Jan. 5, 2023

653: The Prophecies of Ron Paul

Exploring the Predictions of Ron Paul that Have Come True

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In this episode, we examine the predictions made by former US Representative and presidential candidate Ron Paul and see how they have come true.

We discuss eight different predictions, including the housing market crash, the decline of the US dollar, the rise of cryptocurrency, the expanding surveillance state, the increasing national debt, the rise of populism, the increasing polarization of politics, and the increasing influence of special interests.

Through this retrospective look at Ron Paul's predictions, we explore the insights and foresight of this influential political figure and consider the implications of his prophecies for the future.

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Brian Nichols  0:00  
If I told you so was a person, his name would be Ron Paul. Yeah, let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Wow, happy Thursday there, folks, Brian Nichols here on The Brian Nichols Show. Thank you for joining us on of course, not a fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host joining you live from our Stratus ip studios, here in lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let cyber attacks or outdated Business Technology put your company at risk. Learn more, and Brian Nichols show.com. Forward slash Stratus. ip. Let's talk about this. So I don't know about you guys. But as I go throughout social media, or I'm just walking through name, the location in your day to day life. I'm hearing a reoccurring conversation take place. And that is one of how did we get here? How on earth did we get here where the country that we are currently living in looks like a complete fabrication of the country that we all grew up in? It's like somebody took over this country and made it something it's not well, there is somebody out there who has been warning us of all this impending doom for quite a number of years now. And as a matter of fact, one of the favorite sayings of us here is Ron Paul was right. So to talk about the different times that Ron Paul had some pretty scary accurate predictions were you go through eight of them because I can only fit eight into today's episode, because there's probably a well over 100. But we're gonna focus on eight today. And the first being I will many of you probably remember, all too well, because it's feeling way too real right now. And that is the housing market crash and the subsequent recession and financial crisis back in 2008. Good old Ron Paul, in his book, The revolution, a manifesto, which was published back in 2008. He warned of the dangers of the impending housing bubble and the risky practices that were being taken place in under the financial industry. And as we all know, that prediction came true just months later, with the housing market crash and the financial crash hitting as well. What's more, is that Ron Paul also predicted that the government would then use this crisis as an excuse to help bail out Wall Street and to increase their control over the economy. And sure enough, how about that Ron Paul was proven right on that as well with the passage of the 2008 bill from Congress with tarp meant to rescue the financial industry by giving them billions of taxpayer dollars. Number two, another prediction we had here from good ol Ron Paul was the inevitable decline of the US dollar. Yes. For years, Ron Paul has warned about the dangers of a weak US dollar and the need to return to a gold standard and over the past decade. It's been longer than that. But more is furtherly. I guess over the past decade, we've seen the value of the US dollar decline, as the Federal Reserve has pursued loose monetary policies coupled that with the fact that the US is now running massive deficits and spending trillions of dollars on war and elsewhere, and you have a recipe for disaster. Ron Paul also has argued that cryptocurrency is going to help people avoid government's oppressive policies by creating opportunities for folks to engage in commerce, where otherwise government would limit the interactions number four. Another prediction we'll hear half year by Ron Paul is about our US government's expanded surveillance state. He consistently warned about the dangers of government surveillance. And yes, the erosion of our privacy rights. And unfortunately, his predictions came true here as well. With the revelations about the NSA surveillance programs and the increasing use of technology for surveillance purposes. He was also a vocal opponent of the War on Terror saying that it was the pretext for US intervention in other countries, specifically in the Middle East and wouldn't be a pretext for using government surveillance on its US citizens. Thank you, Edward Snowden. And yes, Julian Assange for revealing those documents there to show the truth. Number five, Ron Paul also warned about the dangers of the US government's expanding national debt and the absolute need for fiscal responsibility. He predicted that the government's failure to address the national debt would inevitably lead to economic problems in the future and look around us. We're at the threshold of hell to paraphrase our good friend Clark Griswold. But when we look at the national debt continuing to rise and becoming more and more of a problem for policymakers, heck, we're facing $31 trillion in debt at the time of this recording in 2022. And the US government is still struggling to pay its bills and also to keep up with its interest payments. So yeah, another big red flag that was predicted by Ron Paul number six. Another prediction from the great Ron Paul is that about the rise of populism, he warned that inevitably, the dangers of having a two party system would lead to a more divisive political viewpoint on the American standpoint and his predictions did come true when you see the rise in populist politicians across the United States and frankly, around the world. Heck, even as a presidential candidate Ron Paul tapped into some of those populism back in 2012. And he used that to help bolster his campaign. And even though it didn't necessarily lead to success for him, that was taken over by Donald Trump in 2016, who capitalize on that populist movement, and those populist sentiments that were growing across the country. For those Americans who felt that they were being ignored by their government, or in some cases were being labeled as a basket of deplorables. by their government. Number seven, Ron Paul also predicted the two party system, and the media's focus on divisive issues that would lead to that increasing polarization. Yes, populism is the outcome and the polarization was the cause. And yes, this prediction to came true with our political discourse becoming increasingly hostile over the past 10 years, 20 years or so. And really, you look at the national conversation, national divorce has become a common a phrase used across the country, which wasn't even on the purview not even short five years ago, with so many folks just feeling they have little in common with their fellow countrymen. And finally, Ron Paul has consistently oppose the influence of special interest groups in our government, and as a matter of fact, predicted the impact and outcomes that special interest groups would have, not just on the government, but the overall health of our country. And if you look, well, look at the brought to you by Pfizer approach to corporate governance, well, that's really impacted the health of Americans on a physical standpoint as well. But that's a conversation for an entirely different episode. But yes, the influence of special interest groups, namely, those big corporate donors does have a dramatic impact on the American electorate in our American government, all predicted by Ron Paul. So there you have it, folks, there are eight predictions that our fearless leader Ron Paul, predicted decades ago, in many cases, the things that we have either experienced or are currently experiencing today. So whenever you hear someone say, how did we get here? Well, just remind them, not only did it not have to be this way, but there was somebody out there who was raising the red flags and sounding the alarm bells many, many years ago, if only you had listened. So maybe it's important for us to start listening to those who are sounding the alarm bells. Now it's important for us Yes, to be consistent in our messaging in speaking the truth, even when we're looking at like we have three heads when the experts look at us like we're fools. Don't worry, we have time on our side. Because just like Ron Paul, many of our predictions will likely come true as well. We've seen over the past two years, how fast predictions can come true how conspiracy theories can go from conspiracy theories one day to literally the next day being headline news. How

about that? Well, that's all I had for you, Ron Paul. Yeah, his predictions. Let's go ahead and talk more about that raise raise up folks like Ron Paul, the reason Bernie Sanders had such a such success in getting folks to be on board his campaign back in 2020. And 2016, frankly, was because of that consistency, he was able to reflect that he was able to have all these progressive ideas, and he voted that way as well. And he was saying the same thing years ago, up until he decided to go and want to add to his homes. But number three, number three home hands now. So yeah, you see right now folks like Bernie Sanders losing the appeal. It's on us to be able to raise up the appeal of other folks like Ron Paul listening to Tim Poole. Yesterday. I forget the guests he had the show didn't know who Ron Paul was. He's like, who's Ron Paul. They're like Rand Paul's dad. He quite literally was the creator of Ron of Rand Paul, and just to see someone who had never had the experience to learn, who is Ron Paul, what has Ron Paul done? What has Ron Paul been saying? was really cool to see. So with that being said, Folks, if you got some value from today's episode, do me a favor, go ahead and give it a share when you do tag yours truly at B. Nichols liberty. Also, if you've not had the chance yet to subscribe to our candidate school, we'll get over there because also we're going to be having our brand new ebook that goes along with the class officially launching tomorrow, a how to win your local election written by yours truly, and it is free now. For the ebook itself. You do not have to be a member of Candidate School. This is a free resource to anyone out there who wants to learn how to win your local election from building your campaign team all the way to how do you reach your voters developing a message all that in between? We discuss in the ebook now. We're using the ebook as the course material for Kennedy School, which officially started here back at the beginning of the month. And what we're doing in Candidate School. It's 985 a month we're having local candidates, city council candidates, mayoral candidates, legislature candidates, you name the different local offices. We're working with folks who are looking to learn different skills As different strategies, what has worked in the past what hasn't worked in the past, having roundtable conversations, expert analysis, and more. So if you want to learn not just how to win your local election, but crush your local election, well, yes, make sure you get the brand new free eBook. But also, if you want to go ahead and join our candidates, go go do so at Brian Nichols show.com. Forward slash Candidate School. And by the way, if you like, Brian, I'll be a supporting listener, and I don't want to run for office that other folks do that. We'll go ahead support the show at $1.99 a month. And if you do, so, I'll ask for your address. And I'll send you one of our awesome bumper stickers here from The Brian Nichols Show, from our question everything to don't hurt people and don't take their stuff. We have a lot of different options there. So I'll make sure I send it over to you if you are one of our supporting listeners. over on Patreon. Yes, audience insider $1.99 a month and otherwise, that's all I have for you today. So gonna wrap things up there. Yes, if Ron Paul says something, pay attention because nine times out of 10 it's going to come true probably in like 10 years or so. So with that being said, Brian, go signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. We'll see you tomorrow.

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