Sept. 22, 2022

590: A United Kingdom in Transition - How Have British Efforts to Enforce Equality Have Led to a Woke Totalitarianism!?

On today's episode, I'm joined by British libertarian political content creator Jess Gill. Jess is a passionate advocate for freedom and equality, but she believes that the current wave of woke totalitarianism—which she calls "totalitarian equality"—has gone too far.

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On today's episode, I'm joined by British libertarian political content creator Jess Gill. Jess is a passionate advocate for freedom and equality, but she believes that the current wave of woke totalitarianism—which she calls "totalitarian equality"—has gone too far.

In this episode, Jess will explain how Britain's efforts to enforce equality have led to totalitarianism, and how we can make sure that it doesn't happen here.

Later, we dig into the broken NHS system, and how that has led to nearly 7 MILLION folks on the waiting list in the UK.

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Brian Nichols  0:14  
focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show.

Well, happy Friday there. Brian Nichols. You're on the Brian show and thank you for joining us on of course,

another fun filled episode. I am as always, you're almost coming to you from the Stratus ip Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or old technology slow your company down. Learn more at Stratus or schedule a consultation and Brian Nichols forward slash Stratus ip Stratus ip Business Technology simplified Alright folks, so we're going to be joining being joined rather than is by a guest today who's joining us all the way over from the United Kingdom. She's going to share some context in terms of what's like life like over there. I think maybe we can even talk about with all the stuff happening with the Royal Family. We'll dig into a lot of that and more. Jess, welcome to the program. Hi, you're right. hi how you doing? I'm good. Thank you. Okay, talk to us. What are is your heartbroken about the the queen?

Jess Gill  1:28  
Um, yes, absolutely. Which may sound a bit conflicting as a libertarian, but honestly, I'd rather have a royal family any day than these backstabbers in Parliament at the moment, whether that be the Conservative Party or the Labour Party. Like it's it's a nightmare with the queen though. She's been around the UK for 70 years. Yeah, as I'll lead him on. So obviously that has a massive impact towards the country. And she's a staple of our culture. And to see that gone is very, very upsetting.

Brian Nichols  2:00  
Yeah, I mean, I'm from upstate New York originally. And right next to Canada. So we would have constantly folks coming over the border and shopping in America. And actually law folks would work from Canada in America. And when they'd be over here, they would use Canadian dollars and it had the queen on it right so you it was very common for me to see money with the queen on it in Northern New York. Funny enough. But then to your point for your culture I mean seven years right that's that's generations in that in that case and that's just it's sometimes really hard to to fathom how much not only did she see but really what she meant to your country and it is, you know, a definitely an interesting time right now I'm sure where you are currently in the United Kingdom. And obviously, a lot has been taking place in not just over the past few years here with with COVID specifically, but now, you mentioned the turmoil in Parliament. Talk to us about that because obviously just this is a different world. And by the way, just yell you're joining us from Mises. As well as a fee and fie Foundation for Economic Education. We had John Doe more here on the program recently, great conversation, so we'll make sure we include that episode at the end of today's episode. But otherwise, just first, do us a favor. How about this, introduce yourself to The Brian Nichols Show audience and then we can dig into some of the what's happening in the United Kingdom.

Jess Gill  3:17  
Yeah, so like you said, I started being more public about politics about a year ago a year ago, just making Tiktok videos on capitalism and on British politics in generally. And I think through talking about these issues, and discussing these issues, ideology is so important because when you just stop your pragmatism, you just get lost, you end up abandoning your core principles. So through that, I realized I've had to read more and rereading more. I've sort of defined where I stood. And also for writing while which like for the Mason, Senator shoot, I've published articles on the equality apps, on the transgender debates, all that kind of stuff which is going on in the UK and also in the US. And similar thing with the NHS. Just how terrible socialism is generally. And I think these core issues are what we need to be talking about. So I'm currently taking a Hazlet fellowship with fi which we are developing our ideas and sorting out you know our thoughts because you have a lot of thoughts in your head, and it's important to write them down. And so that's been very useful. Over the past, I only started like a month ago. Well, that's been great so far. Good.

Brian Nichols  4:40  
Good, good, good. And thank you for that. I like to get to know my guests as well. And I know my audience does. So thank you for your background. And let's kind of talk about some of the the happenings and you've actually written some articles over at Mises. org as well as over at foenum Want to talk about few of them because it does focus particularly on what's happening right now over in the United Kingdom because there has been some insanity and we saw you guys really kind of lead the charge that help things over here with the lockdowns. Thanks, but no, I'm just teasing. It's okay. But well, is it okay, probably not, but it's not your fault. It's all of our fault because we all like to happen. We tried. We tried to fight but you know, fear is a son of a gun. And that's what's happening right now. And you look at not just with regards to your healthcare system over in the United Kingdom, but also this idea of we have to enforce equity and how it's actually leading to a very totalitarian government. You wrote this article over at Mises wire talk to us how are British efforts to enforce equality leading to woke totalitarianism?

Jess Gill  5:40  
So we had a prime minister called Tony Blair, in the early 2000s, who basically put forward all the policies and brown along with that because there's these ideas which sound nice at the start, for example, equal pay for equal work when it comes to gender. However, how is Lesson false and how do we make sure that employers aren't discriminating and the only way to do that is hiring a bureaucracy hiring an HR department in each industry, and we've seen this throughout the UK I think it's increased these diversity and inclusion roles. have increased by 75% in the past, like five years, because of the Equality Act, which was put forward I believe, in 2010. And through this, even though we've had 12 years of conservatives oppose the conservative rule, they've not actually done anything conservative. And it's because of these HR, diversity inclusion officers in every department. And people blame capitalism for this, which really annoys me because it's nothing to do with capitalism, these radical ideas. For example, a furniture store in the UK for salsa Now, that said, you can't have LGB without the T through my gender critical work. There's this outrage within the LGBT community that for example, lesbians feel that they have to, because you can't define what a woman is anymore. That they have to, you know, date biological men who identify with women. And so for a store to basically you know, virtue signal to show their tribalistic tendencies like that. It's also of you know, that's an unprofitable it's being divisive. And the reason for that is in capitalism is because of a clause in the Equality Act, which says that you need these diversity inclusion officers. And it's not just in, in these private sectors in the public sector as well, like the Ministry of Defense said that the best way to go about conflict the best way to fight is to be feminist, or like with the NHS is riddled with brokenness. So for example, again with the trans ideology debate, they said that female only wards should only be for females, so biological females, and because they have a diversity inclusion officer in the NHS, they lead like a muesli against that, which again, like you think you'd want to protect biological women and the NHS should be supporting these women, but because of weakness in faxing every aspect of this country through this app, which sounds nice on paper, they're unable to do that.

Brian Nichols  8:35  
Yeah, well, and it speaks to why it's so important to get active specifically in the political process. And that actually leads me really quick just to one of our other sponsors today, and that is Young Americans for Liberty. Guys. I want to tell you about an opportunity to jump headfirst into liberty movement here in the United States and make a real impact. Sorry for those UK listeners today. Young Americans for Liberty is currently recruiting campaign field staff to help elect pro Liberty candidates across the country as part of Operation win at the door. These principle candidates are dedicated to fighting for our gun rights keeping our troops home here at the United States parental rights and education CJR ending our sons of spending. And many other winning Liberty policies because when I say winning, I mean it their work speaks for itself. These are the guys and gals will pass constitutional carry in states like Indiana, Texas, and Alabama, fought the lock downs every step of the way. Thank goodness, all while helping make Liberty win so you want to help make a difference and get Liberty candidate elected across the country. If you want to be a part of the fight and actually make an impact in our insane political climate here in 2022. You can join one of these campaigns with Young Americans for Liberty now through November 8. Gas covered housing fully provided and you'll be compensated a total of 20 $100 a month for your work on the campaign trail. Sounds interesting had the Brian Nichols forward slash y al to apply and make real change in this country today. That's Brian Nichols. forward slash ya l let's make liberty when one more time Brian Nichols forward slash why a L All right, Jess. So let's talk about another aspect of totalitarian totalitarianism. It is the way that your Government has been approaching your healthcare system through the NHS, and really it's become more of a state religion. Talk to us about that.

Jess Gill  10:28  
So recently, actually, an MP has brought forward this issue, the fact that we have I think it's a 7 million waiting list, our results our outcomes are horrific. Despite this idea that the NHS is underfunded it's not it's European average, I think in 2020, it was the highest pay the highest spending in in the most developed countries other than the US. So this idea that the NHS is underfunded is a complete lie. However, there's still this idea that is underfunded and the Tories are trying to privatize it I wish the Tories are trying to privatize it. And any debate any chance of reform is met with such hostility. The reality is like collectivism and central planning doesn't work and we can see this with the outcomes. Off the NHS. It's nothing to do with how much money spent. It's the fact that it centrally planned. You can't allocate resources efficiently. It's nothing to do with the hard work of the doctors and nurses. It's just the effects of pretty much socialism. And because we've had this such cult mentality during lockdown, for example, everyone had to clap for the NHS like you'd got so I think it was like 8pm and everyone would get on the street and just start like clapping for the NHS, which if that doesn't say it's like a cold I don't think you can have any more evidence of that. There's this whole idea of our NHS when I have no say of the NHS. I mean it's annoying as well because younger people especially have to pay for National Insurance list trust and the new prime minister has recently stopped the increase in national insurance. But we are going to put more spend towards the NHS. And at the same time it's like why are we spending more towards the NHS when it's just going to be sucked into this black hole?

Brian Nichols  12:28  
Wait, are you telling me that your free health care isn't free?

Jess Gill  12:34  
Books? No, is it free at the point to use? You can't even use it. So what's the point

Brian Nichols  12:41  
now talking about it? What was that number again? The waiting time?

Jess Gill  12:44  
I think it was almost six 6.8 million waiting on the waiting list. That's is

Brian Nichols  12:52  
that's insane. So that's almost 7 million people who can't get access to a doctor or get access to health care necessities right now. That's so blows my mind. And yet let me ask you, Jack, I don't I don't I don't know. It helped me understand. I actually had this conversation with our friend I forget the gentleman's name but down in Australia during the lock downs like how are people letting this happen? How can people look and say like, yeah, this this is this is a thing. 7 million people on the waiting list for the NHS. This is fine. It's the mean it's the the little dog sitting in the house on fire and saying this is fine. That's what it feels like. How did how does this happening?

Jess Gill  13:32  
Yeah, absolutely. I really don't know. I really don't have an answer for that. It's like even my family. My mom, for example. She's been waiting to get help for her knee. Because every time she goes out on a walk, she's like she's screaming in pain. And even my mom who's we've been waiting on a waiting list for about a year now. It was going to be six months but that got delayed and everything. She still loves the NHS she she still thinks it's the greatest thing of all time. And I think you Americans, you're a part of the reason why everyone hates it because they think the only options is the UK system of free health care or the US system where they think everyone's dying on the street because they can't afford health care.

Brian Nichols  14:18  
Which Okay, so I live in Philip sorry, my camera. I live in Philadelphia for like seven and a half years. People aren't suffering from from dying on the streets because they don't have access to health care. They're dying in the streets because they're like, you know, overdosing. That's the main issue that we're seeing. So I don't want to hear you know, a lot of folks complain about the American healthcare system that you might get hit with a big bill, but are you not going to be given health care? Absolutely not like you go to an ER You mean you need to help you're going to be seen and like that's the part that just drives me nuts is that there's such a misconception as to like what the American healthcare system is. But talk to us about I guess what your prospects are for the future right that the future for the UK? I know what's been up in the air you've had like what 30 Prime Ministers in the past two years, it seems. So talk to us about where things are headed and what your thoughts are on the prospects for Liberty specifically overseas in the United Kingdom.

Jess Gill  15:14  
So we recently had an A prime minister Liz trucks and this is crazy because she came in on the sixth I think, and then the Queen died on the eighth. So everything like the focus on this truck, so it's just been it's just gone pretty much. But so far I'm actually quite surprised, pleasantly surprised on what she's put through. So one thing I must say, I'm quite disappointed that if she's put forward an energy price, which will cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds. It's not great, and it's quite socialist. It's quite big. Government for someone who run a free market platform. However she has. I think she's paused corporations. She's stopped the National Insurance rise, and there's talk that she might be getting rid of the sugar tax, which may not sound like a lot. However. In the UK, for example, the BBC ran this headline that Liz truss defends that profits is a good thing. Profits is a good thing is like That's common sense. These are basic, free market principles. Yet in the UK, it seems like you can't even see that. I think it's quite surprising that Liz truss has come forward with all this stuff. I don't even think there's a taste for free markets within the Conservative Party. I'm not gonna lie. And so I don't know how long that that candle off free market thinking will last especially as elections come about. And I don't know if loosed Ross has the same conviction as Margaret Thatcher to continue this continue the the race for liberty, let's just say Yeah,

Brian Nichols  17:02  
well and it speaks to, frankly why it's so important for us to not give up the battle to win hearts and minds right I know we want to win the elections. We want to have that that success. But we also have to play the long game we have to plant seeds by and this is why frankly on my show, we've taken the cell Liberty approach, we have to approach things through the lens of we're trying to get people to change from where they are and frankly, in some cases very ingrained in their vote status quo solution and how do we get them to go from that comfort zone to exploring something new trying something new and getting outside of that comfort zone getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in that they're not in whatever it is that safe little world that they once lived in and to see that there might be a better chance so just we're getting towards the end of the episode of On give you a chance here for final thoughts. What do you want folks to take away from today's episode? Anything in particular, you know, whether it's a message for our our folks here in the United States, what they need to know or folks at home what you're asking them to do or anything across the board floor is yours.

I know my main point is that you need to look at politicians actions rather than the words. It's all good then proposing these massive reforms and changes but until that actually comes about that's how you should judge that because we've seen through Boris Johnson's government that having a government full of words, instead of actions that will lead for the country to basically go downhill. It leads to on productivity and it leads to people not being able to identify how we can grow the economy. They think socialism is the solution where it definitely is not. Yep. Well, I cannot agree more. And it's why frankly, we have to keep doing what we're doing. So my final thoughts for today are folks you know, it costs money to do what we're doing here. So if you would do me a favor, please head the Brian Nichols forward slash support go ahead and give us some love over The Brian Nichols Show. You can do that two different ways. Number one, become a patreon supporter you can get you can superfan and that gives it just $5 a month and you can help support the show that way or if you want to do a one time Pay Pal donation link there five bucks 20 bucks 100 bucks, I don't care, whatever you can do every little bit goes right back here into the program to help us have folks on like just to help leave you educated, enlightened and informed. So that being said final thoughts for today. Thank you Jess, I appreciate that. And also folks, do me a favor. If you got some value from today's episode. Please go ahead and give today's episode a share. When you do please go ahead and give yours truly a tag Ebina goes Liberty Jess where can folks go ahead and follow you they want continue the conversation on Twitter Jessica 03 Is my outs. Alrighty, and we'll make that easy, folks. We'll include those links there in the show notes. So you can go ahead and find Justin by the way. If you're joining us over in the audio version of the podcast, don't worry, all you got to do is click the artwork in your podcast catcher it'll bring you over to the Brian Nichols where you can find today's episode, you can find that actually John Milton Moore's most recent episode here in the program as well. So we'll make sure by the way, if you're joining us on YouTube, we'll include that right below. But also you can find all 589 other episodes of The Brian Nichols Show and oh, by the way, really, really excited. We have some amazing guests coming up here. Over the next few weeks. So make sure you hit subscribe, whether you're joining us here on YouTube Odyssey but when you do just do me a favor hit that little notification bell so you're not missing any single time we go live but with that being said, Jess gal. Thanks for joining us here on The Brian Nichols Show. And with that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us on The Brian Nichols Show. It's Brian Nichols signing off. We'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to The Brian Nichols Show. Find more episodes at the Brian Nichols

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Jess Gill

Hazlitt Fellow

Jess Gill is a British Rothbardian. She Hazlitt Fellow for the Foundation for Economic Education. She is also the host of Reasoned U.K. and the social media strategist for Ladies of Liberty.