March 15, 2023

702: Dr. Anthony Fauci & The Pharmaceutical Industry's Dirty Secrets

Exposing Corruption in Public Health with Dr. Jason Dean

Are you tired of being lied to by the medical and pharmaceutical industries? Do you want to know the truth about the COVID-19 pandemic? Then you won't want to miss this explosive episode of The Brian Nichols Show, featuring the renowned Dr. Jason Dean from Brave TV!

As a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in functional nutrition, Dr. Dean has been pushing the truth for decades. He knows that knowledge is key, and that America is dying due to a lack of it. In this electrifying episode, Brian and Dr. Dean pull back the curtain on the corruption, lies, and deceitfulness of the COVID-19 pandemic, and reveal the shocking truth about the pharmaceutical and public health sectors.

Did you know that pharmaceutical companies are making huge amounts of money, while the public suffers? Or that Dr. Anthony Fauci made a $400,000 commission check? This conversation exposes the industrial elite who have taken over the medical pharmaceutical world and become buddy-buddy with the government. It's a massive elephant in the room, but Brian and Dr. Dean discuss how we can combat this corruption and address this critical issue.

Dr. Dean is passionate about knowledge and fighting the good fight. He knows that the brainwashing of society is complete, and those who are broken by it need help. That's why he's dedicated his life to helping people understand the truth. In this episode, he and Brian provide valuable insights and practical solutions for those who want to take back control of their lives.

Don't miss this gripping episode of The Brian Nichols Show with Dr. Jason Dean from Brave TV. Get ready to learn the truth about the medical and pharmaceutical industries and how you can take action and fight for what's right!


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Brian Nichols  0:23  
It's time to call out the medical and pharmaceutical cartels. Let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Well, hey there, folks, Brian Nichols, here on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course, another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host. Joining us live from our BNC Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana. Don't let outdated business prospecting tools put your company at risk. We have a recession on our hands, folks learn how to increase your sales and messaging skills over at Brian Nichols. All right, well, let's talk about what we just talked about for the past three years ad nauseam. And that was yes, COVID 19. And the one behind the scenes, the corruption, the lies, the deceitfulness, it's all been there. And it's been there since the very beginning. We've been saying it here on The Brian Nichols Show since the start. A lot of other folks have been as well. And joining us one of those folks, Dr. Jason Dean from Brave TV. Jason, what would the show?

Dr. Jason Dean  1:31  
Thanks, Brian. I love when business people do shows. It's so much the production is great. It sounds when I was having fun watching you. All right, well, hey, well,

Brian Nichols  1:39  
let's have some fun today, then. Let's kick things off. Do me a favor, Jason, introduce yourself to The Brian Nichols Show audience obviously, you're a businessman too. And you're fighting the good fight, specifically fighting back against medical and pharmaceutical companies who are doing some naughty naughty things behind the scenes there. But before we get there, yes, do us a favor interest. Introduce yourself and brave TV.

Dr. Jason Dean  1:59  
Yes, Dr. Jason Dean, I am a Doctor of Chiropractic. Those guys and girls who've been telling the truth. But we're told we're weird. We're crazy. We're crazy people. I do function nutrition. I've been doing it for a long time. My wife and I both our large practice in Central Florida. And I've been in this world for a while even with my mentors in the conspiracy world as well been yelling about this stuff for decades. And here we are brave TV, bright I podcast five days a week live noon Eastern time. Sometimes they go an hour, sometimes I go two hours. And it really is. It's this smorgasbord formula of health, freedom and knowledge health because we got to change health care, freedom, because hey, really, there's nothing better. I mean, freedom is the end result for every single person no matter you know, how young how old, and then knowledge because quite honestly, people have fallen into this trap of non freedom or where we have been the last three years plus, because of the lack of knowledge base. I mean, even as a business owner, myself, for you, Brian, like every day I have to study I have to study for health. I have to study for my podcast, I have to study for talking to someone like you I have to study for if I don't know what's going on in my world, in my industry, in my different components of life I get to study and how to make my wife happier, right? Like every single day, if I don't have that, I'm going backwards. And there's no such thing. You're either living, you're either growing or dying in this world, right? And right now America is unfortunately dying, because not enough knowledge has been put out there. And so that's health, freedom of knowledge for you,

Brian Nichols  3:38  
beauty. Thank you for that. And yes, thank you for fighting the good fight. Because over the past three years, and we've talked about this many times during the show, it was so easy to just say you know what, I'm not putting my name out there. I'm not getting in trouble. I'm not making my family mad at me. I'm not making my friends mad at me. And then there were those of us, like me, who decided you know what, now I'm gonna I'm gonna say this is probably a little messed up. I'm gonna, I'm gonna poke the bears and family friends. And yeah, you know what, I think it was important. And I would still do it again, because you look back to where we are versus where we were right. I got married in 2019. My waiting was pretty much like the last beacon of hope and normalcy that we had before the world shut down. And then you go to where we are today. Just imagining that world Jason. It wasn't that long ago. But just to even, like, bring some of my friends who were at my wedding and to say, Hey, guys, you cool going back to a 2019 world. They are going to freak the eff out, mask up, locked down, put Plexiglas over every single window they possibly have on top of their glass and make sure I say six feet away from them with a nice big.on The floor. Jason the brainwashing is complete. There's a lot of folks who are broken now. What do we do for them?

Dr. Jason Dean  4:50  
Yeah, so I think that's why someone like myself, you and other people were brought into this because I seriously I look at this everyday and go okay, Um, are we are we the ones being tortured because I look at look at society, and they're still like marching to this drum. And I'm like, What? What is happening? What is what is good? Like, I feel like I'm the one and I'm not trying to be selfish here. I feel like I'm the one being tortured on certain days. But when this stuff really starts coming out more and more, it is going to come out and you can see it already. Like I mean, it's already like the pharmaceutical companies are being uncovered, people realize how much they're making Fauci made $400 billion in like commissions, like it's all coming out. I truly believe we're the ones who were supposed to be here, we're waiting in the wings right now. It's the greenroom still, but we're waiting for as everyone wakes up, and they go, what's happening? What's happening? We have to and I had to take a step back a little bit in this because originally, I was a little bit angry at it, I was frustrated, why are people waking up? But we're gonna have to, like, have some humility, and go, Okay, hey, guys, this is what's happening. And not and at that point, I won't have to prove myself, I want to prove that we are right, because it'll be so blatantly obvious that we were right. It's going to be more. Hey, we were telling we understand we were telling you about it. Don't worry, we're not going to hold it against you. What and people are gonna be going like what's happening? What's happened, okay, sit down. Let me show you some stuff. This is what's occurring. Don't worry. Don't be panic. It's kind of like the therapist or the mom and dad, like, okay, sit down, relax, don't throw up too much. Let's, let's help you through it. It's okay. And I almost like just mentors. I mean, the business well, I have coaches and my I have like several coaches that I work with in business, right? And they're there to see a different viewpoint, a different angle, what's happening, I kind of see us going forward as that same thing of instead of them coming right to us, maybe it's the media maybe it's the shows to kind of get us to like, Hey, coach them through it and like, okay, it's gonna be alright. But this is how your world ones and this is their psychopaths and let's let's figure it out and make it better world.

Brian Nichols  6:55  
Well, not only are there in fact, psychopaths, but there are also a lot of corrupt organizations and entities and folks within those organizations or connected to government. You mentioned one of them the one and only Dr. Anthony Fauci what a gym he's been and his $400,000 commission check yes, and nice little back pocket change he has there. So let's talk about that. But also the in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, the medical entity, and really, it's this almost, it's like this industrial elite that have taken over this medical pharmaceutical world. And they're now buddy buddy with the government. So you see everything on TV brought to you by Pfizer, you see every government bureaucracy having some type, or maybe not every but most having some type of some incestuous relationship with either some recent research organization or pharmaceutical company, or doctors across the board, some medical entity or support of medical entities there. So talk to us about how we can address this massive elephant in the room. Right? The just corruption in the public health sector. Yeah, so

Dr. Jason Dean  8:01  
the I mean, this starts back and forth. And I always tell people up front, not because I have to be a disclaimer, but I like to let people know I'm not anti medicine. I am I am a I am what they call an ER doctor. I'm, I'm very open about it. Yeah, I'm a doctor. I'm in chiropractic, but I'm not anti medicine. I'm anti vaccine, because just the natural health world, we have a different viewpoint on that. But we need medicine we need. We need pharmaceutical companies to make good medications that not in unlimited quantities. But to you need to save people, some people get an accident. Some people have problems. Some people have a genetic issue. We say people with good medications. However, when you have five year olds, 10 year olds, 20 year olds, 50 year olds coming in on 510 1520 Plus medications. We're not that's not pharma, that's that at that point, that's a cartel. That's what that is, right? So it's become completely out of control. But on top of that, it's not just that piece right now, obviously, we have to teach people, Hey, you gotta have a lifestyle. You can't eat crap all day long. You can drink your face all day long. You can't you can't like sit on a couch and eat free to lay out like you actually have to like work for your life, your health, you have to go out and move your body you have to eat proper foods in general. You can't like consume all the alcohol and drugs that you want to be okay. Like there's there's certain things we do in life to take care of this vessel that we live in and be better for it right? But on top of that, it's not just farming because it you know, I can get I can get away with just like pounding on farm all day long, which I've done many, many, many times, right? But then I also have to look at all these pesticide companies that are dumping pesticides, all of our land. And by the way, it's so funny because conservatives think I'm liberal. Liberals think I'm conservative because I'm pretty libertarian down the middle. So for example, I could jump on a boat with Greenpeace. Not that I like everything that I do. Like and I could also jump on the boat with like some Republicans because not that I like everything they do, but like, Don't pollute my oceans. Corporations like don't kill off our cool Fish in our coral reefs, I want to take my daughter to see them. And hey, I like fish to eat sometimes, right? Don't go and pollute my land. Please don't derail train cars in Ohio and dumped dioxins all over the place like this is not cool. That's where our food is. That's where animals are. Right? So it's not just the pharma cartel. We have three letter agencies, the EPA is the most worthless, incompetent organization might, you know out there other than CIA, FBI, all UNH USDA? Like it's they're all like that, right? But we have to expose this whole thing. I mean, what why is it that Monsanto slash Bayer? Why is the pharmaceutical company not to rant but why is the pharmaceutical company bear own a pesticide that they spray all of your food that then we also know scientifically causes? leaky gut, and major brain fog is Oh, also cancers, because it's carcinogenic, but yet, they spray it all over the place. It's all over your food system. So do you see how this is? Like, there's tentacles? Everywhere? Yeah, so half of this is just educating people to realize they took over every aspect of human life.

Brian Nichols  11:12  
It's scary, man. Like, because it was so quick. I think that's the part with COVID It was very quick. But then you go in, you just laid a very great case here like this actually has been happening for a long time. And I guess that goes to why in 2019. That's a they who's they know, they were very able to flip a switch and get everybody on board in a heartbeat. Psychosis. It's real. We see it happen, and we saw it happen in real time. And I guess, for me, it was really concerning, because there were people who I thought were rational, critically thinking like smart people, and they were just completely brainwashed. They were completely

Dr. Jason Dean  11:55  
Have you heard of MK Ultra? Yes. So MK Ultra really is really well run by pain drug hypnosis. So pain drug hypnosis has been around for a long period of time MK Ultra, right. So so how do you trigger MK Ultra or pain drug hypnosis? Well, you already have the into all the humans drugged up. And when I say drugged up, I'm not talking about like LSD. I'm talking about medications. I'm talking about fentanyl. I'm talking about all the pollutants that are in the food system. So you have their body talks and up, quote unquote, drugs. So now you hit the pain button. What is the pain but it doesn't mean you have to actually experience physical pain. You can experience mental pain when you have a freakin ticker going on Fox News and CNN MSNBC that's in red with blaring lights all over the place saying this is how many affected this is how many died today. This is what happens if you go to a hospital. There's your pain, drug hypnosis, what that does that triggers the MK alter that triggers that that psychosis, and then literally people subconsciously that they turn their analytical brain off. No more decision making subconscious reaction kicks in fear, sympathetic nervous system fight or flight. They will do whatever the tell, Vision tells them to do.

Brian Nichols  13:15  
That explains a lot. I say that, obviously tongue in cheek but like you look at what just happened over the past three years. And like, I mean, there were people that were in my wedding that I don't talk to anymore, because they were to my point, really, I thought they were just rational people like you can have a conversation and be like, Yeah, this doesn't make sense, right? And they're like, What do you mean, it says make sense. And they just they turned rabid against you. And it was it was scary, because it was so quick, Jason. And I think that's the point of why we have to do this right, we have to continue to talk to people, especially the folks out there who are like, what is happening. And this is the other part that wanted to emphasize, this is where you're coming in, right with your value you're bringing to the table on top of brave TV, and that is there are folks who were like, just perpetually scared during the past three years to the point that they were like, I'll do what I gotta do. Just, I gotta take a shot. Okay, I'll take the shot, right to get a shot to go to work. Okay, I'll do it. I gotta feed my family. Like, I'll take a shot. Sure, whatever, I'm not afraid of a shot. And that now is turning into so many unintended, unintended consequences down the road to today, where we're feeling at firsthand you have what's the 30% increase in heart attack deaths in anyone under the age of 30? And that what how was this something we just so cavalierly even talk about it was like, a 30% increase in heart attack deaths. That's huge. And what else happened over the past three years? Jason besides everybody getting COVID Was there something else that was rolled out? You know, massive scale not really tested? Who am I I'm just a podcaster.

Dr. Jason Dean  14:50  
Well, and this is where so you know, people always ask me brave TV and I go health freedom and knowledge and yeah, sure health. I can do health all day long. It's not hard and a lot of people are waking up to health. That's great. Freedom, hey, everyone claims they want freedom and they do it at some level, whether it's just simple freedoms or they want vast freedom, that's fine. The third component is what you just talked about. And that's the heart. That is the hardest part of my daily show in life. I swear to you, whether it's in practice, whether it's on the tour speaking somewhere, or it's on my my pocket knowledge, because knowledge, I don't watch TV anymore. I mean, I lie, occasionally a Seinfeld episode because it's just my decompression. I might watch a family movie with my wife and daughter on a Friday or Saturday. Other than that, there is no Netflix, there is no anything, there is me sitting down the laptop or printing off a paper, studying an article studying something from the past studying something that they're doing, or like marketing, or whatever it is, in my business. It's around the clock, putting knowledge in but not just to, like, learn and understand then to take it and apply it to the world outside of us. So knowledge is the hardest part because knowledge requires action. Yes. And the hardest part, I'm gonna be honest with you. You saw it the last three years. The hardest part, was getting people to one, study and read but then go out and actually implement that in their life without going into fear and then retreating right back.

Brian Nichols  16:19  
Yup, I had. So I'll give you a real life story. This is like, let's see March 2021. Right. So COVID vaccine was just coming out. We were told you get that shot, you're safe to go die to get the shot, right. But I was like I am. I'm gonna, I'm gonna risk it right knee being in my early 30s. And very healthy exercise six days a week, like, Yeah, I'm gonna really risk it. So we're walking outside and Philadelphia where I live for seven years, and I escaped here at the beginning of 2022. But walking down now for folks who aren't familiar, the Ben Franklin Parkway, right? The Ben Franklin Parkway is this big, long road that leads all the way up to the art museum from Center City. Okay, and it there's like no buildings, there's tons of space, there's trees, and I'm walking down the parkway with a group of my friends. I just look around, and I am the only one not wearing a mask. And at that moment, I'm like, is it me? Am I the one who's like, the weirdo? But then I'm like, No, this and this is where it hit me. I was like, I am I am at a point where I think we all have to take a stand for what just makes sense. And we have to not let the group think the fear of the the mass of people around us trying to push us with this group hysteria and fear into one direction when it's completely counterintuitive to just common sense or just the basics, right? Like morals, principles values, like if you're going to try and within this mass hysteria is mass psychosis, trying to get everybody just jump on board. Consequences be damned. I'm sorry, it requires somebody like us to actually stand up and say no, and that was the moment for me I realized like not only do I have a responsibility to do this, but if I don't do this if other people don't do this, this is the new norm right? Normal expression and during the middle of COVID the new normal how just stopping and creepy was that right?

Dr. Jason Dean  18:21  
Yes well, it was the new normal right? What was it 15 days it stops the spread

Brian Nichols  18:30  
spread two weeks different yeah whatever a be you know stay home save lives all your essential nonessential all that fun stuff.

Dr. Jason Dean  18:36  
So here's the genius of this right i By the way, as a business person, I actually did look I did take a step back and go Oh, my God, they're so good at what they do, even though they're evil. They're so so good. So they do this they go the new normal right everyone's like, Oh, I got a new normal some people buy into it. Oh, this is a new data like I'm like you're gonna make this thing go on for years. This is insane. This is a super Coronavirus. It's a common cold the freakin Lysol bottle says 99.9% Coronavirus is killed like are we are we out of our minds? So most everyone goes with it except for all of us. Right? But then the new normal gets a little boring, right? People like oh, wait a second. Okay, year, two years, this is a little less low and st Can we go back to our den? Instead of the new normal? They go? Can we go back to the old normal? Like no, no, no, no, wait, you sold us a new normal. And now you want us to go back to where it used? No, no, no. The old normal is slated. Like I'm like, Oh my God. They sold everybody on the fear and then they sold them back into their own slavery. I can I just honestly I don't condone violence and for lack of better words. My message to the last couple years is just burn it all down. I just cannot all like light the match and just take it all down. Well, we're not like figuratively. Not Not literally.

Brian Nichols  19:58  
No, no, I know. Well, you I in a matter of us having to do it right. I think you look to the systems that we have as our government, and they're doing it for us. Or intentionally, unintentionally. I don't know. It's, it's happening though. Yeah. Well, Jason, I just looked at the clock, we're already hard pressed for time this conversation flew by, which means I want to make sure before we go towards the tail end, we obviously promote a lot of the great stuff you're doing over at Brave TV, not only do you have a podcast that you're doing five days a week, but you also are bringing a lot of great products to the table, where so many folks are like, I need help. I don't know where to start. Help. Help the audience here. Give them a little context. Where can they find over at Brave TV dot store?

Dr. Jason Dean  20:37  
Yep, so brave And they can find the podcast all the social media as well. Brave TV, that store head over there, I do what's called the filming protocol or a parasite cleanse somebody who has chronic health issues, struggling maybe multiple diagnosis, but also Lyme, Lyme, co infections, mold, things like that, things like that people go to their but also children's lines of both parasite protocol, but also heavy metal protocol, we kind of call it the autism protocol, because it helps a lot of kids who have heavy metals from vaccines and other foods and stuff on their brain. So we go over there, you start getting healed up. And we're basically taking you out of the pharma cartel matrix with what we do.

Brian Nichols  21:14  
Jason, we need to have you back on the show. For sure, because like this conversation went way too fast. But I would love to do an episode, where we broke down the history of pharmaceuticals, traditional modern medicine, how we got here, what you're bringing to the table in terms of alternatives, but also how what you're bringing to the table isn't new, right? A lot of the stuff that we're seeing as new alternatives to pharmaceutical upon

Dr. Jason Dean  21:37  
1000s a year old.

Brian Nichols  21:39  
It's all been there. I've been using this witchhazel stuff, because I gotta face issues. It stuff's been working great. I use lotion for two years. And it made it worse. And I'm like, oh, witchhazel that's all it took with the rose petal. I love it like that. And the fact that it's right here, it's been here this whole time from the earth. And it's better than anything coming out of any of those entities like Pfizer or Merck, or you name GlaxoSmithKline. Like we have the solution. And it was given to us right here on God's green earth. I think that's pretty darn cool. And you're helping everybody. Yeah. Well, you're you're helping us do that here. So as we're going towards our final thoughts, I guess that would be my final thought. What do you have for us as we go ahead and wrap things up today? Yeah, ultimately,

Dr. Jason Dean  22:19  
it's personal responsibility. You know, I can blame everybody for I can blame a cabal. I can blame goblets. I can blame elite families, whatever. But at the end of the day, I was born into this. It's just it's a matter of time before I look in the mirror, just like everyone else, I have to look in the mirror and I have to say, what can I take responsibility for? We have to put our hands back on the steering wheel of responsibility in America take care of ourselves, our families, our communities, our states, and then our country. It comes back to us at the end of the day,

Brian Nichols  22:44  
preach. Yes. So folks know, right, I used to weigh 385 pounds back in the day, right? My life was a hot flaming garbage can. And the fact that I was able to get my life in order, right, I lost 180 pounds, I started lifting weights and got my life into order. You can do it too. Anybody can do this. There is no magic key cheat code. There is no magic pill, there is no magic, you know solution that some random person's going to bring down from on high. It's you, you have to take responsibility, not just for the actions that you're doing in your own life. But those also, I don't say take responsibility for the actions of others, but you have a responsibility to pay attention to what other people are doing and when you see things go wrong, call it out. Say it's nonsense. When we see society shut down arbitrarily for three years determining who is essential and nonessential while forcing an experimental jab on everybody. I think we have responsibility to say Oh, I don't think this is a good idea. But Jason I'm sorry, we are already hard pressed for time. I know you have another episode you have to go record here. So with that being said, we are going to have to go ahead and put a pin in this conversation. So with that being said, Jason, where can folks go ahead and continue the conversation with you sir? they so choose.

Dr. Jason Dean  23:58  
Brave five days a week noon Eastern time. I appreciate it. Brian, it's a blast and I can't wait to come back.

Brian Nichols  24:04  
Absolutely. Jason, thank you for joining us and folks if you got some value from today's episode, well, you know the drill and I'm gonna go ahead just give to you really quick number one, go ahead, give today's episode a share. When you do please tag yours truly at be Nichols Liberty number two, when you go ahead and check out the episode. Remember, if you're joining us on the podcast version of the show, which you know, 99% of you are we also have a video version. So head over to Odyssey head over to rumble or YouTube revenues. You'll get your podcasts or your audio content and video content that is but do me a favor hit that little subscribe button and little notification bell so you don't miss a single time. We go live like I'm gonna go ahead and have an episode pop up right here where we had Ben Carlisle stopped by he was talking about how he's helping a lot of folks who have been injured by the jab by the employee mandates. He's helping them find some monetary relief through the legal system. Go ahead, check out that episode over there. I will see you when you stop by other than that Brian Nichols signing off. You're on the bright A nickel show for Dr Jason Dean we'll see you later All right my man that was a blast and that went way too fast

Transcribed by

Dr. Jason Dean

Founder, creator and owner of BraveTV.

Dr. Jason Dean is a Husband, Father and Doctor calling out Medical and Pharma Cartels. Dr. Dean is best known for helping people reverse chronic health issues. For 19 years, Dr. Dean and his wife have operated their private practice in Central Florida, one of the largest Functional Nutrition & Chiropractic offices in the world.