530: Why You Still Need to Learn Basic Sales Skills, Even if You're Not In Sales!

You need to learn basic sales skills, even if you're not in sales.

Don't believe me?

Give me 7 minutes on today's episode to make my case to why you should not only learn said basic sales skills, but show you just how doing so can make you a superstar in so many unexpected ways.

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"If I had a dollar for every time I had someone tell me that they hate sales, well, I wouldn't be in sales anymore.

I have friends in all of the STEM fields, and nearly all of them have a sense of superiority because they're doing something with the "hard sciences", and they all laugh at the idea of doing sales as a career.

And then it's my turn to laugh.

Because regardless of their perception, they too are in sales, they just don't know it (or refuse to accept it).

You see, everything in life is sales."