July 9, 2021

278: Why Does it Cost So Much To Build a New Home? -with David Belman

278: Why Does it Cost So Much To Build a New Home? -with David Belman

How does government increase the cost home by over 25%?

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Towards the tail end of summer, I had a viral tweet that was retweeted by Rob Schneider that highlighted the rampant inflation taking place, particularly as it pertains to the impact on the building and greater construction industry. 

Well, today's guest just happens to be the original author of that post from over on Facebook, and is one owner of a Belman Homes and host of The Home Building Hero Podcast, David Belman!

Listen as we discuss how despite the focus having shifted away from the skyrocketing prices increasing construction costs, the very real implications of government policy are still rearing their ugly head, like how all new homes are overpriced by 25% just to cover the added costs of government regulation. 

WATCH ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_FGSTngRMY

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