June 30, 2022

535: Meet TPN! - The New Social Media Alternative to Facebook Built For Freedom

TPN is the New Alternative to Facebook™ and it’s launching NOW!

Entrepreneurs and influencers feel their businesses are suffering because of limited exposure on traditional social media platforms. 


There’s no space on the internet for people who value family, faith, free speech and enterprise. We are the muted voices of America. 


Today's guest was in search of a platform for people to share their lives, opinions, and information without fear, judgment or censorship - A place where free speech is respected and upheld.


That’s why Ryan Chamberlin created the True Patriot Network. He wanted to provide his community a place where everyone can share their thoughts and everyday life without fear of censorship or judgment. 


Business owners, entrepreneurs, and families alike will have a hub to connect and exchange ideas openly and in a respectful, family-friendly manner.


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Brian Nichols  0:03  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Unknown Speaker  0:17  
Happy Thursday there, Brian, you're on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us for another fun filled episode. I am always your humble. Today,

Brian Nichols  0:28  
of course we have another fun filled guest in store for today's episode. And to all of you out in the world of sales, entrepreneurship Happy last day of June and last day of the quarter and before we go ahead and dig into today's episode want to go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor and that is the expat money podcast head over to the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat where you can check out the expat money podcast to protect the money you worked so hard to earn from ambulance chasing lawyers, nefarious creditors and greedy on just governments. our good buddy McHale Thorpe says I help people just like you to invest internationally secure second passports and residencies eliminate your tax bill and take advantage of offshore structures so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again had to Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat and by the way that will get you well verse for the expat money summit taking place November 7 through November 11. Five days 30 expert speakers and yeah, it's free. Make sure you head the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash expat and get your tickets today. All right, folks, on to the episode we talk about often where we are faced with not really having options out there. We've seen I remember back when parlor first popped up all sudden poof, the collective big tech just went after them and took them down in a heartbeat. Now, there they were scrambling trying to rebuild. Have they ever really reclaimed what two they were originally? Not really. So we've seen a lot of companies start to build themselves now. And I'm learning from those mistakes of companies yesteryear and one of those companies is having the CEO join us today. Ryan Chamberlain from TPN. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Ryan Chamberlin  2:14  
Hey, Brian, thanks for having me on. Absolutely. Ryan,

Brian Nichols  2:17  
looking forward to this conversation. And looking forward to talking about Yeah, building some solutions that are actually competing with the existing solutions that have been absolutely corrupted and taken over by folks who do not want to have a free flowing discourse of ideas, more conversation, rather they want to scold. And we're looking for alternatives. And Ryan, you're bringing an alternative to the table with TPN. Talk to us what is TPN? And what brought you from the world of entrepreneurship, sales and marketing to now finding yourself leading another social media entity?

Ryan Chamberlin  2:50  
Well, I'll tell you, Brian, you hit a word there. You said the word corruption. There's a lot of corruption going on in the social media world you can look at who's being canceled, why they're being canceled, and what what they say that gets them canceled, that really let you know that the current social media status, the status quo and and when I say social media, I really think it's it's the place, it's the battleground, where beliefs are being hatched, and they're going after the next generation, they have figured out that maybe my generation on up we're kind of settled in our thinking, although we get annoyed and we can get swayed as well. The young people is really what they're after. If you pay attention, which I know you do, in the news of what's going on, a lot of what is happening in the news today, really, is designed to mess with the next generation. And so as a father of four young men, I'm concerned about that as one of the reasons why I ran for US Congress in 2020. I feel like we're we certainly have a job to do for today's generation. But we also have to think about the future as well in social media is not going anywhere. That leads led me to after my campaign was over didn't quite make it to DC to go help to do what I felt I could do there. But some doors opened up and who knows we may even have a bigger impact, ushering in a new platform that can really be a legitimate competitor. You mentioned a few things now kicking back to you. You mentioned parler and my hats off to these these individuals that stood up to some of the big boys, some of the Facebook, some of the Twitter's, but most of what we're seeing today. And we're hearing a lot about Twitter, with Elon Musk in the background, doing whatever he's going to do. But most of the things that have come out whether it be parlor, whether it be truth, social, which we support, whether it be getter, which we support. They are really after that Twitter style, messaging that Twitter style social media, where Facebook on the other hand, it is it's its own beast in itself and the Zuckerberg algorithms and i By the way, I'm not a hater. I don't hate any of the platforms, but we have to call it for what it is. It is a vote machine that really appeals to that narrative inside of its feed, you can talk about certain things. And it will get spread throughout that, that organization of that platform differently than maybe conservative topics would. And that's just something that we can't sit around and let happen idly. So TPN is positioning itself as the true Facebook alternative, and it's just the beginning.

Brian Nichols  5:31  
And you hear, for example, I was listening to Ben Shapiro talk about how you'll hear, there are despite the fact that, you know, you look at the top social media, or rather on Facebook, the top sites that are shared its top conservative websites, but even still, that's despite the restrictions that are put in place, it's absolutely not showing what would happen if you were to remove the thumb of the content moderators. And you see people who not only think that that's a good thing, that you should have the content moderation, but they take it a step further, they think it should go beyond content moderation, it should go from just completely banning alternative ways of thinking because, well, my goodness, didn't we learn this over the past two years, Ryan, that you could possibly have folks with different views that don't stick with the mainstream while those folks we got silenced them, we can have them talking about different ways of doing things. And what happened? Well, it just it created more distrust. And now it's it's fostering exactly what you're doing, you're bringing different solutions to the table, in this case, a direct competitor to net what you're seeing over on Facebook. So let's talk about that. Facebook used to be a great product. I know for a lot of us out there who use Facebook, back when it was in its infancy stages, we really found a lot of success, building up our networks building up our business entities. And now you fast forward to 2022. Facebook is a it's a shell of its former self, while at the same time being infinitely larger than it once was. And at the same point in time, it feels as impersonal as ever, which is kind of ironic being its Facebook, which is supposed to be a social network connecting people together. So talk to us what's TPN doing differently that Facebook used to do that they eventually lost their way?

Ryan Chamberlin  7:13  
Well, first of all, you know, Facebook, the technology that has been developed by Facebook is really incredible. However, to your point, they've lost their way from a standpoint of they've entered into an agenda, political agenda, a certain opinionated agenda, where it's not just content filtering anymore, or curating. It's opinion filtering. And they understand that what people see and hear over and over again, there's power in that kind of control. And so it's been manipulated, what TPN has set in motion number one is one of the mistakes parlor made was, was really not controlling their data early on. And I think they've they've remedied that. But you know, one of the early investments of TPN here this past few years, before we even get started, we have to lay a solid foundation and, and house all of our data outside of companies like Amazon, and some of the big players that can mess with you, as you grow a platform like this. So that's a big learning less than that kind of you got to check off and this world data is important. We don't hear a TPN we don't mind or sell your data. TPA will sell your information they know more about you. I mean, let's face it, you can have a conversation with your family around the dinner table. And if your cell phones laying next to you the next time you open up your Facebook, something's going to show up in the feed that you just talked about. Because there is some mechanisms in there. And they're real. These are not fake. This is not conspiracy theory. I think both sides left and right. Understand. There are some tracking systems out there. And not only is it just tracking what you're doing, but they're selling what you're doing for profit. And so I see what you're seeing there, right there. I mean, it is it Big Brother is out there collecting data. It's a big deal. And so TPN stays is not interested in that. That's not what we're about. There's other ways to monetize your platform, besides selling people's private information, and we have chosen to do that. And I think that's going to be a concern that that more Americans especially going forward, they're become more aware of it. They're gonna start making their decisions on what they're loyal to, and how they purchase things based on who's selling their background information. So there's two big things we're doing. We're also an invitation only platform, you know, and I'll address it this way. One of the holdups for the Elon Musk buyout has to do with the fact that you know, 3040 50 60% on some accounts, I mean, Joe Biden's account might be more than 50% of it might be bots, not even people. Wow. And that is just Google that, or Google or DuckDuckGo. And whatever you whatever you want to use. There's the big bot conversation going on now that how many users are really fake users to inflate the value and the perception of these platforms. So one of the safety precautions that TPM put in and said, you know, what, we, we want to really be a pure platform. So we're going to launch this invitation only meaning you need to be invited by someone, I'll give everyone a link here before this interview is over. But there's a specific links, and then as you get an account, you can invite people with your private link so that when they join through you, it's really a pure following. And we want to avoid a lot of that nonsense.

Brian Nichols  10:54  
Yeah, well, I saw I was looking over actually, let's share my screen again, because I was looking at the the website, and I noticed a familiar name here. Chris Weidner. Yeah, he's a good friend of the show, American freedom tour president who's just on a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about how if you are winsome, you might win some or all actually include that link for folks at the end of the episode here, below. So you can check that out. But you're seeing this across the board. Yeah, the tech revolution, it absolutely has begun, I had Michael cipher on the program here, I forget the name of his program. But he just launched a like, almost like a Yelp town square type of product. I had folks on from big tech alternatives of yesteryear, like minds.com. So you're seeing that there has been this desire, but now it's actually becoming reality. Now there has truly been a change in the way that we're approaching, not just tech, I think business overall. And this is also gonna go hand in hand with web three, this is this is going to be changing the way not only we interact as a country as society, but also it's going to be changing the way we do business. The way we to your point fun, different mechanisms. So I'm curious, right? Have you started to look into web three? And what that will look like for TPN going forward into the future?

Ryan Chamberlin  12:08  
We absolutely have there's been some conversations, and there's a lot to that conversation. I think it's inevitable, that's the direction that people are going to want to go. And we're excited about taking that on. But But to answer your question, in short, we are have engaged in those conversations continue to and are already planning, you know where we might need to go here very soon. As we launch TPN, we have set up kind of the precursor to that with our own private systems, private servers, and things of that nature and are ready to scale into to the millions of people but web three is coming. And it's really where we need to be.

Brian Nichols  12:50  
So one thing I wanted to ask about is when you're looking at beyond TPM, let's talk about you the person, right, because you you've gone from being an entrepreneur, speaker, you've written books with folks like Brian Tracy, to now you take an overtly political stance, and I've heard a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of business owners, they get freaked out by that. They're like, I don't want to put my business at risk. And I've been talking to a lot of folks I've mentioned Chris Chris mentioned this when he was in the program, that he's actually found, it's helped him find success in business. Yeah, you'll have the canceled culture, you'll have the folks who won't support you. But there are a lot of folks who appreciate the authenticity. I'm wondering, Ryan, have you noticed the same?

Ryan Chamberlin  13:32  
You know, I have and here's here's my been my approach to this is, I generally have a vote, I don't mind talking about it. But I don't really lead with Republican Democrat. That's not necessarily the way that I lead. Certainly, and I'll let your viewers know, I ran US Congress as a Republican, conservative candidate, Christian, conservative candidate, but I really want to lead with values. And I believe when people understand their values, what they stand for the decision on which path to go becomes very clear. But most people are not making their decision based on their values. Some are, and there's some values that we absolutely aren't going to agree with. And we're gonna see a big change here, coming up in 2022. We're seeing the country sick and tired, even people that have found themselves on the left. Just because Hey, Grandma was on the left, I'll be on the left. Whatever reason they're on the left, because they grew up on the left. They're now starting to say okay, what does this really mean? What does it stand for? Because I don't like what is being said, I don't agree with what's being said. And so they're beginning to see that values base shift, and that's really what what I brought to the table in business. To begin with. That's what I'd like to believe that I stood on American values my whole 25 year, career sales, marketing, coaching, training, authoring, it's just when you go political and you raise your hand and say okay, this you tell everybody this is What I say, this is what I've always stood for business wise. But I stand for the same things when it comes to political lies, just mentioning the word political. Now all of a sudden, there's a group of haters that hate you. So what I have found in being a little bit more public, politically, is that I just keep bringing the conversation back to values back to values back to values. And in my opinion, that's really what's called I mean, what do we see in the news this past week, over a million people have switched parties just here in the last whatever, few months or weeks? And you know what, the elections are still a little bit away, primaries are coming up. My guess is the closer we get to those numbers, the more that million might go to 2 million, 5 million 10 million, because people wait to the last minute to do everything, right. So you know, here, we're coming up on it, it is really a statement of values. It's why people are leaving Facebook and Twitter in groves. It's not that they're not it's not that they're terrible. Technology. They're great technology. They've had 10 years, and I put billions of dollars into creating a really cool product. But just like Disney, they've spent 50 years creating a great product in in one year. It's all they make. They make a statement of values that's got half the country frustrated with them.

Brian Nichols  16:23  
Yep. Yeah. Well, it all takes you all takes us to lose that trust to lose that connection you had. And I mean, I think it's important to see the reaction people have been having because you see it I'm sure is your your if you're talking to more folks in the tech sphere, there are people who live in this bubble. And they think that this bubble is real life, it's not I had Steve Harrison on the program. He has wrote a new book focusing on the the outlining importance of trying to get ad land like the folks who are writing all these different ads. He's booked from the UK. But he sees it across the world more or less how it's been completely taken over by this like collective left this group thing, and it's hurting, it's hurting business, it's hurting their ability to do their job in marketing, which is to help convey what it is the problems that your product solves, and to go after your specific target market. Instead, they're just running these very feel good progressive ads that really have no bearing on terms in terms of what the product or service actually does at the end of the day for the clients. So what you're seeing right now that there has been this big split, I'm seeing in business, I'm seeing it in the way business owners are talking about these different issues. So you're moving forward. I'm curious to see I've shared my thoughts here in the audience. They're very familiar with my thoughts for what's happening in 2022, and 2024. But I'm curious to your thoughts, because obviously, you're coming at it from more of you run for office, you've experienced the voters going out shaking their hands and talking about the issues they are experiencing firsthand. Now granted, it's the height of the pandemic. So I'm sure that may have been one of the main focus issues. But what are you hearing right now out there? And some of the top issues and where do you think that will lead for 2022? And 2024?

Ryan Chamberlin  18:05  
Well, I think the economy and the get, you know, the gas, what's happening at the gas pump is on the forefront of everyone's mind. I read something today 17%. Okay, there's the magic number, because this July 4, between the cookouts and the Family Fund, the average person in this country is going to pay 17% more this year than they did you know, the last couple of years. And so that is that's hitting home, everybody. People are making decisions based on that. But then they're backing it up a little bit further because not only did is this this inflation causing such a problem, which is the big, big topic right now. But everybody's getting to watch firsthand how these other topics are being handled as well. So when you have frustration with the main topic, like inflation, but then you get annoyed with what you're hearing about abortion, you get annoyed with what you're it's almost like we know, even the left knows there's there's things being manipulated, because, hey, let's face it. Nobody did away with abortion in this country. Yet. We made some we made some strides in the right direction on from a national level. But the states now have the authority to do things. And there's, you know, we didn't fix that problem yet. And but yet, there's a lot of lives circulating about this type of information. And it's one of those principles if you have to question anything, you got to question everything. People are questioning everything right now, that lends itself to magnifying the main problem even more, because inflation is rising. Over the last several years. People were the world the US was warned that this type of administration would cause these problems. Now that has come to fruition. They gotta be scratching their heads saying okay, You know what, maybe we missed something a few years ago. And it's time to make a decision to go back the other direction. And so, you know, we're living in tough times trust factor is a big deal. My plan with TPN, it's going to be disruptive. Because anytime you use the word true patriot network, you seem to get some people frustrated with you by using the word patriot. But the facts are our country was founded by patriots that didn't agree with each other, but they fought for the same common goal, Democrat Republican, we should be able to fight, there should be some fundamental principles that we're not fighting against, you know, here's where we want to go to the same place. We just may disagree on how to get there. Right now, it seems like different parties want to go to completely, they want to create different country to different countries. It's not like, here's the country we want, let's argue about how to get there. It's like, let's argue about which country we want to be in. And people are sick of that people that live in this country, by most part. What are proud of it? We don't hear this very often in the news, by the way, but there is such thing as American pride. There still is such thing as the American dream. And I'd like to be part of the narrative that helped drive that messaging a whole lot more than what's being driven.

Brian Nichols  21:19  
I'm all about it. And I just had to go back to something you brought up, because you mentioned what was it 17%? Was that the increase in cost? Now, I just want to bring folks back to this a long time ago. So I'm not sure if folks remember all the way back to last year. This was a tweet, from the Biden administration, bragging about the cost of July 4 and the cookouts in 2021, being down a hole 16 cents from last year. It's a little bit different of a conversation this year, to say the least. And then another thing I wanted to go ahead and quickly share you mentioned the the idea of questioning everything. Well, that it's right in line with what we have here at The Brian Nichols Show, because if you head over to the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash shop, you can get your question everything bumper stickers, question everything. Shirts, I think we actually have some yard signs too. So yeah, if your folks are interested, Brian Nichols show.com forward slash shop and use code TBNS at checkout for for 5% off and Yeah, question everything for sure. Ryan, we are unfortunately already hard pressed for time. But with that being said, first and foremost, this has been a fantastic conversation. I know. I've gotten a lot of value out of it. I'm confident the audience has as well. But what would you want to leave for some words of advice for the audience today, if you want to put a nice cherry on top of this episode? Well, hey, if

Ryan Chamberlin  22:40  
you're listening to this episode, and you're a regular listener of Brian's, my guess is you're on the right track. Because you're hearing the right types of things you're processing that mean, you agree with every single thing you hear all the time. And it's okay not to agree with every single thing you hear all the time. But the fact is, you're thinking about it, you're processing it, you're making up your own mind. And I want to encourage you to continue to do that. I would encourage you to continue to dig in and dive into your, you know, what values matter to you the most, what principles matter to you the most, and continue to let that be the driving force behind you. I'd love to stay connected with you, you can go to Ryan chamberlain.com. My last name is spelt with an LI n at the end. That's Ryan chamberlain.com. They're just authored a book that's a co author of a book that just actually this past month became an international bestseller 25 Number one categories on Amazon called Think big. And you can doubt I'll give you a free copy of that book. And you can listen to my chapter that specifically talks about, you know, the greatness of America and what we can continue to do about that how entrepreneurism really is the answer to that now because everybody needs to be a business owner. But the principles that true entrepreneurial, successful entrepreneurs, base their success on really is the same principles that our country was founded on. So jump over there. And last thing is get grab an account on TPN. Gotta get tpn.net That'll forward you to the specific invite link, get tpnw.net and come visit us inside the new platform be one of the early adopters, early supporters and help us spread the word. Thanks so much, Brian, for having me on.

Brian Nichols  24:22  
Absolutely. And Ryan really quick. There's a podcast is that true too?

Ryan Chamberlin  24:26  
There's a podcast. It's new, you know, yours is yours is so much more slick than mine. But um, I may hire you for some coaching on it. But I've got I think the first 12 episodes, I started this during my campaign. I shot my podcast where I interviewed people. There's 20 Something Episodes Season One during my campaign and it was one of the tools I used to really connect with people. And then once TPN came about I launch season two of that and we're really just getting it rolling. We're excited to be interviewing some really, really cool people coming up And who knows, Brian, we might have have you on the show if if it works out? Well, I

Brian Nichols  25:05  
will tell you I'd be happy to join. Give me a shout. Anytime you give me a call Ryan. I'm on the program. And with that being said to folks, if you enjoy the episode, please, number one, go ahead. So you're in the know, go b now you know and go subscribe there over on your favorite podcast catcher. And as for today's episode, folks, if you enjoyed the episode, I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor. Number one, please go ahead and give it a share. When you do, please go ahead and give Ryan a tag as well. We'll include all social media links here below. But more importantly, please go ahead and sign up at TPM will include the link www dot get tpn.net where you can go ahead and get TPN today and also for you folks who are interested in catching that awesome conversation with Chris Weider. I will include that right here below for you on the YouTube. And if you're joining us here on the audio version of the program, well first head over to the Brian Nichols show.com where you can check today's episode out with Yes, the entire video version of the program. Plus I'll include the entire transcript of the episode. And oh, by the way, all those social media links including the link to TPN as well. Well, that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us on today's episode. With that being said, it's Brian Nichols signing off for Ryan Chamberlain. We'll see you tomorrow for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at Brian Nichols show.com

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