May 26, 2023

729: 2024 SHOWDOWN - Trump, DeSantis, & the GOP Battle for the 2024 Nomination!

@KDCodyTN Helps Rank the Top 2024 GOP Contenders in a Battle for GOP Supremacy

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On today's episode, Brian Nichols andKenny Cody dive headfirst into the fiercely competitive field vying for the2024 Republican presidential nomination. While Donald Trump remains the front-runner, a myriad of contenders patiently await their moment on the back bench.

In this thrilling episode, they reveal the powerhouses who are dominating the race and vying for the coveted Republican crown. Hold your breath as they unravel the rankings and assess the strengths, weaknesses, and unique attributes of each contender. Discover who is leading the pack, who is gaining momentum, and who faces uphill battles in their pursuit of the nomination.

Find out ifLarry Elder's unyielding conservatism has propelled him to the forefront of the race, or if Ron DeSantis' dynamic leadership and proven track record have positioned him as a front-runner. Uncover the latest on Donald Trump's influence and popularity within the party, and whether his previous presidency gives him an edge.

Witness the meteoric rise ofVivek Ramaswamy and his unconventional (yet successful) approach to politics, as well as Tim Scott's unwavering commitment to conservative principles that has captured the attention of many. Explore Nikki Haley's experience as a diplomat and her ability to resonate with a wide range of Republicanvoters.

Join our experts as they analyze the rankings, taking into account policy positions,messaging strategies, and public perception. Gain unique insights into the contenders'campaign tactics, fundraising prowess, and their ability to connect with voters on a personal level.

Don't miss this riveting episode, where the hierarchy of the 2024 GOP nomination race is unveiled. Tune in now to stay informed on the latest rankings, learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each contender, and gain a competitive edge in following the thrilling Republican quest for the 2024 presidential election.


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Brian Nichols  0:28  
The GOP field is heating up. Ron DeSantis has entered the race. Donald Trump is still the front runner. And there's a lot of other folks on the back bench. Do they stand a chance? Or is it Donald Trump's race to lose? Let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, hey there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us for another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host, whether you live from our BNC studio here in lovely Eastern Indiana and to start things off today. Yes, your race for the GOP nomination for 2024 is in fact heating up and to discuss all that and more returning to the show. The one the only Kenny Cody, welcome back to The Brian Nichols Show.

Hey, Brian, how are you, brother? Thanks for being back on, look forward to doing this biweekly with you. And let's get into some conservative issues and some presidential candidates hanging in 2024.

Absolutely. But because yeah, things are starting to heat up here. Now, Donald Trump, who was obviously the front runner, and at the point in time that we recorded last week, the only true real front runner who had announced now he actually has some competition, not trying to disparage any other folks who have already announced which we're going to dig through today. But yes, the big domino has dropped in the field of other GOP candidates, Ron DeSantis, officially tossing his proverbial hat into the ring. And that took place on a Twitter spaces with Elon Musk here this past week. didn't really go exactly to plan a Guinea.

Not really, you know, I thought it was really an awkward announcement. Not only it was like all the glitches and all the technological problems, but I didn't really understand doing the announcement. And not like combining it with a rally, like just doing it purely on Twitter didn't make a lot of sense to me. So if he would have done something like a rally announcement, or you know, what, just like most candidates do, just to getting in a local ordinance in Florida, getting a building of Florida, I mean, I'm sure he would have a really big crowd and would look really oppressive, he would have lost somewhere in Florida and Tallahassee or something like that. But just do it on Twitter space, for it to glitch and kind of just the softball questions that you know, no offense to Elon, because he he's offered a platform to everybody, any GOP candidate or any Democrat candidate to announce just like kind of like RFK did in the same way that DeSantis did. That's also an original idea. That would that was also a very awkward argument that a lot of conservatives were making was RFK, Jr. was the first person to announce their president met on Twitter spaces. So it's been it's been a very, very awkward reaction, very awkward reception. I don't think necessarily dissent is did bad in his questioning or in his answers he's providing but just very, very strange. I think that there's such a big Twitter crowd, I think the scientists as aware of that it's all these sort of, not never Trumpers I'm not gonna call them never Trumpers but only DeSantis people like that. They're the they have this Trump fatigue, and they have this idea that we need to move on from Trump. And that's really their only go and they're trying to do to attach themselves onto the scientists on Twitter. And I think that was one of the motivation was there's a very big Twitter presence for Ron DeSantis. And I don't know if there's that much outside of Twitter, and I think probably the census was pretty aware of that. And I think it was gonna try to make him look the best, but it failed miserably. But yeah, I don't think it would have been that bad if he would have combined the announcement with a rally or command the announcement with an actual campaign announcement, kind of a lead up. I mean, when it says Ron Ascendance declares your president as the title, it's kind of kind of redundant is a kind of takes the surprise out of it. You know, Elon Musk has already said he's for DeSantis. He throws him the softball questions at him didn't ask him anything about foreign policy, immigration or anything else just basically while he was running, and I thought it was kind of boring to be quite honest. And I don't think the GOP needs boring

The GOP also needs to have an effective communicator. Now. Ron DeSantis, for the most part over the past three years has really been one of if not the best governors on the COVID issue. And he did a really good job articulating his stance down in Florida on why he's done the things he's done. But when you saw him on the Twitter states and spaces or whether you heard him on the Twitter spaces, everything just felt so canned and it was like he was literally sitting there reading a script. And it just didn't feel genuine, right and going back to what people are starving for right now. They're starving for for authenticity. They're starving for their politicians and their elected officials to come across as genuine, average people and love them or hate them. And despite the fact that he's a multi billionaire many times over Donald Trump, for some way is able to go through and talk to your average person. Like he's an average person, you see Trump at a rally. And as soon as he wraps up, what does he do, he doesn't go backstage to run back to his limo or to Trump Force One. But he goes towards the front barricades and starts talking to each individual person, shaking their hands, taking pictures, kissing babies, all that fun stuff. And he comes across as a normal person. And I mean, right now, many people are starving for that. And Ron just came across more of a calculated politician. And I don't think that's going to play too hot right now, when you're looking at an electorate who definitely not just want something different, but wants someone who feels real. And it's no secret we've had you in the show here. And we've gone through this many a time where from a policy standpoint, I think Ron's done a really good job in Florida. But in terms of getting people excited to take this vision from Florida, and put it on a national scale. I just think that Twitter spaces really fell flat, and it just did not feel like a true kickoff. I'm hoping that he'll do something different to to kind of restart his campaign again, because it obviously needs to have that kind of shock to the system. And frankly, I think Ron really needs to focus on how to speak to people without sounding like, he's a calculated politician. He, I mean, this is what happened to Ted Cruz right back in 2016. Is Ted Cruz. Despite his conservative been a few days, he would go through and just sound like you know, he had everything calculated in what the perfect canned response would be. And then Trump's just on stage. He's like, you're Lyin Ted. And it just didn't resonate, right. Like Trump was able to take the wind entirely out of his sails. I just got a feeling man, he's gonna be able to do the same thing with it with the Santas.

And that's where the GOP has changed my opinion, Brian, I mean, I don't know if you've ever watched Shane Gillis, the comedian if you've ever heard him, I've heard on YouTube. He was the guy who got canceled off SNL he got hired on SNL. Oh, right. Right, right fired for a Chinese slur he made on a podcast making a joke, but he has a stand up special on YouTube is one of our standard specials that I've ever seen. And ironically enough, it's very reflective. And one of the best insights and I've seen it at the GOP. Very ironically enough, he does a whole status special about how Trump changed the debates. So he tells it tells a joke about like when rant when one guy says, you know, I'm Republican, and I'm for religion, everybody's like, Oh, it's pretty good, good debate. Oh, I'm against illegal immigration. Also a good point. And then he gets up there and goes, Donald Trump is the spotlights on him and it goes to him and he goes, Rahm Paul is ugly, and everybody just starts freaking out. And it's changed that whole tone of the way presidential debates and the way rhetoric works in the GOP now, now you have a good balance between Trump and Trumpism. Right. So you have a lot of people who adopt Trump ism, I think DeSantis is a little bit of Trump ism with them. But people if we don't get to the point people hate the whole, the whole idea of being presidential and being, you know, robotic, giving the right political response. And I think if there's going to be somebody that is an alternative to Trump, it needs to be somebody that can balance the two things. I don't think the Santas is there. There's like you said he sounds very calculated. He's given the red scripted response. It's kind of like when Chris Christie called out Marco Rubio in 2016 debates pregame, the same answer over and over and over again. I'm not saying he has to be Chris Christie, or he has to be Donald Trump. I don't think Donald Trump's ever going to be replicated. But in the same way, I think the service needs to find a good Avenue between sounding robotic sounding establishment if he is because he went on Newsmax yesterday for interview, I think with air bowling, and he says, what an establishment politician do this and one of those that was pretty politician sin, you know, immigrants, illegal immigrants go over the border to Marshall Martha's Vineyard, and I think there he has really good points. I don't think Ron is this. I know a lot of Republicans are gonna say it but I don't think Ron is this establishment Paul Ron Mitch McConnell Republican like I don't think he is that but the way to he is coming off to voters this whole I'm Rhonda Santas and I am fighting for you and I'm fighting for freedom. This policy shows that you do that man, but Trump changed the game. Like he changed everything. the way that he approached his genuineness to America, the American public and to Republican voters especially. And regardless of what you do, I'm gonna go ahead and be honest with you. undecided voters don't care about policy. And that's an unfortunate circumstance and an unfortunate thing, and our American public that genuinely, Americans don't really care about policy that much. It's about how you relate that policy, how you relay your approach to issues. It's why populism is the most popular political approach in American politics, is because people can articulate it in a way that what people care about the issues people care about, we can find solutions. Those are provide approaches to those policies and those issues that people care about. But in terms of like, record, and what record really has ever gotten, got anybody elected to national politics. I mean, look at Barack Obama, who was just a, I think a two term senator who had no real accomplishments, besides being a community organizer for the Democratic nomination. Look at Donald Trump, who never did anything in politics before being elected. I mean, Bush was a decent governor for Florida. But can you name anything historical that Bush did when he was the governor of Texas? Like, I don't remember what the bush name anything is? Exactly. I'm like they didn't much as president either. So when I think back to what policies people can stand on, for their records, I can't really think of anything. And that's unfortunate. I think as political nerds like me, and you are like, we can acknowledge that we hate that part. Like I don't like how policy doesn't matter. Like I'm a policy nerd. I have been since I was in college, but the saddest needs to realize the heat of the moment, like, people don't care about your record, dude. Like, I'm sorry, they don't like I mean, he can he can have these comebacks, and he's debate points saying, well, Trump did this, I did this. Trump did this out of this. That's great for a debate. But when it comes to appealing to the American public, you have to find a way to come off genuine and like an everyday man, and that Twitter space, man, I mean, it just sounded like you said he was reading off a movie script. And we've seen how these career politicians get destroyed by Donald Trump, like he was on a stage with eight or nine other people who like John Kasich was a great governor of Ohio, Ted Cruz, one of the most conservative members of the Senate Rampaul personally not political hero up there on stage with him. And they didn't stand a chance against the dude, man. Like he is an he is a figure that is so cult of personality that he is carrying on after losing an election is still leading every poll by 30 points. I mean, I think we can all acknowledge the dude is a master when it comes to communication, myth manipulation. And I think that if DeSantis wants a chance to nomination again, I don't think he has won. But if he wants a chance to nomination, he has got to adapt, he has got to find a way to communicate with manga, and communicate with independent Republican voters in a way that he is not doing so as an hasn't done so as congressman or governor. And I really don't know what the advice is. But he has got quotes because I'm like a robot because that Twitter space was an absolute disaster and moppy communication, two things I would

I would recommend, from a sales guys perspective. And we talked about this when I was on Tim Poole. I've said it many times in the show, set narratives don't respond to narratives, right? That's what Trump does fantastically, he goes out and he'll take whatever question he's been promoted, or rather asked by a interviewer or what have you. And he turns the question, or rather his response to what he actually wants the point to get across, right? So that's super important, something that Ron I think could do a really good job at but also does not sell features, not sell the thing itself, or the policy itself that Ron has, but rather talk about what's that impact to your average person, tell the story articulate in a way that resonates with your average person, if you go in just reading off all the things that you've done, that's great, but what does that mean for your average person? And if I was Ron DeSantis, and I was, or at least cheat like coaching Ron DeSantis, I would say Ron, go after Trump and really focus on how he put Fauci in power, how he put Burks in power, how he enabled the CDC and all these quote unquote, experts to destroy millions of people's lives over the past three years, tell that story of the small business owner whose business was absolutely crushed the restaurant owner who watched it all their patrons weren't able to frequent the restaurant and had to close their doors, like, stop just saying this is bad, and start talking about the implications of set policy. And I mean, that's just the tip of the iceberg there. But let's do this for the second half of the episode here. We want to run through now we will be doing at some point folks, a libertarian slash conservative ranking of respective candidates, both for the GOP and for the Democratic Party, which right now it's looking like it's what Donald Donald Now Joe Biden RFK and Marianne Williamson, so that's gonna be a shorter episode, but for the GOP we've seen over the past few weeks also, some other folks toss their hats into the race. and also some folks who've already tossed their hats and into the race and are definitely long shots but wanted to go through, and let's talk about their chances. But also let's talk about where they would rank and our priorities right now, not priorities or ranking of a preference that is for actually securing the nomination. Let's start things off here. Kenny, Tim Scott, the senator from South Carolina. He also launched his presidential campaign here over the past week or so. Now, Tim Scott's definitely a long shot, but he is a fund raising machine. What are your thoughts on Tim Scott?

I think Tim's got a pretty good senator. I think you are looking at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the GOP in the US Senate. I think this US Senate has the worst collection of GOP libertarian populists in the entire nation. I mean, you have people like Holly, you have people like Vance, you have people like Rand Paul, who are very good, in my opinion. But then you have people like Mitch McConnell, you have people like Susan Collins, you have others and Lisa Murkowski that are just these basically just Democrats, to be quite honest with you when it comes at least ideology. But Scott's definitely in the upper tier. I mean, in the US Senate, I think you'd be a moderate sort of kind of overlook if he was in the US Congress like he was but in terms of US Senate, he's definitely in the top 10. GOP, the GOP caucus when it comes to record. I think what Tim Scott does a really good job at and this is Ultimate, what I think he's doing is he has this optimism about America. He came from the bottom and rose to the top. His family was slow. His great grandfather's a great grandmother, his ancestors were slaves. He is all the way in the US Senate as a Republican. I mean, it's something that I think can appeal to people. But unfortunately, I don't think he has a very good shot. And I don't think he I think he knows he doesn't have a good shot between me and you, Brian. I mean, I think that I mean, he like one of his main fundraisers is Bill hasn't from Tennessee. It's I think his is his vice chair for his entire campaign. I think what Tim Scott's ultimately doing is vying for Trump's VP C, VP selection. That's probably what he's going to be doing. I think the Trump knows that he needs a woman, or he needs a minority as his VP selection after having a bland white man in 2016. To appeal to independents to appeal to moderates to appeal to those suburban moms appeal to suburbia in general. And I think Scott's a great would be a great choice. I think he like I said his entire campaign is that America's dude America is falling. It's America is great. And here's how we can make it better. And I think that's a good message. But me and my friend Ray Leonard, who hosts the host of the No gimmicks podcast talks about the other day. I think a lot of Republicans want to hear that the world is burning. So I think that's kind of what he's going to struggle with in the GOP nomination like the America is it really good right now? Is it? Are we in a good spot in our country? And I don't believe I think if you ask the moderate the modern libertarian, the modern conservative, and probably the modern independent, is America in a good spot right now, the answer is gonna be no. And I think that's where Scott is gonna struggle the most is saying that America is great saying that we need to be optimistic about America. While I think all that is true in theory, and while I think we're better off than about any other country, I think it's hard to buy when everybody else on the Democratic and Republican side are saying, America sucks is here, here's how we're gonna get better. It's gonna be hard about Tim Scott saying, oh, everything's fine and dandy, like that's not going to work. Now. I think it's good work for a VP selection. Gonna get Kamal Harris or something like that be a lot different. But reading for the the presidential nomination, it'd be a little bit. So you have to be a little bit pessimistic when it comes to the current state of the country.

Well, if you're selling something, right, you have to have a problem that you're trying to address. So if you're just saying, hey, you know what everything you guys are doing at your company looks like it's pretty darn good. I don't think you need me. Well, okay. We don't need you. So good point there with Tim Scott. Now, here's a couple names that I had never heard of, or at least I didn't know, we're running. We have Ryan Brinkley. He's a businessman from Texas. And Perry Johnson, who is he actually failed to get on the ballot for the Michigan governor's race in 2022. Also a businessman and he's already running TV ads in Iowa. What are your thoughts on Perry Johnson and Ryan Brinkley?

I've seen a lot of our ironically enough more than any other presidents or candidates of a lower tier. I've seen Perry Johnson a lot on Twitter, mainly because I think he runs promotions on his tweets. Like I think he literally pops up and people that are interested in politics, you'll see his you'll see his lad or his tweet about I think he's actually in a documentary about about being a presidential candidate, which I personally find fascinating. I don't think that's been done since Romney in 2012. So I'm actually going there and watch it. Perry Johnson is a libertarian populist. He's pretty far right. When it comes to policy. He is very appealing when it comes to speaking. I mean, I think he got third and the straw poll at CPAC. Ironically enough, very, very weird result in terms of that, but I do think that he's at least somewhat interesting. I don't think he has a shot in Hades getting the nomination. But I do think it may propel him to have sort of a national status of people if his goal is to run in Michigan. And like you said he didn't make the ballot for the governor of Michigan, but it might propel him into running for Congress and propel him into getting some position in a cabinet somewhere. So I think Perry Johnson is great. I mean, in terms of policy, especially, and he he's a very good speaker comes from a private sector, businessman background, kind of similar to what Trump came from in 2015. But I don't think he has a shot, but I do think he's at least somewhat interesting. I've never really heard of him before I read that article, but I kept noticing, I'm like, oh, yeah, this is the guy that I've seen a lot of promotions for on Twitter. So very interesting. Seems like a really good guy. Really want to watch that documentary. When it comes out, or at least Watson podcast episodes and some YouTube videos of his journey and being a GOP presidential candidate. I think that's at least somewhat interesting, but I don't think that's a shot but I like Barry Johnson decently.

Let's talk about some other candidates we have here. Larry elder, he ran for governor of California back in 2021. Against the recall there for Newsome did not make it there. But he's obviously been a very noted conservative figure for a number of years. Also former governor are no sorry, former current governor ASA Hutchinson there. He's running again. Right. Yeah, he's running from Arkansas. So what are your thoughts on Larry elder and ASA? Hutchinson? I know we talked about ace a little bit last episode, but now we're actually giving him some attention.

Yeah, Larry's decent. But Larry, again, is just a Trump guy. And I think this is the problem when it comes to a lot of these candidates is there's so many of the same top like Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Larry, it'll Trump and DeSantis Perry, Johnson, Trump and the same

Hey, while we're at it, let's let's cost Nikki Haley in this as well, because she also announced former governor of South Carolina and a former US ambassador to the UN. So yeah, let's just toss her into this mix as well.

Yeah. So So in terms of go through Elyria? Well, first, Larry elder is a great dude, it seems like but and I wish you would have got the governor of California 100% of her Gavin Newsom. But I think that he's just too much like the others. Like when you have a choice about somebody who has less recognition, this name recognition, less, just less political repertoire as as DeSantis or Trump or anybody else has. They're not going to succeed. I'm an elder probably gets maybe one or 2%. Maybe he in a national poll, he might be a little bit more from being from California and being a Republican nominee or being a Republican candidate in California. I mean, he might have a chance to the California Primary if it comes up that much. And I don't think he has a chance to be about this third above havior somebody. So I don't think he has a chance. But Larry, it was a great guy. I mean, I think I think he even like moderated the LP national debates 2016 with Gary Johnson, Austin Peterson and a couple others. So he has some really good policies and has a really good approach to politics, but I don't think he has a chance. Asa Hutchinson, is one of the biggest is probably certifiably the worst candidate running in the GOP. Same dude who wanted to allow transgender surgeries in Arkansas wanted to allow transgender transgender policy to pass through the Arkansas legislature would not stand up against transgenderism and the transgender ideology in Arkansas. So he's a joke. I don't think he has a chance. I don't think any body in the right mind in any state is going to put him within the top 10 When it comes to people finishing in a GOP presidential caucus or a GOP presidential primary. So I hope after this he has done for and never heard from again. Nikki Haley. Haley is yeah, he she's a neocon when it comes to a lot of things. She's not great on foreign policy. She but I think I don't know, I have a sort of a softball, because I think Haley is a very good person. I think she's a very good politician and a very good campaigner. I hope that she is just trying to vibe, maybe get the union position back or get a VP selection. I don't really think she's running for president and you've not really seen Trump attack her or Scott that much, because I think they all know that they will probably be upper cabinet selections or a VP selection when it comes to 2024. So they're trying to avoid attacking each other. I think Haley was actually the first person to attack the scientists on his record, and attack him as just being like Trump and not really being any different than Trump. And if he's no different than Trump and why we voted for him in the first place. So I think I do think Haley is very good at campaigning towards independence. I think she's very good at campaigning towards suburbia. So I don't think she necessarily a bad candidate, except when it comes to foreign policy. I think she's decent when it comes to everything else foreign policy, just she's just very bad. But I think she I don't think she has a chance she probably has the third best chance of anybody in the race. But I think there's a huge gap between third and second and even a larger gap between first and second. So

she feels like she's ready for his VP role or Trump's VP role.

That's exactly what I've heard scattered are the same Inkling and I think that's really the question is who's going to get the VP selection probably between Scott Haley or somebody like Kim Reynolds from Iowa are gonna be the three kind of selections. I think the three options for Trump's VP selection you don't

think he's gonna look at? What's her name? Lady down Kelly Kelly ward headed carry Lake Thank you.

I hope not. I think Caroline is gonna represent it in Arizona. That's not agreement And probably I could probably get against against that Galago I don't want permits pronounce his name I'll sound racist but or cinema for the you know, he's running for her incumbency. I think that's gonna be a, this is a whole nother episode but I think she'll have a decent chance of cinnamon runs so especially since to contain 20% as a as a Democratic incumbent or independent incumbents and in the Democratic nominee and like running south he is gonna throw her hat into that race. I think it'd be very Donald Trump because of my left leg is his VP because he lost an election and she's done nothing but kind of complained about 2020 20 14.2 In the same way that Trump has about 2020. So I don't think he'd be wise he needs to pick somebody the opposite of him, or somebody who is at least appealing to the opposite side. But that's another episode anyway, agreed. I was Muslim.

Let's do this. The last three and I would say these last three are the folks that I'm most focused on. I'm actually a little more on board with net is obviously one being Donald Trump to being Ron DeSantis. But number three, and I've heard this guy on a lot of podcasts recently, a lot of what he has to say. It perked my ears up. That's the VEC Ramaswami. So let's talk about those three. Now I know let's start off Vivec is obviously gonna be a long shot, right? However, he's doing a really good job of curating earned media by going out having conversations and sometimes confrontational conversations like he basically is the reason that Don Lemon is no longer on CNN, he was over on Chuck Todd, and he's doing a really good job of presenting not just an alternative vision, but he is he's aggressive. He knows how to have these conversations. And I frankly, just see the way that he's been going after Ron DeSantis. He's actually calling out a lot of things we're calling out now. But he's been doing that for a number of months, right? He's been going through saying yeah, like I every time I go to an event, and I speak where Ron is, I've been told by people like hey, Ron was a little upset that you upstaged him. That that kind of conversation that speaks to I think a lot of folks who right now we're looking at that Ron DeSantis announcement and being like, I wasn't too hot. Maybe this visit that guy deserves a second chance Kenny what's uh, you

Vivix great I'm a big fan of avec I'm not gonna be I'm not gonna be a shade away from that. I think Vic is a very interesting private sector Republican, I mean, can speak in the private sector can identify how the elite have kind of bankrupted America in both in terms of morality and monetarily. You know, we talk about corporations being woke all the time, right, there's probably no nobody better to speak than that than Ramaswamy when it comes to him actually having participation within the private sector with him actually having participation within, you know, economics being I think his family being immigrants, him working under under under Trump, I think in some way, I forget what the connection is. But I know he's worked in Republican politics a lot before. This was a big donor. So I think he's a very interesting candidate. He is the definition. When it comes to me to libertarian populism and right wing populism. Somebody like the vet could really have a chance at 2024 or in Ohio, when it comes to a maybe a governor's race or another Senate race. I think it's gonna be a long time, before the US Senate race opens up again, especially for congressional run or the governor of Ohio. I think the Vic is kind of setting himself up for that eventually, or a cabinet nomination or a VP selection, whatever the same way, the others are maybe vying for that. But I think that that does a really good job at kind of connecting right wing extremism, right wing populism and sort this moderate appeal of being a minority businessman who is just speaking from a Republican standpoint. So I think he's a very good candidate. Again, I don't think he has a has a shot either. We talked about that before, but I think he creates a good narrative and creates a good perspective on Republican politics and I will really look forward to watch on the debate stage.

All right, let's go through with the last few minutes we have here so of the nine candidates, here's my rankings of preference for the GOP right now. I want to hear your rankings can easily go through so my number nine ASA Hutchinson, number eight, Nikki Haley, number seven, Perry Johnson six Ryan Brinkley, and frankly, six and seven could be inner intermingled because I just don't frankly know enough about them. Number five, my top five Tim Scott for Larry elder, and here's my top 3/3. President Trump number two, Ron DeSantis. But again, Ron moody, he's been doing Too Hot and number one, I think I liked Vivec a lot. I really really do like the deck a lot. I think he understands how to help set narratives, how to reframe conversations that focus on the actual important issues, and he knows how to tackle the media. I just I'm really impressed with what I've seen from him. And frankly, every time he goes out I get more and more impressed. So that's my top rankings number one but that grim is Swanee to Rhonda Santas three Donald Trump for Larry elder five Tim Scott and then the the rest of the nine filling in thereafter Kenny What's your rankings look like?

So are some more bottoms are probably the same number now. Asa Hutchison, he's the absolute worst I can't wait till he drops out. So I'm gonna stop on his very thankfully he's number eight, just because I don't really know who he is.

He's a Hutchinson's family have a feud with your family at some point in time or something?

No, he just he was gone. tar Carlson and embarrass the GOP is something that's good enough for me to ever really despise. I think it's a joke he's running for president just, he's just trying to get an MSNBC, NBC MSNBC sloth, like Adam Kinzinger did more than likely make the number eight probably, I don't know, I know literally nothing about the dude. He can be good, he can be bad to us. I don't mean this in a bad way, Brian, but when you see the article is literally the first time that I've ever heard his name, I find him like a random congressman or a random GOP nominee. So putting him in number eight. The unknown is better than hated. So that's why I put him above Hudson. Number seven. Elder probably so because I think he is just not unique. And I think that's the worst quality to have in a presidential candidate is that he is not unique and he doesn't stand out. He is fun. Let me let me address that he's a good guy. And I get really good on policy really, really good on libertarian politics, especially but putting a matter because I think it's just a waste of time. Number six is Haley. Again, I think she's decent and appealing to suburbia, a decent independent independence, decent and appealing to suburban white moms, but I don't think she's gonna be the nominee. And I think she's probably vying for a VP spot. Number five, Johnson just because I really just got Perry Johnson just because I really admire what he's doing ethnic, having a firsthand account of what it's like to be a presidential candidate in the same way that 2012 Mitt Romney did it, I think it would be a little bit more a lot better on social media and YouTube as reflection instead of a purchase documentary on HBO. I think Johnson is giving a first hand look at what it's like to run as a president, presidential candidate, I think it's a great thing. And that's why I'm giving him that credit to putting him number five. Number four, Tim Scott. Again, I think he is vying for the VP slot. I do think ultimately, even though I disagree with it, in terms of the current approach, I do think it's good to have a candidate that brags about America because we hear so much about hating America from the Democratic Left and the progressive left, and even some some moderate Republicans. So I'm gonna give him that credit. I think Tim's got a really good debt. Really good guy loves America. So I'm gonna put him at number four. Number three, I'm gonna put DeSantis. Personally, even though I really like Ron, he's the only presidential candidate that I've actually met of this group. And I really do rock around a lot. And I don't mean to put him there as a knock on him. I just think, again, he's wasting his political career. I hate to say that, but I think Trump destroys careers. And and unfortunately, I think he's made a grave mistake in running. I've said that before. I do think that is good that Trump's gonna have some sort of competition for 2024, it's only going to go on to sharpen the iron, regardless of who is our nominee is it's always good for debate and discourse to be at the forefront of the conversation. So I'll give him credit for that. And I really like Ron, they're always policy and his approach to to COVID. His approach and how he's handled Florida, he is great. But I'm going to be a number three slot because I think it's a huge mistake in running in first place. number twos Bovec. Without a doubt, I'm with you on that. I think you're number one was of evac, but I'm not my number number one, number two is definitely a big Ramaswamy really good given that private sector experience, speaking from being a non participant participants, if that makes sense. And Republican politics gives a really good perspective, I really look forward to him pushing even trip a little bit more further rot and also pushing the sensible more further out when it comes to economics. And that approach to cultural Marxism, I think is a really good thing that Ramaswamy does. And number one, of course, I think it's no secret Donald Trump is my as my number one, I think that we had a really good chance to win 2024 solely because of removing those add those universal mail in ballots, removing COVID from the from the spectrum and having the accounting be in a very bad place as it is currently, the weakness of an incumbent and a rematch which we forged kind of what I want to see and giving Trump a fair shot. I think he has a really good chance. And I think the party candidates do not behind him. I know it's not going to especially these nine candidates in the race, and I look forward to seeing how the policy conversation sort of shifts when these now people on the debate stage. Already nine

candidates who it's just just it's already starting off here. And we're already we're only in May of 2023. I'm curious to see how many we end up with but Kenny, we're going to continue this conversation, for sure. And folks, by the way, if you missed last week's conversation where we really dug deep into where Ron DeSantis versus Trump boils down, in my opinion, down to the COVID issue. So if you missed that episode, well please head over to check it out. It's over at Brian Nichols Or if you're joining us here on the YouTubes is gonna be popping up right about here. So make sure you hit the button in the middle there to bring you to that episode. And yet that episode been going crazy, both here on YouTube, but also in the podcast downloads. So you guys must really like the conversation about Trump versus DeSantis. And with that being said also folks, we want to hear your rankings What are your rankings for the nine current announced candidates here for the GOP? Are they similar to Kenny's in mind or they look a little different? We'll go ahead in the comments. Go ahead and list your top nine or top five whatever you want. For your candidates, we want to hear that conversation continued below and also folks if you have not had the chance yet well please go ahead and follow yours truly as well as follow Kenny over on social media you can find me at BEA Nichols Liberty Twitter and Facebook any working folks go ahead and find you.

You find me at Katie Cody teen right down here in the little name bar you'll find the muck rack where all my articles are archived. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, just under my my surname here on Kodi on each of those platforms and just be looking they put out articles I put out an article but like I said, Brad was saying last week on Trump is still used to unify the GOP and still embodies the GOP look forward probably to write another article by the end of this while by the start of next month. And just be looking out on me and Brian's weekly little appearance here. But looking out for my articles coming out and some big things coming in the future.

Awesome stuff. Kenny, thank you for joining us. And folks, if you got some value from today's episode, you know the drill Please go ahead, give it a share. When you do give us both a tag and also you want to help support the show. As we grow, you can go ahead and support us at Brian Nichols forward slash support give us a one time donation or become a recurring donor. And by the way, we shouldn't be having subscriptions available sometime soon here on Twitter. So if you want to go ahead and support the show, as we air full episodes in their entirety on I would greatly appreciate it as it helps us have amazing conversations like this and also keep the lights on to be frank. So with that being said, thank you again for joining us and be sure to tune into next week. We have some awesome conversations lined up there. I'll make sure I see you guys next week. But that being said Brian ago signing off, you're on The Brian Nichols Show for Kenny Cody. We'll see you later.

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