Aug. 8, 2022

557: Young Americans For Liberty Revolution 2022: RECAP

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I had a GREAT time joining our friends over at Young Americans For Liberty at Revolution 2022 this past weekend!


Today, I recap some of my favorite takeaways from the event, and why I am SO EXCITED for the prospects of liberty post-Rev22!!!


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Brian Nichols  0:36  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Why is affair? Brian if you're on The Brian Nichols Show? I am back and yes, I am your humble host. Looking forward to today's episode. I missed you. But don't worry. I have some amazing stuff to report from I've been away yeah,

i was i Young Americans for Liberty revolution. 2022. And by the way, before we get started, I just wanna give you a heads up the revolution is looking good but first let's go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor is the one and only expat money show head over the Brian Nichols forward slash expat where you can go join our good buddy McHale thorup Because he's going to help you protect the money that you worked so hard to earn from ambulance chasing lawyers, nefarious creditors and greedy on just governments over at the expat money show. Because our good friend McHale Thorpe helps people just like you invest internationally secure second passports and residencies, eliminate your tax bill and take advantage of offshore structures so you can travel the world freely and never have to worry about money again. And also he'll be hosting the expat money summit taking place November 7 through November 11. Five days 30 expert speakers amongst them a keynote, the one and only Ron Paul who yes, I just did happen to get the chance to see over at revolution 2022 It was awesome. I'll talk about that more in a second. But you can get the chance to see Dr. Ron Paul here at the expat money summit for free head over to the Brian Nichols forward slash expat get your free tickets today. And yes, you can check out the one and only Dr. Ron Paul live on November 5 through November 7, five days 30 expert speakers all right. And folks, let's move forward here talking about revolution 2022. And yeah, I'm pumped up as you can tell, because I just finished for awesome days down in Orlando, Florida. And I got to see first of all, I got to see so many of you, pointing at you. Here. As you can see here on YouTube, the audience of The Brian Nichols Show you guys were phenomenal, especially you young Liberty warriors, the 1000 plus of you, who joined us down in Orlando, Florida here the past couple of days, it was so exciting to see the energy, not just from The Brian Nichols Show audience but also just the energy across the board, but specifically you the audience, I wanted to just start out saying thank you for stopping by the table, I had a table the dining hall, for folks who didn't see me there by chance I was they're given us some bumper stickers and we had some swag that we we had some discount codes for some awesome new swag, which we're going to show in a little bit. But what an awesome, awesome conversation I had with a couple of our listeners here in the show who I've heard real stories about taking the ideas that we talked about here on the show, and bring it to real people and actually having some real tangible success that makes my heart just you know, like the Grinch and the Grinch. How the Grinch Stole Christmas, how it inflates three times to larger. So sure that was me. And it's not because I have high blood pressure, I swear. But talking about the fact that we are actually seeing not just successes in bringing our ideas that we talked about here in the show to your average person in real life. But that also those people are now starting to join our movement. I had probably three or four people just in the span of a couple of hours when we had our one of our first main days there come up to me and say I'm brand new here. I've never really been at the liberty movement stuff. I've never really learned anything about liberty. I just got involved in 2020 2021. I wonder why. And I'll tell you why. Here's why a lot of them were radicalized. Just like a lot of you listening here in The Brian Nichols Show over the past few years with the COVID insanity. And that's something that I think we're going to see more frequently is that those folks who are starting to ask more questions, they're going to be attending more of these events. And having folks out there like you who did attend the events and are taking what we're doing here at The Brian Nichols Show you guys are the ones having success, bring our ideas and actually bringing them to your real people and bringing them into real life and that's what Young Americans for Liberty does. Right. One of the things that I talked about the ideas of liberty, you know, being in good hands first of all, the success that y'all is having is just amazing 270 state legislators elected for you from Young Americans for Liberty, and they are getting policy into action that's making real impact right now. The concealed carry that took place. So I think it was July 1 of this year. That was passed by and led by one of Young Americans for Liberty. He's endorsed candidates, and entirely because he has concealed carry bill went through that park or the Parkland the the green Greenfield shooting, the mall shooting, that that gentleman there, stop that shooting, because a few days in after that ball, that bill got passed, you had this this hero save how many lives and truly how many lives would have been lost. We're not for the fact that we had this guy there ready to defend them all with his his weapon, and only because that bill went through just a few days earlier, and it was thanks to Young Americans for Liberty legislators. That's huge guys. So number one shares to Young Americans for Liberty, hearing the success stories of policy, but then also just the the energy that's in the room and being able to help show folks how to channel that energy effectively. And the speakers there that were able to help show us how to effectively channel that energy. I mean, from day one, you had phenomenal speakers like spike Cohen, Dave Smith, Glenn Jacobs, Kennedy, oh, my goodness, oh, yeah. Ron Paul, Ron Paul was there and what an amazing, amazing energy that Ron Paul still in his 80s can bring to a convention of 20 some odd year old kids, it's it truly, just something to behold. And if you get the chance, please, you know, and I'm not being morbid here by any stretch, but we only get so many years on this planet. So with our amazing friend there, Dr. Paul, please take as much advantage as you can, with the time we have and enjoy moments like this, because these moments are truly what gets people like me, I hope other people out there as well fired up to see that there are so many young folk who are excited to actually get these ideas that we talked about, and frankly, that I would say your average person is asking questions about but now actually help bridge that in the political world. That's where Young Americans for Liberty has a lot of success. And also, by the way, talking about Young Americans for Liberty Reb 2022, had a great time hosting the future liberty, conversation. It was a panel held by the Florida Mises caucus and I was asked to moderate that. And it had some great great speakers on that Dave Smith, Spike Cohen, Michael Heiser, Clint Russell and Hector Roos. And it was a great panel to discuss that, because you had so many different perspectives. But across the board, everybody agreed everybody was on board with the fact that yeah, we're winning. And we're seeing the fact that we're winning, because, number one, we're having conversations, and we're controlling conversations in a way we've never been able to do before, specifically by utilizing the alternative forms of media, but also by using more mass forms of media, but you're seeing it across the board, from a political standpoint, and a cultural standpoint, that the conversations are changing. And frankly, we're winning those conversations. And that's a great, great prospect for the future of liberty. And then just the overall gist takeaway across the board from Young Americans for Liberty, was that a lot of folks have entered into this movement with some trigger event, right? We talked about this in sales, there's a trigger event that happens where you start either searching for alternatives, or you start maybe figure like you start feeling that there's something that's going to happen that you're gonna start looking for alternatives. And in that trigger event, I'm hearing across the board, whether it was the COVID lockdowns, whether it was the you know, the election of Donald Trump, whether it was the January 6, protests, I heard that I promise, I did hear that. There were so many folks who said I left whatever I was to looking at a new way of doing something whether that's small L. Libertarian in a big art world, or just you know, a big L libertarian, but trying to use other means of you know, political activism or trying to bridge all those worlds together. There were folks from all different walks of life, who are bringing their new way of thinking, and, frankly, the excitement, the excitement to bring these ideas to other people. It's something I remember back when I first found these ideas that the desire to go out and just tell everybody, go tell your your mom, go tell your dad, go tell your best friend. And then after you tell a couple of 100 folks, and you realize that not everybody wants to have this conversation, then you kind of take a step back and you start to reevaluate best means of approach. And you know what, I'm so excited that these folks at Young Americans for Liberty, they're channeling their energy effectively, they're doing the things that are going to be successful and they're frankly going to have the success they're looking for because they're doing things differently. So my overall takeaway, two thumbs up kudos to the revolution 2022 team, they're over at yoga Because for liberty that those you guys did amazing work. I don't know how you do it. It's an incredible event. So much goes into logistics of planning. And by the way, if you've never been to the Gaylord over in Orlando this this place is massive, huge complex I think see packs been there in the past so it's it's a massive environment. And the Young Americans for Liberty team did a phenomenal job in coordinating things, any hiccups, they took care of it instantly. I have a little snafu with my room, boom taken care of in a heartbeat. So shout out to you guys. You guys did an amazing job. So thank you to Young Americans for Liberty. And thank you to everybody who stopped by the table and grabbed one of our don't hurt people don't take people's stuff, a bumper sticker if you got one of those bumper stickers, do me a favor, please take a picture with yourself with the bumper sticker. Go ahead and post it on Twitter, Facebook, wherever it may be, just give me a tag at V. Nichols liberty, I'll go ahead and up maybe I'll send you a little something sudden be there in the mail. I can't promise but maybe there will be something I want to see that first at the nickels liberty. And also by the way, I mentioned over at Red 2022 We had some premieres of some new stuff over at The Brian Nichols Show shop and of course I want to go ahead and share that with you today. So if you're let me go ahead and once again share my screen for you over on the YouTubes go ahead and check this out. If you're not over on YouTube, just head over to Brian Nichols forward slash shop and you can check out all of our new swag including the new magic money tree shirt, which I'm so excited about this one as you can see here it's for our audio listener says the magic money tree it's a tree all the leaves are dollar bills rainbow in the back and on the front of it. You have our unicorn and our leprechauns with the fed on the tree itself. Great shirt love this shirt also go back up here because we do have a couple other ones as well.

We have here we go. I'll start from the top by the way Yeah, so some of our classics that trust the experts mug are fun students not systems got to see our good friend Cordy Angeles feels great to see him there as well. Don't hurt people don't take people's stuff backpack. There's the good old fashioned don't hurt people trying to take people's stuff bumper sticker. Zip codes shouldn't determine education. But then going down here here we go. Yes, our meet people where they're at cell Liberty swag. Love this one. Love this one. Yes, in that that's that's our cell Liberty flame from our good friend Jeremy Todd there. And my little catchphrase our meet people where they're at. Love this one, our Michael Scott 2024 shirt. Now if you're a fan of the office, you of course will appreciate this shirt. And it talks about Michael's 40 day plan as a little like catchy catchphrase for his his campaign. So I just thought that'd be fun to to add the store, especially if you're a fan of the office. And then going to our second page here we have our new boss Dr. Shirt. The state is the great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else. Great shirt there. You can go ahead again all this is available at Brian Nichols forward slash shop. We have another again our magic money tree shirts, trust the expert shirts mores, zip code, should term education. Our tar and feather series freedom is science series question everything. Sure. I think that's all that right? Yeah. Oh, yeah, we have a couple more things. I'll ask right we have a couple more things that haven't gone up in the shop yet. So anyways, if you're interested in all of that awesome new swag we have over at The Brian Nichols Show shop. Well, I have great news for you. You can use Rev 22. Rev. 22 is your code. Now, I might get in trouble for this. So I'm gonna do the good old fashioned sales thing and ask for forgiveness versus for permission in this case. But this is a code of schools. It's read 2022 But I'm gonna pass it on one more day. To you the listener, The Brian Nichols Show audience, if you use Rev 2022 Only for the next 24 hours, you will go ahead and get 15% off at checkout that's 10% More than you usually would get. So yeah, head over to the Brian Nichols forward slash shop use code rev 2022 ar e v two two at checkout and get your discount 15% applied and it makes you you fill up your drawers with brand new swag. Are i Please include the magic money tree shirt or at least get that as a gift for someone. It would be a great gift. I'm hearing the expression by the way, magic money treat us across the different forms of media, especially with the new proposal just came out here that went through the Biden inflation Recovery Act strapping because 87,000 new IRS agents are going to be looking at all of our bank accounts. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Otherwise, folks, that's all I have for you. I had oh, by the way, I did have a great conversation with Bruce Fenton. He is the cypher punk stockbroker who's running for US Senate up in New Hampshire. I interviewed him live at Reb 2022. So I'll make sure I include that episode for you YouTube watcher right here below and otherwise for The audio listener all you got to do is head over the Brian Nichols forward slash. Episodes. Yeah, forward slash episodes. There you go, you can find all 555 Plus episodes of The Brian Nichols Show, including that episode I had with Bruce Fenton where you can find Yes, the entire video episode the entire transcript of that episode. And oh, by the way, you can find all other 555 episodes right there over at Brian Nichols But with that being said, otherwise, folks, hit that subscribe button hit the like button. I'm tired. I gotta catch up on some sleep. Otherwise, that being said, thank you for joining us on today's episode. I'm Brian Nichols signing off. What a great time at Red 22. We'll see you tomorrow.

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