March 17, 2023

704: No More Silenced Voices - Protecting Your Content from Censorship

"Defying Big Tech - Protecting Your Online Voice with Content Safe"

Are you tired of having your voice silenced by big tech companies? Are you tired of having your content taken down in a matter of seconds? Well, you're not alone. In this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian is joined by Darrell Becker, co-creator of Content Safe, a video distribution company, to discuss how content creators can fight back against censorship.

Darrell knows firsthand the importance of having a platform to express uncensored thoughts, and he's here to share his knowledge and expertise with you. In this episode, you'll learn about the difficulties content creators face when their message goes against the agenda of big tech companies. You'll discover how Content Safe can help protect your content from censorship by providing services such as security, distribution, and monetization. You'll also hear about the different platforms you can use to share your content and grow your audience, from YouTube to Rumble to RSS feeds.

But that's not all! Brian and Darrell will also share their own experiences as content creators and discuss the impact that censorship can have on your message and your ability to reach your audience. You'll learn about the benefits of using Content Safe to simplify the republishing process and distribute your content across multiple channels, giving you the potential to reach a larger audience than ever before.

So if you're tired of being silenced by big tech companies and want to take control of your online presence, be sure to tune in to this exciting episode of The Brian Nichols Show. With Brian and Darrell's expert guidance, you'll learn how to fight back against censorship and protect your content, no matter what platform you choose to share it on. Don't miss out!


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Brian Nichols  0:17  
You work hard to create your content online. So what are you doing to protect it? Yeah, let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, hey there, folks, Brian Nichols, here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on a course another unbuilt episode. I am as always, your humble host joining us live from our B and C studios, here in lovely Indiana. Don't let your outdated business prospecting tips, put you at risk. Learn more on how to increase your sales over at Brian Nichols show Alright folks, if you're a content creator, or if you're just in the greater Liberty world out there, you know how tough it is when we're facing not just a different way of doing things politically speaking, but also when we're facing the content moderators at these large, big tech corporations. So how do we fight back? What can you do as a content creator? Well joining us today from content safe Dotco Darryl Becker's joining us here on the show. Daryl welcome, The Brian Nichols Show.

Darrell Becker  1:24  
Hey, Brian, it's so awesome to join you here.

Brian Nichols  1:26  
Absolutely awesome to have you joining us on the show. Darrell, I'm looking forward to talking about all things you're doing at content safe to help protect our data, and more importantly, to help protect us from online censorship. So do us a favor. Before we get there, introduce yourself to The Brian Nichols Show audience

Darrell Becker  1:42  
right on. I'm Darrell Becker, I'm over here in the Big Island of Hawaii, and I am so psyched to have helped to co create content safe, which is a video distribution company. I love to listen to alt media, I've been listening to so much alt media since pretty much I moved to this island in 2008. That's where it suddenly all of a sudden, my eyes were opened up like all these different amazing shows, I'm talking about The Corbett Report, and many pieces of work by Richard Grove, who eventually went you know, went on to do tragedy and hope. And then he's now right now his big show, Grand Theft You can see Grand Theft world on on all, you know, videos and pod catchers. And it's been really amazing to work. You know, back behind the scenes, I've been more of a podcast on guests on shows like yours than actually doing my own show, though I do have a show not medical advice, since I'm in the holistic healthcare field. And I get to say all those things on my show that I can't say in front of my clients, because it's just totally inappropriate and not helpful for their conditions. You know, so it's great to have a platform as you know, isn't it so great to have a platform to say whatever you want uncensored.

Brian Nichols  2:51  
But that's the trick, isn't it, Darrell, because we think it's uncensored. And yet, I know many a content creator, they've logged on to their YouTube account, they're getting ready to go post a brand new video, only to discover that sorry, your content has violated our terms of service, your page is no longer available. Oh my gosh, kick in the gut years of trying to build up your audience years of content on that page nuked in flash of an eye. So talk to us about what content safe Dotco is doing to help change that narrative?

Darrell Becker  3:23  
Well, first of all, you know, beyond just actually helping to prevent censorship, we really focus especially on growing your audience. Because if you're trying to grow an audience over on YouTube, or you know, with Facebook Lives, and you're generally promoting yourself video over there, and Instagram, as you know, these big tech companies, you know, like just making links over there on Twitter, they can easily just remove you shadow ban you so that you just are not getting followers that all of a sudden what you thought were you know, people seeing you aren't people who aren't really seeing you, you have a bunch of bots watching you. And then that's that's the main problem is you've got a great message, but your message is against the actual big tech agenda. So the only way to really make it work is to grow your whole platform to grow. I'm sorry to grow your entire like channel of content. Over on these other big platforms. I'm talking about rumble bid shoot. And, you know, also, of course, Odyssey like all these bands dot video, like gab TV, there's amazing list of all of these platforms. And so what we do is you just basically are publishing the one place you can send it to us at content Or you just keep publishing on the places that some people they already have a place on, for example, they're on rockfon. That's a subscription only channel that a lot of our clients have or example they're on rumble on regular or maybe even you know Odyssey bid shoot depends because uploading to bid shoot can be a pain, you know, upload failed, but that's where we come in because all we have to do is just get one one copy of the video whether it's directly to us at content safe or if it's just the publishing way. Say like, where do you put your stuff? Brian?

Brian Nichols  5:07  
I usually do either YouTube rumble or Odyssey. Okay, so the show for the video version of the show for the podcast video. Yeah, we're everywhere.

Darrell Becker  5:15  
Yeah, of course, for podcasts, they already have an RSS feed. And there's, there's so many podcasters that do that we do that service to to help people to, you know, take the mp3 and distribute it. But for the most part, it's the video distribution part. That's the pain, right? Yep. So we're here to take the pain out of that republishing process. And if you've ever, you know, if you're or you're like a one man show, do you have other people like as a media team doing it for you?

Brian Nichols  5:39  
It's a combination. Yeah. Okay.

Darrell Becker  5:42  
So then your media team could be doing other things for you, they could be making really awesome best off clips, we can actually take the distribution part and just get it up there on all of those places. That's your media team is useful for making, you know, like more helping you make more content, helping you do edits, helping you get more graphics, like inserted into their things. That's what they're for. What we do is we're there to publish, we're there to like, get it really up there so that it's Oh, so you're going on rumble, well, then keep going on rumble, we'll also you know, we can put it everywhere else. Or if if you're, if you're going up there on YouTube, we can certainly take it off of the YouTube and put it everywhere that you want it to go. And we definitely you know, we used to have like a lifetime subscription for for new clients that's over. Because we're now you know, we already have filled up enough lifetime clients and we've moved on to you know, hard launch of content safe, we're nice subscription only, and we're here to grow your audience, that's the major thing. Because if you're up there on say, like five channels or 10, you know, like this, we have up to 12 active publishing platforms that we can work with, you could really be in front of a lot of eyes and ears. That's a lot more people like understanding that you've got consulting services, you know, Brian, there's a lot more people are saying, I know you, Brian, now I trust you. And I like you and want to hire you. Okay, LP The know, like trust, you know. And so that's, that's what it requires. You know, I cannot tell you how many clients I've gotten, just from being on podcasts, I had a great time going on tinfoil hat with Sam Tripoli, and, and other people like that. There's a lot of really amazing places to get out there. And by the way, salmon, tinfoil hat, they're clients of ours. So we've got The Corbett Report, we've got some other big names that we'd love to take care of already taking care of Richard Grove Grand Theft world, when when we get their, their videos out there to many different places, it makes for the problems to be less of an issue, right? So you can get censored off of YouTube or be shadow banned or have your numbers your subscribers like, artificially lowered. And that's less of an issue. Because if you're really not able to just use code words, you know, for the in the arm kind of thing, and like constantly saying code words for everything to somehow not have the spiders that are watching on big tech. Censor you shadow Benue. You know what I mean by shadow? Oh, yeah, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But for the audience, that means basically, that you think that it's going out there to all of your subscribers, it's not, it's actually going out there to a very small fraction of your subscribers. And you can you can know this and test this out by saying like, I've I hit the bell on YouTube. And I get like, no notifications for certain shows at all, like none. And I go back there, and I see guess what they published, you know, oh, since I've, since I like I've been away for a couple of weeks. They've made like 10 shows, and I got no notifications for it at all. That's because they are shadow banned. But if you know,

Brian Nichols  8:48  
well, I guess for everybody listening, right? This this is like, Yeah, this is a problem. We see it across the board, whether it's your favorite YouTube channel, or anyone out there trying to start a YouTube channel that's trying to do things a different way. Yeah, this is a real, like problem that we're experiencing. So this sounds like a great solution. So how does it work? What What does content safe dot code do differently than other sites?

Darrell Becker  9:10  
Right now, we're pioneers. And this was, you know, the same thing like pioneers back in the old west. If you go out there, and you're the only one doing a thing, you get a whole lot of rejection. So like since 2018, when we started this when Alex Jones got censored off of YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and MailChimp. You know, like, we're talking like email services, when he was censored off of, you know, a lot of different services, like Patreon, like everything, any possible service that was mainstream, they censored Alex Jones, and at that same time, by the way, 2018 they've censored a list of 1000 other creators that had nothing to do with you know, Alex Jones or sometimes weren't even contentious. They just threw in like women's knitting circles. and other like, you know, video groups, they had no reason at all to be censored, but they're just like, No, I don't like you anyway, you know, that's kind of like the thing, you're, you're Republican or whatever. And that's all it took. And that's when we started the company. And we had a whole lot of nose coming, like, come on, we're ready, we can do it, we're gonna write the script. So what we have is we have, you know, our own programming scripts to automatically upload the shows way easier than what you have to do. So, how big is your, for example, how big is your library of shows? Brian?

Brian Nichols  10:34  
Well, we're getting up to, like, 700 plus at this point, so quite a few.

Darrell Becker  10:39  
So what we do is we could navigate all 700 Plus on to say, Odyssey or bandit video, and no, we're not going to do it in a day. But it's going to be because it's scripted is automatically running. So like, you know, that job is maybe I'm, I hope I'm not putting my foot in my mouth. But like, I think it's like a five just, you know, eight day job, basically, of just getting all those shows up because it just be running automatically, depending on how long the shows are, you know, and, you know, the bandwidth, basically, that's the main issue, what we have everything automated. And obviously, sometimes when things go wrong, as was the, it's the interface with these companies, I'm talking like looking at you, but looking at you, you know, honestly, the interface, they all require different things, they require a different size thumbnail, they require, you know, like how many characters you can have in your description of your show, you know, they have different metrics that they're all using. We know those metrics for each of these platforms. So we're ready to adapt whatever it is that you have to that and just have it automatically uploaded. Right now, as far as I know, there is no other HootSuite, of video distribution. You know, Hootsuite is a company that would you know, basically make it so that your social media presence gets out there, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But they've also increased

Brian Nichols  11:59  
their fees by 45% this year, but that's Brian being pissed off or whatever reason,

Darrell Becker  12:04  
I just I didn't notice that. Yeah, that was, that was some pain for everyone to feel and because, you know, they also don't have a lot of competition. But when it comes to video distribution to these alt media companies, there are no big companies that wants to do that. Because it's in their best interest to have everyone on the censored platforms like YouTube. Like, by the way, I mean, even people get actually having contentious problems with Vimeo, you know, that's a brilliant Yeah, yeah. Imagine that, you know, and you know, like Patreon, getting kicked off of Patreon, because your stuff is set, you're saying naughty things, Brian, can't be saying those things. And show. That's this is the situation, you know, we just actually, were talking with a prospective client just yesterday, talking about like, how having issues with Vimeo and it's expensive to, we have alternatives to that where we have actually a complete ala carte suite of services to offer content producers. So we could talk about that when it comes to transcripts, when it comes to getting things out there, you know, when you have when you're looking at payment platforms that are like doing you wrong, you know, you know what I mean by payment platforms for sure. Like all the cart, you know, Stripe etc. We have alternatives because we're in the business of serving alt media content producers. So that was me saying a whole lot of content safe words on this. Yeah, I can get a little excited about this. Yeah, like, I mean, what's the biggest problems? have you faced Brian? Like, what? What pain have you faced in terms of distribution?

Brian Nichols  13:39  
Oh, it's just the fact of getting it distributed. I mean, there if I want to grow my audience beyond the confines of let's say, YouTube, right, it requires so much extra time, energy effort to go to each of these individual sites, and repost your episodes. So it becomes time prohibitive to to spend that time doing that versus as a content producer. What's my role produce content? So I find it I know that there are other content producers out there who they struggle with that. But then also, you're always telling toeing that line like, whoa, can I have this guest on am I worried about being nuked off of Main the certain platform and I airing this episode on my regular show or behind a paywall? So there's all these things that are constantly ticking in the back of your mind? Because all it takes us back to as we start off that one strike and that and then you've lost everything. So that's not I mean, for some folks are like, Oh, it's a YouTube page, whatever. If this is your world, that's your livelihood.

Darrell Becker  14:42  
Yeah, and that's part of the whole tech angry or Tengri situation that we like to say, you know, like, upload failed or Yeah, wow, this upload is taking a long time to go to bed. Shoot, isn't it? Isn't that taking a long time? Yeah. Couldn't you be doing other things with yourself and your time and your computer? And yes, yes, you can. Don't be doing other things. That's what we do. Like we already have, we deal with that pain, it's kind of like to say like, do you want to, you know, thimble out each element of your septic tank, or you can get a septic company to come in and pump it. And and that's kind of analogy. Yeah, I thought I would just go into the the poop analogy, but why not? Because it is poop like to have to spend time doing what is not you making creative work? You know, like, this is that's ridiculous. And this is why, you know, like, you know, maybe, maybe Brian will get you all like in a call over there with Matt, who's the CEO of content safe? Because, you know, find out all of the actual needs you have as a content producer, and what is your tech, you know, what is your media team actually doing for you? And to say, well, you're missing a few things here, or like, are you getting like them out there, that kind of thing. And that's, this is where it's like, you know, the, the completely customized, you know, apply application to a client, right. But you know, when it comes to just getting you up there on like, at least a minimum of five platforms on the regular, and just freeing up that much time. That's for sure what we'd love to focus on because that's, that's what we do. And, and that's how it actually keeps your content safe. Because it's for sure it is up on those platforms. We're looking into, you know, all kinds of things. Have you heard of interplanetary file systems? Negative IPFS? Yeah, so that, of course not. They, they were associated for a while with file coin, and other cryptocurrency. But basically, that's one place where we're the people who are truly, truly dedicated to getting their content for sure, uncensored, where you have to turn off the internet before you can turn off access to anything that's on IPFS. And that's a way you know, like, we could have that up there. But there's no other people who are using IPFS. So it's not so much of a grow your audience kind of thing more of like, for sure about protecting and saving the content. And yeah, when it comes to the topics of liberty and what you can and can't say and who you can and can't have on your show. I mean, I guess you had you had Peter McCullough on your show before. I know Dr.

Brian Nichols  17:09  
Jenn Vander water from the wellness company. Yep. But she's, yes.

Darrell Becker  17:13  
Yeah, that's he's associated. Yeah. So you can say certain things, obviously. And then you could, you could say, for example, you know, like that, you know, Spike proteins and things of that nature. But as soon as you like, if you have like, for example, Dr. Andrew Kaufman or Dr. Tom Cowan on your show, and they're going to call into question things, such as the germ theory of disease itself, and they're going to call into question the actual methodology of virology, you know, the actual methods used. And so, you know, if you, if you were to have, you know, you'll see that some people, you know, they just will not want to touch certain topics, and that can be really contentious. And it's a good thing to keep that one in mind. You know, obviously, you don't want to alienate your guests and bring up the wrong thing in the wrong way sometimes, but I will see like the friction going on in the older set of doctors and medical providers, who just they've they've really invested a lot of money and time and their life and their belief system into believing a certain thing I know, because I've been a medical provider for 25 years now. But for the first 22 years, I concluded wrong about the germ theory of disease. I thought that they were still like that viruses could cause disease, they just hadn't actually they were they blamed some diseases on fake viruses. Like, I'm talking about AIDS right now. They blamed some, you know, and by the way, Berry Berry, they blamed that, you know, Vitamin B deficiency on a virus back in the day, they blamed scurvy and things on things and that was before you know, electron microscopy. So if you if you touch on certain topics, medically speaking, especially, it's gonna you're gonna find out if the person has an open mind or not. It's very hard to explain something to someone if their salary depends upon them not understanding it. You know that one from Upton Sinclair, like its meaning their mental emotional salary, their relationship to their colleagues, their spouse, their friends, they can't afford to even consider much less believe, a completely contradictory idea. If they've invested decades into believing it. It's a religious thing. It's sunk cost. Sunken cost fallacy and there's that one. I don't know if you've ever had a guest, like where there was friction, like because you brought up a topic that was kind of, you know, friction,

Brian Nichols  19:34  
I wouldn't say friction so much as just uncomfortableness, especially if there's a guest that we are completely polar opposites on on politics, which I haven't really had more recently, namely, maybe people don't want to come on shows that they don't echo the same thing that they believe so I've had some guests who they get a little, you know, not confrontational, but more a little guarded in terms of feeling that they can openly express themselves but also, I guess This goes into part of the problem with this right is that we, as a society have become so self regulatory, that we are almost censoring ourselves before the big media entities can censor us. So we're almost doing their work on their behalf because we've been so conditioned. Yeah.

Darrell Becker  20:18  
And so self censorship is one of the larger issues that I think as I think, like, negatively impacted, and I would say, infected the alt media that I love to listen to and watch. And that's, that's kind of been an issue. I think that going along to get along being friends with everybody, you know, like, I get it, like, it's good to make a bridge of empathy, like I used to say, like building these bridges of empathy, so that, you know, with the bridge between me and you, Brian, we could drive these 18 wheelers of logic and reason and evidence back and forth, you know, with a solid bridge with integrity. And, you know, obviously, you know, if the empathy seems gone, if it seems like, you know, fu Brian, like, I think you need to subscribe to the train model of disease right now. And completely just get away from the idea that you catch a cold from a virus. And like, I mean, that would be very confrontational, and I'm not doing that, you know, that's not my style. My style is I'm going to try to build a bridge, I'm gonna try to find a way but But beyond that, like, I think that, you know, being too much of kid gloves and just not not speaking of things is an issue. I really want to encourage like that, you know, to try to bring people on, who do have a different political opinion. I'm, for example of the opinion that I think that mathematically, I haven't seen that my vote matters, you know, or that I would say, tactically speaking. I haven't seen that corruption doesn't completely sway, especially like the last, I don't know, the last 45 elections, I would say,

Unknown Speaker  21:57  
all with the first,

Darrell Becker  21:59  
you know, plus the eight presidents who were there before Washington, let no I'm sorry, it was 14 presidents before Washington. I just wanted to talk about that.

Brian Nichols  22:10  
History now. Yeah.

Darrell Becker  22:12  
I mean, you know, how about the topic of liberty, for example, because that I saw, like so much in this scroll underneath me here. Like about everything, liberty? And I'm like, wondering, when did you get into that topic of freedom and liberty? What When did you find that one?

Brian Nichols  22:25  
You know, and I guess, across the board is 2015, back when I first started getting into this world, right? And it was more so I think everybody has this moment in their lives, where they kind of look around, and they're like, both teams are kind of full of shit, right? And like, once you hit that moment, you're like, Okay, there's got to be something else out there. That makes more sense. And once you kind of get into this liberty world, it's it's a, we talked about this in sales, once you help people see something, they can't unsee it. And the same thing is true. Once you kind of start going through, and you start to have the light bulbs all turn on the proverbial light bulb. It's like, Oh, that makes sense. Oh, and then also, that helps make this make sense. And you see the domino effect, right. And for me, it was, it was a really fast domino effect. I guess I really turned into more of not just someone who was getting why this stuff works. But I saw the value, I wanted to become almost an advocate for liberty to help sell the ideas that we're talking about. And I love the fact that you hit the nail on the head when it comes to empathy, because and we've done many a show here on The Brian Nichols Show about the importance of empathy and sales because if you do not show the person that you're speaking to that you understand why they have this pain to literally walk in their shoes with them, then they're not going to listen to you because they don't think you know what they they're experiencing. You're completely on a different playing field. So and you know, I just looked at the time realized already hard pressed for time. I have another show coming up here in five minutes. Let's do this. Wow. I know it goes by fast man. As we go towards the tail end of the episode, do me a favor. i This is a conversation we're gonna keep going on at some point, Darryl, so don't worry, we're going to have you on again. But let's get people directed towards where if they want to find out more about content safe, they want to protect their content online, so it's not getting nuked by the big tech overlords. We're gonna do that. And also, where can folks go ahead support you follow you, they want to keep the conversation

Darrell Becker  24:14  
right on. So definitely go to content safe dot CEO, I want you to just go there and you know, immediately go to our contact, if you're ready to like set up like an individual customized build of whatever it is where you want to get on five platforms, 10 platforms, and grow your audience as a content producer. That's what we do. We help you grow your audience. And that protects your content that keeps it all safe. And then for sure, you know, definitely for folks who are curious about all things medical, I mean, I highly recommend you know, just like consider, you know, if you based on this show, you know and like and trust me now, and you've got some powerfully challenging medical situations that just resist all of the standard treatment. Well, that's fine. I'll be because you're missing some information. And I'm ready to give any one who's watching The Brian Nichols Show a free 15 minute consult, you can just use my special private email, voluntary, you can use that I'll give you a free 15 minutes and give you some pointers and send you on the way. And I do like more extensive consults for actual money. But that for sure, you know, I'll give you a gift of small bit of pointers on how to get somewhere with things because chronic illnesses and injuries are no joke. And if you trust in the medical system to save you, you are gonna have a hard time just like that skiing instructor in South Park would say to you that you're gonna have a hard time you're gonna have a bad time, basically. So yeah, that's I want to point people in that direction. And yeah, I'm I do have a show not medical advice, where I get to see all those things that I just said,

Brian Nichols  25:55  
Well, how about this Daryl, we'll make sure in the show notes, we direct people all towards those different links. So folks, if you want to go ahead, learn more, continue the conversation, do me a favor, click the artwork in your podcast catcher, it's gonna bring you over to the Brian Nichols, where you can find today's episodes, all those Affer mentioned links, plus, you're gonna find the entire transcript from today's episode, and the video version of the show, which yes, it is right now over on Odyssey rumble, and YouTube. But Daryl, we're gonna be talking some time off air here cuz I think there's an opportunity to grow the audience just like I teach my sales teams, right? You want to have a better end of the month, have a bigger pipeline at the start of the start of the funnel. The same thing is true when we're trying to reach more people have more eyeballs and ears that can actually consume the content versus relying on one different platform platform. So yes, folks, if you got some value from today's show, you know some content producers out there, but please go ahead. share today's episode when you do tag yours truly at B. Nichols liberty. And by the way, folks, we have sponsorship openings here on The Brian Nichols Show. If you are interested, email me, Brian at Brian Nichols, And otherwise, folks, we had an awesome awesome conversation with our good friends Austin and Stephanie Peters, and they bought a brand new kids book. It's called Calvin, the coolest president. And here's the coolest part, all the artwork AI generated I can't wait to show that episode you guys. So with that being said, if you're here on YouTube, we're going to continue the conversation over there right here. And with that being said, please do me a favor go ahead and hit that little subscribe button and notification bell so you don't miss a single time we go live fingers crossed it works that way and if not content safe is going to go ahead and get my back. So with that being said Brian Nichols show signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for Darryl Becker. We'll see you later. Thanks right

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Darrell Becker is the co-owner of, a video distribution service that publishes videos up onto many platforms simultaneously helping to fight big tech censorship and grow the audience of shows getting squeezed out by YouTube Facebook and Google. Darrell is also a licensed acupuncturist and holistic healthcare professional, and he consults with clients around the world, helping them solve medical problems that don't get better with industrial "Rockefeller" medical care. His podcast is Not Medical Advice, available on Spotify and most podcast apps.