Aug. 23, 2021

303: Your Foolproof 30-Second Elevator Pitch

303: Your Foolproof 30-Second Elevator Pitch

How to solve problems in peak interest with your foolproof 30-second elevator pitch!

What is it that you do for work again?


Okay, now is your moment. It's time for you to give your best 30 second elevator pitch. Are you prepared?


On today's solo episode, I go through the basics on how to give a killer 30-second elevator pitch, and then outline what's up ahead for The Brian Nichols Show!



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we're actually going to talk about doing your 32nd elevator pitch. So I'm gonna walk through how you actually go through and this is for not just if you're a candidate, but if you're, you know, for business, whatever it is that you sell, or if there's a product or service that you are looking to bring into the marketplace, you're going to have to learn how to sell. So this is a great way to do your 32nd elevator pitch. But otherwise, folks, how have you been? I know I have been Holy cow. I'm so swamped but in such a good way. So day job busy, as all get out telecommunication and cybersecurity top of mind for pretty much every small through medium and large businesses out there just because threats are increasing also with the uncertainty surrounding how governments will be reacting to the different variants and COVID. You You see lockdowns being discussed in the future, a lot of companies are saying, oh, shoot, I need to make sure that we don't have happened to us what happened back in March of 2020 happened to us here as we get forward to the the the fall and winter of 2021. So let's make sure we get our infrastructure in place now. So keeping extremely busy there and working with my sales team, helping them not only focus on those different areas, but also cybersecurity areas as well. But then also focusing on the basics, right. And this is something I want to talk about today is how do we focus on some of the basics. And that's why we're going to talk about our 32nd elevator pitch. Because when we're talking about you, how do you become the best salesperson you see everybody starts to just go in and I actually had a talk with one of my sales guys about this, where they'll just start reading the manuals, right? they'll they'll try to learn all the facts, all the figures, and that's great, you can do that. However, there comes a point where that almost gets in your way. You have to know the facts and figures. But don't let that become what you're selling your soul, you're actually solving a problem, right? You're not selling anything in particular to any certain person. And this is one thing too, that is a Liberty movement, we also have to acknowledge is well, who are we selling to this is one thing that Chris and I actually talk about quite a bit is who is your target market, not everybody is perfectly fit for the product or service or solution that you're bringing forward. And that's okay. You don't have to have it be that perfect time every single time. And I think we see that too often where we try to show people how right we are. Because we are I get it. But that doesn't matter to your average person, because they need to be having that conversation first. And even if we don't make the sale right away, don't let that bother you, you still need to make sure you're holding on and maintaining that relationship building that long term trust, because at the end of the day, that's what people want to do. They want to buy from people they know, like and trust. So let's go towards our 32nd elevator pitch, this is going to be a shorter episode today. I don't want to keep too much of your time. And this is actually going to be very much like what you would find every single morning, when you go over to The Brian Nichols If you look at the top there, you can subscribe to our email list. And every morning, I do my morning sales huddle, and I will do something like this. We're in this, it'll be an email form. Today, obviously, this is going to be us doing a one on one. And we're going to be seeing this a little bit different here. And I'll wrap up the show, talking about what we're going to be doing in the future the show going forward. But let's start off when you're doing your 32nd elevator pitch number one, who you are is important, right? So your name. And also in this case, you're a candidate, or if you're representing your company, your company name. So Hi, I'm Brian Nichols, and I am the host of The Brian Nichols Show. What do you do? So in this case, you're you're not trying to specifically focus on the features and benefits, right? This is where you'll see people go in for the morning sales. huddle, folks, I know the story of the toothpaste and soap analogy. So there's a sales guy who I've been working with now for a number of years, he's one of our partners in my my company, and every new sales guy that comes on to the team, he will go out and he will buy a guy dial toothpaste, or tooth gums or dial soap or either in a premade little, you know, wrapped up container or what have you. And he brings it in and he puts it on their desk. And the reason being is to always remember that you don't want to be selling toothpaste. And so if you're not an order taker, you're you're not selling features and benefits you're not, you know, just going out and you're being a commodity out there, you are a problem solver.

You're trying to offer solutions, and you have to be different. So what do you do? And in this world, I like to number one say, Well, here's the problem, right? And here's the problem that I see and who I help right specifically with that problem. And then you go into how you help solve that problem, and how you've helped solve that problem. And then you you'd would go into asking some discovery question to see if it would make sense to have more of a conversation. So let's take my my example for my day job, right. Hi, I'm Brian Nichols. I am the Director of Sales development. For stratis IP, stress IP, we are a voice data, cybersecurity and business continuity solutions provider. We help medium to large businesses, specifically it directors CIOs in general, it executives who are looking to future proof their businesses from all technological standpoints. And where we add value is and we've had our chance to add value is working with companies, you know, across the board, from healthcare, to finance, banking and more by helping retool their infrastructure for an uncertain future. Specifically, looking at cybersecurity threats and uncertainties with the business continuity landscape as we go forward here to 2021. Right, 30 seconds or so. ballpark, it's not too difficult. So what you want to do is take that 32nd elevator pitch and refine it, refine it, refine it, Reason being, and it's funny, I just went up to see my family and I got asked this a million times Brian, I always tell people when they asked me you're in sales. I don't know what you do, though. And I'm I mean, I have to explain also to my grandparents who are in their 80s or I guess in their 70s sorry, Grandma and Grandpa, they're in their 70s but um, you know, to be able to explain to them, you know what it is I do for a job.

They're not really up there

with the the cybersecurity lingo so being able to make it so it's easier to understand that can sometimes be the hardest thing, but 32nd elevator pitch, how can you go ahead and take your elevator pitch and then turn it into a means to engage into a conversation, right? And this is goes with knowing who you're talking to. When you're going out you're engaging conversation unless you're just a candidate out there. And let's you know, look at you candidates specifically. I know I apologize. We haven't had a Sunday candidate highlight series a little bit and again, I'll talk about we're gonna be doing little things differently here as we go forward. So strap in But one thing that I would recommend is to try and get as much information by asking some questions to learn who it is that you're talking to, before you start talking about the things that you you care about, right. And this is something that you will have to almost start to do on your own is noticing, when people are coming into you, let's say they want to talk to you. And they say, hey, well, what do you what do you stand for? What do you believe in? Right? It's one thing to give the the top eight, you know, couple issues that you you're concerned about. But know where you're at, kind of figure out, you know, the environment you're in, if you're, you know, at a county fair, you know, that market, if you're at a, you know, a meet and greet, you know, a networking event, know that market, and then think of what those top of mind issues that might be something that they're concerned about, and then ask them about a raise that conversation up. So when you're talking to somebody, you know, say, Hey, you know, I focus on a variety of issues. But, you know, one of the things I've been hearing tonight has been, this has been an issue and name issue here. Right? What are your thoughts on that? I'll give you their their thoughts, right. And if it's an issue, they'll say, Oh, my God, you're right. 1,000%. Holy cow, let me tell you, I agree. That's the number one issue I'm seeing right now. And then they'll go into their problem, guess what? Awesome, because now you're getting the chance to hear from them firsthand what their problem is. But then it also takes it off the view. And we see this a lot night. Sorry, candidate sometimes, when I asked this question on the Sunday candidate highlight series, I get very answers. I'll say what are some of the top issues that you're focusing on? And we start off this, this laundry list of issue here, issue here, issue here? And I kind of have to sit back and say, what are we doing? Why are we talking about, you know, 15? Different things? and 10 of those things aren't even pertinent to the race that you're running for? And also, have you talked to your voters? Do you know what they care about? There are certain candidates, I asked that question, too. And they were like, Oh, no, I didn't, I didn't talk to my voters. Red Flag, guys like red flag, you need to take a timeout, and make sure you're asking those questions, make sure that you're sticking out. And, you know, I'll give you some marketing here today, because I know we're missing our man, our man, Chris. But at the end of the day, you need to make sure that you're meeting people where they're at by knowing that audience staying Top of Mind on those issues that they care about, right. So when when we know that that audience, make sure that you're spending your time focused on talking to those specific people who are going to help move the needle, not just the ones who are going to say, okay, that's a good idea. But to say that's a great idea. And I want to help you, right, build that superfan build up the long term customer who's going to be coming back time and again, but also going out of their way to sing your praises. And it all starts with making sure that when you start out with that initial who you are in that 32nd elevator pitch, you're tailoring it to who you think the person is that you're speaking to, based on the basic understandings of who your market is that you should be talking to. But it's on you as the salesperson to dig and make sure that you're digging beyond what you think. And actually discovering and understanding getting empathetic, right? And this is why if you go back to the episode I did with Philips, that's you're on Wednesday, when he said that sales and marketing go hand in hand. Absolutely, you've heard us talk about that here on the program frequently because they do go hand in hand you have to be able to know who it is that you're talking to. But you also need to make sure that you understand what it is that they care about. And those while similar, are different. So making sure that we're focusing on both areas is absolutely imperative. So we're going to wrap up with the actual like education standpoint of the episode today. I hope you guys got some value from that also, if you like this strap in because I mean number one you can make sure you get this over at the morning sales huddle, like I said five days a week, Monday through Friday around 6am or so with the excluding past two days here Thursday and Friday of last week because I was on vacation visiting family but I still got you guys. The morning sales huddle just a couple hours later than normal. But what we're talking about is stuff like this. You know how to do your 32nd elevator pitch how to build those really strong probing questions. How are you able to craft stories that not only get people to have their interest piqued, but to go on the buyers journey themselves by really finding themselves relating to the people within your story? That's all the things we're discussing over the morning sales huddle. So again, Brian Nichols Show calm, it's right there in the homepage, folks, but discussing what we're doing as a show going forward. So we're going to be adding a lot. And you say, but, Brian, how you already are doing so much. And I say, well, first and foremost, I can't do anything. Without the amazing team. I have behind the scenes, not only my co hosts here in the program with Jeremy Todd, and Chris Goyzueta, the sales and marketing gurus that they are, but also the amazing team behind the scenes who have been doing everything that helps keeping the show running Hunter, Francine Chris, Bill, Collin, making sure I'm not forgetting anybody, I don't think I did. But if I did, I apologize. But I cannot thank enough, the team that's helping grow this show. But also the team is going to help you get more content. Right. So first and foremost, the big show here, The Brian Nichols Show, we are going to still be giving you your traditional four episodes per week, so have no fear, you'll be seeing the four main episodes, they will however, be changing just a little bit. And I'll get into that in just a hot sec. But we will be going daily, every night and not just like Monday through Friday, every single day, you will be getting something in your feed from The Brian Nichols Show. Now, it might be 10 minutes, it might be five minutes, it might be 15 minutes, it might be from me, it might be from Jeremy, it might be from Chris, it might be from a guest. Surprise, surprise, we're going to be doing a lot of new things. I want to bring a lot of different voices here to the program on top of the traditional four episode, but I also want to give it to you guys in a little bit different type of content, because I know for some of you, you're busy,

I'm busy, I get it and you don't have the half an hour to 45 minutes that a traditional podcast would really give you in terms of you know, I want to get the value from this, I just don't have the time. That's fine. We'll give you some micro episodes. You know you're running from you know the the car to chipolte a you're in line, pop in your your Bose quietcomfort headphones, no endorsement. But if you want the endorsement, Bose give me a call. Because they're really good headphones, um, that the inner ear buds By the way, noise cancelling ones pristine, but until I get the royalty check, they're terrible. And then in that time, that seven minutes, right, you can listen to a quick episode of The Brian Nichols Show. And it's gonna be something that you can take away actionable. And it's me focusing on issues like sales, marketing, and liberty based topics, but from also people beyond me people that we have here at the network that we can leverage their expertise. And we already are, but to give them also the chance to reach you one on one in a more personal format. I'm so excited to be bringing that to you guys here every single day in some way, shape, or form. So make sure you're looking for that. Now going back to the big show here, The Brian Nichols Show. Yes, I said four days a week. Still, I promise not doing getting rid of that. However, we are changing just just a little bit. We're tweaking a little bit with the for show. So we will be doing pretty much the four shows like traditional but they're going to be based on specific themes. So here's what we're going to do. And I'm going through my list here on my phone. So as I read through if I flub up, don't know why. So we're going to be doing one of our Sunday candy highlight series as normal, then we're going to do one episode on sales and marketing. So as we've been doing with Jeremy and Chris, and then we're going to be doing an episode with somebody from the Liberty movement, like we have been, and then the final episode every week is gonna be a little different. And it's gonna be a rebranded show to be announced, you will be discussed sometime in the very near future, I promise. But this rebrand of show Well, part of The Brian Nichols Show family and part of the four main episodes will be entirely focused on having conversations with sales professionals who are finding the value of going out, building up that that financial freedom that has given them the thing we talked about here in the show liberty and then has helped them obtain their end goal. Larry Sharpe has talked about it, what is it happiness, right. So talking about these values that we talked about here on the show and the way that they are impacting people In the sales world, we need to bridge these worlds these these two worlds. And I'm just I'm 99.9% confident now, as I've listened to more and more sales podcasts is I've read more and more of these sales, guys's books and blogs, and I've dug into who they are as people, I am finding a recurring theme across the board. And that is that they are overtly overtly libertarian, or capitalistic in the way that they approach things. That's a big win for us. And we need to be taking not advantage of that. But taking that reality. And making sure we're not throwing away a golden opportunity to have conversations with people who are already having these conversations that we're having. But in their business worlds and also in their personal growth worlds. I mean, you have mastermind groups, with people talking about how to grow their personal income, how to grow their personal wealth,


not just take over the world, but to actually live the free Liberty based lifestyle that we talk about every single day. And we need to show that there is a pathway to being able to accomplish Liberty not just in your personal life, but then taking the the you know, the outcomes that you have been able to accomplish and then using that to help others not through redistribution, not through taxation, but rather helping create more opportunities by investing that back end, because we see that when there are problems people will bring their their resources together to help offer a solution and let them do so freely. What is Dr. Adrian buchon told us freedom is not only science, freedom is nature. So stop getting in the way let things happen as they are supposed to happen, namely freely so with that being said, yeah, we are going to wrap up here around 20 minutes or so. So thank you guys for a little bit shorter of an episode. If you enjoyed the episode please as always do me a favor. Go ahead and share today's episode and when you do give me a tag at V Nichols liberty, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and tick tock Also, if you enjoyed the episode, shoot me an email or if you want say hi to me, email me Brian at Brian Nichols Also Have you heard about the brand new ebook is four easy steps you can implement now to help sell liberty to family and friends and yeah, did you hear me say the word free I'll say it again. It is a free resource for you had The Brian Nichols forward slash Liberty friends ebook and you can go ahead and snag that free ebook right in your inbox. Also you will instantly get you're in your inbox every single week that morning sales huddle five days a week when you sign up for the morning for weather for the four easy steps ebook, guys it we've been hearing nothing but positive reviews and it's actually helping people have conversations with who real people like your family and friends and I love to hear it. So if you want to share what value you've gotten from our awesome re resource here the ebook email me again your story Brian at Brian Nichols Show calm or head The Brian Nichols forward slash reviews give us a five star rating and review tell folks what value you're getting from that ebook, what value you're getting from the morning sales huddle, what value you're getting from shows like this, and the reviews have been just pouring in. I'm genuinely humbled. I'm I kind of astonished at the past month of I think we've gotten around 30 plus reviews. So let's keep it up. I knocked over my water. That's how excited I got folks. But let's keep it up. If we can go ahead, double it. Let's get to 60 reviews for August. Um, are you here for September? Well, because I'm I gave you guys enough time, September, if we can get 50 plus views, I'll do something I'm not sure what it will be. We'll do something and I'll probably announce what that something will be once I figure it out. And you guys need to hold me to this over my Patreon. So if you want to go ahead and become one of the amazing people who are not only keeping the lights on, but get behind the scenes sneak peeks of anything that's going to be happening direct access to yours truly. It's Brian Nichols Show comm forward slash support where you can access not only the Patreon, but also you can go ahead and become a one time supporting listener. You can either do 510 1520 actually just kidding, there is no dollar amount that you have to contribute. You can contribute anything you want. You know, I didn't put a limit, nor did I put a certain threshold because I appreciate anything that you're willing to be able to to help with the show. Much like our one of our super patrons, Michael Lima, he went out of his way to help us here for young Americans for liberty, you know, just absolutely, above and beyond humbled beyond belief for that support. And I didn't ask for it because I kind of felt awkward asking for it. And here it lets, you know, real vulnerability time like it's awkward asking for for support and money from you guys.

Because I love you guys. I don't want to offend you, right. And at the end of the day, this is though, something that you You are also getting value from. And I forget who I think it was actually with Dean Clancy, the throwback episode there from a week prior. He says, you know, the podcast is a labor of love. And that was in 2018. Yeah, it is a labor of love a lot of podcasts you hear out there don't last. We've lasted four years plus going on five years now. Oh, my God. And, and that's because of you guys, for the downloads for supporting us for reaching out and sharing the audience. So if you want to not only help the show, as you know that next step, but to help us take that next step, as a show, and we are growing, we have so many exciting things here as we move forward. One time donation, or you can make a pledge to become one of our patrons. But again, Brian Nichols Show comm forward slash support either way, the Patreon and PayPal links are right there. And to the amazing team, as I look over here, Darryl Smith, Laura Stanley, Michael Lima, Michel, Mankiewicz, hodi, John's Craig Acosta, and the amazing we are libertarians channel, thank you, for you amazing folks keeping the lights on and also, yes, helping us grow The Brian Nichols Show, we're reaching more people and I know you guys are seeing the conversations are changing. I'm excited because that means that we're making a difference. And one thing that it's tough to see the immediate impact with a in we're all this instant gratification society, right? You want to see the you know, the you take the magic weight loss pill, and then tomorrow, you lose 50 pounds. But we all know it doesn't work that way. We want to work that way. But it doesn't work that way. But for us to see, four years plus, that the conversations are changing to the point that like, I mean, goodness, look at the opportunities we're having right now. I mean, the people who are engaging in conversation, and now instead of just saying, Oh, these people are just identifying the problems, they're also presenting the solutions. And that's, that's been missing. That's when I started the show. And this is why we're doing all these throwback episodes you're going to hear, we heard a lot of problems out there. We heard where we were falling short. And I think this will actually help you guys with some of these throwback episodes, particularly as we have episodes where the candidates are available, or you know, a certain theme can't get get fit or what have you to be able to hear where we've come from, and where the show has now gone to. But also where we have gone as a Liberty movement and how those conversations are now not focused as much on the petty nonsense, though, we still have our petty nonsense. But we have a chance now to have a much larger impact. So that's on you guys for helping make that a reality. So thank you, guys, that's all I have for you today. And yeah, going into this week, we have some amazing guests lined up in terms of when they're airing, I don't know yet. So you know who we're going to have on Wednesday, you're gonna you're just gonna have to tune in. So make sure if you have not had a chance yet, hit that subscribe button on your podcast catcher. If you're watching us here on YouTube, hit that little notification bell. So you're not missing a single time we have a video version of the show drop. And also while you're here, make sure you give us a thumbs up. But with that being said, folks, that is my solo episode for you today. The 32nd elevator pitch do you think you are better prepared now to go and say who you are, what problems you can help who you've helped them pass and to tell that story of how you can help them? I certainly hope so and if you believe so please share your 32nd elevator pitch email me or share it on social media make sure you tag me at be Nichols liberty. But with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. We'll see you Wednesday, who likes going to the grocery store to pick up the car head to the store shop amongst the Kobani masses stand in line for hours at checkout then drive all the way back home only to have to lug your groceries into the house. Well what if you were able to get all your groceries delivered right to your door with savings of the fifth person off of the big guys.

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