April 24, 2023

717: Renewed Purpose and Meaning: The Connection between Parenting and Perseverance

Brian Nichols & @BrianMcWilliams on @LionsofLiberty - Insights and Inspiration on Parenthood, Perseverance, Sales, and Marketing

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Are you ready to be inspired and energized by the ultimate discussion on parenting, sales, and marketing? Look no further than the Mean Age Daydream podcast, where host Brian McWilliams and guest Brian Nicholsshare their experiences and insights on the joys and challenges of becoming a parent.

Get ready for a conversation that will make you laugh, cry, and reconsider your entire outlook on life.Nicholsshares how his mission to help others articulate their ideas through sales and marketing has been re-energized by his experiences as a parent, while McWilliamsdiscusses the joy of seeing life through his children's eyes.

But that's not all - they also explore the importance of perseveranceand how looking into the eyes of one's child can provide a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. And if you're interested in the concept of liberty, Nicholsexplains how his mindset has evolved over the years, and why he now focuses on playing defense and explaining why liberty makes sense.

This episode is not just informative - it's also thought-provoking and entertaining (be sure to stick around until the end when they touch on Chelsea Handler's remarks about the joys of not having children).

So, whether you're a parent or not, this conversation will leave you feeling energized and inspired to make the most of every moment in life. Don't miss theMean Age Daydreampodcast with Brian McWilliamsand Brian Nichols.


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Brian McWilliamsProfile Photo

Brian McWilliams

Co-Founder Lions of Liberty

Brian McWilliams is a native Philadelphian currently living in Los Angeles and practicing public relations and stand up comedy with equal aplomb. His passion and concern for liberty was realized during Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign, which shed light on the troubling initiatives our government was embracing that infringed on the tenets that the United States was founded upon. Brian is the host and producer of “Mean Age Daydream,” the Lions of Liberty Network’s weekly Wednesday look at current events, culture and comedy through a liberty lens.

Follow Brian on all his platforms through his Linktree: https://t.co/bCEgbSFOOO