like your COVID shipped should have been like the main thing they attacked. But

Brian Nichols  43:58  
I was so mad that that that was like that was the number one thing for me and 2020 of why I said there had to be changed because it i just i We couldn't keep doing this literally and figuratively, like the LP had to stop. Like, what are we doing? Here's like an easy like, free throw Exactly. Like, hey, here's a world a world changing incident that literally gives you a chance to stand up quite literally on all of your values at once on a global stage. And they just silence you're like

Forrest Mommy  44:30  
maybe you should wear a mask and distance like that was literally the post they're making. You get

Brian Nichols  44:35  
like you should get vaccinated and maybe we should have a vaccine passports to help promote human liberty like what Cato what No.

Unknown Speaker  44:45  
Another thing that got on my nerves was in 2021. An article came out saying the Biden Biden administration was looking into X passports and a Smith he was like the main one like saying hey LP fight this. Yep. was saying that and then, like, the statement they came out with, it was like, we had a vote and we voted to say some dumb shit and it was like, okay, yeah, things are gonna change NLP because that's just

Brian Nichols  45:13  
because everybody loves reading some fucking mealy mouthed, like press release. That was like contrived with 17 people sitting around a table like how do we make this doesn't make people offended? Like no, be definitive, be bold, say what you fucking believe? And like, people will say, Yes, like, I agree. Not like, I need a lawyer to fucking decipher what this message is supposed to mean. That No, your average person, not only do they not have the time, and the emotional energy to like, have to spend to decipher this bullshit. They like they don't, they shouldn't have to write like we if we make them do that. Fuck us. Like we are doing a terrible job at our messaging efforts, if we're making people like have to bend over backwards to try to understand what we're saying.

Forrest Mommy  45:58  
Yeah. And that wasn't good. Once it got politicized. They were afraid to be lumped in with the right to be against the the stuff terrified. That's not like how can you say your libertarian like or any of that would like that literally yet? Oh, let me just say about the authorization. That's what I need to like. I'm trying to figure out how we can. This is like anti sales a little bit, but like to weaponize weaponize authorization because that's why it'll be stupid moms and shit are doing all this weird shit. It's because they're afraid to be ostracized, right? So I want to figure out how to ostracize and be like, Oh, you like my government? You know, like, we gotta be through this too, because it's such a powerful tool. Look what happened in 2020. Just because Facebook, people literally told people on Facebook, go make fun of people for watching YouTube videos and finding information and researching, go make fun of people who are researching what the hell happened.

Brian Nichols  46:54  
So I was on Tim cast back in March of last year. And one of the things that we talked about was the importance of setting narratives instead of reframing narratives, and the argument, I like, Knights, I have an argument. It's really just as the truth is that when you're explaining you're losing, right? So we have for too often as libertarians tried to enter into the political conversation by explaining what we mean like, well, here's libertarian perspective on this. And we come in, you know, all logical and factual. But it that doesn't matter to your average person, right? Like, if we're having to explain or we're being like, we're on the defensive, then we're instantly in a losing position. You have to be bold in your beliefs, but also, like, start setting the narratives, your question that you raised, like, how do you how do you ostracize without ostracizing? Right. And I think you kind of you started touching on is that you, you reframe how you approach the conversation. If you approach people who are doing silly things as doing silly things, and they're silly people, then it's, it's like, you're not taking them seriously. And you're like, Well, I'm not gonna take them seriously. Why should you like they're not being serious people. And it almost is like, the emperor has no clothes, right? Like, once everybody, like, once one person starts to notice and laugh, then everyone's like, Oh, yeah, everybody's also join in. And that's the same thing here is that we just have to, like start reframing the way we approach some of these conversations. So instead of being like, well, you know, a vaccine passport might be permissible in this certain circumstance, be like, no vaccine, passports are on unhewn are inhuman, and like completely out of the conversation right now. And if you even promote that, I'm going to assume that you you're like, you know, one step to the left of Hitler, right? Like, start there, right? Make them have to start being like, Well, I'm not Hitler, right? I'm not the bad guy. Make them start playing defense. And that's when it's like, you're, you're getting them to now have like, other people be like, Yeah, what about that? And they're like, No, it's not me and to like, what was effective against the Libertarians for the most, most of the time is that now all of a sudden, people are like, explaining and they're actually seeing everything instead of actually leading by you know, conviction leading by what they actually believe.

Unknown Speaker  49:18  
Yep. Conscious moral of the story. Exactly. Yeah.

Brian Nichols  49:22  
As soon as you start to pull punches people sense the blood in the water and a striker is gonna say something about that, but just forgot. Sorry. No,

Forrest Mommy  49:32  
it's fine. It was right about what you were saying. And then it just totally left my mind. Yeah, I don't know. I'm just whatever. I'm just just trying to get more people in because we need so many volunteers and we need so much help. And that's like, we need people to run we need all this. Oh, yeah. Well, it was about that heat that night.

Unknown Speaker  49:54  
But I got bills to pay. So I I want to hit those super chats.

Forrest Mommy  50:05  
Who Yeah, we are one of the super jets. Joe don't feel I'm like this is my I'm a terrible salesperson. I don't feel pressured. Well, that's because real estate's funny like that, right? Like, you're not selling the house, you're selling you, you want people to use you to do the sale, right? Like, it just I've always been like, I can take me or leave me. I mean, that's just the deal, but you kind of have to be a lot more. Luckily, it's all good stuff. But she's always makes me laugh, because I'm like, You people are so busy. You know, people respond to that people respond to being glitchy. So,

Brian Nichols  50:40  
yes, well, and so many people are just afraid of making a decision, right? They most need to like be told what to do. And that sounds weird to say. But like, there are so many people out there who just they don't they don't know what to do. They are looking for guidance. And sometimes we just need to be the one to be able to push.

Unknown Speaker  50:57  
Yeah, that's right.

Forrest Mommy  50:58  
And it's really after the last couple years regardless, like even if people were bought into it at one point, like, there are so many people who are just like, okay, something's not right about this. Like, it's just got to get in on that and kind of open it up. Yeah.

Brian Nichols  51:13  
Well, it starts with us just having a conversation, right? Like, if we're, we're not willing to engage, and we kind of just stick into our own bubble. And we expect them to join us just by the nature of that, like, we're our ideas are perfect. We're gonna good ideas to death. Like that doesn't work. We have to meet them where they're at, on the issues they care about, not what we care about what they care about.

Forrest Mommy  51:37  
So you're so you're in in Indiana, you said now, right? Are you ever talked to Justin Campbell?

Brian Nichols  51:43  
negatives? No. I know, I'm familiar with Justin. I haven't spoken to him as it since being here, though.

Forrest Mommy  51:48  
Yeah. Because I know he's, he kind of got involved, and he's gotten burned out with libertarian and you everything. But he would be a great like, local person to run, you know, is like a great person for that kind of stuff. So

Brian Nichols  52:00  
yeah, there's so many great people that should run off frankly, like it. And that's the thing too, if you're in your community, and you are not even a noted person, but like you're willing to put in the work, then run like Who's Who else, it's gonna be you or what, GOP status guy, Democrat status guy, like if you want to see things change in your community, and nobody else is taking a step. Sometimes you got to be the first one to step forward.

Forrest Mommy  52:31  
Who the heck

Unknown Speaker  52:32  
got to take the initiative yourself? Sometimes.

Forrest Mommy  52:35  
That's the thing. Like I've seen people like this, this really hot girl on Twitter lately, she'd been like, notice me I'll pee notice me, I'll be like, Crown me queen. I'm like, Bitch, you gotta go sign up and volunteer like everybody else. Like, here's the leaks, you know, stop complaining that you have to take the initiative, you have to suck and do something. It took me a while to do something just because I was like, going crazy. And then I started meeting all the people out here and I'm like, Holy shit, everyone's so cool out here. And then you fucking sign up and you start work, you have to do work. You have to like get volunteer work. I feel bad for the people on the actual board out here. Like it is a full time job on top of like, what they're doing, you know what I mean? And they're working their asses off, and they're passionate. So when MSA about Yeah, you definitely need passion. So

Brian Nichols  53:18  
absolutely, absolutely. And one thing too. We're kind of like a startup, right? We're all little entrepreneurs in the liberty movement, because, like, we're competing against, like, ginormous corporations, if you will, the GOP and Democratic Party for making the comparison to the business world. And in that vein, like to your point, you got to do the 60 7080 hour weeks sometimes because shits gonna get done. And, and who else is gonna do it? Like it requires people with the drive, but also the resources, right? You have to bridge those two worlds together, but also the know how. And I mean, I'm trying to do it I for my show, like I'm trying to do the basics of just teaching people how to sell this stuff. And I, I mean, am I making an ocean of money doing that for the show? Absolutely not. I've been doing this now for five years. And it pays for itself. But like, I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing this because this is how we make a difference. And there are so many other people out there in the movement who like Blood, Sweat Tears, this is why we do this. Because otherwise, who else is like, who else is going to take the initiative to make things different? And right now we're on a pathway to hell, like, No, we got to make a change. Otherwise, I don't know. Is there going to be a future for our kids, our grandkids, our great grandkids and like, that's not that far away. My great grandma passed away in 2003, somewhere in there, and that was just like, a short little bit ago. But I remember her and she remember I like she and I had a good relationship. And I was like, 1011 when she passed away. So like think about that, like you can have a kid that you've known 1011 years when you're a great grandparent one day and Just think about what country are we gonna leave behind? What world? Are we leaving behind? And do you want to be as morbid right but do you want to be on that deathbed being like, did I do everything I could have done to help put the future for them in a better spot?

Forrest Mommy  55:15  
And they are still working like if you'd like to say who else is going to do it? Because yeah, you go go to the legislature, the anti gun people, all these people, they are so organized. They are so organized and they are showing up speaking we're doing better now we're gonna make sure when our fucking anti gun bills are getting vote, you know, we're showing up to but it's like, you, you show up and they like, it's like, they're so organized. Like, it's just crazy to the LP, we just really need to like, do that as well. Like use their own tech and shit against them.

Brian Nichols  55:45  
Amen. Category more.

Forrest Mommy  55:48  
All right, well, that's about an hour if there's anything else anyone wants to add? No,

Brian Nichols  55:53  
um, I feel like my shirt I got here. It's my magic money tree shirt. You can grab that over my shop. I got lots of shirts over there. We got um, magic money tree. What happened in 1971 We have our Oh, now that's what I call tyranny. It's Klaus Schwab but it's in the spirit of like the now That's What I Call Music. Background we have what else we have our Oh Michael Scott 2024 That's a good one. And then we have like just other random stuff too. We have yard signs we have bumper stickers, backpacks all that and stuff so and if you use code TBS at checkout, you get 10% off

Forrest Mommy  56:26  
right oh TV as well. pecks are all our links are in the description. Everyone knows our stuff. Yeah, everyone go subscribe. I ramble so I couldn't do live on because I don't want to pay for it right now.

Unknown Speaker  56:43  
Yeah, we're like two strikes in Somalia Yeah, so YouTube

Forrest Mommy  56:46  
on my my second strike, so I won't be long.

Brian Nichols  56:49  
Goes up goes up for us, Mommy. To me not well known on YouTube and rumble. You can stop me though it because I'm not strikes yet. So go get me on YouTube. Rumble.

Forrest Mommy  57:00  
They just love me, man. They just love me.

Brian Nichols  57:04  
I know you have all the best best friends there in tech.

Forrest Mommy  57:07  
They know. And I don't even like I'm so innocent and sweet. This? I don't know. All right. All right. Well, thanks, everyone for watching. This was a great show. Thanks, Brian. I think that's good. Take us out. Dollar Store, Jamie.

Disembodied Voice of Matt Ultan, Vocal Artist Extraordinaire  57:23  
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