May 15, 2023

725: The Forbidden Truth - EXPOSING the Sinister Web of Lies from China's Communist Regime

@NFSCSpeak's Nicole Tsai EXPOSING the web of China's Communist Regime

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Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey with The Brian Nichols Show as host Brian Nichols unveils a riveting episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Join him and special guest Nicole Tsai from the New Federal State of China as they dive deep into the heart-wrenching battle for freedom against the oppressive clutches of the Chinese Communist Party. Brace yourself for an explosive exploration ofresilience, courage, and the unstoppable quest for liberty!

In this gripping episode, Brian Nichols and Nicole Tsaipull back the curtain on the remarkable story of Mr. Miles Guo, the visionary founder of the New Federal State of China. Prepare to be captivated by the audacious mission to bring freedom and democracy to 1.4 billion Chinese people, defying the tyrannical actions of the Communist Party. Witness the power of unity and the unwavering determination to fight against oppression.

Hold onto your seats as you discover the shocking truths behind the Communist Party's reign of terror. Brian Nichols and Nicole Tsai expose the unimaginable atrocities committed by the CCP, as well as thedeep-rooted corruption that has enabled its global reach. Uncover the jaw-dropping revelations about the role played by Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and other US entities in perpetuating this ruthless regime.

But that's not all! Prepare to be inspired as Nicole Tsai reveals potential strategies to create a new, free China without widespread bloodshed. Delve into the impactful measures of imposing sanctions on CCPkleptocrats, decoupling from the regime, and holding accountable those who profit from slave and forced labor. Gain insight into the deadly threat the CCPposes to the US and the urgent need for awareness and action.

Don't miss out on this exhilarating episode that promises to challenge your perspective, ignite your passion for justice, and leave you hungry for change. Be a part of the movement to support the New Federal State of Chinain their relentless pursuit of liberty. Tune in now and witness the epic battle against oppression that will reshape the course of history!


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Brian Nichols  0:14  
How do we build a future of freedom and love for the Chinese people outside of communist oppression? Let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, hey there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host. Joining us live from our BNC Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana folks, the recession is right around the corner if you have not revamped your sales and marketing strategies, well guess what your competitors have and they're going to leave you in the dust. Let's not let that happen. If you want your help from yours truly email me Brian at Brian Nichols. All right, folks, let's talk about Yes, a an approach to bringing some freedom to an oppressed people in China, specifically one oppressed by Communism. We've talked about this many a time here on the show. Actually, we talked about this more recently with our guests from the Jason long your laughingstock excuse me from the Eternal Spring documentary talking about the struggle of the Falun Gong. Well, today joining us from the new federal state of China, Nicole sigh welcome here to The Brian Nichols Show.

Nicole Tsai  1:39  
Well, thank you so much for having me, Brian. I'm so glad to be here. And Happy Saturday from New York City and very glad to be here.

Brian Nichols  1:48  
Very glad to have you on the show, Nicole, because obviously what you guys are doing over at the new federal state of China is super important, especially when we're talking about standing up against the tyranny that is represented best by Communism. So do us a favor, introduce yourself to The Brian Nichols Show audience and what your mission is over the new federal state of China?

Nicole Tsai  2:08  
Absolutely. So I am a member of the more than 600 million followers of the new federal state of China, which was founded by Mr. Mouse call CCP enemy number one. So it was a massive global movement founded by Mr. Moscow back in 2017. He was a very successful business entrepreneur, and he knew how the CCP has been enslaving and persecuting the Chinese people of all faith group, not just the following Gong practitioners but also the Christians, Catholics, Tibetans and Uighurs, almost everyone being in China are being persecuted by the CCP. And a lot of people you know, they're confused with what the CCP is versus the Chinese people. And so let me clarify this for everyone, especially people who are new to this show. The CCP is a illegal government. Nobody voted them into power. It usurped the power of a illegal government called Roc Republic of China, and a force that government retreat to Taiwan. And so CCP is a illegal dictatorship. And so it hijacked the China and, you know, back in 2014 1949, and and kidnapped the 1.4 billion Chinese people. And so ever since then, the CCP has murdered more than 100 million Chinese people's lives, regardless of your age, ethnicity, I mean, during the non war period, meaning that in a peaceful time without foreign war, the CCP murdered more than 100 million Chinese people to watch to political persecution, religious persecution, and political disturbance and you know, including the Tiananmen massacre back in 2089. So, so this is a win. That's the defining moment of Mr. Moscow CCP enemy number one, he gave his only valuable asset, which is a motorcycle he sold his only valuable asset for 3000 Chinese money and donate it to the student led pro democracy movement in 1989. And because of that, he was imprisoned in CCPs Gulag for 22 months. He's been tortured physically and mentally and he witnessed so many Chinese patriots being executed in in the gulag, and he also lost his a younger brother, right before his eyes. I mean, his brother was shot to death collapsed before his eyes by the CCP policeman. So this is the difference Any moment of Mr. Moscow if you want to, you know, from that moment, he made up his mind he wanted to take down the Chinese Communist Party and free the 1.4 billion Chinese people from the suppression and dictatorship. And so in 2017, he came to New York City, and he started to the Chinese whistleblower movements. So basically, he was sitting in his New York residency started blowing whistles against all the high level corruptions of one nation and Xi Jinping and all the CCP, kleptocrats. You know, we know the CCP kleptocrats, they're probably, you know, made up of what less than one point of 1% of the Chinese population. I mean, most of the Chinese people, they're not represented by the CCP. They're the victims of the CCP. And then so back in 2017, Mr. Moscow became the most a persecuted Chinese dissident on the US soil. Why? How's that? So because it doesn't surprise people if he was persecuted in China, or he was canceled out by the all the CCP state owned media. But why the Americas mainstream media right and America special interest interest group wants to destroy this man and want to silence this man. Because Mr. Moss was says our key battleground of fighting the CCP is not in China is here in the United States of America, because it's the Wall Street who has been financing the CCPs global expansion. And it's the Silicon Valley's surrendered technology that has empowered the CCPs. 5g network and the global surveillance program. And it's the Citibank America's biggest bank in Washington in in Wall Street that has been financing the CCP is a one road, one belt system. So imagine it's America special interest group that has not only enabled, empowered, but also enrich the CCP. And so this is why we met the biggest obstacle here, right here in New York City in Washington, DC, because there's so many politicians and lobbyists and law firms have been bought out by the CCP.

Brian Nichols  7:26  
It's It's heartbreaking to hear because you think America the home of the free, right? And with that, you would assume one, I would hope would assume that that would include standing against the oppression that is represented best by the CCP. And yet, Nicole, to your point, it's actually the opposite. We're seeing a lot of not just American corporations, but American elected officials and bureau of bureaucracies supporting and in many cases enabling the mission of the CCP. I guess, my one question is host is why?

Nicole Tsai  8:00  
Well, it's money just ask the former US President George W. Bush or Clinton, why they want the CCP to become part of the WTO and why the US does now hold the CCP accountable for violating all the international rules. And why the US does not sanction the CCP kleptocrats for the older human rights atrocity, not only in the wiggers concentration camp, and, you know forced organ harvesting against the prisoners of conscience. Why corporate America like Nike are profiting from the slave labor and forced labor in the concentration camps. So those are the quick questions that I want each and every of your listeners and viewers to ask your congressman ask your senators about what is America's policy against the CCP? Are we empowering the CCP? Or are we stopping the CCP?

Brian Nichols  8:58  
So your goal is to create a new free China and it's not so much maybe a new China but rather a reversion back to the original governing body of China. My question to you, Nicole is what's the best way to go about that without causing massive bloodshed, both in terms of Chinese lives but also I would envision this turned into almost a world war three type of scenario, putting millions of people's lives at risk. So what's the what's the play? How do we approach this without leading to the worst case scenarios?

Nicole Tsai  9:33  
Well, that's a great question a lot a lot of people have asked me similar question. Because nobody wants another wall. There's there are already too many walls and the walls keep kill people. So let's remember, the CCP has already launched a war against the United States of America for many years. It's called the iron restricted a warfare and it doesn't require military confrontation. It's not a kinetic Well, it's called economical, unrestricted warfare. And it's called the legal war, a law fair. And it's called economic and infiltration. So we're already in the wall with it, the Communist China. It's just a lot of people are not aware and not waking up to that war. So how to stop it. It's very easy. America has already got the tools and the measurement. I mean, you can just play sanctions against just less than a few 100, the CCP kleptocrats, who have placed a massive amount of their personal assets and wealth in the United States of America. And Wall Street needs to just to decouple from the CCP and stop financing the CCP. I mean, it does not shed anybody's blood. All you have to do is to cut off that support life life support for the CCP, and also for the US government for the US Congress labeled the CCP as a transnational criminal group or evil empire. Not it's not a competitor. CCP is a deadly threat to the United States of America. He is not a competitor. He's not a foreign adversary. They want to bring down this country they want to kill American people. The CCP virus has already killed more than 1 million American people's life. I remember Mr. Mouse was tipped off the FBI back in 2017. About the CCP, you know is going to release a deadly virus, later known as a COVID-19. And FBI did nothing. I mean, this country, justice system and DOJ, FBI and federal government agencies like SEC had already been infiltrated by the CCP. So how to fight back, just dig out, expose the sellout, hold them accountable. And please sanctions against a handful of the CCP clap claps autocrats, freeze their personal assets, and bring them to court and free the Chinese people that it's very easy to do so. But why they haven't done that, because there are so many special interest groups in this country, their personal wealth and their career success is wholly dependent on keeping the CCP in power. And that's the most scary thing of all, you know, American people should be terrified. But it's a very, very tragic, sad reality that everybody needs to be aware of.

Brian Nichols  12:32  
I want to go back to something you you raised up earlier, you call it the CCP virus that obviously folks was referring to COVID that we've all experienced over the past three years. And with that there was an anomaly all kind of fits the puzzle together, right? There was this, this massive backlash towards anyone who dare raise up the origins of the COVID virus. And if you were to say it came from China, well, my goodness, you're right next to, you know, the worst racist ever in history for even implying such a thing. And now, it all kind of makes sense. Because to your point, if the CCP has, in fact, infiltrated all these American bureaucratic organizations and levels of government, well, then all of a sudden the narrative that was coming from our government, government officials really make sense. Could you elaborate a little bit more, though, about the fact that 2017 This was on the radar of our special interests here in America, it was completely ignored.

Nicole Tsai  13:28  
Yeah, so Mr. Moscow, CCP enemy number one, when he first came to the United States of America, he gave a lot of exclusive Intel to the federal government agencies, including the 13579 plan, one stands for one bio weapon, and three stands for three years in development of a deadly virus that is going to be released to the entire world to take down the public health and the economy, which also later now as COVID-19, and the five stands for this virus will be effective for five years. And then seven stands for some countries, including five I Partnership Plus India and Japan. And nine stands for nine months, they will the CCP will help develop a vaccine mandate or, you know, COVID vaccine to further deteriorate the public health. And so this was a exclusive Intel given to the US federal government agencies in 2017. And now, after six years, after we have lost over 1 million American people's life, and after the the 100 and 18th. Congress has launched the many congressional hearings and investigations to confirm that Mr. Moscow was absolutely correct about the CCP virus. And so these are the things that you know, America has really paid very dear and high price to ignore worrying Mr. Musk was warning and to allow the CCP to infiltrate in this country. And also, Let's also not forget who funded the technology of the development of the COVID-19. It's NIH. It's Fauci. I mean, the CCP does not have no the technology or the know how to develop such a deadly virus. It's the American taxpayers dollar. It's American, you know, research institutions, contribution to the CCP development of a deadly virus that has killed more than 1 million American people's life. I mean, that number is greater than all the American casualties in World War One World War Two Civil War per hobble combined.

Brian Nichols  15:50  
And is it fair to say as well make sure I'm not miss misinterpreting you. But that your argument today is that the CCP not only with the help of the NIH, basically created COVID as we know it, but this was a targeted attack, not just on America, but on the world by the CCP.

Nicole Tsai  16:12  
Absolutely. So this is a lab made. It's a manufactured humanitarian crisis, deliberately released to the entire world with a key dark hit of America. And remember, President Trump when he was in the White House, it he issued a travel ban. And thankfully, that travel ban saved millions of millions of American people's life. And guess where did he got the information from Peter Navarro and from Moscow, because Moscow gave that entail, and I'm so glad that Peter Navarro and the Trump administration took action upon that lifesaving Intel an issued the travel ban, and saved a millions and millions of American people's life. And so when we're saying that, you know, this virus is not China virus is not the Chinese virus, it's called the CCP virus. And we want people to make a clear distinction between the Chinese Communist Party from China or the Chinese people, because, you know, taking down the CCP is, is not being racist against the Chinese people. Because this, the Chinese people, and including the Chinese American people living in the United States of America are the biggest victim of the CCP.

Brian Nichols  17:26  
Talk to us about tick tock we hear many times here in America, that tick tock is nothing more than an extension of the CCP. And you look at the Chinese version of tick tock versus the American version of Tiktok. One could say yeah, that obviously makes sense that there's something here that they're trying to manipulate, not just the information that our our populace is consuming, but in the manner that it's delivered. Could you talk a little bit about that?

Nicole Tsai  17:55  
Absolutely. When Trump was in the White House, he issued an executive order banning tick tock from operating on the US soil. But you know, like years have passed why tick tock has continued to be doing business as usual. And now we have more than 100 million young American people are using tick tock, and sometimes including people in the military, and CC, CCP, you know, are using this tic tock to obtain US consumers of privacy and data and to harm American people. And we just heard from the news just broke out two days ago, that a employee who worked for the Biden's, which is a tic TOCs parents company, he blow the whistles against the Biden's you know, saying that the CCP has a full access to the data. And also in each and every American company doing business in China. The CCP has a internal organization, something in Chinese called the tangible you know, it's like the CCP party affiliation being installed in each private company, including American companies, and their job is to spy on the employees and obtain illegal access to the data. I mean, things are coming out. So the very the very important question we should be asking to the lawmakers and policy makers is who allowed tick tock to do business as usual knowing that it's the CCPs surveillance program, because the TIC tock and bytedance has hired many prominent lobbyist in Washington DC to do his dirty bidding to influence the Congress and to influence the administration. And we know 31 Former US congressmen and senators, and including two former US senators were part of that influence peddling campaign because yeah, so Oh, you know, Daily Caller, and a number of news report has has disclosed, who are involved. They name the names. So, you know, I'm not making things up, and I'm not spreading conspiracy theory, these are being verified. And you should place a phone call to double check. I mean, it's really the American process proxies helping the CCP to stay in this country to further infiltrate in this country.

Brian Nichols  20:30  
What's the line? I guess? Because there is a fine line between our American first amendment rights and what we're talking about here with tick tock. How do we juggle both the freedom of speech with quite obviously a company that's basically an arm of the CCP, from a propaganda standpoint?

Nicole Tsai  20:49  
Well, let's use the example of Twitter. You know, Mr. Moscow, a CCP enemy number one, when he first start blowing whistles against the CCP in 2017. He is among the first one to be permanently banned by Twitter. I mean, he he was not, you know, spreading any of his personal opinion against the American political parties. He was just a blowing whistles against the CCP, and Twitter banned him permanently. And all of our Chinese whistleblower Movement members, we have been suppressed by Twitter. And Twitter also installed a CCP agent in its board and that her her name is Leif Fei Fei Li, she's a Stanford University. And she's specialized in AI technology. I mean, and also in one of the congressional hearings last year. I mean, you know, we we heard from that congressional hearing, that they were CCP spies on Twitter's a payroll. So Twitter is not American company, is a CCP propaganda tool. They took orders from from Xi Jinping and started cracking down on the Chinese dissidents, and including the critical voice against the CCP, and mostly the these are the conservative people in this country.

Brian Nichols  22:14  
What would you say is the biggest challenge that you're currently facing when standing against the CCP?

Nicole Tsai  22:20  
Well, I think our biggest challenge is that this country is not doing enough work. And I'm talking about congressional work. The Congress has not been, you know, coming after America's inside threats, because these people are doing the dirty bidding for the CCP inside the DOJ inside the justice system inside the Capitol Hill, and inside Washington, DC, and these people can do far more greater harm to this country's national security than a Chinatown, secret police station, or people in communist China, because these people have access to the White House, to the power to the influence, and they can influence policymaking, and they they can compromise the politicians. So it's really the inside threats, that has also become our biggest challenge to fight the CCP. I mean, we want to take down the CCP but American sellout and proxies are standing in the way.

Brian Nichols  23:25  
So as we go towards the end of the episode, the audience knows we'd like to do final thoughts. And I guess I'll kick things off with my final thoughts. And that is, I think, from what we heard today, Nicole in your painting a very nice picture here for the audience to follow through. It's not so much a matter of trying to weaponize our military against China and that the CCP to actually go towards another war, but to rather stop the enablement of the CCP, both from our politicians from our bureaucracies, but also from the financial sector, whether it's our American corporations who are enabling the CCP, whether it's Wall Street, or as you mentioned, Silicon Valley who are bought and paid for by the CCP, and it's on us as consumers to actually stand up and ask for them to be held to account. And if we're not doing that part as consumers, then we are nothing more than enabling the process. So I think it's very important for us to take what we learned today from this episode, and actually do something about it. So that's my my final thoughts for the episode today. Nicole, what do you have for us? I'm Erin,

Nicole Tsai  24:32  
and thank you your final thoughts summarize my and I also want to take this opportunity to let all of your viewers and listeners know that Mr. Miles was CCB enemy number one and the guy who has provided so much life saving exclusive Intel to the US federal government agencies are currently being detained in the metropolitan detention complex in Brooklyn. without bail and So at the same time, all the real criminals, the murderers, the rapers, and the people who really committed billions of dollars of fraud, like the Fonner, f of FTX, and even the CCP, New York secret police stations, operatives, these people were out. I mean, I want everybody to think about this CCP enemy number one, America's greatest asset to fight the CCP are being kept in jail without bail. And the real criminals, and the politicians and lawmakers who have been bought out and owned by the CCP, they're walking free. They're, they're enjoying the freedom. This doesn't sound right. And this is very alarming to all the American people. That's my final thought. And you can follow us on nffc speak on Twitter, and nffc speaks on getur. Also visit our website and FSC To learn more about explosive, exclusive intel that the mainstream media and your federal government agencies does not want you to know,

Brian Nichols  26:09  
Nicole, this has been a very enlightening conversation which to the the approach we take your The Brian Nichols Show, we'd like to leave folks educated, enlightened and informed. I think we checked all three of those boxes today. So thank you for that. And with that being said, Folks, if you got some value from today's episode, well, this is one of those episodes, I will scream from the rooftops please go share. And also please if you found yourself frustrated, upset, angry, whatever the emotion you're taking away from this episode, don't just hit the end of this episode and go to the next podcast, please move forward and do something whether it's changing your buying behaviors or consuming behaviors or reaching out to your local elected officials and asking them to do something. And again, we're not saying just to do anything, we're asking them to stand up and stop the enablement of the CCP. And that can be done without military force without bloodshed, but rather just by us changing the behavior that we're in engaging in right now. So thank you, Nicole, for joining us. And folks, by the way, if you aren't joining us here on the YouTube version of the show, which I know a majority of you actually do when you're consuming the video content, well, please stick around because I mentioned it earlier, I got the gentleman's name wrong, who was the director, it's Jason Loftus, who was the director of eternal spring, which we dig into detail about the persecution of the Falun Gong. That episode will be popping up right about here. So please continue your view in pleasure here. But otherwise, if you are joining us on the podcast version of the show, well, yes, we do have the video versions of the show over on YouTube on rumble plus, you have the entire episode plus my thoughts afterwards over on sovereign as a sovereign exclusive. And if you want to support the mission of The Brian Nichols Show, head over to our Patreon dollar 99 A month or you can do a one time donation at Brian Nichols Forward slash support. With that being said Nicole, sigh. Thank you for joining us. And with that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us another episode of The Brian Nichols Show. We'll see you later.

Nicole Tsai  28:05  
Thank you so much.

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Nicole Tsai

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Nicole Tsai, a New York-based anchorwoman of NFSC Speaks, a live streaming show dedicated to exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s crimes against humanity and its infiltration worldwide. Born and grew up in China, Nicole is survivor of communism and became a naturalized U.S. citizen dedicated to fighting the CCP on the U.S. soil. Followed by more than 600 million freedom-loving Chinese people, NFSC (hyperlink to website) was founded by Miles Guo, CCP enemy #1 in 2020 with a mission to take down the CCP and its global influence.