April 3, 2023

708: How to Use Sales & Marketing Strategies to Change Politics FOREVER

Using Sales & Marketing Strategies to Revolutionize Politics

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Are you tired of politics being all talk and no action? Do you want to learn how to influence the direction of the country and make a real impact? Then you need to tune in to The Brian Nichols Show, where host Brian Nichols teaches you how to apply sales and marketing strategies to politics.

For six years, Brianhas been discussing this topic and advocating for a deeper approach to changing people's hearts and minds. He believes that instead of just winning arguments, it's crucial to meet people where they're at on the issues the care about and teach the fundamentals of sales and marketing. By doing so, you can bring libertarian ideas to a new audience, offer tangible solutions, and win elections.

But that's not all! The Brian Nichols Showis back with a brand new approach to Selling Liberty. With longer-form content and behind-the-scenes exclusives on theirPatreon page, the show will focus on meeting people where they're at on the issues they care about. Brian will discuss how the show changed its approach to Selling Liberty and answer listener questions.

So if you're ready to learn how to make a real impact and influence the direction of the country, tune in to The Brian Nichols Show. It's time to bypass the traditional barriers of politics and bring about real change.


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How do we use sales and marketing to win in the world of politics? Let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. signings you're on The Brian Nichols Show. I'm back. Here with another fun episode. I am as always your humble host joining you live Marvy NZ studios, you're in lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let the upcoming recession put your company at risk, folks, it's time to revamp your sales and marketing strategies. And if you want to learn more, email me, Brian at Brian Nichols. consulting.com. So let's talk about this. Yes, sales and marketing and how can we apply it to the world of politics? And why should we apply it to the world of politics? Well, what better way to articulate that Veria point than by going through here what we've been doing here, The Brian Nichols Show over the past five years at this point and where we're going forward, and I talked about this last week, well guess two weeks ago, because last week, we were off as I was welcoming the new addition to my family, my little girl, my little baby girl here, enter to the world. So very excited. And thank you to everyone for the well wishes, we are so excited, and just pumped to see where my future is headed. Right daughter's futures had it's just exciting to to see things as we're growing here as a family and also talking about where we're going to be heading as a country. So I want to make sure we have a good country and a good environment for not just my family, but also your families to grow up. And as we move forward, and how do we how do we change the way that the country has been heading? Right. And this is something I've heard, quite often discussed, both in greater Liberty circles, but also more frequently in that more mainstream political discourse. And that is, how do we actually change people's hearts and minds to change where we're heading right now? And society? And the answer is actually quite simple. Sales and marketing. When it comes down to it, we have to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about now, for you longtime listener, The Brian Nichols Show you you know that this is just basically Brian going through and repeating the things you've heard for 700 episodes plus now but for you new listeners, we're gonna actually go back and we're going to start things off and walking through not just how we started The Brian Nichols Show. But as we change our perspectives, what was the result? Why did we change our, our approach to selling Liberty versus just talking to libertarians about how great we were? So to start things off? Yes, I had some guests questions that were put in here over the past few weeks. So we're gonna dig through these. And this week, by the way, it's can be a little bit different of a week, because it's just going to you and me, as I'm getting back into the swing of things here, getting guests rescheduled and such. So don't worry, we're going to kick things off also, with the longer form content starting up here in a week or so. And also remember, folks, we're going back going back, yes, way back to back in 2019 2021. We are three days a week, we are returning to that. But also, we're layering in longer form episodes, where you're gonna be able to go ahead not only get the longer episode, but then get exclusive behind the scenes content of that episode, more deep dives with the guests on our Patreon. So if you're interested, their link will be in the show notes. And we'll talk about that at the end. But starting things off? Yes. How do I get involved in the world of politics, and why sales and marketing as an approach to selling liberty when we're talking about what we're doing here on The Brian Nichols Show? So let's rewind back in 2018, I started this program and I started the program off trying to articulate how we could in the greater Liberty world, have better conversations, get to know one another, maybe build more bridges. And in doing so, I was having a lot of folks on the program. But more often than not, it was folks in our greater liberty movement, people who already agree with us. And for the first two ish years of my show. That's pretty much what the program consisted of it was me a libertarian talking to other libertarians or conservatives or folks in our greater Liberty world about why our ideas made sense. And that's great up until it isn't and why wasn't it great into a certain point. Because when you're not talking to people beyond your Echo Chamber, you end up just talking really to an audience of one. So I want to figure out how can we effectively bypass that that traditional barrier, right of only talking to Liberty oriented folks, people who already are on board with our mission. So when I look at what I do in my day, job sales, marketing, working with C level executives, to help them not just reframe in the world of business technology, but also we've been doing here with my side hustle and that is helping businesses small business owners be able to effectively communicate their value and messaging to a new target audience a new niche that they can go ahead and dominate in and looking at what we're doing here, The Brian Nichols Show, that's what I want to make sure I was teaching to you the member of the Brian Nichols show audience, not just why we are right. And trust me, there are tons of podcasts you can go listen to, that will just reaffirm why libertarianism is, in our opinion, and frankly, just common sense, the right way to go. But that only goes so far we have to be able to articulate these ideas to people who are in a window of transition, some may call that a trigger event, if we're talking about the sales terminology. So when I look at the world of sales, and marketing, that was the answer to bringing our world of liberty politics to someone out there who isn't already on board with the libertarian idea, they need someone who's been unaware that libertarianism or the liberty movement is an option beyond the traditional two party, Republican Democrat, Red Team Blue team environment. So being able to not only articulate that, but then to offer real tangible solutions to the problems people face. And doing so through the lens of sales and marketing, meeting people where they're at on the issues, they care about entering into the conversations that they're already having, in their own minds, bridging those two worlds together and bringing a real, tangible alternative to the table. That's why we took a direct 90 degree turn when it really came down to things here back in 2020. Because I want to make sure you're being more effective, effective with the way that we were communicating our ideas. So with that, what how do we use sales and marketing to actually win elections and influence the voters into not just supporting our specific candidate, but actually getting on board with our ideas, getting on board with the movement, and it goes back to something we talked about here on the show many a time building trust, we have to be able to not just articulate our value, articulate our message, but to show the person that we're reaching out to that we're genuine, we care about them, we want to see them succeed. And we do so by showing empathy and building that natural trust. I was actually just talking to Michael hice, here over at the the Mises caucus. And he'd been doing great work, trying to help build some bridges into traditional non voting libertarian groups, but bringing them on board by helping establish trust. And we do that in the approach that Mises caucus has been taking here by focusing on local elections. And that's something actually we've been talking about on The Brian Nichols Show for a number of years is building up the base of trust in your community, letting the voters know, you're not just there to win an election, you're not just showing up every two, four years to get their vote. But you're actually there to because you care, you want to see your environment, your community, those within your community do better. So we do that by showing up consistently entering into the conversation that people are already having, and trying to bring our libertarian values and our principles and solutions, frankly, to the table to the problems that our community is facing. So when we're talking about winning elections, that's why it's so important for us to not go ahead and just, you know, spout off libertarian ideas, principles, features, benefits, that doesn't matter when you're talking to your average person. Reason being is because that stuff is just fluff in terms of actually addressing the real root cause of a problem that they're facing. And it's gonna vary from locality to locality. For example, I'm here in eastern Indiana, the issues that we're gonna be focusing on and elections here are gonna be vastly different than the election issues you'll be focusing on in California or Philadelphia, or name, blue area, that really comes down to how we have to not just approach our messaging, but also where do we spend our time? Libertarians, we spend way too much time trying to make everybody our target market when the reality is that the riches are in the niches. So we have to figure out who is our target market. And here's the reality, folks, when your target market is everyone, your target market is no one. So figuring out who that specific person is. And then making sure that your messaging, you're you're articulating the value specifically to that person, not just to a grand swath of groups of people, you want to make sure it feels hyper personalized, and hyper real for that person. And they feel that you're actually talking to them, not just spouting off some libertarian dogma. Now, when we're talking about, yeah, so when we're talking to The Brian Nichols Show,