Feb. 16, 2023

683: End of the Line for Career Politicians

Reviving Democracy: A Conversation with @Corbin4Congress on Term Limits and Immigration

Are you tired of seeing the same career politicians in Congress? Then you need to watch this episode of The Brian Nichols Show! Michael Corbin, a Congressional candidate from Georgia (D7), joined Brian to discuss term limits and the need for change in the political landscape.

Corbin is a strong advocate for term limits and has been working on legislation to eliminate the 50 plus-one rule in Georgia to end run-offs. He shared his passion for raising awareness about this issue and why it's critical for a functioning democracy. This episode is a must-watch for anyone who wants to see change in politics.

So, if you're tired of career politicians and want to see change in politics, be sure to check out this episode of The Brian Nichols Show!


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Brian Nichols  0:00  
Is it time for term limits? Yeah, let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, happy Thursday there, folks, Brian Nichols, here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on a horse. Another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host. Joining you live from our Stratus ip Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana, don't let cyber attacks or outdated Business Technology, put your company at risk. Learn more at Brian Nichols show.com, forward slash Stratus ip. So let's dig into the topic of conversation today, which just happens to be a topic that is one passion project of a a certain member who's running for Congress. And that is one Michael Corbin, who is joining us here on The Brian Nichols Show. Michael, thanks for joining us.

Michael Corbin  0:55  
Yeah, thanks so much. I appreciate you having me and your enthusiasm. But yet, you know, term limits are something that are near and dear to me. I think to a lot of Americans, I think you know, it's a problem, a systemic problem that needs to be solved. Will it ever be solved? It's going to be tough to get a pass because you're asking people to essentially fire or themselves or limit themselves. But it's an issue. And the more the more attention and awareness we can raise the better.

Brian Nichols  1:26  
Absolutely. Well, here Well, let's dig more into that topic. But first, before we get there, do us a favor, introduce yourself to The Brian Nichols Show audience and why you're running for Congress down in Georgia seven.

Michael Corbin  1:36  
Yes. So I ran in 2022, nearly lost in a primary runoff, which you know, in, in the state of Georgia, we've become notorious for run offs. That's it. That's another passion that I have right now working towards trying to get legislation passed to end run offs, or at least limit or eliminate the the 50 plus one rule now to to ensure that a rough doesn't happen. But running in my district, a district that is near and dear to me, I've lived in for over 20 some odd years here in the state of Georgia as a district that is one that after redistricting and 2022 became more challenging for the Republicans. So it is leaning more towards the the Democrat side. And at this time, you know, we did lose in the general election in 2022. Unfortunately, by a larger margin than we should have. And one of that one of the major reasons was the candidate that we put out there, which is another passion of mine in terms of are we putting the right candidates out in the right districts to be the most competitive in the most strategic? Or are we just trying to put the best candidate out there that placates? The people of DC or the the farthest right wing people out there?

Brian Nichols  2:55  
Yep. Well, you heard it here in the intro, what do we focus here on The Brian Nichols Show meet people where they're at on the issues they care about, that's what wins, right? So I know, term limits wins. And you're obviously bringing this to the forefront of a major, major issue that a lot of folks are trying to see, hey, is this something we actually get into action? So do you see that term limits as a viable means to actually get into play sometime here in the near future?

Michael Corbin  3:20  
What I would see is legislation being passed is I'm not gonna say it's impossible. It's tough, right? Because you're asking people, right now, most of the people I would say in Congress or you know, in the Senate, are not in favor of it, right, because they don't want to turn limit themselves. They see it as a way to position themselves as a career politician. Now, what the public needs to understand is you need to vote for and really pick out those candidates that are running that really despise term limits, and that at the core, fundamental know that it is destroying our country, because we have career politicians that come in, you know, as you know, regular citizens and levers, you know, multimillionaires. And that has to stop. There's too many interests that are tied together that don't match up with the constituencies that they actually represent. So it's got to start with awareness within the public that you need to go after candidates that don't see this as a, I'm going to be here for 20 years, they see this as I'm going to be here for six, eight years. And that's Max and I'm out. I've done my service. I've done what I needed to do for my country. And that's how I see this role. So the more that people understand that and vote for those types of people organically, you're going to start to have more of that makeup in the House of Representatives in the Senate. And it will be more likely that people are not over running their terms. In passing legislation, probably probably a good 20 years out if not more, because that organic The process is going to have to take place first.

Brian Nichols  5:02  
Yep. Understood. Well, thank you for leading the fight, right, we didn't. I think we need more folks in Congress, or at least those folks running for Congress to raise this up as an issue. So encourage your congress folk to get out there and actually have this conversation about term limits. And let's talk about some other stuff. I know you're raising up on the the trail, and that is one of immigration but also a border security and all the unintended consequences thereafter. Talk to us about that. And what the Georgia voters are saying in response to the your, your argument as you bring that to the table.

Michael Corbin  5:33  
Yeah, you know, the immigration has become a huge problem. Right. You know, it's, our borders are flooded to me that the biggest thing is national security. You know, as we're already seeing, I think in the past two months, it was somewhere around 900 Chinese immigrants that are coming across for nationals that we don't know what their businesses that, you know, they're trying to accomplish over here. And we already know how those relations are going with China, as it stands right now. So terrorists, you know, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, all of all of those things are what most people worry about. And they're just coming in, right, there's no vetting process, we're not supporting the border agents at the border, we just need to go back to what worked and that was the remain in Mexico policy, we have to stop the bleeding and we have to put a put a process in place that was already there that was working to limit this. There, there's chaos and people like to create chaos, because chaos chaos creates the ability to, you know, manipulate the the politics of, of elections, and that's what you know, the Democrats are doing. So it's really just them turning a blind eye to immigration, not really caring about it. It's sad, honestly, because there's a lot of, you know, immigrants that are coming across that are, you know, human beings that are being treated, you know, like animals being shipped off to different cities, and becoming really just a political pawn for the Democrats, for the most part.

Brian Nichols  7:06  
It's like, when you see the pharmaceutical pharmaceutical company who they create the heart drug that causes heart attacks, right? Yeah. Doesn't make sense. Another thing that doesn't make sense is our companies or our company, you can tell I've been in a sales role today. Our cult or comp or arc GZ got in our country. There we go. country's infrastructure. Get that right, Brian, in we see this right now with what just happened up in Ohio, right in New Palestine, where we had this trail, the ramp derailment, and with the train derailing, we have all this toxic fumes being pumped into the environment. And now we have ginormous question marks for the long term unintended consequences implications there. So obviously, this is something that's a big red flag you are our country's infrastructure is crumbling, and this is a main result of this and we see train derailments now it seems across the country on a daily occurrence. So what would you say is the response when it comes to dealing with our crumbling infrastructure? And now a word from our sponsors? E a, b l e s, eagles remember that name because if you suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain like me, then evils broad spectrum CBD oil is your answer to your prayers. evils is truly a game changer in the natural alternatives to Big Pharma drugs, and yours truly pin indeed vouch for the quality of evils, having a herniated disc in my back coupled with years of sports injuries, I was struggling to find something, anything to help manage my pain that is until evils. And right now evils is offering a special discount to all members of The Brian Nichols Show audience on orders, all you have to do is head to evils.com and use promo code t be NS that's it discount apply it again, the code is TB NS at checkout to start managing your pain today, with the highest quality CBD on the market one more time it is coded TBMs at checkout,

Michael Corbin  8:56  
we do have to invest in it. I mean, that that is something that, you know, has to take place. We also have to hold people accountable. You know, when these accidents do happen, and we have to provide transparency. And that's not that's not what's happening right now. In Ohio, nice Palestine. It's it's sad, you know, um, I actually lived in Georgia since you know, early 90s 1992. But I actually grew up in Ohio, not too far from where that that train derailment took place, but it's gonna devastate that community. I don't know if people are gonna be able to live there anymore. If I live there, I'd want to sell my house and get out of there. I don't want my kids drinking that water. I don't want them to be exposed to the air. There's just a myriad of things that can happen. But, you know, just like so many things that have happened within the Biden administration. There is no, you know, credible reaction or transparency to how we're actually going to solve this problem. You know, are we investing in infrastructure? You know, I know Biden touted that, you know, in a major way and you know, his his fairy tale State of the Union speech, but, you know, it's one of those things where it's been ignored. But also we have to look at the private sector and those that run the railways, and make sure that they're following the proper safety procedures in this instance, you know, I think it's still too early to tell. And I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not going to dive into that. But, you know, I think there were also some safety precautions that could have taken place with that specific train that weren't. And, you know, it leads to these sort of things. But I mean, you and I, I mean, I was actually talking about this with my wife, you know, over the summer, there's, you know, through Norcross, Georgia, they're, you know, trains, you know, run down through there, there's a park and we were walking along the train tracks, and I were just both looking at each other, and just amazement that, you know, these massive, massive trains tons and tons of material actually can still ride on these railways. I mean, they're, they're so old looking, and you look at some of the other European countries and Asian countries, and they're railways, night and day, night and day. So it's been avoided for way too long. It cares too much of our supplies, throughout our country that we rely on. And when something like this happens, you know, it just, you know, adds fuel to the to the fire. Right. So, no pun intended there. It I mean, no pun intended, it is a horrible, horrible incident that that happened there. And I like I said, I don't know if that that city is ever going to recover and be the same.

Brian Nichols  11:25  
Yeah, well, I saw a video on Twitter, and it showed a train Driving driving, going through what did trains do the train drive? I don't know. It was navigating. They move. They just locally, they they are locomotive. So I guess they, they do that. But they they were going from Ohio to Pennsylvania, or vice versa. And the train track, it just, it looks like, oh, man, it just looks It looks like somebody just took a line. And it's probably me drawing a lines like, Oh, dang it so wavy. And it's like this is what's transporting our infrastructure across the country. And this is our very toxic stuffs that's going across this and supposed to be considered safe. What? Yeah, it's a big red flag. And I guess this also goes to another big red flag that a lot of us are seeing right now. And that is what's happening with the war over in Ukraine. And you saw with the Nordstrom pipeline being just in Expectedly, blown up. That just happened. But also you look at United States now raising questions and concerns about energy independence. So what's the solution there for Americans? Do we have a solution for energy independence?

Michael Corbin  12:34  
Not the current administration. Now. It's going to take a complete overhaul. And hopefully that happens in 2024? I think it will. But there is no path right now. I mean, everything is going towards renewables. And I think it you know, as we look towards the future, that's great. But if you don't have the infrastructure in place to support the renewables, and, and you don't have products and services that, you know, are affordable to, you know, the everyday American citizen, it doesn't work, right. So, you know, there's been a lot of lies in covering up, you know, what's going on that oil industry, a lot of finger pointing to the oil and gas companies have, you know, taking advantage of the situation with the consumers and the gas prices. And, you know, I don't don't believe that at all. By that, you know, it's all related to the Biden policies, day one, with shutting down the Keystone pipeline with his posture towards, you know, the fossil fuel industry. And it's put them on edge. So I don't think they're doing it to, you know, hurt the American citizens. It's there. They're in protect mode, right. And they don't know what's coming from the Biden administration.

Brian Nichols  13:41  
Already, I want to talk about education, because you talk about the future of America, it starts with our kids. And we see this right now, a lot of parents over the past three years, really woke up in terms of what their kids were learning behind the scenes, because it was now right there dead center in the kitchen. They got to see it on their kids laptops when they were bringing all their schooling right home. And a lot of the parents said, Wait, this is what you're being taught in school. And it wasn't really stuff that they should be being taught in school or just being taught in general because their kids. So this led to a big revolt from the parental movement across the country. And I guess, you know, we look where we are in 2023. We our good buddy, Cory de Angeles, he's going across making waves in the school choice movement. What are your thoughts? Do you think school choice is the right way? Or should we try to salvage what we can with our old public education system?

Michael Corbin  14:31  
I think school choice is the way forward. How quickly that happens. I don't know it's going to be a state by state, sort of domino effect. And you know, I was actually at an event where he was speaking. I work with Jake Evans. He ran in the Georgia sticks just this past election cycle. And I'm part of his group Trailblazer rising and we are for that, you know, school, education and school choice. We have to be able to put pressure back on the public schools. system. And if there's not a credible threat that, you know, our our our taxpayers dollars can follow our children to a school that's going to be better suited for them, then they're just going to build brick and mortar schools and teach what they want to teach. And the standards will continue to go down and down. So if you don't apply that outside pressure, they're not going to be held accountable. And we're just going to see more of the same.

Brian Nichols  15:24  
All right, Michael. So with that being said, we are going towards the tail end of the episode, we like to do that with a little thing we call final thoughts, and I'll kick things off, right. And I think you're speaking to more of what we need to see in the GOP, right. That is someone who's willing to not only stand up and fight the good fight, but continue to fight the good fight, even when you've gotten kicked and knocked down. Right. And I think it's more imperative for us as a greater as a liberty movement, shall we say, to support people who not only are leading by example, but also let's go ahead and support them by helping with dollar your fundraising dollars helping by volunteering or donating your time, but also by helping supporting them at election day? That's the most important thing. When you look at voter turnout, it's abysmal. And I think it's it's on us to get people to actually go out and vote right, and we can have a debate about does it work? Is it worth our time, it is worth our time, it's not a debate, in my end, you need to go out and make the change if you want to see things get better. So that's my final thoughts for today. What do you have for us today?

Michael Corbin  16:30  
Yeah, I would say that, you know, in the state of Georgia as well, and I know, we talked earlier on the show, we got to get rid of run offs. You know, I would say the turnout was okay, for a midterm election in my last cycle. My, my race was unusual, let's just say that. So I 140 1.2% of the vote out of 45,000 that came out and had to go to a runoff still, the next leading candidate was around like 24%. And he beat me in the runoff because the runoff said a 74% drop off. And I was pretty much smoked out by the local GOP, but being the candidate of choice, actually, for the constituency at large. You know, it was kind of run off. So I'm back because people, you know, voted for me, you know, wanted my message. But unfortunately, because of the runoff system, the lack thereof, about the education of it, and just, you know, awareness, which is all on the candidates to bring that awareness led to obviously me not being the nominee. So I'm looking forward to going back this time being the nominee and putting it to Lucy McBath and taking back the seventh district.

Brian Nichols  17:43  
All right, folks. So there is your call to action today. If you're down in Georgia, seventh district, please go ahead, check out Michael and his campaign. And of course, Mike, we want folks to go ahead and continue the conversation. So we're gonna go ahead and find you. And also where can they go ahead and support your campaign?

Michael Corbin  18:00  
Yeah, you can go on to my website, which is Corbin, the number for Congress. So a lot of information their Twitter handle is at Corbin for Congress, that's the best place to go to catch me on social media. So those are the two best places.

Brian Nichols  18:17  
Alrighty, well, we'll make sure we include all those links down there in the show notes. And by the way, folks, if you're joining us here on the podcast version of the show, which I know 99% of you are, well you're missing out on so much including our video content of the show, which is available on YouTube, but also on rumble and on honestly, wherever it is you consume your video content, just do me a favor hit the subscribe button, and little notification bell so you don't miss a single time we go live. And for example, yesterday I sat down and I told libertarians because we have a lot of libertarians here in our audience how to actually sell to conservatives. So you want to go ahead and learn how I said we can do that. And also how it's actually a lot easier than you think it might be. Go ahead and check out yesterday's episode, that link will show up right here. Otherwise, you can go ahead and check us out over the Brian Nichols show.com Find the entire transcript of today's episode. Plus, you can find all of Michael's links and all 684 other episodes of the program. But with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Michael Corbin. We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks, Brian.

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Michael CorbinProfile Photo

Michael Corbin

Candidate for Congress GA-07

Michael Allen Corbin
Republican- U.S. Congress in GA Congressional District 7
Early life and education
Michael Corbin was born in Newark, Ohio. In 1999, he graduated from Duluth High School. In 2003, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs, from the University of Georgia. He has been a resident of Gwinnett County for more than two decades.
Michael Corbin has an 18-year career in the communications and technology industry. He possesses exceptional strategic communication skills and network analysis knowledge. For the advancement of technology, he has served in a variety of capacities
for some of the most renowned corporations in the communications and technology domain.
He is currently the VP/Director of Network Integration for Granite Telecommunications and has served in strategic leadership roles at AT&T, Cogent Communications and Windstream.
A devout conservative, believing in limited government control. He is part of the America First initiative and has no interest nor ties to the establishment in DC.
In 2022, Michael Corbin ran for U.S. Congress in GA Congressional District 7 and led the Georgian Republican Primary with 41.3% of votes in a five-candidate race. He also won the plurality; however, he was denied representation due to Georgian state election law, which requires more than fifty percent for representation.
He was defeated by his opponent in the subsequent June 2022 runoff. Leading up to the runoff the local GOP and his opponent ran a grassroots smear campaign, knowing there would be low turnout to ensure their candidate won. He was largely unsupported by
the local GOP in his district, as he did not fit the members’ preference as a candidate, being that his wife is African American and Democrat. Voters at large saw it a different way, given the numbers he defeated his opponent by in the May 2022 Primary.
Michael believes that the GOP leadership is at a crossroad and struggles to identify candidates with appeal. Voters of the Republican Party do not want celebrities and ex-athletes, they want real Americans representing them in DC.
Personal Life
Michael Corbin is married to Valerie, and they have two daughters, Chloe, and Kaelah Corbin. He currently serves on the on The Board of Directors for the non-profit agency Neighborhood Cooperative Ministries, Peachtree Corners Baptist Church Missions
Committee and Berkely Lake Elementary School Council.
Corbin’s wife Valerie is a public-school teacher in Gwinnett County and both daughters attend Berkley Lake Elementary School
located in Gwinnett County. Both he and his wife are strong advocates for parents’ voices and school choice, after seeing firsthand the negative effect school closures and forced mask mandates had on the ability for children to learn.
Michael is an advocate to end runoff voting in Georgia, after experiencing first-hand the devastating effects runoffs have in the State of Georgia, one of only two states that require a runoff in both the Primary and General Election if a majority 51% is not met. He wants to eliminate the financial burden unnecessary runoffs place on the State of Georgia, paid for by taxpayers’ dollars. He is currently serves as a speaker for Better Ballot Georgia to help push legislation for Instant Runoff Voting for elected officials at the Local, State and Federal level.
He happily resides in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, with his family.