May 2, 2023

720: Free Speech UNDER ATTACK 😡

Larry Ward on Protecting the First Amendment in the Era of COVID

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Freedom of speech is under attack! Are you prepared to fight for your right to speak your mind? In this powerful episode of The Brian Nichols Show, host Brian Nichols is joined by guest Larry Ward from the Constitutional Rights PAC to discuss the chilling effects of censorship and cancel culture on our First Amendment rights.

They delve into the recent example of Tucker Carlson on Fox News, whose voice was almost silenced by powerful interests seeking to control the narrative. But the most shocking revelation comes when they reveal the dangerous precedent set by Fox News' settlement with Dominion for a staggering $800 million in response to lawsuits. This is a chilling reminder of just how easily our freedom of speech can be silenced and how expensive it can be to fight for it.

Don't let your voice be silenced! Join Brian Nichols and Larry Ward as they fight for our right to free speech and protect our First Amendment rights. Tune in now to The Brian Nichols Show for this dramatic and powerful discussion. Like and subscribe to stay informed on the latest episodes and be a part of thefight for freedom of speech!


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Unknown Speaker  0:38  
In 2023, how do we protect and stand for the First Amendment when there are so many folks who are interested in silencing others? Let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics. Teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Unknown Speaker  1:00  
Wow, hey there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host joining you live from our VNC Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana. Folks, the recession is right around the corner. I don't know if the collapse of the largest banking collapse we've had here in recent memory just took place. Yeah, the recession is right around the corner. So if you are not preparing, well guess what your competitors are. So you want to revise and renew your sales and marketing strategies. Email me at Brian at Brian Nichols. All right. We're going to talk today about the First Amendment and it has very obviously been under assault, specifically over the past three years in an era of COVID where we were told to trust the science trust the experts and all the actual science and experts were raising up concerns or objections and trying to you know, engage in science were silenced. They were D platformed. And we just saw this take place more recently, not necessarily in the trust of science world but over on Fox News, one of their leading voices Tucker Carlson being silenced by his his big wigs. They're at a Fox News. So where is the First Amendment heading? And are there people there willing to stand up and fight back to join and discuss that today from the Constitutional Rights Act? Larry Ward, welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Unknown Speaker  2:28  
Hey, thanks for having me, Brian. Absolutely. Larry, thank you for joining us. Looking forward to digging into things today. All Things First Amendment, but first, do us a favor, introduce yourself here to The Brian Nichols Show audience at Larry Ward and I'm the chairman of the Constitution rights pack and the We the founder of standard Tucker and we put out the standard Tucker petition a number of years ago when medium matters was and George Soros were attacking advertisers to try and take Tucker off the air right as he first got his show started. And we started the petition then and then we put it right back up right after Fox News, threw him off. And you know, I didn't think Fox News was going to throw him off. I you know, of course when we when the show was was just starting, you know, there was a good potential that could happen but now he's the king of, you know, the cable news. Who thought that Fox would actually, you know, act, not in their best interest but in the best interests of Chuck Schumer and AOC and throw Tucker off the air. And so we put the petition back up. We already have over 200,000 signatures, you know of people who want to stand with Tucker and and it's growing, it's growing every single day. So if you go to Stanford You can you can sign the petition and you know, let Fox News know that they messed up pretty big and and it's time it's time that we turn canceled culture on its head. And quite frankly, you know, the the reasons that that are out there, they're all bad. There's not a good reason for Rupert Murdoch, to fire Tucker Carlson. But I have I have my opinions. So this this goes right into you know where I want to kick things off for the conversation today, Larry, because this this conversation of free speech has been something I thought everybody in the country was on board with up until I realized no, that's not the case. Not only is that not the case, there are people vehemently against the idea of free speech who will go out of their way to use the strong arm of government to squash free speech and free conversations and free discussions, particularly when we're talking about very controversial and taboo subjects. You look at what just happened with Tucker Carlson now, here in The Brian Nichols Show. We've obviously had some disagreements specific as particularly in the world of economic policy that Carlson promoted. But that doesn't mean that we want to see him silenced. As a matter of fact, we want to see more people like Tucker being able to have these conversations, frankly, to one of the largest, if not the largest audiences on cable news, so it might just be an easy answer, but I think there's more to the actual question I have here and that is why, why has there been such an uptick, in your opinion, in trying to censor others over the past few years? It seems like it really has ramped up with the online D platforming and it's only gotten worse. What are your thoughts in there? Larry? Well, let's see who's in who's in office. Now. It's Joe Biden, who is beholden not to the American voters, but to China and Chinese communists.

Unknown Speaker  5:36  
That's what they do. They censor their people. They shut them up there. They you know, they're violent with them, you know, what they do to the epic times all around the world all these the epic times of course is is is a sworn enemy of China. And you know, China what China does to shut up the epic times is they they firebomb their offices, and they torture their people. And you know, if you read if you read the epic times, and I've done enough research to believe this, they heart they harvest their organs, you know that that's, that's that's what they'll do to shut them up. And, you know, China Biden is is right alongside I mean, they want to keep their finger their thumb on the American people they want to stop. You know, our freedom of thought, because, look, if we have a debate on the ideas, we win every single time, right, yeah, we want a secure border. They're arguing for letting whatever they want across the border. Were for you know, freedom. And, you know, we were against the lockdowns and we were against, you know, the mask mandates and we were against, you know, the the vaccine mandates, and therefore, all of that stuff. We win the argument every single time. It no doesn't matter what the topic is, if it's just left on debates, the right wins the argument, and they know that and so, you know, the one thing Tucker said on his on his, you know, little video that he did from his basement that blew away Fox his ratings the other night was Was he said, you know, and it's something that I said right after 2020 We are no longer in the game of persuasion. We are in the game of force, because the left is pushed us there. Because if we're in the game of persuasion, we've already won that the American people are on our side. In large, large numbers. The problem is in persuading the problem is is persuading enough that you overcome the cheating persuading enough that you overcome the advantage. That they have in the mainstream media persuading enough to overcome, you know, the advantages they have with these with these, you know, Bs election laws that were just kind of slapped up for COVID reasons and having gone down, you know, they they are, we have to persuade that much and every time we get to that much because we do it. They just keep moving the goalposts and they keep forcing us into into a position where you know, we're going to have to fight back with force and I don't mean violent force, I mean, force legal force, I mean, force in terms of you know, turning the turning the canceled culture around and and making Bud Light and Anheuser Busch paper their stupid decision to put a transgender on the can. You know, I'm talking about force by by changing our buying habits and only buying from American companies who give a damn about this country. I don't care who you vote for. I care if you give a damn about this country. And so there are a lot of things that we can do.

Unknown Speaker  8:52  
You know, to to change the outcome by force and legal is a very, very big one. We got to fight in courts. We got to sue the crap out of them the way they sue us. And you know, this Dominion lawsuit that just happened.

Unknown Speaker  9:07  
It's really the maybe the one of the worst things has happened to the First Amendment in our lifetime, is that Fox News, not only capitulated on the argument that they had a right, not not in almost obligation to report on on the Dominion stories. They didn't claim Dominion stole the election. They were reporting on other people who said that we have to investigate this and so they were they were out there, you know, reporting on the news, which is what a news outlet should do. And Dominion suing them was to silence them and it worked it silence them in silence. NEWSMAN silence. Oh, yeah. It silence all of them on on the election. And then by taking you know, by taking the quote unquote easy route and settling for $800 million you know what, what, what they what Fox News just did is they said here, we can't we can't take these lawsuits anymore. You can you when you went will shut up. And now we can't talk and we can never challenge an election again or to get sued for $800 million. That's the precedent set. And it really had a chilling effect on it's going to have a chilling effect on the First Amendment. So we're in a really dangerous spot in our in our nation. And you know, so it's more important now that people like yourself, you know, like us, it concentrates back that we continue to exercise. Exercise our first amendment that's very important word people say that all the time you exercise your first amendment, you have to exercise which means it's going to be painful sometimes.

Unknown Speaker  10:46  
You know, when you exercise and you work yourself out, you get sore, right, the next day you wake up sore, you're beat up. Well, when you exercise your first amendment, the other side is going to beat you up. They're going to cancel you they're going to they're going to impact your your your income. Do it anyway. You need to exercise because you get stronger. The country will get stronger. Amen. We all need to keep talking. Amen. I can't agree more. And actually, let's kind of focus on this a little bit more in detail here because this kind of goes to my audience which we are predominantly in this greater Liberty politics world. And there has been a lot of folks who I've heard vocally say, well, we don't want to use air quotes, the terms of the left, right, and that is this idea of using force. But I think we also have to put ourselves in the context of where we are today. It's not to your point, force of trying to actually cause harm on others, but rather we're looking at this almost as a means of playing defense, but also by playing smart offense by taking the wins where we know we can get the wins in terms of standing up for what is right. And this goes into something we've we've articulated here in the show many a time that just because we accept that there are people who are going to have differences of ideas does not mean that we have to passively tolerate those ideas. As a matter of fact, when we hear bad ideas, I dare say we have an obligation to speak out against those ideas, vocally, loudly, and we see that there has been a lot of folks in our greater Liberty camp who they don't want to engage in the fight because they more so just want to go along to get along it. I guess it's that mentality of just accepting the next wave of whatever the left is pushing down our throats as well, you know, as long as they don't do X, Y and Z and then five years later, the X Y and Z has been way in the rearview mirror and they're going 1000 Miles full speed ahead. It's time for us to stand up and say no, this is not okay. And that's okay to say it's not okay. I would want to maybe turn this a little bit towards there's a story you guys shared over on constitutional rights pack a 12 year old conferenza school board because he was told that his there are only two gender shirts was a disruption. Now that right there is the exact example of what we're talking about is like he's trying to approach this very controversial and sometimes uncomfortable conversation and we're talking about the the transgender debate right now that's taking over the cultural mainstream, and trying to poke some fun, add some levity to the conversation to at least start to spark a conversation but it seems like the school board's in lockstep with a lot of these other corporate entities out there. Don't want this conversation to even take place, but rather just accept a narrative as it has been presented and then go full speed ahead. What are your thoughts there? Well as someone who lives in Loudoun County, Virginia, I will tell you that this topic is near and dear with kids in public school, near and dear to my heart and we've been fighting in the public schools for a number of years now. Matter of fact we I dare to say we're almost the tip of the spear because they try to push all this nonsense down our throat for years with the girls going in the in the boys bathroom and and boys going in the girls bathroom and locker rooms and all that kind of stuff and you got daughter you got to be very afraid to send your kid to public school.

Unknown Speaker  14:09  
And the books that they're that they you know, with disgusting, pornographic pornographic built. Look, if you're in a pornography, great. There are reasons why I'm actually not great. You know, I don't think pornography is a good thing for anybody. Be honest with you. But at the same at the same time. You're an adult, you have the right to make your own choices. But my kids, I get to make their choices. Yes. Not not you the school. The parent gets to make my kids choices, period. That's the that's the way that's the way our society is built. We are not living in a communist society. You remember, back in the in the it was maybe 10 years ago.

Unknown Speaker  14:52  
This poor woman from MSNBC came out and did a commercial and people were shocked by it. But she actually said, you know, as Americans, we have to get over the idea that that our children belong to us.

Unknown Speaker  15:07  
And that was a commercial on MSNBC. And it was such an abhorrent idea that we were people were shocked and you know, she got a lot of backlash. for it. But that's not her idea. That is the leftist idea. And they've been pushing this for a very long time. Joe Biden just said it like last week that well there's no they're not your kids. They're our kids. It's like no Joe. That's that's Karl Marx speaking. Please sit down. Right there. Our kids, my and my wife's children. And that's it.

Unknown Speaker  15:40  
And you know, the, we have a right to say, you know, no, thank you. And we're going to fight and get you to remove these things like what happened on Kenny I don't know if you all know the whole story, but it was pretty apparent you know, we were showing up to the school boards making headlines, Fox News, everybody was covering what was going on there 500 people showing up at a school board meeting and it was it was all you know, the other side there you know, the purple hair transgenders and their supporters but for the most part, it was like 2001 The parents who are just outraged about what was going on and the the parents were there every time and they said we're gonna vote on next time next meeting we're gonna vote on on you know letting boys go into the girls bathroom. And in between that situation, a girl was raped by a boy who went into the girls bathroom. Right? And instead of having that conversation, when 500 people showed up at the next meeting, they hid it.

Unknown Speaker  16:47  
The father of that girl who was raped showed up at the at the school board meeting and was arrested, arrested, they stopped things. They let their people talk and then they shut the meeting down. And everybody was pissed because they all came out to have a word and then no one else was allowed to have a word. And this guy just kept saying, but my daughter was raped. And they arrested him. And the prosecutor, the sorrows prosecutor in Loudoun County was gonna throw the book at him. And then it all comes out that the school board not only covered it up not only cover it up, but they moved the kid from one school to another. And he did the same thing. So you know, this, this is not, you know, we're being intolerant to transgender kids. No, we're trying to protect our regular gender kids. We're trying to protect you know, the girls who are who are changing in the in the in the school locker room or going into the going into the bathroom. And you know, being being attacked. I mean, we are we are that's that's the that's the objective. It's not about being mean to somebody else. Right. And so, so that's going on and then of course I'm ticked goes in it says there are only two genders, and they and they they throw them out of school. I mean, come on. This is ridiculous. That kid has a right to wear that T shirt. What if now it's funny, I want him to go in again.

Unknown Speaker  18:16  
Mike and I put on those shirts say there are only three genders. Just Just see what they say about that. Oh, now now it's like, oh, are there only three? No, because they say there's 47 You know, so it's absurdity they want us to believe up is down and down is up. And boys girl and think girl is boy and you know you can be trans abled now you know you can you can you can think that you're an amputee and everybody's got to say, Oh, I feel so sorry for your missing leg when you're looking right at it. Yeah. I mean, it's it's a it's a world of lies and that's that's where they want us to go. And that's why they have to censor us. Because if they don't, if they don't, then their lives will carry because someone will challenge them. And as soon as someone challenges them and tell them how absurd they are, and they do that on national television like Tucker Carlson does every single mighty challenge the absurdity.

Unknown Speaker  19:15  
He you know, he, he drove him crazy. He challenged the absurdity of the Ukraine war. Why are we there? And you saw the Defense Department and the deep state and Neo cons all cheer when he was fired. Right? He challenged the absurdity of you know, this transgender movement he challenged the absurdity of of the, you know, of the Democratic woke corporations he challenged the absurdity of the vaccine mandates and the mask mandates and when he brought Robert Kennedy on a couple of days ago a lot of people think that that was probably tied to why he was fired because you know what, you look at what happened just couple of weeks later, a couple of weeks before when James O'Keefe was thrown out of his own company, the company he founded because he did a Pfizer you know, he did a Pfizer expos that Yep. So he gets thrown out of his own company. And then so could be could it be the Could it be the deep state could it be the the pharma pharmaceutical industry, it could be by personal opinion, it was it was very sudden, he said he was going to do a show on Monday. He was prepping a show on Monday means nobody called him and said don't come in. He was already working on the show on Monday. But what happened in between that Friday and Monday was this ray Epps interview where Ray Epps, the guy who was an instigator in January 6, he was the guy saying go in to the Capitol, go into the Capitol screaming over and over again. That guy they did. They did a kind of a whitewash Expo Zahn, CBS on CBS and blamed everybody for treating him badly.

Unknown Speaker  21:00  
You know, what, who had I forget? Who did Kevin McCarthy give the January 6 footage to Tucker.

Unknown Speaker  21:10  
Tucker, and I think Tucker was prepping. I haven't spoken to Tucker. I don't know Tucker. I know a lot of people do. But But and I haven't asked him but I bet he was prepping the show to expose reps. If he had all the footage. Yeah. Well, folks, remember recently here we had the guy who had the podium that he walked across he's the big smile and cheer. He faced your months in jail. And he just is now getting his life back together. Right EPS is now being murdered by the very people who said anybody who went into the Capitol Building and J six is right up there with a domestic terrorist. Larry, I don't understand maybe that there's a little bit of discrepancy there. And I guess maybe we're hinting at the reasonings behind that. But I looked at the clock here, we're already hard pressed for time, which means that the very fun questions are going to be behind our paywall as a sovereign exclusive and Patreon exclusive So folks, if you want to hear me ask Larry where he thinks a lot of this kind of craziness and insanity is actually coming from we're going to have to be a supporting listener $1.99 A month over on our Patreon. And by the way, if you are joining us here on sovereign Yes, you will get the entire episode included here just in this episode over on sovereign so make sure you go ahead and sign up otherwise you can find us over on YouTube. And on rumble just do me a favor hit that little subscribe button and notification bell so you don't miss a single time we go live and with that being said final thoughts for the episode today. I guess you know, I'll kick things off, Larry and that is this is why it's so important for us to set narratives not respond to narratives and this is something I brought up as over on Tim Poole show is that it was at the time it was right when Ron DeSantis was doing the air quote, don't say gay bill, but what was he actually doing? He was saying if you were in K through third grade at the time, that no this conversation will not take place in terms of transgenderism. We're questioning your sexual orientation. If you're a child now what we're going to do is allow parents to have that conversation. At the very least determine when that conversation will if it does take place and instead of trying to play defense consistently, it has to be something we do differently. And I to your point saying we have to be playing the game of offense using force right and using force not in the negative sense of trying to harm others but trying to push our agenda forward when it's time. Frankly, we're at the point. We have to do something different people are starting to realize that the country is going in a negative direction. And I don't want to be too late. So yes, we have to start playing offense start sending narratives instead of responding to them. Larry, what do you have for us for your final thoughts? Final thoughts go to stay with Look, it I know you signed a million petitions. But there's something powerful when you when you sign a petition aimed at a corporation like Fox News and say, look, we've had enough and we're standing with Tucker and where Tucker's audience goes, that's where we're going.

Unknown Speaker  24:07  
And so, you know, I said over 200,000 people, which means, you know, typically, when when you see a petition, you see the numbers, it's 100 of one. So every one person that signs it represents another 100 people who mean it. And so they know that there's 20 million people that are 20 million Fox viewers who are really ticked off. And so yeah, please add your name. And when you do, we'll, we'll keep you updated in our newsletter. So please do that standard with This is the Constitutional Rights Act. We'll include all those links in the show notes, Larry, it's been a great conversation. And folks, if you want to see part two of the conversation behind the paywall, we'll make sure again, you support us over on Patreon and go ahead and catch us over on sovereign as a sovereign exclusive. Oh and by the way, don't forget if you want to be a part of our good people network, we'll head over to Search good people network. All you have to do is put in your name for a request to join the group and I'll make sure we get you in there and why we're talking about good people who are doing good things trying to bring out the good in others and bring great solutions to their communities. So if you want to be a part of that community, I would love to have you there The good people network. But with that being said, that's all we have for you today. Otherwise, we'll see you behind the paywall. So Brian Nichols signing off, you're on The Brian Nichols Show for Larry ward. We'll see you later.


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Larry Ward, President of Constitutional Rights PAC

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Larry Ward brings decades of political, corporate, and non-profit experience and expertise to his role as the head of marketing, experience that allows him to direct a new company to success.