April 13, 2023

712: How Can the Good People Network Empower You to Change the World?

The Good People Network is Unlocking the Potential of Community-Driven Impact

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Join Brian Nichols, host of The Brian Nichols Show, as he discusses the power of sales and marketing strategies in politics and introduces the Good People Network! In this episode, Briankicks things off by speaking to the importance of adapting your sales and messaging tactics during an upcoming recession, and how to connect with your audience on the issues they truly care about. Are you ready to enhance your strategies? Learn more at BrianNicholsConsulting.com!

Discover the Good People Network, a Facebook group dedicated to bringing together individuals who strive to solve society's pressing problems from a positive, solutions-focused perspective. Engage withThe Brian Nichols Show community, contribute to conversations, and help create lasting positive change in the world. What solutions do you have to offer?

Brianemphasizes the growth of the Good People Network, showcasing the incredible services provided by its members and the impact it has on communities. Join the network, collaborate, and take action without seeking permission – because good people can do good things! Are you one of the good people ready to make a difference?

The Good People Network aims to promote positive change, share ideas, and create opportunities for engagement and partnership. Hosted on Facebook, the network encourages market demand for solutions that tackle social issues and foster positive transformation. What social issues are you passionate about solving?

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Brian Nichols  0:10  
Good People bring out the good and people, which is why we've started the good people network. Let's talk about that. Instead of focusing on winning arguments, we're teaching the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing and how we can use them to win in the world of politics, teaching you how to meet people where they're at on the issues they care about. Welcome to The Brian Nichols Show. Wow, hey, there. Thanks, Brian Nichols, you're on The Brian Nichols Show. And thank you for joining us on of course,

Speaker 2  0:35  
another fun filled episode. I am as always your humble host,

Brian Nichols  0:39  
joining you live from our B and C Studios here in lovely Eastern Indiana, folks, the recession is right around the corner. And if you have not taken the chance to revamp your sales and messaging strategies, well, you're gonna be putting yourself in a bad spot going forward. So you want to learn how to go ahead and prepare for the recession, while also meeting your customers where they're at on the issues they care about. Learn more at Brian Nichols, consulting.com. Alright, folks, we've talked about this many a time here in the program. And today, it's going to be a one on one to introduce you to something I'm very excited to promote here on the show, but also something I'm excited to get you involved with here as the greater Brian Nichols show audience. And that is the idea that good people bring out the good in people, I firmly believe that that's something that we've really tried to bring forward here at The Brian Nichols Show, bring folks on the program who are in fact, doing amazing things with whether it's helping solve some type of problem that they see in the area, trying to bring a new solution to the table, bringing more positive environments to their communities, whatever it may be, we are trying to raise up folks in that world. And with that, what I want to do is introduce you all to the good people network, which is going to be a group we are working on. Actually, we already have started up here over on Facebook. And I'm so excited to bring you as a member of The Brian Nichols Show audience into the good people network. So let's kind of start things off, what is the good people network. So first of all, what we're doing here at the good people network on Facebook, it's going to be a community, a network of individuals who are focused on bringing good solutions, good services, and namely trying to overall promote a good positive environment, how we can deal with the different issues that we face as a society as a culture across the board. And with that having a chance for us to talk about the challenges we face? And how do we try to overcome those specific challenges by trying to do things through the lens of good people. So with that, I want to go ahead and reach out to you, the audience, The Brian Nichols Show, because I want to get you involved, you guys are easily one of the top audiences in pretty much any form of political space when it comes to doing good things, trying to bring different ways of doing things to the table. So with that, I want to reach out to you and say, let's get this network growing. So over on Facebook, Now, originally, it was going to be a private group, I wanted to expand it, I said, you know, we have to go ahead and reach out and bring as many good people into the group. Now granted, there is definitely a vetting process. But I will go ahead and make sure we explain that little bit later. But what we're trying to do is bring together like minded individuals who are striving to be good in both their actions, behaviors, but also their solutions. So with that, also, what we're doing is helping create a network where we can have both personal and professional growth, I want you to talk about the things you're doing to help solve the different problems you see in your community. But also, we want to highlight the values, the mission, the purpose, and with that focus on bringing good good people to the table. I don't want it to feel that right now is negativity, I want there to be options for us to promote, that really help other people outside of our echo chambers see that? No, we in fact, have some real tangible solutions. But also it's good people bringing these solutions to the table. So now one of the things with the importance of good people doing good things, is we want to talk about the positive impact that we're we're bringing to the table when it comes to impacting our communities. I've been working with a lot of candidates, a lot of business owners, and one of the main things I hear consistently is things aren't too hot. In the respective communities, things are tough. There's, you know, whether it's crime, drugs, infrastructure, crumbling, budgets completely up in the air, there are so many big question marks across the board. And with that, a lot of great people are saying we need to go ahead and start solving these problems without relying on government to solve those problems. So with that, I want to have more of the like minded folks in our environment here and the good people network, work together and talk about what we're bringing to the table in terms of solutions, but also what's been the impact what has been the feedback from our communities? And are we actually helping solve those problems. Now also this platform, I want to be a network where we can collaborate, we can work together, we can share ideas, but also share our challenges and our struggles and talk about how we have overcome those challenges and also to be able to have a chance to share our ideas and hopefully promote each other as I ideas. And we're already seeing that happen in a good network. I'm sorry, the good people network there on Facebook as well. So I'm also I want to emphasize the efforts of creating a positive change in our world. Right. That's one thing here at The Brian Nichols Show we have talked about many a time. And that goes back to the idea of good people bring out the good people. And with that, we have to bring positive change versus just pointing at the problems we see in the world and saying there's a problem, we have to actually start to solve those problems. And with it, let's do so in a positive but also good type of way. Now, some success stories, yes, we have lots of folks at the good people network, who are not only sharing what they're doing in terms of bringing value to the table, but the direct impact that their solutions, their services are actually helping in terms of bettering their community. And we're gonna be having a lot of folks in the good people network promoted here on the show to share what they're doing. I want you the number of The Brian Nichols Show audience to hear as well to be able to learn, hey, maybe this is something you can implement in your community, or at the very least reach out to our guests who are part of the good people network, and ask them for help ask them to bring their services to the table and see if there's an opportunity to collaborate there. Also, what we want to do is build this environment where not only are we highlighting these examples, but also we're basically using this as a case study, right? To show what works, what doesn't work, where we can find better solutions, or maybe we can refine our solution. So you requires all of us to be a part of this, this environment in the good people network of working together collaborating together. And really, this is how we make political change, we start by doing it first, you'd want to not ask for permission, but rather forgiveness ever heard the expression. In this case, we're not asking the government for permission to start solving the problems, we're gonna go ahead and aren't doing it. So with the good people network, I'm encouraging you if this is something you're excited about, you could see yourself being a part of some real positive change that we can bring to our communities to our areas that we live, let's go ahead and get this network as big as possible. So if you're interested in links for the good people network are going to be in the show notes. Now, the environment like we picked was was Facebook and that's mainly because everybody seems to have a Facebook it's pretty easy to use. Even your grandma can do it. So having a an easy to use group, they're on Facebook, I thought that'd be the best way for us to engage and and also to share what we're having for success. So with that, originally, I said there was a little bit of a barrier to entry, I was putting it behind the paywall the downline nine a month, I don't think we need to do that I think we need to really just go out, you know, guns blazing, bring folks in and start promoting good solutions. And I'm getting rid of that pay? Well, I'm actually just gonna go ahead and have it be a few questions I need you to answer before you enter the group. And then with that, once you're in, we're gonna go start go ahead and promoting and sharing ideas, I want you to also reach out to folks who are already part of the network, I want you guys to network with each other, I want you to be able to to find opportunities to engage, but also to partner and I want you and this goes into the greater what we're trying to do here, The Brian Nichols Show, as well as is I want us to have these solutions, but also want there to be a market demand for these solutions. And also to have us have a chance to make something back from it right? If you are bringing a great solution or service to the table at solving a real problem, then why should you feel that you have to give it away for free, let's go ahead and create opportunities to not only help us better our communities, but also better our community as the greater libertarian movements as well. So I hope you guys are getting some excitement from the idea of this good people network. I am definitely pumped for it. I want to see, you know, obviously having more folks in the network sharing their stories, because that's going to help spark the fires of creativity of inspiration across the board. And with that, if you guys have any questions, this is where I want you to reach out to me, email me, Brian, at Brian Nichols show.com. Otherwise, I'm really looking forward. We're gonna be starting off next week, having folks who are part of the good people network, joining the show sharing some of their success stories. But don't worry, we're also having our consistent interviews with amazing folks who are bringing solutions also to the table in the world of politics as well. So with that a short episode today, I apologize. We are getting back into the swing of things. Last episode back on Monday I had Brian Fitzpatrick from credible he brought an amazing solution to the table and that's talking about how can we verify CBD cannabis hemp products and know what's actually in that solute in that product, his solution credible, which is using Blockchain and AI technology to help verify what actually is in the substances we're putting in our body. So if you want to go ahead and learn more about that great solution, go ahead and video will be popping up here on YouTube right about here but also by the way, if you're joining us here on Sovereign Well Congratulations, you are always getting a first look sneak peek at the episode before it airs on the podcast before airs on YouTube before it airs on Rumble is a sovereign exclusive. So with that, thank you for a sovereign being a great opportunity for content creators in the alternative media space to have a safe platform and not worry about being nuked all the time. So with that if you're joining us on sovereign make sure you hit the Follow button here for Brian Nichols so you're not missing a single episode before it goes live anywhere else. And with that being said, join us on social media be Nichols liberty, Twitter Facebook and anywhere else you go ahead and consume your content, you can follow us there. Also, we want to go ahead and give a shout out to the amazing folks who have gone ahead and given us some reviews here the past few weeks. If you want to go ahead and hear your review read on air, we're gonna be doing that soon in a couple of probably couple of days or so. So get your reviews in Brian Nichols show.com forward slash reviews. Other than that, I'm gonna go ahead back to being a dad. If you have any questions, email me, Brian at Brian Nichols. show.com. But with that being said, we'll see you on Friday, Brian Nichols signing off. You're on The Brian Nichols Show. Talk to you soon.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai