Dec. 6, 2021

398: Breaking Through the Pluralistic Ignorance (feat. Brian Nichols)

398: Breaking Through the Pluralistic Ignorance (feat. Brian Nichols)

How fear can hold us back in a constant state of pluralistic ignorance.?

How fear can hold us back in a constant state of pluralistic ignorance.?


I take on pluralistic ignorance and its underlying BFF, FEAR, on today's solo episode of The Brian Nichols Show!


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selling is all about really it's we're not selling a product you're not selling a service you're not selling. You're not selling whatever you think you're selling a solution you are selling change

Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show your source for common sense politics on the we are libertarians network as a sales and marketing executive in the greater telecommunications cybersecurity industry, Brian works with C level executives to help them future proof their company's infrastructure for an uncertain future. And in each episode, Brian takes that experience and applies it to the liberty movement. And this is why we talk about being the trusted advisor you should be able to help us that expert guidance and all the opinions that I'm sure that you have and help lead them towards not just a decision but the right decision. Instead of focusing on simply winning arguments or being right. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and their application in the world of politics, showing you how to ask better questions, tell better stories and ultimately change people's minds. And now, your host, Brian Nichols. Well, happy Monday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host. And thank you for joining us on a nice quiet Monday here on The Brian Nichols Show today, it's going to be you and me one on one again, and we're going to go back to one of our morning sales huddles my goal 10 minutes or less, we'll have you in and out. And hopefully we can walk away today with some actionable items that you can take away. And I really do hope that you get some value from today's episode, because today we're going to be talking about, I think is one of the main issues we're seeing here in society today. And it's the concept of pluralistic ignorance. Now, by the way, before I get started, I'm doing all of this as a part of if you haven't subscribed already, head over to the Brian Nichols You can subscribe to the morning sales huddle, it's right there on the homepage, just need your first name and email address. And as a special thank you for signing up for the morning sales huddle. I'll also go ahead and fire over a copy of my brand new ebook, four easy steps you can implement now to help sell liberty to friends and family right to your inbox as well. But this, this starts off here today, we're going back to Friday of last week. And again, we're discussing pluralistic ignorance. So let's set the stage. You just finished going to an awesome concert. Now you had a few drinks, got to spend some time with some friends, and now you're heading home, you're leaving the venue in a sea of people say goodbye to your friends, and then you start to walk towards the mass transit station. And then suddenly, you get this weird feeling in your chest. You notice you're starting to have trouble walking and then boom, you're on your butt on the sidewalk. It's currently in a state of a medical emergency. Now you just left the concert, there were 1000s of people there at the venue with you many of whom were drinking and doing other questionable activities with recreational drugs. So your average person just leaving the venue and seeing you sitting on the sidewalk in a slump probably thinks, Okay, this guy probably had one too many.

So what happens when each person that passes by and sees you in a slump treats you like that average person would welcome to this societal conundrum we like to call pluralistic ignorance. Now, when we see people treating a situation like it's no big deal, then we too are likely to treat it also as if it is no big deal. If you're in a big city and you see someone sitting on the side of the street, you don't run over and ask them Hey, are you okay? I mean, let's be real. If you're in a big city, chances are, they're probably a homeless person, a drug addict or just sleeping one often the night before. But imagine you're a tourist from a small rural town who has no context as to how these types of situations normally go in the world of a big city. As you walk by and see others walking by well, that little voice might be telling you that something might be wrong here and you look around But you see that everyone else is acting like nothing's wrong. So is nothing wrong? See pluralistic ignorance has been on full display for at least the past two years. But instead of our pluralistic ignorance being one of apathy, our pluralistic ignorance has as a society been one of institutionalized hypochondria. The corporate media established the narrative across the board that COVID ads and suing variances were threat level midnight to quote one Michael Scott. And once that narrative had been established, it then seeps into the pluralistic ignorance of the society by and large. So Okay, back to you, on the street having a medical emergency. Don't worry, I was just going to leave you hanging there in the sidewalk. So how do we break away from this pluralistic ignorance? Well, how can you and this is going to be the hard part, get somebody's attention on the street, and show them that this is an emergency versus you just being some drunk bum. So it requires you to start off with all your strength and efforts to find one person walking by who might be looking your way, catch their attention and explicitly say with all of your might, you in the red t shirt, I need you to call 911 You need to set the tone in terms of breaking the pluralistic ignorance. This is not normal. As a matter of fact, it's anything but normal. It requires you to snap the spell that is pluralistic ignorance. And where else do you see pluralistic ignorance? And how else can you help snap people out of their apathetic drone like states? Well, I think first and that was, by the way, the end of our first morning sales. How do I think first it goes with us addressing and this has been a recurring theme going back to I would mentally going back to Steven Kent when he's on the show talking about fear. Fear is a son of a gun. It's such a fickle foe. We see it in Star Wars. And we're gonna see in today's morning sales huddle, continuing. We do a lot of crazy irrational things when we're afraid. Fear and its associated emotions are some of the most powerful emotions we will ever feel. Fear can make one say and do things we would normally never say or do when I look at our greater liberty movement. While I see lots of hope. I also see lots of fear. This fear seems to be festering due to the fact that the greater liberty movement is growing and reaching new people beyond our traditional libertarian echo chambers that we've grown accustomed to. Instead of libertarians talking to other libertarians about libertarianism, our greater movement has grown beyond simple thought experiments in the comment section to an actual chance to impact and change policy that will bring liberty to people right now and create a lasting legacy. So naturally, those individuals who aren't as comfortable in taking these ideas and principles and bringing them to the problems of today have dug in their heels out of fear. Fear of what fear of being replaced fear of having to have your ideas stand on their own outside of your libertarian echo chambers. Fear of not having your role in some local LP chapter. It's incredibly obvious that a number of libertarians have sought to use the Libertarian Party in greater liberty movement as their own ideologically pure club. Fear consumes those who aren't confident in their own abilities, fear of the uncertainty of the future, fear of change, fear of embracing solutions beyond the status quo. Fear isn't our friend. Fear is what holds people back and fear is what's holding our movement back. Fear of growing fear of bringing in new people who aren't 100% ideologically pure fear of trying new things.

Fear will be the number one thing that stops you from accomplishing your goals in life. Until you're able to be confident in yourself, your ideas and your solutions. That voice of fear will constantly be in the back of your mind trying to get you back into your comfort zone. Don't listen to it. Be courageous, and confront your fears head on. And how important is that in order to break out a pluralistic ignorance, to be confident in yourself to be confident in saying something's wrong? I don't know if you've noticed this. But over the past few months of the program as we've had guests on the show, even if they were overtly non political guests, I almost always will drop in this little nugget. I don't know about you folks, but I just I feel it out there. That's something Something's off. Right. You've heard me say that. And I almost always will get it. Yep. Yep, certainly. There's that sentiment out there. Why do I do that? I do that because I'm trying to make sure that I'm being a voice breaking through the pluralistic ignorance. If we're just constantly being one to go along with the crowd, to not want to stand out for that fear that holds us back. Then guess what? Sorry, folks, things will not change. If you're on the sidewalk, and you're not able, as the person on the sidewalk to get someone to break out of their pluralistic ignorance or couple that with effect, if you're the person walking past and not confident enough, in breaking out of the pluralistic ignorance to say that something is wrong. Then fear leaves you on the side of the sidewalk, rip. Fear is holding us back not only as a movement, and I think we are seeing that fear has really seeped into just our daily lives. Neighbor, being afraid of neighbor, family member being afraid of family member because of vaccination status. Fear is not our friend. It is in fact a fickle foe. I dare say we need to label it as an enemy, not just as an enemy of the liberty movement, but as an enemy of ourselves an enemy of making things better of moving past the status quo. So are you ready to help break through the pluralistic ignorance? To be confident in stand up against your fears? Well, if so, I would love to hear about it. Go ahead and share today's episode when you do go ahead and give me a tag at B nickels liberty. If you really enjoy the episode, I would ask you to please head over to the Brian Nichols Give us a five star rating and review tell us what value you got from today's episode. That being said, coming up tomorrow. Yes, the man the myth, the legend. It's been a long time since he's been in the program. And I miss him. Gary Collins is returning to the program from the simple life. And I'm so excited to have Gary on the show. By the way, Gary, I don't know if he knows this. But he has actually been one of the most important fundamental building blocks as I've gone through my sales trainings. For every single new hire, I have his eye onboard talking about his three legged stool. Because I say this to every single salesperson I hire, I cannot focus enough on you as an individual because I don't care about the sales stuff, or the text and specs that you will learn what I care about is you being successful as a person first and foremost. Because if you're not good as a person, that how can I expect you to be good at sales, you have to be confident not just in what you're selling, but confident in yourself. And that starts with you actually being good in yourself and making sure that your three legged stool is even forget what the three legged stool is. Don't worry, we're going to go ahead and make sure we bring it up on tomorrow's episode, so make sure you've hit that subscribe button. And with that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for our morning sales huddle. We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols If you enjoyed today's episode, don't forget to subscribe. Want to help us reach more people? Give the show a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe to find us at Brian Nichols and download the show on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow me on social media at V. Nichols liberty and consider donating to the show at Brian Nichols forward slash support. The Brian Nichols Show is supported by viewers like you. Thank you to our patrons Darrell Schmitz, Michael Lima, Michel Mankiewicz hodi John's credit caster and the we're libertarians network

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