Sept. 17, 2022

Show That You Care

Show That You Care

The best way for someone to realize that you care is for you to show them that you care.


Sounds pretty easy, right? But it’s not.  


And that’s because we get so caught up in making sure they know how much we care, that we forget to actually show them.


So, why does that matter?


People don't just like to buy stuff from random people. They like to buy services and solutions that address the problems they face from people they know, like, and trust. When you can show that you care about your client’s problems, it builds trust and rapport. And when people trust and like you, they are more likely to refer their friends and colleagues for services or products that meet their needs.


And how do people grow to know, like, and trust others?


By knowing that that other person cares for them. 


How do you show someone you care?


"Hey man… I care for you."


Okay, that's more creepy than anything, and not going to cut it. 


You need to ask questions that dig deep into the "why" of the person. Figure out what matters to them. Is it family? Is it the future? Is it finances? Or is it something different?


But until you figure out what it is, you better not try to sell a darn thing. 


Too many folks in the greater liberty movement are convinced that just by having the best ideas and the best product, that that should be enough for people to make the switch.


Whereas the reality is that we haven't entered into conversations that they're having in a solutions-based mentality, primarily leading with the fact that we care about them and their problems, and that our solutions will in fact not only address those problems, I have helped people just like them before. 


So, start caring about things. Start caring about others. Take a conscious effort to dig into the "why" of what your prospect cares about.


Ask questions. Ask them what they want in life and how you can help them get there. Don't be afraid to get personal, and don't be afraid to let them know that you care about them personally. Once you've built a rapport with your prospect, start talking about your business—but only after they're ready to listen.