Aug. 1, 2022

Are You Setting Goals?!

Are You Setting Goals?!


Are you setting goals?

I know that it can be hard to figure out where you're going in life, but if you don't set goals, then how are you supposed to get there? If your goals aren't written down and clear, they can change on a whim and lead to an uncertain future. Plus, if your goals aren't written down, then how will anyone know what they are?

You need to know where you're going in life.

Think about it: if you don't have a specific goal, how can you tell whether or not you've reached it? If your goal is just "I want more money," then how much money do you need? And what does having that amount of money mean for a successful life?

If we look at another example, let's say someone has the goal of being able to fit into their old jeans again. That could be the end of their journey–and they'd never know if they reached that point because there was no other waypoint on their path (like buying new jeans). While this person might look like they lost weight and feel like they did something good for themselves, this isn't really an accomplishment without a check-in moment along the way (and/or an objective measure) to show that progress was made towards reaching this goal.

What happens if you don't set goals?

If you don't set goals, what happens? You could find yourself in a place where you don't know what you want to do with your life. You may not even realize that there is something more than the status quo for which to strive. It's possible that someone else's vision for your future will become your own and not necessarily one that fits who you are or where you want to go.

Not having any goals means not being intentional about reaching them and therefore failing to achieve them. If we never set specific objectives for our lives, then we will miss out on fulfilling our true potential of doing amazing things!

If goals aren't written down, they can change.

Life can be a lot of things, but it can rarely be described as predictable. This is why you should always write down your goals and keep them with you at all times. Because if not, they'll change. And then what are you going to do? You won't have any idea where your life is going or how much progress you've made toward reaching those goals—and guess what: neither will anyone else! That's right; nobody has any idea whether or not they're making progress unless they have some sort of baseline to measure against.

Moreover, it doesn't matter if they're written down on paper in front of them or stored away in the recesses of their mind: either way there will always be room for doubt when they come up short on their own expectations (or don't even set them) and then wonder why life sucks so bad right now.

It's not always easy, but the rewards are worth it.

It's not always easy, but the rewards are worth it.

Setting goals is crucial to your success. Studies have shown that people who set goals achieve more in their lives than those who don't. Additionally, writing down your goals makes you feel accountable and gives you a clear vision for where you're headed in life. You'll feel a sense of relief when you take care of business and follow through on what's important to you!


So, what will you do? Will you set goals for yourself and your business? If so, make sure to take the time to write them down. It’s not always easy, but if you want to achieve success in life then setting goals is an important step towards that goal.