March 23, 2022

467: It's Time to ReAwaken America! (with Clay Clark & Aaron Antis)

467: It's Time to ReAwaken America! (with Clay Clark & Aaron Antis)
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The past few years have truly exposed how far away from common principles and values we have drifted.


Whereas we use to look back to commonalities, we now see constant division, the misinformation, and manipulation.


Thankfully, more and more people are waking up to the insanity and are taking a stand.


Today I'm joined by Clay Clark and Aaron Antis, both of whom have made it their goal to help ReAwaken America, and are doing so by bringing the word of God and conservative values to the people on their ReAwaken America Tour.


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Brian Nichols 0:12

Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, Happy Wednesday there, folks, Brian, you're on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host and today I have two special guests for you. We're gonna be talking to our good friends clay Clark and Aaron antas. Gentlemen, thank you for joining us on today's episode of The Brian Nichols Show.


Clay Clark 0:47

Brian I really appreciate you allowing us to be here I'm Clay Clark. That's Aaron antas reminding you America you smell terrific. Oh yeah.


Brian Nichols 0:54

You smelly array through the podcast and clay air and gents thank you so much for taking the time to speak to the audience today. And obviously we're gonna be talking about a couple of different things. First, we're gonna be talking about your awesome podcast there clay and then we're going to talk about the reawaken America tour but before we get there clay Aaron if you do me a favor do the audience a favor introduce yourselves to the audience and that your your role as you find it here in this greater What shall we say Liberty business kind of a world we find ourselves in?


Clay Clark 1:25

I'll go first and Aaron can one up me here. I am a father of five kids I grew up poor uh some people say how poor I think when you add water to powder to make milk that's that's a certain level of course. There's other people that live under a bridge poor so I you know certain levels of poor and my father worked very hard at Kwik Trip convenience stores and Domino's Pizza to provide for us. I ended up growing America's largest wedding wedding DJ entertainment company, weddings, brides and grooms DJ entertainment company called DJ At the age of 20, I was Tulsa's Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the age of 27, I was Oklahoma's Young Entrepreneur of the Year, according to the Small Business Administration. I've done a lot with a lot of business awards. But it's not about me. But if you do go to thrivetime And you click on testimonials, you can see my business background. But the reason why I'm on your show today, and any shows I'm doing so previously, I had committed myself to not doing not being on interviews. For years, I wasn't on interviews. And the reason I kind of stepped into retirement and broke my rule of Thou shalt not travel and now shall not be on interviews is to help reawaken America. That's what I'm doing.


Aaron Antis 2:30

Yeah. And I'm Aaron ANSYS. And basically, I was a fumbling alcoholic drug addict from the time I was 13. Till I was 24, March sixth 1997. Jesus came into my life and basically delivered me from all of that I cold turkey quit the day I gave my life to him and got into real estate. I've sold a little over a billion dollars in real estate in New Homes, you say a billion with a B, a billion with a B.


Clay Clark 2:57

But wait, you said a billion with a B, but you are a Christian? Yes. How could you possibly sell anything in this politically correct world? While actually having any conviction about your religious beliefs and your political beliefs?


Aaron Antis 3:11

That's a good question. I believe that money is a magnifier and I really feel like money is like a hammer. You know, you can either use it to tear things down, or you can use it to build things up. And did


Clay Clark 3:21

you say you sold $1,000? In houses in your career?


Aaron Antis 3:23

A little over a billion. Okay. So, yeah, Shaw And my brother and I, my brother, Joe and I, we run the company and good job on


Clay Clark 3:32

$1 million of sales. Okay, thank


Aaron Antis 3:34

you. And your whole career when this when this whole Coronavirus thing kind of went crazy. And, you know, clay is one, he's been my business coach for the last six years now. And helped us grow from about 24 million a year to about 100. And we're on pace for 167 million this year. And when you say 24 million, do you mean 24,000? In sales?


Clay Clark 3:52

I don't Okay, million,


Aaron Antis 3:53

actually. But yeah. And so clay asked me, Hey, you know, would you jump on the podcast with me as much as you can for the next 60 days, like a patchy? That was in March of 2020. So it's kind of like 15 days to slow the spread, right, you know, kept going for a couple years now. And so, we've been doing this ever since. So we're just trying to wake people up to what's going on out there and get them back to God, because that's the that's the solution


Brian Nichols 4:17

here. I think people heard the word awake a couple of times there. And we've talked about this in the show many a time. Yeah, we're waking people up. And you're seeing here right now, whether it's us waking people up, or people just starting to look around them and saying what's going on? And why are things happening the way they're happening? Well, a lot of I think is that we have definitely drifted away from the underlying values, the underlying principles that we used to I thought share and now I'm not so sure if that's the case, but before we kind of go that route, because I do want to talk about the reawaken America to where you guys were talking about business money. I heard the word billion a couple times toss about there. That's pretty darn good. Aaron, and then the clay, kudos to you as the business coach for helping them get there. And we hear there's a disconnect, I think in the world of business in the world of politics, and I saw this I was just up in Wisconsin, I was doing a talk with a bunch of small business owners, we were talking about business technology and how we could help, you know, save themselves from cybersecurity threats and such. And then a question just out of left field, they said, you know, Brian, you're you're openly you know, adamant about your, your liberty based politics. How do you deal with that in the world


Clay Clark 5:24

of real quick, I had to chime in as well, because of a lot of confusion going on right now. I think that's what I deal with this, Aaron. Yeah. First off, you've sold several $1,000 of houses a little over a billion. And how small are these business owners? Like we're talking like today, like, dwarf? regulars? I was thinking like, Man, I just want to clarify that. Are we allowed to


Brian Nichols 5:46

say that nowadays? Well, I get cancelled? If I say that? No, I hope not. No. But it was great to hear the fact that people are now starting to say is, Is this allowed? Can we talk about our politics? And what are the threats out there? That was the main concern they had? And I said, No, this is my answer. I said, I think if people see who your authentic self is, they might give you 1000 A million a billion dollars, and they do so because they know that they're doing business with a true good authentic person. Now that's me and my soapbox clay. Aaron, you're out there actually doing this every single day, right? What are your your perspectives and thoughts?


Clay Clark 6:26

I'm gonna hit you up with three Bible verses because that's where I get a power, authority, belief, truth from Okay, so first off, Acts chapter four, verse 29, reads, And now Lord, behold their threatenings and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness, they may speak thy word, I'm reading it right here. And now Lord, behold, there threatenings and grant unto thy servants that with all boldness, they may speak Thy word. So first up, I'm not saying you're not going to be threatened and I get threats. I actually have received multiple death threats. I am being sued by dominions. Eric Coomer, the former head of security and strategy for dominion is suing me for defamation, for allowing Mike Lyndale and other people to hop on our stage to share the truth about election fraud. That's a real thing. Also, also Matthew 510 Bible verse number two, Matthew 510 says, Blessed are ye which are persecuted for righteousness sake. For theirs is the kingdom of heaven, bless it, are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, I say blessed I mean, like, so Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs the kingdom of heaven, so you will be persecuted. And then finally, James, chapter one, verses eight through 10 says, a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. So what I find is that a lot of times, Christians, I'm just calling on myself, I'm not calling out your listeners I'm calling out myself, is we have bought into the belief that we are inherently good. I do not believe we're inherently good. I believe that God tells us that we are all fallen. And without his salvation, we all fall short of the glory of God. So I believe First off, we have to start off saying, I'm pretty terrible. Yeah, and the only way I'm gonna get to Heaven is through God. Just doodle on him here. Quicker. Just real quick. Who here is not awesome? Me, okay, who can't get to heaven through works? That'd be me here. Let's just Let's just look up and figure out where we fit in the org chart for just a second. Okay. Then proverbs 910 says, For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So understand God is here, here here. He's omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. He's everywhere. So a healthy fear of the Lord is what you need. So then when you move on, I'm just talking on a practical level, this is what happens. This happened where my business is called elephant in the room, we cut hair, men's hair, and somebody reached out to us and they call the phone, but yet you guys not cut women's hair. Our car, our caller says we cut men's hair. That's what we do. However, if you, men's want to come in for a men's haircut, I suppose we're not going to deny you that service. But it's men's haircuts. That's what it is. Well, what kind of work you know, what kind of services do you provide for transgenders? I mean, we don't typically check the genders of our customers. We don't say, Carl, can you come here or Carlita? Can we check? I mean, we don't don't check. We don't need to know. We just need to cut your fro. We need to chop them up. That's we need to do we need to cut the hair. We don't need to have this debate. So that's that's the thing. What but then, every once in a while at Epic photography is on Epic In full disclosure for the new owners of the business, because I do not own the business. I haven't owned the business for over five years, seven years for a long time. Epic I don't think I've owned the business for at least seven years that company, brides would call and say we would like to get married and my name is Carl and his name is Eddie. I'm like so you're Carl and he's Eddie. Yeah. Are you two dudes? Yeah. And they go will you take photos of our wedding? And I said no. Because that was my prerogative to do so. And then I would hit, I would get threats. We're gonna call the media I'm like, please do call the media. What do you mean called me? I mean, I would like you to because anybody who shares your worldview, that I'm somehow a bad person for not wanting to celebrate the homosexual union. I don't want them as a client either. And they're going well, what? Then happened again with COVID? People are going, sir, what are you doing to protect your businesses from the virus? Step one, nothing. Step two, we're staying open. Step three, the models are false. The PCR tests are false. The treatments are real. Yeah, but the science says, well, the science is wrong. Well, the science says the science is wrong. Well, Dr. Fauci says,


Unknown 10:40

You, we shouldn't be we should not shut down the border, we shouldn't shut down the border. We should shut down the border, we you shouldn't wear a mask. Wearing a mask does not stop the spread of the virus. We say we have to masks and be as forceful as possible about wearing masks. We do not need to get together for Easter. We need to mitigate. I was a great athlete, I have to throw out the baseball for the nationals game. Turns out I wasn't a great athlete. I was dying about that. And I am not working with Bill Gates, but I am on the Foundation website. I I don't benefit at all financially from the patents that I hold. Okay, well, I Okay.


Clay Clark 11:16

I mean, so again, we just that double minded Luciferian jackassery is what's been victimized in the world. So I encourage everybody to write down your values today. Write down your values for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, friendship, your fun, and hold to amend much in the way that anybody out there has ever gone on a super intense diet or a fast. Everybody wants you to eat some cake. Come on, you're gonna die. Anna, do you want some cake? Cuz I have some cake? Have you ever seen this? You don't die? Oh, yeah, you want some cake? Every time you do in ketosis. Oh, how about some Moses? Right? Cuz that rhymes with it. I mean, seriously, he knows that when you get on a diet, your friends want you to not be on the diet. That's so true. It's just how it is you're gonna deal with persecution nonstop every day. And once people know that you're committed to something they attack. That's my thoughts. Aaron, back to you.


Aaron Antis 12:04

Well, I think that's that's all of that is true clay when I'm here we go. Your way of being able to present that information is pretty insane. But yeah, I mean, I think what's going on in the world right now you've got this, this attack. And so many people are thinking, Oh, my gosh, well, you know, you've got these evil human beings that are in the way. But the thing is, is that this is really an attack. That's spiritual that's coming against our country right now. And so when all this stuff started happening, I didn't get fearful because the whole world I feel like the the devil started to wield this weapon of the fear of death across the whole planet. Hey,


Clay Clark 12:41

man, good to see you. Hey, yeah, hey,


Aaron Antis 12:45

what's going on. And so when this when this weapon of the fear of death came on everybody, I just went, Well, the one who holds the keys to death, hell in the grave is Jesus. And he's my Lord and Savior. So I don't need to be afraid of anything. In fact, I need to get as far over into faith as I possibly can. And as far away from fear as possible. So I started diving deeper and deeper into God's word, which is where faith comes from faith, you know, comes from God's Word. And I said, You know what, I've got this thing called the believers authority. I've got this authority that was given to me by God, you know, the heaven, even the heavens are the Lord's, but the earth is given under the children of men. I'm not giving this earth up to satan in all his cohorts. I'm supposed to stay here and occupy until He comes. And so I started stepping into the authority that I have as a believer and speaking those things out, that are not as though they were. And so that's what we've been doing is just sharing the truth with as many people as we I'm not


Clay Clark 13:49

afraid, but can you pass it I saw and stand over there. And just because I necessarily may have been in contact with the virus, and where to masks and rubber I got a notification from my phone that someone I know may have been around somebody who's a human. And because the tests are falsely calibrated, but the number of cases I trust the media. I'm listening to you right now, but I love watching television because it tells me the vision that I'm watching right now. I love Chris Cuomo. I love the fact that his brother was the governor and there's absolutely no way he would possibly lie to us about his brother. And I just know that car in house was guilty. I love television. It's like a teleprompter for my mind. I just love it so much. Lady Gaga. She's not weird. She hangs up Marina Abramovic she prays to say and that's okay though, right? Because it's, it's okay cuz 100 Binds laptop is all good because, you know might have pedophilia and crazy stuff in there, but they were just lying to us but being Russian conspiracy masks voice cuz I love the voice in the masked voice I vote and I know that's how I determine the winner.


Brian Nichols 14:53

That was like the angry NPC meme, but it's every single thing that the angry NPC meme has ever said in one monologue. Very well done clay. I will say like, gentlemen, this is why I think right now you're seeing so many people having the conversations because just that right there, the insanity has been cranked up to level 100. And your average normal person is looking around saying this is bananas. This is not this is not always that's not normal. This is so unnormal that we're at a point right now where it's very obvious that we need to start making a change and that's why you guys are going around you're doing the RE awaken America tour now. I want you guys to give us a number one what people can expect from the tour. But number two, what inspired this tour you're having so many phenomenal speakers that are joining you across the United States? And what's been the feedback that you've been hearing?


Clay Clark 15:42

Well, first off, God inspired it. Yeah. So he said that let's be very clear. I asked God like many of your listeners did I said God, how can you use my talent? Treasure time? As impressive or not impressive as they are? How could you use my time treasure and talent to help save this nation and I didn't get an audible voice? I didn't I mean wouldn't it be great if there's burning bush in your clay? What's going on? Well air I can't talk to you right I was a big burning bush. Oh, it's burning bush give me a second Gods Chuck. Great. You need to host a real wicked America tour with General Flynn here are the steps Eric Be quiet as Bernie Bush awesome spiritual aerosol and fire didn't work that way. All I had was this like burning desire my body my body to it was like a bit my body I was like I need to get I was sweating. And my skin was like that of a porpoise. Like a seal. Oh, my wife I wake up and my wife's like, What is wrong with you? I'm like, Just sweaty all the time. Just ready. Just sweaty. You know, I couldn't stop sweating. And I said, What is the problem with you? Seriously, I don't really sleep really well. I said, Well, I thought God wants me to do a reopen American tour of general flim are supposed to kill the spirit of fear. And tell the people that models are false. The models are false. The PCR tests are false and COVID-19 is 100% treatable with us tonight I'd rented hydroxychloroquine we'd expose the truth about medical fraud, election fraud, religious fraud, mainstream media fraud and get people back to God. She's like, wow, you said that fast. I'm going I know. It's like imprinted on my brain like seared in my brain. So I called General Flynn. Boo boo boo boo boo. I didn't want him to answer I thought it would just bring and then not pick up on it. Obviously didn't want it. No. And he picks up the General Flynn. Hey, um, so I feel like we're supposed to do a reopen America tour where we should kill the spirit of fear. We share the truth about election fraud, medical fraud, religious fraud, give people like the God and I just want to see, you know, guy that you got, I mean, you know, and then he goes, absolutely. I know it has to happen but has to happen to the church. Let's go. And from that point forward, I'm going what I mean General Flynn's probably one of the most five well known conservatives in the world. Yeah, you know, you got President Trump General Flynn. It's very Michael Sandel, whatever. And so and then, you know, Michael Sandel and then Jim Caviezel, and then Jim Breuer, the comedian and Sean forth musician and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. Sidney Powell I doctors Alenko Karen Kingston. So here's what you can expect. Okay. One, you're going to have an unapologetic, almost like a comedy club. riff off of the facts. It's almost like watching Dave Chappelle discuss racism. I mean, let's be real. Watch Dave Chappelle discuss racism. I'll leave it at that. It's just raw. It's unapologetic. It's true. It's very. So first up, you're going to learn a lot, but you're going to be somewhat on the swords edge of like laughing or crying. People business owners always asked me should I get a credit card? Should I get a credit card. So we have business workshops we do. By the way, if you don't have time to free I have a name your price business workshop, you can come to just pay whatever go to Time to free You can buy a ticket. If it's the worst or the best, you probably paid too much or too little, whatever you show up at it, but it's time to free But we have these events who puts up people put their hand up shy by a credit check, get a credit card, I always tell people that's a good thing and a bad thing. Right credit card make it we use to your case, sell a billion dollars of homes, you got to finance these projects, or it can be used to get deeply in debt and target by buying towels half off. You know, could you save money by spending a lot you can do that. But when you come to the tour, you're going to learn so much truth that you're gonna probably laugh You're gonna


Clay Clark 19:28

you know, because it's good. We're gonna tell you like that. Everyone, Google this real quick. Okay, everyone, Google this, assume I'm crazy. Type in HR 6666 HR, then four sexes. That's the piece of legislation that Congress is pushing right now to force the RNA modifying nanotechnology vaccines, HR 666646. And if you say aye, aye. What? You got to read it folks, and then you go, why would they do that? Then just type in Pope hosts transhuman meeting is a meeting of the minds post, the pope hosts a transhuman meeting of the minds transhumanism meeting of minds hosted by the pope typing into Google. Why would the pope be hosting a transhumanism meeting of the minds ran by atheists and secular people? What? So that's the thing. And then you need to type in Bill Gates just type in Microsoft, w o 2020060606. You can see the patent that makes it mechanically possible for no man to buy or sell unless he has the technology inside his body. It's w o 2020060606. Or you can make it easier, just go to Time to free forward slash revelation time to free for time to free forward slash revelation and really, it's the great reset versus the great reawakening the great reset thumbs down versus the great reawakening the great reset versus the great reawakening that's what's happening. And I'm telling you, it's there's Bobby Kennedy Jr, Democrats, General Flynn, libertarian kind of Republicans. Jim Brewer, comedian, comedian, I mean, it's it's, it's gonna be a life changing event, you can get your tickets at time to free Jon Voight and by the way you could come I'll get you behind the scenes past there, Brian, if you want to come, you can report at it. You can report from it, you could film stuff, you could see what it is see what it isn't. Tell people it's the worst or the best. But I can just say right now you can name your price. If you want to attend. We have 41 tickets left for the reawaken America tour in Oregon, April 1 and second at time to free And then we've got Mae Mae Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, may we got 500 tickets remaining for that, just under 500 tickets remaining for Myrtle Beach in May. And then we go to July, Virginia Beach in July. And that that events going to tickets are now on sale, there's an energy but again, you can name your price, I have never seen an event of this level of production where you can name your price, these events do take close to a half million dollars to produce some more than that some a little less. And you can do it you name your price, it's gonna be a blasty blast. Even the New York Times, by the way, New York Times daily based these publications, a lot of them reporters have shown up and I've talked to them offline. And many of them have said I had no idea that the great reset was being implemented by Democrats and Republicans. Right. So it's the truth.


Brian Nichols 22:09

It's interesting, because you're hearing right now that conversation is taking place people are seeing right now Biden on stage flipping, slipping, saying the great reset, but now they're saying the quiet parts out loud. And once you see it, you can't unsee it. So with that being said, Gentlemen, unfortunately, we already are pressed for time. So we want make sure we're pointing people the right way. So you said at the very bottom time to free forward slash revelation is the RE awaken America tour. But with that being said, also, I know, let's kind of go back to the original business podcast. It's the thrivetime show business school without the Bs is you clay Clark and Dr. Robert zona, Dr. Z. Thank you for all you're doing over there. And I want to if you could direct people to learn more about the podcast. And then obviously, Aaron, if you have anything you want to point people your way as well, please.


Clay Clark 22:59

On our podcast, I've interviewed Wolfgang Puck and John Maxwell and the founder of FUBU, and that kind of thing. And I teach you how to grow a successful company. But really bigger than that, I want to teach you how to have a successful life. So I would encourage people to do this, just go to thrivetime Find up the next upcoming conference, whether there's another pandemic or not, we never stopped the conferences. We kept them going. One of my advertising partners, he's really fun. He goes, you want to double the cost of your ads to promote your conference during the peak of a pandemic. I said, No, no, I want to go up eight times. He said you want to increase your ad spend by 8000. My theory is very few other conferences are probably advertising. I mean your SXSW not so much TED talks not so much. Turns out all the fake conferences canceled. We kept them open. I'm telling you. We've been building millionaires over here in Aaron's case, he's been earning dozens of dollars as a result of our proven system.


Aaron Antis 23:54

That is true actually. 2016 I started coaching with clay and you know, we've we've grown incredibly we 24 million we went up to last year 142 million last year, and in six years. So that's a pretty good target.


Clay Clark 24:10

I short earn 1000s of dollars with


Aaron Antis 24:12

187 system. 787% I think is what I figured out but yeah, for me, I mean, we're building homes we're getting, it's amazing. There is a political migration going on in the country. We're here in Oklahoma, we're in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City. And we have people coming from the east coast and the west coast. It's interesting California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, New York. I want to try moving to Tulsa.


Clay Clark 24:39

I want to chime in real quick at Shaw Isn't it's crazy. When I first started working with Aaron, when you were doing we were building the workflow in the sales process for Shaw homes, a lot of it most of it involved physically giving people a tour of the homes. So they go to the website they call in you get you take them on physical tours and then they buy the house. Yeah. Now a lot of you are going to Does the house exist? Yes. Why don't people from Boston so does the House have a roof on it? Is it wicked? Is it done? Is it so it's wicked done? It's done. And it exists. Okay, yeah, let's do it. Let's do bull. Let's go. Because people just want to get out of these lockdown states I do. That's what I mean. It's it I do predict Shaw homes will be closer to 200 million during the next 12 months as opposed to 120 million 140 million it's just absolutely people are buying homes right now and if you're in a lockdown state go to Shaw Hey, thank you so much for the for putting up with us. I really do appreciate you Brian, for allowing me to lower the standards of The Brian Nichols Show shows will improve moving forward


Brian Nichols 25:44

well how what standard people really have at this point for this show so thankfully no not just teasing this has been an absolutely fantastic conversation and hey, I am right there with you. I just went the route of moving from Philadelphia pa out to New Castle Indiana and let me tell you what it the stories are all true all of it is just as bad as you think it is out in those blue cities and you know, I'll end with this. It's been driving me nuts, the the gaslighting it's not that bad. Just got to show your vaccine passport to go have a meal with your family at a restaurant or you want to go to a ballgame or make sure you double mask it the the freedom the idea of knowing that you don't have to worry about that anymore, that people can actually live their lives like it was 2019. And I was pretty exciting. And I thank you Aaron for actually helping get some people out of those blue states and thank you clay for helping Yes, in fact reawaken America. That being said, Folks, if you want to go ahead and learn more, I will include all the links in the show notes. All you got to do click the artwork in your podcast catcher. It'll bring you to today's episode we can find Yes, all those links, but also the entire transcript of today's episode plus all 464 episodes here, The Brian Nichols Show somewhere in there, but that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. We'll see you tomorrow.


Aaron Antis 27:00

Boom. Thank you.