Feb. 28, 2023

691: Science for Sale - BIG PHARMA is Killing Our Health

@twc_health Exploring the Damaging Effects of Big Pharma's Corrupt Practices on Our Health.

Are you ready to discover the key to unlocking your best self and living a life of freedom and happiness? Then you won't want to miss this electrifying episode of The Brian Nichols Show, where Brian welcomes Dr. Jen VanDeWater from The Wellness Company to discuss how to improve total body wellness.

In this riveting conversation, you'll hear Brian's personal journey from being morbidly obese to achieving true freedom and happiness by prioritizing his health. Dr. Jen VanDeWater will share her own experiences working in the pharmaceutical industry and how it led her to question the traditional status quo solutions. She'll share her three-legged stool approach to wellness - mind, body, and spirit - and how it can help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

But that's not all! You'll also learn about the importance of natural supplementation and how it can help you overcome deficiencies caused by not getting enough natural sunlight. Dr. Jen will also reveal how her company is providing unbiased scientific information and quality products to help people make the best choices for their health and wellbeing.

This episode of The Brian Nichols Show is an exciting and engaging conversation about how you can take control of your health and live your best life. So, if you're ready to learn how to prioritize your health, overcome traditional solutions, and discover the natural ways to boost your health and immunity, then this is the episode for you! Don't miss out on this fascinating conversation that could change your life forever!


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Brian Nichols  0:22  
If you want to be free, you got to be fit. If you want to be fit, you got to be healthy. Let's talk about that instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Wow, how? Epi, whatever now. Hi, hi there, folks. The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us. And of course, another Thunderbolt episode. I am as always, your humble host joining you live from our Stratus ip Studios here in lovely, lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or outdated Business Technology, put your company at risk. Get us a one on one consultation with yours truly at Brian Nichols show.com forward slash Stratus ip. So for those of you who are longtime listeners of The Brian Nichols Show, number one, you know, I usually get my intro right. So I apologize there. But number two, you do know that I myself have a very interesting story of my personal health I used to weigh 385 pounds back in yesteryear. And when I say yesterday, maybe like 15 years ago or so. And I was morbidly obese, like truly unhealthy. I was at a point in my life where I was depressed, I didn't really have too many friends and I was constantly looking for something to make me feel better. And that usually ended up being more food until I found that losing weight. And putting my health first was the best way for me not only to live a truly free a free life, but to actually feel genuinely happy. So talking about us how we can improve our total body wellness joining us from the wellness company, Dr. Jenn Vander water. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Hi,

Dr Jen VanDeWater  2:05  
Brian. Thanks for having me. Absolutely.

Brian Nichols  2:07  
Jen, thank you so much for joining us here on the show. And I'm really looking forward to today's conversation. Because yes, talking about the total health of an individual is so important. Our late great friend Gary Collins used to talk about the three legged stool, right, your financial health, your economic, yeah, your financial health, your mental health and your physical health, and how it's so important to have all three of those balanced out in your three legged stool of life. And I see what you're doing over at the wellness company, it addresses a lot of those areas, specifically in the physical health in the mental health areas. But before we get there, do us a favor, introduce yourself to The Brian Nichols Show audience and your role over at the wellness company.

Dr Jen VanDeWater  2:45  
Sure, I'd be happy to so I'm a Doctor of Pharmacy, I started pharmacy right out of high school looking at working as a pharmacy technician just looking for a job. And I really fell in love with the role in the community. I love that I could assist people give guidance, and I knew early on that I would have a greater impact if I went to pharmacy college and actually became a pharmacist. But through the years and through the chain. The training I went through I saw things that just did not add up and did not make sense. And I asked a lot of questions. But sadly, I was never given any answers. And the one big thing that stuck out at me the most was quality of life. We're taught over and over and over again in pharmacy college that quality of life comes through prescribed medications. But what I witnessed in practice was the complete opposite quality of life did not equal more medications. I saw people my age on multiple medications, not living in their optimal wellness. And I saw people my grandparents age on few medications that were still very active, healthy and even had good coloring to their skin. So I just started questioning things through the years and researching. And then 2020 was kind of like a bucket of cold water all the pieces came together and I realized there was more to this and decided that I could no longer stand in a pharmacy and dispense medication with the knowledge I now had. My goal was to go out there with the training I've had and the awakening I've had and help people find optimal health and wellness and my three legged stool is mind body spirit. And I want to help people find that within themselves to be empowered to own their own health and live in total health sovereignty.

Brian Nichols  4:20  
Love that mind body spirit, it's so important and it's so true right like if your your mind isn't right, and your body isn't right and how can you have a spiritual connection right? And if your spirits not right and your mind is not right of course your body's not going to be right and also if your spirits there, your body is great but mentally you're not with it. Of course it's all uneven it all it all adds up right in terms of you have to be balanced. And I think you know a lot of us we get so caught up in whatever is supposed to make us angry this week. You know we are whatever dopamine hit we can get on the the little idiot box device we have in our pocket. gets. So I think you're hitting the nail on the head, it is so important for us to not only take a step back and focus on those things, but also start to do things differently. Right? And I think this is where we, we end the how do we even define what we are, right? We're like the the contrarians of society, right? We're, we're the thorn in the side of the status quo. And we're trying to get people to do things in a different way. Because what's been our current status quo solution is not working. Right. So one of the things you're promoting, I would love for you to expand on the idea of natural suited goals versus pharmaceuticals. What is a natural surgical? And what is the difference when you're comparing it to it's a pharmaceutical comparison?

Dr Jen VanDeWater  5:45  
Sure. So at the wellness company, one thing that we realize, and we're all coming together, the majority of us are allopathic Lee trained, right? We're coming in from big medicine and Big Pharma. But we realize that the pharmaceutical industry is not helping solve some of the problems, right. So you can take a prescribed medication, and it ends up leading to nutritional deficiencies. You take a prescribed medication, and it leads to taking more prescribed medications. So on the natural side of things, there are supplements, but I want to be very clear and say a supplement is exactly what it says to supplement. It's not supposed to be something that replaces the pharmaceutical, I never want to say let's replace one pill with another pill. But there are supplements that should probably be taken at a on a routine basis. Vitamin D, for example, a lot of people live in areas where they're not getting enough natural sunshine. And so they should be taking a supplement of vitamin D with K to you know, help with with that deficiency in that area. People that even live in the south, they might work nine to five and not spend time out in the sun. And they too need to have a vitamin D supplement. So it's again, finding natural ways to boost your natural immunity to boost your health. And that's what we have at the wellness company, we have our own marketplace with our own products, that some that our signature series that us as the chief medical team designed to bring health and wellness to the people.

Brian Nichols  7:07  
So Jen, when you're going out and you're talking to your customers, what's the main areas you're hearing, that they just weren't getting what they needed from the traditional status quo solutions, whether it's the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies, whatever it may be?

Dr Jen VanDeWater  7:24  
Well, I've noticed and in the team has noticed, and we've discussed this, as a lot of people started questioning. So after, you know, we went through 2020, and then the push of the injection, a lot of people start saying, wait a second, where's my choice, where's my right? And so we want to come and offer that to people, we are not here to dictate, we are here to offer options, we're here to make recommendations. But ultimately, the choice is up to you, the individual to decide what you feel is best, we're just giving that option to you outside of mainstream medicine. But that's the number one thing we saw people are looking for a place to go where they can get truth, unbiased, you know, scientific information, you know, no political science in this, you know, they want just straight up truth. And so that's what we want to offer to the people we want to offer good products, good service, good information, and then ultimately, the choice is yours.

Brian Nichols  8:16  
Now, Jen, there's a lot more at the wellness company beyond the the actual like necessay drugs, but the the alternatives to that the natural physicals that you can get, but there's also the the actual services that you guys are providing you, you can see a doctor over at the wellness company, talk to us about the servicing options you guys have there that are outside the traditional, I guess the traditional way that people would go to see their doctor,

Dr Jen VanDeWater  8:40  
right, right now we have it set up where it's virtual care. So you would have an appointment with a provider where it would be kind of like what we're doing now, via video consult. Through that acute care, you can come in a lot of people during the height of COVID were really concerned about not having on hand, the prophylactic or preventative treatments. So coming to the wellness company, you can see one of our providers, they will evaluate and you know, if they see it's fit, they will make sure we get a prescription to you to our preferred pharmacy that will compound it and fill it so you can have it on hand or if you are someone who's experiencing symptoms and your concern for and again, you know, most viral infections, these medications are known to treat. So if you're just concerned, you start to feel the sniffles. Come on, and you're like, you know, I really would rather just take this medication. I know from hearing a lot of people it's safe and effective to schedule an appointment with our provider outside of acute care with acute illness. We have also packages right now we have long COVID So if you are someone who's been suffering and you're just not coming out of that long COVID Long respiratory infection, you know you can reach out and we can have a provider see you for that. We also have adverse reaction which nobody else is offering right now. People out there are suffering people out there are saying oh my gosh, something's happened since I took the first second, third, fourth, fifth, whichever on it is Something's happened. And you just need to know what's going on. So we have built up a very extensive lab panel, which looks into so many, so many different areas, inflammatory markers, you know, D dimer, anything to help guide that provider in what's best for the patient that could be suffering from an adverse reaction, and nobody else is offering that.

Brian Nichols  10:19  
Could you actually expand on that a little bit, because we've had some folks we had been Carlyle here on the show a little bit ago talking about how his, his legal team is actually helping now address folks who were impacted by injury from the jab. So you're seeing there's there's definitely more of a market here because people are starting to address the elephant in the room in the marketplace, which the market never lies. So you're seeing with you having this as an option for your patients, obviously, there is a demand for it. So tell us more about this adverse reaction care. And I guess, what are you hearing from folks? Where are some of the more common adverse reactions that they're experiencing?

Dr Jen VanDeWater  10:57  
Yeah, the most common that people ask about that we just get questions on basically is the myocarditis. And that is happening in all all areas of ages, which is kind of shocking and scary at the same time. But with the with the package that you do get the extensive lab workup, you would come in and have an appointment with a provider, talk to the provider, explain what's going on with you, then they would order the labs and you'd get the labs drawn. So the labs get drawn after your first appointment. And then you would have follow up appointments with the provider, they would recommend naturals that we have, we have a spike support at the wellness company. So they would recommend spike support, they will probably have you bump up your D. And again, this is all the things you would talk to your provider about and maybe even get you some prescription for ivermectin and or hydroxychloroquine. To help, you know, facilitate some of the adverse effects that could be from prolonged spike protein exposure as well. So there's a lot of options. And then, I mean, I wouldn't know what would happen at the end, we have a lot of people that have signed up and are still going through the process and having these appointments. This isn't something you come in and in a month, you're you're kind of you know, cleaned up and ready to go. This is a process this is a journey, everything at the wellness company besides acute care is really a wellness journey. Acute Care is for like exactly what it is an acute illness. Everything else we're putting out there is to help guide the patient guide each one back to optimal health and wellness by the choices they choose to make and what they are thinking is best for their health. So everything's a wellness journey. The adverse reaction package is a wellness journey, you and your provider will discuss all the options, go over your lab work, and hopefully by the end you'll see some improved results.

Brian Nichols  12:33  
And apparently your veterinarian clinic as well because I heard ivermectin mentioned is one of the solutions there. I'm sorry. That's obviously Joe.

Dr Jen VanDeWater  12:41  
Let me add a little bit people always say this when I was practicing pharmacy, we filled a lot of medications that were human medications for pets. So that's something people get shocked about all the time. So the pharmacy does have on file cats, dogs, horses, you know, you name it, we felt we have felt medications for for pets and animals through the pharmacy. So that whole when every time that stuff comes up, I just laughs I'm like if only people knew what actually goes on in a pharmacy.

Brian Nichols  13:09  
Now really quick talk to us though about ivermectin because this was a taboo subject. I heard from some people close to me, my families that you've been saying, you know, that the horse de wormer rides, you hear other people taking the horse Do you warmer? And that was a common narrative that was being perpetuated from the corporate media, but obviously that you're you're seeing that being recommended. I'm assuming there's a reason for it being recommended.

Dr Jen VanDeWater  13:33  
Yeah. And ivermectin is not just horse. Do you want her? Yes. It's in our, it's in for the horse. It's in for you know, your cats and dogs, if you're using it for them for heartworm? Yes, that's where it's at too. But it's also on the pharmacy shelf, in pharmacies across the nation. And there are countries that have it available over the counter because they have, you know, increased risk of other diseases. And so people just go in and purchase it without even needing a prescription. ivermectin kind of got a bad rap after all of this pushing that it was just for horses and animals, but it's used all the time, families, a child will come home from school and have a case of worms and the whole family asked to go through the whole treatment. So that this way, there's no spreading and it's been used for a long time that way, and actually it's been around for for many decades. Same with hydroxychloroquine. These medications have been around, they are safe and we now know they are effective against the any mRNA virus.

Brian Nichols  14:29  
Jen, did it drive you crazy seeing the political politicization of all these different pharmaceuticals and drugs and stuff that you've been prescribing for years at this point, knowing that it was just all a bunch of hubbub?

Dr Jen VanDeWater  14:41  
Yeah, I was so shocked. And I was actually following a lot of like the press release and trying to find out okay, what are we going to do in the beginning? I didn't know whether it was a hoax or not right in the beginning and what was really going on what's happening here? Is this another false flag attempt what's really going on? And then the minute I heard hydroxychloroquine mentioned and I started doing My research started with saying, Well, okay, this is used in other countries and these countries that are using this routinely are not having cases of COVID. Why are we being told not to use it here in the US and why? Why is there an agency, you know, having an arm reaching into pharmacies and telling pharmacist don't do not dispense this and in all my years of practice, and again, I've seen pharmacies since the late 90s. Since I was a teenager out of high school, I have never seen a computer screen with a pop up warning. FDA does not recommend this for COVID. When you scan a bottle of hydroxychloroquine, or ivermectin, and you have to go through certain prompts that you are agreeing as an employee of a chain, retail pharmacy that you are not dispensing something for COVID. And even some independent pharmacies, I'm sad to say, bought into the agenda. And they were locking up the antibiotic, even the azithromycin and the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine in a sea to cabinet and counting it out in logging it in a book as if you were dispensing oxycodone, or, you know, fentanyl patches, like, I just was blown away by what I saw, I have never seen this in my career, it disgusted me to see that people were actually falling for that and not looking at the overall health of a patient. And also was disturbing that pharmacists were interfering in the patient relationship with their provider, our job is the safety, right? Our job is to look at that prescription and make sure the dosing is right for the age and weight of the individual. Our job is not efficacy, if a patient decides to say to me, Hey, by the way that prescribe that medication that Dr. Smith prescribed me was awesome, that's great that they share it. But that's really for the for the provider and the patient to decide if they want to continue treatment or not. Our job is to just make sure we fill those orders for the doctors and the patient.

Brian Nichols  16:49  
So you're in alchemy, if I'm wrong, you're in the northeast, right?

Dr Jen VanDeWater  16:53  
Correct. Northeast, yes.

Brian Nichols  16:55  
So I was also in the northeast, I escaped. And I said, ya know, after being in the northeast and being locked down, and you know, told that my ideas were dangerous, and I want people die, you know, not that was not for me, I had to I had to go around and surround myself with some people who didn't think of me as a grandma killer. So that was nice to get out there and actually escaped to the Midwest. But I asked you because I've talked to some folks who are still either in the northeast, or maybe they're on the West Coast. And you're even in a more progressive city. And I'm like, Have you considered moving under like, oh, yeah, I've absolutely considered on the ask you, Jen, have you considered moving getting out of the Northeast and maybe going to an area that your ideas will not be looked at with such scorn and that you are such a conspiracy theorist? tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists? I know. It's yeah. All nowadays, cheese.

Dr Jen VanDeWater  17:47  
Yeah. And yes, for sure. My husband, I had many, and we still do have many conversations. We've been here since 1998. So you can imagine we are very well established, we have a little homestead. We do gardening, we garden and grow our own food, we have chickens for our eggs, we seem to have like a little niche here. So it's kind of hard to just pick up and move. And since 1998, let me say you accumulate a lot of things. So we need like two or three tractor trailer loads just move us somewhere else. But it is something we have seriously considered and talked about. But a lot of times I have people say to me, thank you for not leaving, because I am surrounded by a lot of people who are in alignment. I mean, we actually are the majority. And until you start having those conversations with people, you don't realize we're actually all around. And so I've had a lot of people that are in my community actually say thank you for staying because I'm also on my town board. So you know, I decided to run for town board as town council member, just so I can get involved in my community and be a voice of truth and hear what's actually going on. I will say to people, what I have noticed in being involved in I guess, political, you know, is that nobody in the communities go to these meetings. And so they can just vote me and it's okay, January, go, go do the job is the voice of the people. And if nobody's showing up at the meetings, it's really hard for me to speak up and advocate for change, if I'm the only one on the town board, like asking for something. So I will say I encourage people to get out, go to your local, you know, town board meetings or school board meetings, find those representatives that are there like myself, who are who are staying in the fight and hoping to make a difference for the future.

Brian Nichols  19:38  
Jen, this is exactly why we do what we do here on The Brian Nichols Show. We tell the stories, we let folks tell what you've experienced and frankly, what's working right we bring solutions to the table. And this will be my final thought, by the way, folks, you know, when when we're going out, and we're talking to people, and this is one thing I consistently hear from folks who are you know, little weary of this for Liberty politics in general, or just different ways of doing things is Well, it sounds like you got a lot of complaints by LC Allah solutions, right? This is a solution, we have a responsibility to not just like actually point our fingers at the problem and say this is bad. But to bring solutions to the table, and to show people how we can make things not only different, but what the impact is right now. So, Jen, that's why I'm so excited to have you on the show today. I'm so excited that you're doing all this great stuff over at the wellness company, and that there is actually an offering for people beyond what has been the confines of the paradigm of what has been allowed, right, the status quo. So that's my final thoughts. What do you have for us as we wrap things up today?

Dr Jen VanDeWater  20:48  
Yeah, I, I'm just super excited to be a part of a team. That that is like minded. Like, when everything started happening, I felt so alone, I felt like where are my people, a lot of my colleagues were not aligned. And so I'm really excited to work with the team and bring options and like you say, solutions for the people. This is again, the individual choice, we're just here to offer those options to the to each person. And one last thing we have at the wellness company, which I didn't bring up because we're kind of going more towards, like help in the sense of COVID and illnesses like that. But we just launched recently allergy free program. And I'm excited to be a part of a team and having all the meetings leading up to this launch and this release. Most people who suffer from allergies, because again, we're not just going to be doing illnesses, we really want to bring optimal health and wellness. And how do you find that way? So most people, again, that have allergies have increased inflammatory response, right? A lot of people who are suffering from allergies, their body's always in an inflamed state. So with these allergy drops, that are immunotherapy drops, you're giving the body like a homeopathy kind of of the antigen that you're reacting to, and you're desensitizing your body and raising the threshold where you have an allergy response and allergy reaction. And after a year to year program to do these drops, be very compliant, follow the directions, because after a year, you're going to raise that threshold and be allergy free. So that is something you will never hear mainstream, because what happens when a patient no longer is suffering, you know, you're losing out on profit. Our goal is to find solutions and resolutions to your health in all areas where we're meeting all the time, trying to find ways to talk to people out there to say what can we bring for the American people and hopefully, eventually, the entire world that will help restore health?

Brian Nichols  22:40  
No, this is my selfish question. I know we're hard pressed for time. But does that allergy drop include like addressing celiac disease?

Dr Jen VanDeWater  22:49  
It's environmental, it probably would have a benefit, I'm going to say be just because you're doing something like that to your body. It's going to improve an area every area right? So for example, one case study we read a patient had severe migraines. They did the allergy program for an entire year. And because they were allergy free, their migraines decreased. And so my question of course, my thing is freedom from pharma. Another great program we have on the website, I want people to come off of pharmaceutical medications. But sadly, with prolonged use and over prescribing, if you can't just stop medications, it's a process to come off. And when you actually reduce the allergy threshold, this this patient's migraines reduced and they could come off their migraine medication. So huge, huge results. I'm excited to bring that to the people. There's a lot on our website, it's TWC dot health for the wellness company dot health. browse around, check this out, we have so many things that we didn't even touch on today that I think your audience will be happy to see is out there.

Brian Nichols  23:51  
Yeah, this is exciting stuff. And I asked I have celiac disease, so that could possibly help me out. You know, I'm gonna be checking out that stuff over on the website. And I'll definitely be reaching out to you, Jen. We're going to be having this conversation off air to continue for sure. But folks, if you want continue the conversation Well, here's what we're gonna do. Please go ahead and reach out to Jen. You can do that by going ahead and clicking the artwork and your podcast catcher, it'll bring you over to the Brian Nichols show.com where you can find today's episode the entire transcript from today's episode, all of Jen's links plus you can find the video version of the show. Yes, we are here on camera. You can find that over on YouTube, on Odyssey and on rumble wherever you consume your video content. But I asked Do me a favor hit that subscribe button and little notification bell so you don't miss a single time we go live and with that being said, we're not wrapping up the conversation yet. We're gonna continue the conversation over on another episode where I sat down with Ben Carlisle. I mentioned this a little bit earlier and we talked about how he is helping folks get in or it's rather workers getting justice if they were injured by the employee mandated jabs. Go ahead, check out that episode here. Otherwise, I will see you on our next episode. Brian Nichols signing off. You're on the The Brian Nichols Show for Dr Jenn van dewater we'll see you later

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Dr. Jennifer VanDeWater, PharmDProfile Photo

Dr. Jennifer VanDeWater, PharmD

Co-Founder of the Integrative Therapeutics Board for The Wellness Company

Dr. Jennifer VanDeWater, PharmD, is a registered pharmacist licensed in Maine, New York, and Vermont. She graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy of Albany NY in 2006. Dr. Jen is The People’s Pharmacist: as one of the founders of the Integrative Therapeutics Board of The Wellness Company, she is a global leader in reinitializing continuum of care processes between pharmacists, patients, and their doctors.

This means developing an understanding that pharmaceuticals are only part of the solution that patients should consider for their wellness - nutraceuticals, diet, mental health, and lifestyle changes need to be incorporated into health plans.

Today, Dr. Jen VanDeWater is not only looking out for the overall wellness of the people, she is also finding ways to support brave independent Main Street pharmacies who stand up against the corporate agenda. Dr. VanDeWater embodies the The Wellness Company values and leads the way in how we think about wellness.