Oct. 21, 2021

357: Don't Get Precious with Your Platforms! (feat. Chris Goyzueta)

357: Don't Get Precious with Your Platforms! (feat. Chris Goyzueta)

Be ahead the game AND your competition by not getting precious with your platforms!

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Be ahead the game AND your competition by not getting precious with your platforms!


Chris Goyzeuta, our friendly hometown marketing professor, joins us on today's solo-short talking all things marketing... specifically, not getting stuck using one platform over the others.


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Chris Goyzueta  
Don't get precious about your platforms, and always be where your audience is. What's going on everyone. It's your friendly neighborhood marketing guy here, Chris Goyzueta or Chris G. Thanks for tuning in to The Brian Nichols Show. I am back taking over the show with a little quick tip for you. All right. So as always, learn more about The Brian Nichols Show at Brian Nichols Show that calm and you can listen to this wherever podcasts live, and also on the YouTube channel. And all those links are there at The Brian Nichols Show to connect with me. You can go to make it with Chris g calm and all my stuff's over there where you can find me on on Brian show as well. I'm funny, I always talk about marketing. I'm the worst at market, right? I'm not salesperson, I don't really sell myself. But anyway. So don't get precious about your platforms, right? So I know a lot of people in the Liberty movement, they love Twitter, they love hanging on Twitter, maybe somewhere still on Facebook, right? But as I always say, right, my broken record slogan. So Brian always says, meet people where they're at? What do I always say? know your audience, right? So know your audience and know your audience his hat. So don't get precious about platforms be, I guess, precious about attention, right? What is taking up your audience's attention? They might be spending 50% of the time on when they're on online on Twitter right now, right? But next month, it might be somewhere else the month after that it might be somewhere else. And even though there are a lot of people in Liberty movement, like on Twitter and YouTube, are those really the best platforms for for that move? I don't know, right, you might reach new people, right, you might convert some people, but I've never seen anyone convert anyone on Twitter or on YouTube. The conversion is more about in the stuff that Brian and and Jeremy talked about on the podcast, one of the sales stuff. It's more when you're meeting people have advanced people face to face where you actually can meet them where they're at, and figure out what they care about what their pain points are, right and talk to those things directly and learn about the person that you're trying to sell on on liberty. So again, you're meeting them where they're at. So meet them where they're at online as well. And meet your liberty crowd online where they're at, right, so if they're hanging out on Twitch, go to twitch, if they're hanging on tik tok, then then go there, right? And also go wherever is the most natural for you, right? So you want to be on a platform that's authentically authentic for you. And most likely, people that are that the age demographics and the type of people that you talk to the best, they're probably going to be on those platforms as well. Right? And, and always look at the charts, right? So looking at my phone here, right? It's like, I try to check these, these app charts almost every day. So you know, things things change constantly, right? So right now the number one app on the iOS store on Apple is Tick tock, then YouTube, and Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, right? So this is as of October 20 2021. Of course, always trying to make content evergreen, so it's relevant for everybody. Yeah, that part will be relevant, right? So just those names will be different. But always roll through your apps and see how popular your apps are. Right. And I think it's worth always checking the top 200 to see if there's any new apps that are standing out, right, I'm always looking where we're Odyssey is ranking you'll as you'll probably have known if you've heard past episodes of me, like I'm thinking the blockchain stuff, right? I'm looking where all the blockchain apps are. So always be where your audience is, don't get precious about platforms, you know how I feel about platforms that you haven't heard of yet. Always try to take your audience off of the third party platforms and try to get their email or try to get their cell phone number, right. So you can use email platforms like MailChimp to communicate with your audience. You can use texting platforms, like community to text with your audience. You also text me at this number right now, it's not your personal number. It's just a way you can engage your audience one on one, I mean, this course is great, right? I haven't heard of any crazy restrictions yet on decor and building groups, they're both still a third party platform, if you're going to have someone discord, you don't have their email, you don't have their phone number, right. So if discord disappears, or they start making some crazy rules, like some of these other platforms, then all of a sudden you lost your entire audience. So always try to get your direct contact your audience. So again, not being pressured by your platforms, right? And then Always be aware of what's next and become a practitioner in that right. So as you're going through the app store, and you seeing the top apps, there's something at number 200 that looks interesting. Check it out, right? Start an account, be one of the first right it's a way to be a leader in a brand category by being the first on a platform so last time when Brian we talked about twitch there's not a lot of libertarian podcasts on Twitch and I think anyone here that has a podcast that's especially like a libertarian pocket I mean, any podcast, you should be on Twitch, there's not a lot of podcasts on there yet. And there's a lot of people on Twitch stick on 16 million people, unique visitors a day right on Twitch So

figure out where people are at and be somewhere, first, be the first to be somewhere that's a way to build a really powerful brand. And you sector I'm really looking into so I'll share one example to kind of wrap this up. So I'm really into NF T's if that has been cleared if you've heard me talk in the past and there's so much you can do to NF Ts and I feel like for liberty crowd, I mean, it's decentralized technology, right? This is what we want. We want to decentralize everything. So you should be on a decentralized platform. So if you're going to do video, and yeah, can you do YouTube because it's the most popular but where else might your audience be right so anyone that's into the decentralized culture they're gonna be on Odyssey they're not going to be on rumble right on rumble you're probably gonna get most of your your conservatives that are on rumble. But if you want to reach the decentralized crowd, they're going to be Ozzie because that is run on blockchain technology right? So also look at where what is happening in blockchain. That's where probably most of the the Liberty audience is going to be or Liberty curious audience or people that'll be open to Liberty right? So if you want to convert some people look at the blockchain. So blockchain games blockchain apps blockchain, NF T's cryptocurrency, right, go to cryptocurrency events. That's a lot of people that will be very curious about about liberty and libertarian movement. So a couple of uses also, with those things, we can also utilize blockchain to monetize your business. So NF T's if anybody hasn't heard of NF T's yet. Maybe maybe right now, you could do like an NF t episode. But you know, some of the things I'm exploring right now, nothing if there's any musicians out here, but I'll give two examples on NF T's. So two things you could do with them right now, right? You can sell tickets to an empty. So if you're doing an event, either certain tickets, right, so Tom Woods just at the time was 2000 episode, what he could have done was a free event. But he maybe could have taken the front row, or the first two rows, and sold those as NFT tickets and an auction. And now the highest bidders of those tickets, school would get those seats, right. And maybe those seats would have sold for $1,000 apiece. And, sure, maybe Tom Woods didn't want to make money on this event. But if you're doing an event and you are selling tickets, figure out if you can sell all of your tickets, SNF T, or even summit tickets. And if you have worked up to a value where you're selling at your events, notice, you know what that's done for the music space, I could cover real quick to always find a venue where it's up to rules with venues right. So if you're a podcaster, or you're doing live events, for your business, always find a venue that you can sell out, right. So most ideal scenario, find a venue you can sell out. So if you feel like you can sell 50 tickets in Detroit, or Philadelphia, Orlando, wherever you're going. If you sell 50 tickets, then go to a venue that only holds 50 tickets and sell out your event, right? Because we sell out, then now you're going to create buzz and you're gonna create demand. And even though you feel like you've left a lot of money on the table, it's thinking about the long game, right, the long term picture. So sell out your event. And then next time you come through town play a slightly bigger venue and the thing that's now going to happen people are selling as an athlete and it's an auction, then people will pay more for your tickets, or that you'll sell more advanced tickets right then they have show tickets so always play the appropriate size of venue don't go try to go for the pool, then you were where you think you might have the most potential to make money right? And that's the right thing to have teas because NF T's you can it can be auctions ticket and people will pay for what they want, just like they would on StubHub, right and in the third party ticketing market. So always play play when it's appropriate to size. The other cool thing with NF t tickets is if you're if you're a you're it's one of those live events and you're starting to sell out shows right?

What will happen someone buys a ticket to your event, and then they sell it, they sell it on stuff or they sell somewhere else. And what might happen. You know, I mean to say sold, were selling your tickets at 100 bucks. And they saw that on StubHub for 200. Then the 100 bucks for your ticket, you know that ticket is going towards paying you it's going towards paying the venue. So you're not really seeing the full $100 those scalper that's selling it for 200. They're gonna see the entire $100 profit that they made, right? They're making make more money than you in the venue of that ticket. But if that ticket is an NF T, the big value on NF Ts is a smart contract that's attached to them, right? So yes, it's the art The art is cool. But the smart contract is we're really the value is right because every time that that artwork NF T cells again, the original creator gets a commission right? So now, if you have $100 ticket and sells for $200. On StubHub, you get a 10% Commission, I don't know. I'm still looking really into NF T's. I'm going to launch one on next month or two with an artist I work with, but you will get a commission and I don't know how much of commission you can get. I mean, I mean maybe it means you're doing a contract. I wonder if you just do 50% Commission, I don't know but what I always hear people talk about 10% or 15%, in commission, but now, when that ticket gets sold, as by a scalper, you're gonna get 10% of that sale or someone has a ticket, they can't go they sell to a friend, you're gonna get 10% of that. So a lot, a lot of cool things you can do with FTS. And then last thing example I wanted to give is, with music, right? So take that example, if you're not in music space, try to see how you can make that example work in your in your space, maybe you're raising money for a project, right? I know, we've talked about sound mind creative group a lot, maybe they give away a portion of ownership to their, their documentary, they're creating, I don't know, like, figure out a way you can maybe auction off part ownership of a project you're starting. So for music, for example. I'm sure a lot of people have heard this too, like people always talking about the master, right? Who owns the master of a song or an album. And a cool thing that starting the been talked about in the music space is instead of working with a record label, you can auction off your masters to your fans, right, or people that are just want to invest in a asset, right, an income producing asset means they see the value of an artist and they think that song can make money. The cool thing is if you sell part ownership of the song, then now the people that buy the ownership of it, they can make money every time the song makes money, right. So if you're putting out a movie or documentary, whatever it is, every time that makes money, all of the owners make money, right? So if you're auctioning off 20%, what you can do, you can break that up into 1% fractions, right, so you can have 21% fractions of your or portions of your, of your song. And you can have 20 different people that might invest in it, or you might have one person that buys all 20% or 1% pieces. And so again, every time they make money, or just the song or wherever it's money, then they make money as well. Also, it incentivizes them to promote it right so now they're going to help promote the project to because they make money off of it. So another benefit there and then if they have made their money back and whatever you've created has now gained value and they decide to sell it before for potential future earnings to someone that's an investor you're going to get a commission off that sale which is awesome, right? So you let's say you sold 21% portions to two pieces of content you created that each portion of incentive thought I'm adding in there too. So let's say you sell each 1% fraction for 50 bucks apiece right? So a lot a lot a lot of money that's $1,000 right $1,000 for a song that's going to help production costs that's going to help marketing costs as well for on a smaller scale independent artists for a major label of cost way more but now if that 50 are those that song It's one paid $50 for it has gained a ton of value and you sell for $1,000 then you get a commission off of that, right? And then the other cool thought I had is if you're a content creator, let's say you have a YouTube channel, and your YouTube channel is monetized right you're making money off of your YouTube channel, why not sell a share of your videos right? Maybe you sell 20% of your video so instead of if you don't want to have sponsors all of your things maybe you sell part ownership of that video because YouTube will break down how much money each video brought in each month right? And if it's a video that you anticipate will get hundreds of 1000s of views are millions of views and it's a video that can be monetized why not so 1% shares you know up to 20% 30% 40% of your videos so you're almost like making that money off of your videos in advance. And now people own portions of your videos now you just need to make sure your your channel doesn't get d monetized videos get demonetised because then the owners are kind of sLl but you know it's you could you can make it exclusively for that video wherever that video is distributed right

so that you can distribute it somewhere else let's say it's on Odyssey and makes money there or it's a rumble and it makes money there then and people make a commission of their ownership on that so anyway some ideas I feel like that's definitely where the the key content the creative industry is going there's going to be more and more opportunities like that and I feel like if you can figure out a way to attach these smart contracts to your your art and your creations, you can you know have an extra extra revenue stream there or if you're selling tickets to an event right you can have an extra revenue stream there utilizing NF t so I hope y'all enjoyed this I hope you learned something and you know go go The Brian Nichols show.com to learn more what what Brian Nichols is up to and we're all up to the show Jeremy Todd is doing some really really cool thing. Thanks for the celebrity thing he just had spike Cohen on the show and that's cool stuff happening. So thank you all for watching and and you know as always means my sign off so spread love positivity and kindness in the world and goes he shows me people people mixed up peace, my friends.

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