Oct. 4, 2022

598: Elon Musk to Officially Buy Twitter - (And Ruffles Feathers For Asking Question on Ukraine?)

On today's episode, I'm joined by John Odermatt to discuss Elon Musk officially positioning himself to move forward with his acquiring Twitter, PLUS we talk about him trying to avoid World War III/nuclear war over the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

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On today's episode, I'm joined by John Odermatt to discuss Elon Musk officially positioning himself to move forward with his acquiring Twitter, PLUS we talk about him trying to avoid World War III/nuclear war over the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

This is a big day for Twitter, and it's a big day for Elon Musk. The Tesla CEO has officially announced that he will be buying out Twitter from its current shareholders in an effort to turn it into a profitable company. But how will this work? And why does he want it so badly?

In addition to talking about the implications of this news for Twitter and Elon Musk himself, we also talked about how he's been involved in some pretty controversial issues recently—like his trying to cool tensions in a possible WWIII/nuclear war situation.

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Brian Nichols 0:00

focusing on winning arguments. We're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Happy Tuesday, The Brian Nichols Show you're on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always, your humble host joining us today yes from the Stratus ip Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or old technology slow your company down, Learn more at Stratus ip.net or schedule a consultation at Brian Nichols show.com forward slash Stratus ip folks want to go ahead before we go ahead and give a shout out to our brand new guests today. It's not really brand new, he's returning to the program. But it's brand new because it's gonna be a new iteration of our guests more so his organization he's joining us from I'll explain all that later. But first, go ahead and give a shout out to today's sponsor and that is right strategies. Now folks, if you are a business owner or even if you are a candidate out there looking for some help to amplify your message where both your voters or your customers are spending their time and look no further right strategies specializes in the unique challenge of both running political campaigns, as well as small businesses in the digital landscape. With a proven track record of helping clients win elections and grow their businesses using smart strategic digital marketing right strategies is the perfect partner to help you reach your goals. Their team of experts will help you save time and money by helping amplify your message to help you win your elections and to win in the marketplace. With SMS texting for my strategies, you'll receive an efficient, affordable and most importantly, smart way to focus your marketing budget by helping you reach 1000s of voters and customers. Right strategies will help you make a powerful impact on the outcome of your elections and your business growth. from social media management to expert graphic design work to marketing your product or campaign or hat helping you build your brand awareness right strategist can put together a plan that makes sense for your goals, and do so within your budget. While learn more about how right strategies can help you win your elections and grow your business. We'll head the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash RS and get your free campaign marketing plan or campaign report card. And of course, please be sure to let Morgan and the right strategies team know that I send you again as Brian Nichols show.com forward slash RS amplifying your message where voters and customers spend their time. All right. So I mentioned Yes, our guest he's returning to the show. He's brand new in the iteration. He's returning to the show more so his organization is he'll explain it. John odermatt from finding freedom over from lions of liberty. Welcome back to the program my friend.


John Odermatt 2:45

Great to be back, Brian. And as we talked about pre show, yes, the Lions of liberty still existing we are transitioning, we are doing little transition. So


Brian Nichols 2:55

little one just a little bit. Not full on Caitlyn Jenner. But you are changing a little bit you have lost one of the the original roaring, roaring voices from the program that the one and only mark player he's going solo what's going on there?


John Odermatt 3:10

Yeah, so I mean, if you if you're Lions of liberty listener, you know the story, but yeah, for those who aren't frequent listeners, and I know about lions of liberty, I just kind of fill everybody else. And so Mark started the podcast iteration of lions of liberty years ago. Prior to that there was you know, many of us that wrote on a blog, and we did weekly articles, daily articles, things like that. Mark started the podcast and had a great run for years, I joined on and then Brian joined on. So we did three shows per week for, I want to say five years. And over the course of I don't know, the past 18 months. I think a lot of people can relate to changing during COVID views changing sort of how we look at the world changing I don't know, I changed a lot of fact that changed the name of my show from felony Friday to finding freedom in order to focus more on really what we were dealing with with COVID and to talk more about health and entrepreneurship and, and ways to fight back and expand your personal freedom. Mark had his own changes and things that became important to him. He moved to Mexico for a time he got married and I think his priorities shift a little bit and I think you know, as a as a group, I guess the Lions of liberty we kind of grew apart a little bit. We're all still friends. But yeah, Mark decided to go off on his own. He's starting the mark Claire show I believe his first episode is I don't want to say the day but it's the end of this month. It's one of the things to last last week or second last week of October when he's going to release his first episode and we are going to promote that on the Lions of liberty feed as well but Brian and I are continuing on with lions liberty. Brian has his show every Wednesday, mean age daydream and my show is now Monday. Finding Freedom and we're gonna have a new show on Fridays a very, very short show. And I don't want to put the name out there yet, but it's gonna have to do with memes and a little taste. Let me do a little comedy little a little mean banter to kick you off and your weekend.


Brian Nichols 5:24

Well see okay, I'm glad to hear that all as well in the world of lions of liberty and yeah, no, I actually saw I saw Mark literally saw him but didn't get a chance to speak to him at Young Americans for Liberty revolution. 2022 He was there speaking about podcasting. coincidentally enough, and coincidentally, ironically, either were, but no, it was a great time. That event I wish I got to hang out with him a little bit and actually get to talk to him. But unfortunately, he had to run right out when we were speaking there. So anyways, John, yeah, you you've been busy. And we're talking about helping find freedom. And you also tried to help find some freedom. It seems like the one only Elon Musk recording here today, for posterity sake, October 4. And Elon Musk is in the news? For two reasons, funnily enough, one, because he's trying to stop World War Three slash Nuclear War Two, because it looks like the original Twitter deal is actually going to move forward. Talk to us what's going on here with Elon Musk today?


John Odermatt 6:21

Let me say one thing first, just from a persuasion standpoint, from a dominating the news headlines standpoint, I don't think there's anyone more persuasive than Elon Musk right now. I mean, you could compare him to maybe and I'm not even saying this in a positive or negative way. I'm just saying into the reality of someone, you know, a figure, a person, a character who can dominate headlines other than Donald Trump, when he was still had access to Twitter and social media. And when he was president, I've never seen anyone just able to totally just dominate, just take over the entire conversation and spin it in whichever direction they really want to Elon has that gift, of course, being successful having all the businesses he does, and all of those communication channels, and a huge social media following helps that. But I think it's interesting just to kind of dig into this a little bit, as we were talking pre show that on Monday is when I guess he sent sent a letter to Twitter, I guess, reinforcing his original deal at the original share price offer, he wanted to move forward. And which would avoid this huge legal battle that was going to happen between Elon and Twitter. And the same day is when he basically comes out saying, you know, let's we think we should look at this Russia Ukraine situation. And just really quick,


Brian Nichols 7:41

your cohort Bryan's old show was conspiracy corner, right. I mean, I'm not trying to say it's a conspiracy. But if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.


John Odermatt 7:53

Well, that's actually was one of our bonus shows. Oh, conspiracy corner, which we've now renamed, secrets lies and cover up. So let's change it out. Yeah, that's, that's that's a problem. Everybody knows. I mean, I don't know the thing about conspiracies, though. Like, there's so many that there's been so many conspiracies recently. You go back to the Wii with the COVID. That happened? Yeah, a lot of things that were conspiracies turned out to be true. So I mean, we're kind of seeing conspiracies turn into reality recently. What are your thoughts on this whole Elon Musk situation happening in the same day, on Monday as him coming out? saying he wants to buy Twitter again? Yeah,


Brian Nichols 8:33

you know, it's interesting, because one of the whole original concepts behind Elon buying Twitter was to be able to talk about things that aren't allowed to be talked about. Right. So there definitely seems to be a little bit of a correlation, I would say there, there has to be at least in him asking the questions in the way that he is. And to your point, he's able to do so because he does kind of have not, I mean, it's not really so much the fu money. It's just the ability to, to present himself in that way of not really caring about what other people think. And I think that maybe is that the part that is his super his super weapon, right is that he does have the fu money, but he genuinely doesn't care about the opinions of others, if they're trying to go against the basics of freedom of free speech of of trying to be able to avoid World War Three or nucular war. I mean, I think those things are the basics that we should all be on board with. And yet there are a contingent of folks John, who they seem not just like polar opposite, but in many cases actively against that mentality in championing the idea of of nuclear war and I, I don't get it help me understand it. Where is the sentiment coming from? And I don't understand. I see some of our friends from the left who I thought were, you know, the ones who were on our side, back with the Bush era who are now even some of the loudest folks out there championing world war three. John, what's going on here?


John Odermatt 10:00

As the answer that shortened to the point, I think it's just the power of propaganda. But before I address that more, so I do want to read the tweet that we're talking about just for context. So what Elon tweeted out, and it's kind of a confusing way that he put the first tweet then he clarified in a follow up tweet, but he said you Ukraine, Russia, geese, colon, then three points point one redo elections of annex regions under UN supervision. Russia leaves, if that is not the world, the people point to Crimea, formerly part of Russia, as it has been since 1783. Until crude crude chefs crew chefs mistake point, actually four point sorry, point three water supply to Crimea assured and point for Ukraine remains neutral. And there was a poll, and it just came out right now. I guess it's there's over almost 3 million votes, 2.7 million votes. 40.9% are say yes. And 50 59.1% say no. So what I take that to mean is almost 51% are in favor of really peace and this 51% are in favor of pushing forward with this proxy war that Joe Biden has been funding and his follow up tweet. He puts it more clearly and says let's try this again. The will of the people who live in the Donbass, Donbass and Crimea should decide whether they're part of Russia or Ukraine. Put more clearly. And this poll has 2.4 million votes. 59.3%. So almost 60% said yes. And 40%, almost 41% said no. So kind of the polls are sort of contradictory. But I mean, I think when you put it, the second tweet that he tweeted out, when he puts it, clearly speaking with his people on the left, if you say you shouldn't really the people who live in those regions, decide who the rulers are not that democracy is the greatest thing in the world. In fact, there's a lot of problems with it, as we're seeing here in the United States. But I mean, for I mean, for deciding which tyrants or which thugs you want to rule you, you know, the people in the Donbass region in Crimea, they have Russian heritage, they speak Russian. There's a lot of things that they relate to in the Russian culture. And if they want Russia to rule them Who's to say they shouldn't.


Brian Nichols 12:23

In the world of wine, there are so many choices, and that's why blood of tyrants, wine has tyrants losing their heads, whether you're looking for a new go to at home, or watching the press your friends at a party, a lot of times wine has you covered. And if you're trying to get rid of some pesky parents in your life, well, we've got that covered, too. And the Brian Nichols show.com forward slash wine and get $5 off your order. One more time, Brian Nichols show.com, forward slash wine freemen don't ask permission. So take a sip, you'll be glad you did. And that's where it gets weird, right? Because you you have this as a you have this is the American I think the propaganda that we've been fed is that there is this instinctual desire to do something I actually did an episode back a couple of months ago, months ago, weeks ago, I can't remember. But it was the danger of the the idea of the DO SOMETHING politics. And we we see this where we almost have this moral superiority where it has to be our way or the highway. And we think that man, is this not true for libertarians to where we think just because what we think is right means that everybody else will just accept this. And this is the approach that America has really taken in terms of foreign policy. It's like ignoring history ignoring the complexities of our geopolitical world. And yet, and yet, John, this is the part that is really fascinating. We see so often, that the ideas of our more I think neoliberal friends that are promoted, get disproven time and again, and yet they can stand there, boldface, and pretend. And we just did an episode yesterday and saying that the grass is blue. And when we know that the grass is green, and they don't care that they're wrong, they don't care. Facts be damned. And I think that's something that we have to come to kind of reckon with, and not just us in the liberty movement, but kind of the folks who are trying to avoid World War Three and nuclear war here is that we are in many cases, trying to rationalize with irrational people. And it's gonna require us to go talk to different people who also share the value of, you know, not having a nuclear holocaust. That would be, I think, a really important step in a direction away from that happening. So let's take that step, John.


John Odermatt 14:43

Yeah. And I mean, it's, it's crazy to think that we're even having this conversation that honestly there is, I don't know what the percentages of the probability is of having, you know, nuclear weapons launched. I don't even want to want to go there. But the same people who Two months ago, we're saying Vladimir Putin is an insane person. He's unstable. You can't trust him. You don't know what he's going to do next. When you know, when people would push back and say, Well, you know, he's he said, he's just going to take these regions, these regions of Ukraine, and he's not going to push any further. And people say, he's, he's insane. You, you, you don't know what he's gonna do. He could he could take Poland, he could take this country, you could take that country, he could move into Europe, those same people are now saying nukes. Oh, he's not going to use nukes. Why would he use nukes? You're talking about an insane, unstable person. So just like you said, Brian, I mean, we're not dealing in some, you know, ideal society where we're everybody here is acting rationally. Right? We have to understand that for and I personally, Putin, yes, I think he's a thug. You know, he's a, he's a dictator, I don't think he's good person. I don't think he should have invaded Ukraine. I think that that's all that's all terrible. I don't want anybody to die. I don't want Russians to die. We're fighting there. I don't want Ukrainian style, who are defending their, their country. I don't want people coming in from the outside be at the US or whoever troops to go in there and any loss of life. But there was a deal in place for peace between Russia and Ukraine. And Boris Johnson came in and basically ripped it up and said, We're not going to have peace. And he's getting almost nothing for that Think of how many people have died because of that. And, you know, like I said, I'm not in favor of the invasion. Even if you know, the the Donbass and Crimea regions, which premier has been a part of Russia for the past several years, though. But if they want to be officially parts, parts of Russia, let's figure out a way to do it without without any bloodshed. And, you know, there were there were assurances made, I think, let's listen to episode a part of the problem with Dave Smith. And I think the big issue disagreement between these two sides, the side that is trying to avoid a nuclear conflict, and the side that all of a sudden thinks a nuclear conflict is impossible. Or maybe they just think it's worth a nuclear conflict. It's hard to even know where maybe it's split, maybe these two sides have united, the ones that don't care if there's nukes used, and the ones who just think it's not even a possibility. But after the Soviet Union dissolved, Russia was given assurances the NATO not expand towards, towards towards Russia. And, you know, people will have pushed back on that and said, whether there is no formal treaty signed, there's no, you know, there's no legal backing behind that. It's not really the point. The point is, Russia was given those assurances, and now, that's out the window. So, and I kind of hate using this analogy, because it is kind of overused, but I still think it's, it's accurate. And it's good at explaining really a situation, you know, what if China, you know, moved in and took over a part of a part of Mexico, and they were building building bases there. And they were they're pushing up towards, towards towards Texas. I mean, what would the US do? What would I mean? What would the proper response be to that with our territory being threatened? It's I mean, it's a, it's a, every situation has its own nuance and complications that lead to it. But when it gets down to it, I mean, we have United States, which has been I mean, it's, it's we're basically fighting a war against Russia, with Ukraine in the middle. And we're laundering money through our military industrial complex into Ukraine, in order in order to continue this work to keep it going. And that's exactly what's happening. Yep. And like I said, I don't I don't want there to be a war. I don't want Russia to kill Ukrainians. I don't want Ukrainians to go Russians. But how do we stop that? And how do we de escalate it? And Joe Biden has not met with Putin? He has not met with or he's met with Zelensky many times, but he has not met with Putin and Zelinsky all at the same time. And would you trust Joe Biden in that situation to actually accomplish anything meeting with those two leaders?


Brian Nichols 19:25

Um, no. Short answer no. John, this this is a truly a very weird situation that we find ourselves and I hope they'll be for posterity sakes. I'm hope that this is something that you know, our ancestors can listen to, because they're still around and we're not all vaporized from nuclear war. But at the end of the day, I think it is important for us to be able to have these conversations and frankly, it's this is why we do it. We do right I know. Okay, this sounds like Brian and John are gonna stop world war three, maybe. And here's how because what we're doing here having these conversations talk talking to more people. I mean, I'll tell you right now there are folks, I've known my entire life, who are rah rah, Mr. GRPs, you know, rock ribbed conservatives. And they were at the beginning of the year, all on board with a narrative like pro pro Ukraine, and like, you know, all on board with us giving as much money as we possibly need to. And now even they are the ones I'm talking to. And they're like, Yeah, something's not adding up. Something doesn't make sense with the official narrative. And it's interesting because it is those folks say, not all of them, but some folks who originally our like, I didn't say I write off, but like, I didn't spend time going after because they were so in, like, in that world, and in that mindset, that wasn't gonna spend my time and energy trying to get them out of that that mentality. But just, there's something about once you see it, you can see it. And I think that's where a lot of folks are right now, John. So unfortunately, we're already hard pressed for time. John, let's do this. Final thoughts here for the audience today. I know we're kind of doing a a crossover episode to high Lions of liberty audience, and thank you for letting me join finding freedom as well. But John, here for The Brian Nichols Show today. What are your final thoughts?


John Odermatt 21:07

Yeah, and what we'll do, Brian is we'll bring you will bring you on to find your freedom at Lions of liberty, and I'll fire fire some more questions to you what we'll wait a little bit while we wait a month or two? And we'll get that going. But But I mean, final thoughts on this? I think you bring up a an excellent point. And honestly, you know, as we, as I talked about, at the beginning of the show, talking about the changes at Lions of liberty, the changes with with my show, and really how I look at the world, if probably, I don't know, two, three years ago, I would have looked at this this situation differently. I would have I think libertarians and libertarians such a broad term, because there's liberty leaning, you know, Republicans who call themselves libertarians, and there's LP members of columns of libertarians, there's anarchist, but I think it's safe to say in general, Libertarians kind of has to have this viewpoint that well, let's just kind of stay back and let this play out. Of course, they would be criticizing the US government, Joe Biden funding this this fiasco in, in Ukraine with with the Russian invasion, but they don't really operate in the reality of the situation where it is being funded. We have no way of stopping it. How do we still influence this conversation, knowing this is happening, dealing with addressing the arguments that are happening in real time, instead of just saying, Well, you know, just wouldn't listen to me, and you wouldn't have funded this war, then you know, we won't be involved in it, and this never would have happened. So I think libertarians need to do a better job of instead of just kind of seeding everything. And I think I think when you do that and kind of step when libertarian step away, and say, Well, this is all wrong. So you should backtrack a year and you should have done this. Libertarians seem to do a better job of addressing things where they are and saying, Okay, now how do we roll this back? How do we peel this onion back to get to a place where we're closer to liberty, rather than just saying, you know, we should scratch everything, and the United States, and we should all be anarchists?


Brian Nichols 23:20

And there's the answer. Hi, John, thank you for joining my final thought, folks, if you're getting value from what we're doing here, not just at The Brian Nichols Show, but across the board here at the Greater we're libertarians network. Well, it doesn't happen without you. So I'm going to ask you if you'd be so kind head the Brian Nichols show.com. Forward slash support, give us some love. And when you do, please, you have two different ways to do it. Number one, you can head to Patreon $5 a month you become a super fan, and be a supporting listener and greatly appreciate that or one time PayPal donation, 510 20 100 bucks, whatever it can be, I appreciate because it goes right back into the shows. We have folks like John here on the program to leave you what educated, enlightened and informed otherwise. With that being said, Folks, that's all I really have for you today. Please go ahead, give today's episode a share. When you do, please go ahead and give yours truly a tag ad V and it goes Liberty John, we're gonna go ahead and find you to continue the conversation.


John Odermatt 24:14

Yep, you can go to at Lions of liberty on Twitter, you can find Lions of liberty on all of the podcasting platforms, you can find finding freedom if you just want my show, find your freedom. You can find that by searching any podcasting app finding freedom, then my name, John odermatt. And it'll pop up and please subscribe and leave me a review and a five star rating. If you do that. I'll read it on air.


Brian Nichols 24:35

There you go. All right, folks. And with that, also, please go ahead and give our sponsors some love. We have Stratus ip, our studio sponsor and right strategies. So with that being said, Folks, thank you for joining us on today's episode. It's Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show for John odermatt. We'll see you tomorrow.


Unknown 24:52

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Brian Nichols 24:59

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