Sept. 7, 2022

Take Risks!

Take Risks!

The status quo. It's the biggest enemy of progress. But how do we get people to challenge the status quo? I've been thinking a lot about the idea of the status quo, particularly as it pertains to the world of business and the world in general.


Think about yourself, your friends, or your family… how often do you or do they actively go out and take risks?


And by the way, when I say the word risks, I'm not talking about being stupid and jumping off a cliff into a river hundreds of feet below… no, I'm talking about calculated risks and targeted risks that put you outside of your comfort zone to help you grow. I’m talking about the kind of risks that are calculated to bring you closer to your goals and dreams. Take a look at your life, who do you know that actively takes risks? How can we get more people to take this type of action?


Let's look at the microcosm that is the greater liberty world. Think of how little we see folks in the liberty movement going out of their way to talk to people outside of the movement… think of how little we spend time going to talk with those outside of our movement rather than debate. What impact do you think this has on the liberty movement? It breeds an echo chamber that is only concerned with itself. This is not just a problem for us in the liberty movement, but for us as a whole.


It's easy to get comfortable. It's easy not to take risks. People don't like getting uncomfortable. This is why we need to look for opportunities to go out of our comfort zone. We need to make a conscious effort to engage people in new ways—a way that doesn't simply reinforce their bias but opens up the possibility of learning something new.


The best salespeople get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Take risks. 


No risk. No reward.


There are no participation trophies in life nor in politics or in sales. Second place is the first place loser. Sadly, too many of the losers have the loudest voices.


The biggest mistake people make is thinking there's a right or wrong answer. There isn't. The best salespeople know this and are constantly asking questions that get past people's biases and assumptions so they can truly understand what the customer wants. Think about it: if you're simply telling customers what they want, why would they keep coming back?


So, if you're a risk taker, now's your time to shine and show that taking risks that are smart, calculated risks can pay off! And if you're more apt to settle for what's comfortable, either challenge yourself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable or let those who are willing to take the risks and are willing to be uncomfortable to take the reins.


The best leaders are those who are willing to take risks. They're not afraid of failure, and they don't let fear hold them back from trying new things or pushing the envelope. They know that by taking risks, they'll either fail spectacularly or succeed wildly—and either way, it's worth it because they're making an impact on the world around them.


Now, go make today great!